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Chapter 1: The Scar of Space
***************************************************************** *************************
“Guidance beacon broadcasted. Docking request to 4th rigging dock transmitted. Aligning to assigned vector. Beacon broadcast confirmed. Trajectory correction 0.3 mark 16.2 Delta. Rotate 120 degrees. Commence deceleration.” The pilot of the Vesalius declared.
“You are bringing Athrun Zala to the council meeting?” Fredrik Ades asked.
“Yes, since he was there as well.” Rau le Klueze replied. “With him, it's possible for him to go through the harsh and objective interrogation.”
“It seems like ORB is strongly objecting to that idea.” Ades pointed out.
“The real problem is what is more important to us, Ades.” Rau told him.
“Yes…” Ades nodded.
“Hurry the repairs and recovery for Vesalius.” Rau instructed. “Even if it is a short break, I don't have that much time to waste. Isn't that right…”
***************************************************************** *************************
Meanwhile on the Archangel
“I'll confirm it again but there is no enemy activity within a 5000 cruising radius. It looks like they may have completely lost us.” The radar office reported.
“I guess we can say that Artemis successfully covered the eyes of the enemy.” Mu la Fraga replied. “I should thank them for at that least.”
“But…” Natarle Badgiruel objected.
“Yes, I know.” Murrue Ramius replied. “It is a good thing that the Rolasia-class ship lost us, but… none of our problems have actually been solved.
***************************************************************** *************************
In the cafeteria…
“Ehh? Do I have to?” Flay Allster whined.
“Well, it's awkward saying that you have to… but isn't it definitely better to apologize?” Sai Argyle reasoned.
“It's a fact that your outburst put him in a very bad situation.” Tolle Koenig pointed out.
“But… I just want to…” Flay protested.
“We're used to it by now.” Tolle added. “But in a situation like this, him being a Coordinator is really a delicate problem.”
“Always, just try apologizing. Say you're sorry.” Sai suggested. “It's going to be awkward in the ship right? Or even when you run into him?”
“Yeah… if Sai says so, it would be better to talk to him but…” Flay hesitated.
“I wonder what's going to happen to this ship from now on?” Tolle wondered outloud.
“Yeah, we never were able to get supplied from Artemis.” Sai agreed.
“Yeah.” Tolle nodded.
“I wonder if ZAFT is still chasing us…” Sai pondered.
***************************************************************** *************************
Meanwhile, Rau and Athrun boarded a shuttle carrying the National Defense Chairman, Patrick Zala.
“We will accompany you, National Defense President Zala.” Rau saluted as Athrun followed suit.
“Forget the formality, my being on this ship is classified.” The elder Zala waved his comment aside. “Understand, Athrun?”
“I understand. Father… it's been a while.” Athrun greeted his father.
“I completely agree with the arguments on your report.” Patrick told Rau. “The problem is that those bastards were able to produce mobile suits with such a high level of functionality. That pilot won't matter. I'll block out that part.”
“Thank you sir.” Rau replied. “I knew that you would see it my way.”
“If it was known that the pilot left behind was a Coordinator,” Patrick added. “It would only make the central officers waste time on debating what to do.”
“I think it would be pretty painful reporting that your own friend defected to Earth's side.” Rau turned to Athrun.
“Ah… no… that's…” Athrun blinked.
“The Naturals developed high performance mobile suits and used their own pilots to control it.” Patrick reminded his son. “That's what happened. Understood, Athrun?”
“Yes…” Athrun replied.
“We, too, also need to be more absolute.” Patrick added. “If we want to end this war quickly that is…”
***************************************************************** *************************
Back in the Archangel
“Water… water…” Tolle choked on his food.
“Really now…” Miriallia Haww sighed.
Kazui Bushirk thrust him a glass of water and Tolle gulped the liquid down.
“Water… I need more!” Tolle gasped for breath.
“Drop it already.” Sai scolded. “Your gag isn't really fitting to our situation.”
“What do you mean gag? Really…” Tolle protested.
Flay shifted to one side as Sai sat down next to her. Blinking in confusion, Sai eased himself nearer, only to have Flay move further inwards.
“What? What's wrong?” Sai asked.
“Well, they put a water usage restriction in place, so I couldn't take a shower yesterday.” Flay replied.
Sai sighed just as Kira entered.
“Did you finish the maintenance on the Strike?” Tolle asked.
“Yeah… but even the part cleaners were hard to use.” Kira replied. “We're in trouble. It's pretty stressful…”
“Flay…” Sai nudged her.
“Uh… ummm, Kira.” Flay stood up. “I'm really sorry about before! It's because I blurted out that without thinking…
“That?” Kira echoed.
“I said on Artemis that Kira is a Coordinator…” Flay elaborated.
“Oh, that's okay.” Kira replied. “It's really doesn't get to me, and it's the truth anyways.”
“Thanks…” Flay smiled.
But what are they going to do now? The officers… Kira wondered.
***************************************************************** *************************
On the bridge…
“Is this the best calculation? Can you get a more definite calculation?” Natarle asked.
“It can't be done. If we approach Earth too closely, we'll fall into an area of debris.” Arnold Neuman replied. “If we set our course like this, it'll be pretty quickly to reach the Moon but…”
“Actually going through will be the hard part…” Murrue added.
“Going through the debris? That's impossible!” Arnold objected. “If we keep this speed and go through the debris, we'll become the debris ourselves.”
“So this is all the trash gathered up ever since humanity started going into space?” mu inquired. “It's possible that we could be… wait, a brunch of debris?”
“I guess I can make the impossible possible…” he smiled.
***************************************************************** *************************
Inside the Aprilius One PLANT elevator…
“To commemorate the 1 year anniversary of the Julius 7 incident, the Chairman of the Clyne High Council has announced a declaration.” A news reporter announced.
“This tragic incident is something that can never be forgotten in our hearts.” Siegel Clyne told the reporters.
“Now that I see it, she's your fiancé, isn't she?” Rau asked the teenager with him, referring to Lacus.
“Yes…” Athrun replied.
“Isn't Lacus also a representative for the Memorial Committee?” Rau asked. “It's an extraordinary feat.”
“Yes sir.” Athrun replied.
“President Zala and Chairman Clyne are mixing your blood through your engagement… It would be a shining light for the next generation. I'll be watching and hoping.” Rau added.
“Thank you sir.” Athrun replied.
“For that generation, we need to protect it.” Rau remarked.
***************************************************************** *************************
At the meeting…
“And now we will commence the Allied Colonies investigation.” One of the Supreme Council members declared. “In regards to the annihilation of Heliopolis, we will start the questioning from there.”
“Rau le Klueze, we'll start with your report.” He added.
“Yes sir...” Rau replied, standing up.
***************************************************************** *************************
On the Archangel
“Supplies?” Tolle echoed. “We can get them? From where?”
“Can we get them…?” Mu echoed. “Or is it more like taking them…”
“We are currently leading towards the debris belt.” Murrue explained.
“Debris belt?” Sai echoed. “Wait a minute, are you saying…?”
“You seem to have some fast thinking skills.” Mu grinned.
“Within the debris belt, there are many items gathered there that have been floating in space.” Murrue added. “And of course, there are remains of battleships there as well.”
“Are you saying that we should go get our supplies from…?” Tolle realized.
“We don't have any other choice.” Mu pointed out. “If we don't do something like that, we can't hold out much longer.”
“So I hope you can help us in with the extravehicular activity.” Murrue requested.
“I agree that's a hard plan to swallow.” Natarle replied. “But in order for us to survive, we have no other options.”
“I'm not saying roam around and find stuff we are lacking in.” Murrue added. “I'm asking that we trade ourselves some small things so we can find the items we need.” In order to survive…”
***************************************************************** *************************
Back in the meeting…
“I feel you all can understand from what I have said so far.” Rau concluded his report. “Our intentions were definitely not to destroy Heliopolis. I see the biggest cause for that incident to be the actions of Earth's military.”
“So, definitely ORB was with the Earth military. It was them who ignored the protocols.” One of the Supreme Council members remarked.
“But Representative Athrun…” another protested.
“I can't trust the words of a person that lives on Earth.” Another replied.
“But Captain Klueze,” Patrick Zala added. “The mobile suits of the Alliance… did you have to make so many sacrifices just to obtain it?”
“For that explanation I feel it's better to have the one person who has boarded one of the suits as well as having experienced fighting with the enemy pilot, Athrun Zala, to explain it all.” Rau replied.
“I authorize to have Athrun Zala's report.” Siegel Clyne replied.
“First is this mobile suit with the design of the Aegis.” Athrun began, showing the council clips from the demolished Heliopolis. “It's major traits are…”
***************************************************************** *************************
Meanwhile, on the Archangel
Kira launched off in the Strike, with Natarle, Tolle, Sai and Miriallia in Mistrals.
***************************************************************** *************************
Back at the meeting…
“…That is all.” Athrun concluded his report.
“Developing something like this… damned Naturals…” one of members hissed.
“However, isn't it still in its infant stages?” another asked. “Only five mobile suits do not possess that much of a threat…”
“But if they came this far, it means they are close to achieving the highest stage.” Another objected. “So you're saying we should wait until they reach that stage?”
“With this… it's clear what the intentions of the Naturals are.” Another agreed. “These bastards want to increase the amount of crisis…”
“Please be calm everyone.” Siegel tried to sooth his arguing members. “Please be calm.”
***************************************************************** *************************
Back with the Archangel
Kira and his friends were cruising through the debris belt.
***************************************************************** *************************
Back at the meeting…
“There isn't anyone who seeks war.” Patrick reasoned. “Among us, who actually hopes for war? Living happily, peacefully and quietly. That was our only hope. But who were the ones that violently stepped on that hope? Those who were so zealous that they took in our own Coordinator, and manipulated him!”
***************************************************************** *************************
With Kira and the rest…
“This is…” Tolle gasped as he saw the remains of Julius 7.
***************************************************************** *************************
Back at the meeting…
“We can't forget it, the Bloody Valentine.” Patrick continued his speech. “The tragedy of Julius 7.”
Insert flashback to Julius 7 blowing up.
***************************************************************** *************************
Back with Kira and the rest…
“Dirt… in a place like this?” Tolle blinked.
“Julius 7?” Kira realized.
Back on the ship, Murrue gasped in realization.
***************************************************************** *************************
Back at the meeting…
“243721 people… it's been one year since we lost that many citizens in that tragic incident.” Patrick continued. “Even then we still came this far in holding off the war. But the Naturals… they trampled on all out efforts.”
***************************************************************** *************************
Back with Kira and the rest…
Miriallia screamed when she saw a dead mother holding on to her child as Natarle opened a door. Tolle cradled the weeping girl to comfort her.
***************************************************************** *************************
Back at the meeting…
“We fought to preserve ourselves.” Patrick continued. “If we can't preserve ourselves by not fighting, we have no choice but to fight!”
***************************************************************** *************************
Back on the Archangel
“There's water there? Are you certain?” Kira asked.
“There's about a million tons worth of frozen water there.” Natarle replied when she retuned to the bridge.
“But, Natarle-san, you saw it too.” Kira protested. “That PLANT, has hundreds of thousands of people that died… and we're…”
“That was the only source of water we found.” Murrue pointed out.
“Nobody likes this idea.” Mu agreed. “Its' basically a, `We found water!' type of thing.”
“Lieutenant Fraga…” Kira muttered.
“Nobody really wants to set foot on that place. But do we have ant other options?” Mu asked. “We're alive! That means we have to keep on living.”
***************************************************************** *************************
After the meeting…
“Athrun…” Siegel turned to his daughter's fiancée.
“Chairman Clyne.” Athrun saluted him.
“Skip the formalities, its not like we don't' know each other.” Siegel waved his salute aside.
“No… this…” Athrun blinked.
“You finally return, but now Lacus can't it because of her work. I wonder when you two will ever meet.” Siegel told the teenager.
“I'm sorry sir.” Athrun replied.
“You don't have to apologize to me. But it looks like there's been something big happening.” Siegel remarked as he stopped in front of an oil painting of Pallas Athena. “I could understand your father's explanations, but…”
“Athrun Zala!” Rau called out.
“We're going to go after the battleship and the mobile suit.” He informed the pilot. “Nicol and Volt's forces will be under your command. We will set out in 72 hours.”
“Yes sir!” Athrun replied.
“Excuse me, Chairman Clyne.” Patrick interrupted.
Athrun saluted Siegel and went off with Rau.
“We don't have that much time, what do you plan to do by increasing the conflict?” Siegel asked as Patrick looked up at the oil painting.
“That's why we can't forgive them…” Patrick replied. “The people who get in our way!”
“We should replace that picture.” He added, before walking away. “With a portrait of Ares.”
***************************************************************** *************************
We are then introduced to a musical interlude of Lacus singing a song of peace. As Athrun and Rau were driving down the highway, Athrun viewed as city-wide televisions broadcasting Lacus' song. The camera then turned to the Archangel where the students were making paper flowers with some of the children. Athrun dropped Rau off at his quarters on another base, before the camera switched over to the Archangel students and the Strike standing on an asteroid, which is floating near the Archangel. Miriallia then threw the paper flowers into space, and the officers stood solemnly on the bridge of Archangel, honouring those who have died. Kira, in the Strike, looks on sadly as well.
As the musical interlude ended, the camera returned a sad Athrun standing with flowers at the grave of his mother. He placed the flowers on the grave, recalling his father's words.
***************************************************************** *************************
“We fought to preserve ourselves. If we can't preserve ourselves by not fighting, we have no choice but to fight!”
***************************************************************** *************************
The navy-haired pilot then got up and walked away.
***************************************************************** *************************
Back with the Archangel crew, they were beginning to recover the ice from the demolished Julius 7 debris.
“How much further from now?” Murrue asked.
“About 4 more hours. Explosives on the front. We can finish it all at once” Mu replied.
“A civilian ship? Is it destroyed…?” Kira questioned, surveying the area when he came upon a destroyed carrier.
His sensors then detected a GINN Reconnaissance unit from behind the carrier.
“A Reconnaissance type GINN! Why is it here?” he wondered aloud as he panned his camera closer. “If the Archangel is detected here, it's over.”
“Just go away… go away…” he prayed, training his gun on the GINN.
“Good…” he breathed in relief as the GINN moved off.
“AH!” he gasped in horror as one of the recovery ships appeared within sensory range and the GINN turned back.
“Stupid idiot!” he exclaimed. “Why did you have to see it?
“That's a ZAFT's…” Kuzzey gasped when the GINN was poised to shoot.
“I…” Kira hissed as Kuzzey's ship was hit.
Pressing his trigger, he disarmed the GINN before firing another two shots that destroyed the mobile suit.
“Thanks, Kira.” Kuzzey voiced over the intercom. “I thought we'd be dead for sure.”
“Kid, what's wrong?” Mu asked, snapping Kira out of his shocked state.
Just then, the Strike's sensors picked up a floating life pod in the midst of the debris.
“An escape pod?” Kira blinked. Then, something glittering caught his eye and Kira flew over to investigate after picking up the life pod.
“Captain.” He opened the intercom.
“Yes Kira?” Murrue asked.
“There's something you ought to see.” Kira reported. “I found a mass of crystal of unknown substance floating about and I think there is a person inside the crystal. What are your orders?”
“Being the crystal in for further analysis.” Murrue instructed.
“Roger.” Kira replied.
“Have the medical team on stand by.” She added, after the Strike's pilot closed off his communicator. “If Kira happens to be right, we need to extract that person from the crystal. No telling how long he's in there.”
As Kira neared the took the crystal, he was able to get a better look within and saw a girl suspended in the middle of her crystal coffin, her hands clasped in prayer.
***************************************************************** *************************
On the docking bay…
“Looks like you really like to pick up things.” Natarle remarked.
“I'm opening it now.” Ramel Peru remarked, preparing to open the life pod. The crystal Kira retrieved had already been transported to the medical bay.
The Earth Alliance soldiers readied their guns as the life pod slid open and a pink Haro flew out.
“Hello, hello!” the Haro chirped.
“Thank you!” Lacus smiled as she floated out of the life pod. “Thanks for the hard work.”
***************************************************************** *************************
In the medical bay…
“Contact!” one of the technicians called as the laser beam finally cut through the crystal and freeing the girl within.
The now silvery-blue-haired Ami opened her eyes for the first time in centuries before floating down to land on the floor. Clad in a long-flowing Greek dress, her now waist-long hair blowing from an invisible wind, as a towering golden aura appeared around the girl as Athena manifested through her. At the same time, ripples of the Goddess' rainbow-coloured aura encased the entire Archangel.
“Get the Captain… she'll want to see this.” The head technician instructed, gasped at the enormous aura he was sensing from this girl and seeing the image of Palladium appear behind the girl.
Could it be… his eyes widening. This girl… is really Athena?
***************************************************************** *************************
On the docking bay…
Murrue's eyes widened at the technician's report and hurried to the medical bay and true enough her attention was caught by the tremendous aura the girl from the crystal emitted.
What's this warm, forgiving and gentle aura? Murrue wondered.
“So, the legend is true…” Murrue gasped. “When the world is filled with evil, Athena will be reborn after every two thousand years to rid the world of evil.”
***************************************************************** *************************
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