Sailor Moon Fan Fiction / Yu-Gi-Oh! Fan Fiction ❯ Sailor Moon and the Egyptian Scout ❯ Chapter 1

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Sailor Moon and the Egyptian scout
Mitzumi: hi di ho!!!! New fict zooming at you at the speed of the Internet!!! -Ducksas fict nearly hits her in the face Anywhoo; this is the official Sailor Moon crossover featuring both Yugioh and Sailor Moon characters IN THE SAME FICT!!! I know, geek-gasm inducing isn't it? So hold onto your inhalers boys and girls, because this ten-chapter ride is only the beginning! Anywhooooo…ONWARD!!!
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Atemu: sigh Mitzumi kare does not own yu-gi-oh! nor Sailor Moon. She does, however, own any and all original characters such as my Sailor scout form and various OCs that may or may not appear in this fict. All art resulting from this fict is copyrighted to Mitzumi kare as of June of 2009. Also she would like to note to all Sailor Moon fans that this fict takes place after the mistress 9/ hotaru/ Sailor Saturn arc and for Yugioh fans, this is after the final duel arc.
Mitzumi: sheesh, someone has been talking not bleep-ing with Kaiba too much. Anyway, like I said-ONWARD!!!!
Chapter 1: purpose
Atemu Motou has no purpose.
Yes, he was back in modern times due to a weird twist of fate but he has no purpose. He is no longer Yugi's guardian though he has his Shadow powers. There is no threat of Bakura, zork or crazy billionaires cough Pegasus cough, cough threatening the earth or his loved ones.
Hell, even the shop has no need for him since they hired a new guy to work there. Tall dark and handsome, his name was Darien and Atemu would have definitely would have tried to charm him if he wasn't already friends with his girlfriend, Serena. She didn't mind he was gay so they often talked about hot guys they've seen lately.
At least, when Yugi and grandpa were not in earshot.
You see Atemu conveniently didn't come out to Yugi…or grandpa…or any other part of the tachi for that matter. If the leather and copious hand gesturing didn't clue them in, he was NOT going to be the bearer of bad news. And since he doesn't have anywhere else to go…yeah, it would be pretty bad news for him since he doesn't have anywhere else to go…if they kicked him out….
So for the meantime, he'll just let them think he has a hoard of porn he keeps in his soul room and he has wet dreams about Tea doing bleep and bleep with him while blllleeeeeeepppp.
It was getting easier since Yugi and the tachi were off to college and grandpa were gone on more and more trips leaving Atemu to supervise Darien. Not that he needed supervising but Atemu preferred not to tell grandpa that. With him gone, he could blast Cher and the RENT soundtrack as loud as he wanted…as long as the neighbors don't complain…
Now, back to the regularly scheduled main idea….
Atemu Motou has no purpose.
He thought this as he taught Serena how to play duel monsters. Sure, she is a worse player than Tea was, but it was a nice distraction from his usual sense of worthlessness.
So, I play, this card and you loose how many points?”
He laughed. None, in fact, if you do play that, you will lose points and your monster.”
Huh? Why?!”
“Serena, a stronger monster can never be attacked by a weaker monster without the weaker monster sustaining damage or dying.” Darien explained from behind the counter. Serena stuck her tongue out at him as Atemu laughed.
It's just how the game is. The difference in attack power is subtracted from the attack monster's attack points. If the difference is higher than the attacking monster's attack points, then it goes to the discard pile and the remaining difference is subtracted from your life points,” Atemu elaborated, with various gesturing. Serena by then had picked up the calculator she had borrowed from Amy and went to work figuring out how much LP she has left. Atemu sweatdropped.
Usually, you figure things like this out in your head.”
Well, I'm no Amy so I have to use a calculator like normal people.” She retorted, her tongue sticking out the side of her mouth in concentration.
Then I wouldn't mind playing against Amy then. She sounds like a good duelist,” Atemu grinned. Serena looked aghast.
So you're giving up on me then?!” she shrunk into the corner, which became dark and gloomy as she cried, occasionally stroking the mushrooms that suddenly grew there. Atemu just sweatdropped. He had become way too used to Serena's crying jags so he decided to wait her out.
“so Darien, sure you don't want to play? I have a deck with your name on it.”
The handsome college grad laughed. “no thanks. I have enough of monsters in my day to day.”
“never mind.” Just then, to save them of an awkward silence, Rini came in.
“hi Darien. Hi Atemu.”
“hi Rini.”
“hello little one. Who dropped you off?”
“no one. I walked.”
“but Rini, there is a lot of gangs in this area who would love to attack litle girls like you, “ Atemu scolded as he gave her a hug.
“I know. But I know self-defense. Lita taught me.” She retorted as she scurried over to give Darien a hug too.
“and if they have a gun?” Atemu asked, his eyebrow raised.
“Luna P will distract them and I run like I did when I stole Serena's last piece of chocolate.”
Darien and Atemu laughed while Serena glared at her, her gloom moment passed without notice.
“well, just in case, next time you want to stop by, call me, and I'll pick you up.” Darien said.
“thanks Darien.”
Atemu watched those two talk, sensing that there was more between them than just sister's boyfriend to girlfriend's baby sister. Way more. He just couldn't put his finger on what.
“oh yeah, guess who I brought.” Rini said, disrupting Atemu's train of thought. Luna peeked her head out of the backpack and meowed.
“oh! Hi Luna.” Atemu said as he pulled the cat out of the bag and cradled her in his arms. She purred and climbed up to his shoulder, nuzzling his face.
“wow, Luna takes to you really well, Atemu,” Serena said.
Atemu shrugged. “combine the fact that I LOVE cats and I'm from Egypt, it's a total win-win situation.”
“cool. Hey, Atemu? Can you finish telling me the Egypt stories?”
“okay” he led her to the living room and sat down, her at his feet and Luna in his lap. He played with her hair while he wove tales of ancient Egypt, which, unbeknownst to his listeners, was completely true.
Meanwhile, in the shop, Serena and Darien quietly conversed.
“Luna is taking to him so well, do you think…?”
“that Atemu is another Sailor scout? No way, Serena. He's a dude, last checked and besides, aren't all of the planets accounted for?”
“hm…well, the scouts are a part of my royal court so maybe he's a part of yours. Like a royal guard or something.”
“hmmm…I don't know, let's ask Luna and Artemis about it later.”
Just then, Serena's communicator went off. She opened it and Amy's face appeared.
“Serena, there's a monster that has appeared in your area. Be on guard and know that news camera's are following.”
“right. Rini!” Serena yelled into the living room, interrupting storytime. “stay with Atemu. Were going out, `kay?”
Atemu watched this exchange with a raised eyebrow. Why did everything go from calm to urgent so quickly? Tension rolled off Rini and, surprisingly, Luna, in waves when the couple left. Atemu knew there was no way in hell he would be able to tell the rest of the story now.
“hey, Rini? Let's just watch TV for now.”
Rini nodded, her face serious for an elementary-schooler. Shaking it off, Atemu turned on the TV and proceeded to look for child friendly viewing. When he was surfing through the news channels, however
“STOP!! I want to watch this!
Atemu raised an eyebrow at her but already the TV had caught the girl's rapt attention. Atemu looked at the screen and gaped. Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask were fighting a duel monster, a Guardian Of The Fortress, and losing. BADLY. He had to help them!
Rini, er, I have, uhm…an errand to run. And, uh-
his excuse was cut off when Yugi walked in.
“hey Atemu. Oh, hello Rini. How-
Yugi! Can you watch Rini for me? Love ya, thanks!!! he gave Yugi a quick hug and ran out, Luna at his heels. Yugi looked beyond bewildered.
what theRini, do you know- ACK!!! Yugi was cut off as Luna P collided with his face, effectively knocking the college student out.
sorry Yugi, I have to help my parents. She apologized before running out as well, Luna P whizzing after her.
Mitzumi: not bad for a first chapter, neh? Calling all duelists that read this, I only have a basic knoledge of duel monsters so if I fucked up the rules….well they do it in the show so does it really matter if I did too? shrug And I'm sorry SM fans, I do not know if Rini still has Luna P at this point but frankly, I like it so it stays with her.
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In the next episode of SMES: Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask are in trouble! Their attacks won't work on this new beast and all looks bleak until Atemu arrives! He uses his Shadow magic but it still doesn't work! Only Luna knows what will!! Find out her solution in the next chapter of SailorMoonand the Egyptian Scout!!!
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