Sailor Moon Fan Fiction / Code Lyoko Fan Fiction / Crossover Fan Fiction ❯ Code: Moon ❯ Flight to Tokyo ( Chapter 1 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]

The entire group got onto the air plane. Only Jeremy seemed a bit hesitant. "Jeremy, realx. This will be fun." Aelita reassured him.

"Yeah, I wouldn't have invited you if you weren't my friend." Yumi said.

"Speaking of friends, we're one short." Odd pointed out. "Where's William?"

"Oh, please, that loser? I didn't tell him we were leaving. After everything that's happened, I don't trust him coming with us."

"At least we've retained our specter powers in case any threat comes along." Aelita added.

"That's true." Jeremy said. "But try to be careful."

"Come on, guys, Mina's totally cool." Yumi said. "And she's bringing her close friends to meet us too."

"That's cool." Ulrick said. "Maybe it will give us some time to talk."

"I know." Yumi turned to her window and blushed. Even though the Xana incident was over, everyone was still concerned about each other. Aelita felt a little lonely at first, but Jeremy reminded her that they were all in it together. Ulrick was afraid that Yumi had gone to William. Odd was trying to hook all of the pairs up, which went chaotic.

Not only did he try to pair up Ulrick and Yumi, but he also tried to pair up Sissi with William, Herb with Naomi, Nicolas with Emily, and Tamia with Johnny.

"Please, I only wanted my four best friends to come with me on this trip. William's a total creep and he's so not my type." Yumi explained.

"I can tell." Odd said. "Back when we were protecting the core, she told me he was too clingy."

"HEY!" Yumi called out. "That's supposed to be a secret, thanks a lot."

"Sorry, Yumi."

"Anyways, we have to get on. The plane's boarding."

"Relax, Jeremy, I'll be right here with you." Aelita said. "It's kind of like when you went with me to the Hermitage for the first time."

"Yeah." Jeremy said. "You're right, Aelita."

Meanwhile, at the airport, Mina urged her friends to come over. However, one of them was falling behind. "I can't believe I'm going to see Yumi again.
She's so awesome." A blonde girl with pigtails and a meatball style hairdo tripped.

"Serena, do you always have to be so lame?" Raye asked.

"That's not very funny." She responded. She couldn't get up. "Can someone please help me up?"

"I got you." Lita came over and picked her up.

"Thanks, Lita." Serena said.

"Okay, let's do a head count." Mina counted to make sure everyone was there. "Wait a minute. I'm here, Serena, Raye, Amy, Lita..." Then she realized something. "Hey, where's Rini?"

"She's outside with Darien." Serena told her. "She didn't want to wait inside a boring airport, so Darien decided to look after her."

"It's great to know she's in good hands." Amy said. "Anyway, the flight should be coming in soon. We better be ready for anything that might happen during our vacation together."

"Yeah, I heard that she got the principal to give her and her friends permission to visit." Mina said.

"Just like that?" Raye asked.

"One of her friends is actually the principal's daughter and since she wanted to do something nice for them, she asked her." Mina explained.

"I heard one of her friends is staying behind." Lita said.

"Yeah, because I know." Mina said. "She wrote a letter explaining she wasn't letting William come because he's too clingy for her and she's in love with a different guy."

"I know the feeling." Amy said. "The flight will be coming in from France in about, let's see, thirty minutes."