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Chapter 2: Reminiscence

Lunchtime came by and was alone under a fig tree she had chosen and munching on her sandwich as she read her Advanced Philosophy study guide.
“Here.” Genzo muttered, thrusting a wrapped ice lolly in front of her.
The girl looked up at her childhood friend and smiled.
“I see you still remember.” she remarked softly, taking the ice lolly.
“Yes.” Genzo admitted, a hint of red spreading across his cheeks.
Taking his place beside her, he added, “This isn't as good as the one the old uncle used to sell back home, but it's better than nothing.”
Ami nodded and took a lick before she frowned at the lolly. Genzo was right. It was not as good the the old uncle used to sell.
“Brings back memories huh?” Genzo commented.
“Sure does.” Ami nodded as she finished her lolly.
“You know,” Genzo begun after a moment of silence. “This reminds of of something.”
“What?” Ami inquired.
“Well...” Genzo's blush came back on. “The first time I treated you...”
Ami blinked and giggled, “Oh that...”

It was before the National Junior Championships and the then eleven-year-old Ami had accompanied Genzo to the doctor's for a check-up.
The goalkeeper had been furious when the doctor told him that he could not enter the National Championships.
He was about to blow when Ami placed a hand on his shoulder and shook her head gently. Genzo sighed and sat back down.
The doctor gave the Nankatsu team manageress a grateful look before he explained and Genzo was still growing and if he had participated, his injury would become worse.
But he can participate in just one match right?” Ami inquired.
The doctor nodded.
I see.” Ami nodded.
Genzo gave her a look which she interpreted as' what-are-you-getting-at'.
Ami smiled and explained. “Going by Meiwa's standards, they'll most likely to be in the finals. Rest up for that match to get your re-match.”
Genzo nodded at her logic.
What?” Ami asked when she noticed Genzo giving her an amused look as the two walked out of the doctor's office.
Nothing. I just wanted to say thanks.” Genzo replied.
Why?” Ami blinked.
You didn't have to accompany me to the doctor's after the incident with him, but you did.” Genzo replied.
I'm the team manageress. It's my duty to see that every player is alright.” Ami answered.
Just then, Genzo heard the familiar bell of the ice-cream man.
Stay here.” he told the girl and jogged off.
Here.” he added, a few minuted later , returning with an ice lolly.
Ami took the popsicle and unwrapped it, giving the icy treat a small lick. Surprised at the taste, she decided that she like it and continued to consume the ice stick.
End of Flashback

“You know,” Genzo chuckled.
“Hm?” Ami wondered aloud.
“I hadn't realized that I've already fallen for you back then.” he grinned.
“What?” Ami blinked in shock.
“You hear me Blue.” Genzo's grin widened some more. “Took me quite a while to figure it out.”
“And it sure took you long enough to confess.” Ami giggled.
“You're enjoying this, aren't you?” Genzo gave her playful glare.
Ami just continued giggling.

it was the night before the finals of the Nationals and after the coaches had announced that Ami had tendered her resignation as team manageress since she would be moving to Tokyo with her mother.
Gasps were heard all over and Genzo had looked at her from across the table, a hint of shock on his face.
This fast?” Tsubasa asked his cousin.
Ami nodded.
But I thought your mother isn't going to be back for another two weeks?” Taro asked.
She decided to skip the graduation.” Ami replied softly.
I see.” the mid-fielder nodded.
You knew?” Hajime asked the two.
Both Taro and Tsubasa nodded. They were with her when she received the phone call from her mother in Italy.
After dinner that night and the team meeting, Genzo had found the blue-haired genius on the rooftop of the players' hostel, under Tsubasa's directions.
You know,” he begun, slipping his arms around her.
Ami almost jumped out of his arms but Genzo held her close.
I've never expected you to be the first to leave.” he told her softly.
I have to.” Ami replied.
Genzo took a breath. It was now or never. He had to tell her before it was too late. He had a talk with Mrs. Ozora which helped him sort out his feelings for the gentle manageress.
Ami...” he started, turning her around, a serious look on his face.
Yes?” Ami blinked.
Genzo managed to hide his blush, “I like you. The person I like most is you.”
That's all I want to say.” he smiled and walked off.
Ami was stunned at his sudden revelation.
End of Flashback

“By the way.” Genzo looked her.
“Yes?” Ami asked.
“I know Bas is your cousin, but how did Taro know you were leaving?” he asked.
“Bas and Taro were with me when my mother called.” Ami replied
“I see.” Genzo nodded. “And speaking of Taro, he and his father are in two this week on an arts exhibition.”
“Are you suggesting that we go and visit him?” Ami inquired jokingly.
“Depends on how you interpret my question.” Genzo grinned.

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