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Another crossover fic. This time, a Gundam Seed/Sailor Moon fic. And no, it isn’t a prequel of the Gundam Seed Destiny fic I’m currently doing. Slight Saint Seiya reference.

Disclaimers: Heck, I own nothing, except this lame plot.

Basic Summary: Crystal Tokyo never came when Ami evicted herself out of the Sailor Senshi team. Helios freezes Mercury in a crystal and sets it somewhere obscure. Reborn as Athena, Mercury is reawakened when the Archangel breaks her free of her crystal prison.


**************************************** *********************************************************

It is said that Athena is to be reborn after every 200 years to defeat evil, regardless whether it was a threat on mankind or the evil of man.

But, when technology abounds, the legend of the Gods were quickly forsakened.

And so, our story begins.

********************************************************** *********************************

16-year-old Mizuno Ami skimmed across the lines of her book, barely aware of the arguments that surrounded her.

A sudden flash over took her and her bright blue eyes went blank.

*********************************************************** *******************************


The Mercury Senshi found herself in a very dead landscape that appeared to be the future Earth.

The golden city of Elysian was dead, and the sorrow that radiated from the area choked Makoto until she found herself gasping for air.

The emotions of the place were raw and many: anger, fright, despair, hatred, love, fury, and utter hopelessness. All this and more bombarded the Mercurian’s senses as the tears leaked from her azure orbs. The deadened sight of the heart of Earth itself was macabre to her eyes.

No vibrant colors or lush floral scents. The gardens of Elysian were withered and brown, the plants dried up husks of their once former glory. The trees were no better. They stood against a bleak gray sky, barren of the leaves that forever crowned them in this magical place. What green there was left in this land was aged and yellowing, a sickly color that told of a silent and suffering death.

Even the great lake of Elysian was still. Small waves lapped heavily against the shores and rocks but, only when the fiercest of winds blew, which was not often. Its crystal blue waters looked poisoned, the shade darkened to an unhealthy jade-indigo that screamed of bacterial infestation.

“What- What happened here?” she asked brokenly as she fell to her knees, her body quailing in despair. Never had Ami felt such a painful emptiness within the hollow of her heart. It was unbearable.

Such death, she anguished mentally.

“The decimation of this holy sanctuary can only come through the neglect of the people who rule it; when they ignore the needs of the planet that sustains them, its life force leaks away, slowly.” a voice beside her, told her

Ami looked up to the Guardian of this dying land in disbelief, and gasped in horror. The young man that stood before her now was a pale and gaunt shadow of the handsome boy that Small Lady fancied.

The proud figure that once was Helios was bent and broken. His skin was the only thing that covered his bones, and it had a yellow hue to it that turned Ami’s stomach. His blue-white hair hung lank and thin, in good need of a wash, and fell into glazed, red-rimmed eyes. He was the very personification of the diseased land around them.

“This will be the future of Elysian, Lady Mercury, if the Crystal Palace is to be erected.” Helios added.

“Helios, what is this supposed to mean?” Ami asked.

“You’re a wise one, Lady Mercury. You should know what I am implying.” Helios stated and disappeared into the growing mist.

End of Flash

*************************************************************************** **********************

Ami let out a small gasp when she was jolted out of her musing.

What was Helios trying to tell me? she wondered.

Then, it struck her.

They were about to make a mistake by bringing up the past, of resurrecting a time and an era that should had stayed put. The girls were all so concerned about destiny, and about bringing peace to the earth that they had lost sight of what was important; and so much more. Their first and worst mistake was intending to create Crystal Tokyo, trying to recreate the Silver Millennium. The past belonged in the past, and they were fools to think that they could bring an age from five thousand years ago to the present, and make it fit. They had no right to do what they wanted to do. And if Crystal Tokyo is established, then Earth will be paying for their mistakes. It will die out… all because of them.

Frowning in determination, the Ice Senshi knew what she must do; even if it meant eviction from the Sailor Senshi team.

The next day….

“Nani?” came the shocked chorus from the three Inner Senshi.

“You’ve heard me.” Ami replied in sheer determination.

“Demo…” Usagi protested.

“Helios came to me yesterday, Serenity.” Ami reminded the Moon Princess, her Mercury persona taking over.

“He showed me what will happen to Earth if Crystal Tokyo is formed. The Silver Millennium is never meant to be recreated.” Mercury replied.

Turning to Mamrou, she added, “Or would you like your birth planet to die off because of our so-called ‘destiny’, Endyimon?”

“Serenity, the past belonged to the past. We have no right in creating Crystal Tokyo.” Mercury insisted.

Tossing her henshin pen to Usagi, Ami stood up, “From now on, I am no longer a Sol Senshi. I retract the oath I took during the Silver Millennium. Ladies, I bid you all farewell.”

And with that, the intellectual Senshi stepped out of the Fire Senshi’s Shrine and out of the Inner Senshi’s lives.

*********************************************************** ************************

“It’s done.” Ami mumbled into the air.

She instantly found herself at the Golden Gates, the entrance to the paradise known as Elysian, the planet’s very heart.

“Then it’s time, Lady Mercury.” Helios announced.

Ami stepped into the great lake of Elysian and Helios cast his magic.

The water bubbled and frothed, surrounding the Mercury heir in a watery spiral.

Mere seconds later, the blue-haired female was encased in crystallized prison.

That done, Helios sent the sole salvation of the future deep within the unfathomable of space.

*********************************************************** ********************************

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