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Sailor Moon and the egyptian scout
Mitzumi: chappy 3!! This is going to be the beginning of the romance. Between who? Hee, hee. You'll see. Rest assured, it will be a yugioh yaoi favorite.
Atemu: I don't like the sound of that. I know it's not Yugi….
Mitzumi: duh. Anyway, ONWARD!!
previously in SMES…
No wonder my voice is girly…I am a girl!
My white and gold `outfit' is similar to Sailor Moon's with a few exceptions. One, the gold cape. Two, the gold bands that not only cover my arms but my legs from my ankles up to my knees. Three, my shoes are the same as the ones I wore in egypt. [thank Ra, I don't think I could have handled heels] And four, all of her symbols have been changed into ankhs on mine. However, I digress….
A curvacious petite girl that Joey and Tristen will probably slobber over. Note to self: do NOT be in this form around them. I turn just as Luna slinks out of the alley.
“Luna!! You said that that stick will turn me into a warrior, not a girl!!” I shriek. She just does this adorable kitty head tilt and replies.
“do you really think that this is the best time to be discussing this. I mean, Sailor Moon IS in trouble, you know…”
as if on cue, Sailor Moon screams. God, something tells me, Luna will be worse than Ishizu…
`shit, I need to summon a monster now.' She thought to herself.
Why not banish this one instead? A voice in her head asked.
`but how do I do that?' she wondered.
Summon the Life Blade and you will be victoriousit explained.
`Okay…nothing left to loose then..' she thought. “LIFE BLADE COME FORTH!!!”
automatically, she drew her hand through the air as if drawing a sword from it's sheath. A golden blade materialized in her hand, pulsating in her hand. Suddenly she knew what to do.
the scouts looked her way as she ran toward them. Seeing the sword, they lept away. Sailor Rebirth lept up and sliced the dragon in two. When she touched land, they could hear her say in egyptian, which was strangely translated to egyptian for them:
“you have tresspassed against the gods and that constitutes…banishment….”
With a final roar, the monster disappeared along with the damage done to the twon and the barrier.
“whoa…Rebirth, that was totally cool. Rebirth?” Jupiter and the rest of the scouts looked and saw that Rebirth had not only turned back into Atemu, he had fainted.
chapter 3: questions, confusion, explainations…and not necessarily in that order…
Atemu came to in a strange room. It was dark and judging from the lack of light coming form the drawn curtains, it was late. He sat up and groaned as a migrane pounded in his skull.
`jeez, I haven't felt this bad since I had the flu and used my magic to heal it. Not the smartest idea on my part. Now where am I?' he thought to himself. He rolled over to the window and peeked out of the window.
After seeing he was at a dizzying height, he decided it would be best to close the window.
`well that still doesn't answer my question…guess, I'll have to do this the old fashion way….explore.' he staggered out of the bed and to the door. He pressed his ear to the door.
“what do you mean you knocked Yugi out?!”
“don't have a cow, Serena. Luna P hit him so he'll wake with no memeory of what happened and a slight headache.” Rini explained.
“well, that's better than Amira's method: karate chop to a pressure point on the neck.” Michelle giggled. Amira rolled her eyes.
“that only happened once and you won't let me forget it, will you?” the tomboy said.
“ami-kun funny,” Hotaru giggled. Now at the age of a 3 year old, she found Amira's and Michelle's arguments hilarious.
“Hotaru, it's ami- chan, not ami-kun. Though she doesn't dress it, Amira is a girl.” Trista said, ignoring Amira's glare. Hotaru blinked.
“but michey-chan says it's kun because ami-kun is mas…mas..masochist?”
Michelle giggled again. “no, it's because she's masculine- no, Amira! I'M SORRY!!” she tried to crawl away to avoid her cousin tickling her to death.
They both stopped at a cough at the door.
“uhm…does anyone have some asprin?”
everyone, with the exception of Rini and Hotaru, held up a bottle. Atemu sweatdropped.
“dumb question to ask in a room full of women. Thanks.” He took the one in Serena's hand and shook some out into his hand. Amy handed him a glass of water.
“how are you feeling?”Rini asked as he sat on the couch next to her.
“other than the pounding in my skull, fine. This always happens when I overuse my magic.” He sighed. He blinked, then looked around. “wait, where's Darien?”
“he went to his second job. Anyway, what do you mean magic?” Serena asked, sitting on his other side.
“Shadow magic…uhm…let me see if I can do this…” he summoned a white kuriboh which landed on Hotaru's head with a small `kriee'. Hotaru looked up, the monster loked down and she smiled, eventually giggling.
“I can summon monsters like the one we fought and many more. I can do basic barriers and summon the Shadow realm but since it's generally a bad place so I don't do unless I have to. Oh yeah, I can banish things there like objects, people, and someone's soul but Yugi doesn't let me…unless it's someone evil.” He explained.
“fascinating. Did you learn this or…?”
“no. my father was the controller of this power which was unleashed through terrible means. He passed the duty unto me to keep it in check.”
“you say your father unleashed this power…who was he exactly?” Luna asked from her seat in Amy's lap.
Atemu hesitated.
“go ahead,” she prodded.
“Pharaoh Ankhenamkhenam, ruler of northern and southern egypt.”
Then all hell broke loose.
“whaaat?!” was Mina, Serena, and Raye's response.
“no way!” covered Lita and Amira.
Michelle, Trista and Amy were just dumbfounded.
Rini and Hotaru didn't get it so they continue their game of `catch the kuribou'. Which the furry duel monster was enjoying emmensely.
“wait, if that was your father then you have to be atleast 3000 years old.” Amy said.
“actually, I'll be 5,023 in july.” Atemu replied sheepishly. He hated when people made a big deal about his age.
“amazing…” Amy breathed.
“I knew I was correct. Your mother's name was Shaya-Kar, right?” Luna said, hopping over to Atemu's lap.
“yes. But how-“
“you are just the person I was looking for. Scouts, meet the last decendent of the terra warrior clan.”
Seto Kaiba looked outside his office window. It was late…or early considering it was 4 am. He knew he should go home and check on Mokuba but he had too much work to do.
Work that won't get done with him daydreaming.
As of late, his mind was filled with all of that ancient egypt nonsense the tachi kept spouting. Thank god all of them have gone to college.
That is, except for Atemu.
No, Yugi's clone had decided to stay and work at the shop with the crazy old man. Seto could have offered to forge transcripts for himbut he wasn't feeling that generousat the time. No, he just wanted to grab his brother get out of crazyland. Sure, Mokuba was pissed at him, but it was well worth it.
There was no way he could stay there without embarassing everyone present..
They don't need to know that he wantend to pull Atemu into his arms and kiss him until they both faint from lack of air.
It was bad enough that it replayed in his head on an endless loop.
Like it was now.
Damn it.
Seto decided to take that walk then.
Before he lost what was last of his inhibitions and kidnap Atemu to do naughty things to him.
Which was looking better and better by the moment…
“so…you're saying that my mother is a desendent of one of the first Sailor warriors and that they, like the current scouts, protected the first Moon princess?”
“yes. Of course, at the time everyone was on earth at the time so they are only named for the planet they drew strength from until the great migration and the warriors divided to start their own planets. Your mother's clan stayed to protect earth so in a way, you are related to Darien's clan or in a better way to put it, a part of his court.”
“i…see…” Atemu rubbed the bridge of his nose. He felt that headache coming back. “but Luna, why do I change into a girl?”
Luna had the decency to blush. “well, since the clan's warriors were women who passed their powers to their eldest daughter…”
“I see. That explained why I never heard of this from mother. She died before father did so, up until she died, she probably expected to have another child, a girl.”
“and that's why Tuxedo Mask doesn't really have any powers other than his roses.” Trista said.
“either way, this is really useful. With Sailor Saturn out of commission until she grows back to her original size we need Sailor Rebirth. On top of that, it seems that she is the only one who can banish these monsters.” Artemis piped up.
“yeah, love and moondust doesn't exactly faze them, no offense Serena and Mina.”
“none taken.” The blondes said in unison.
“anyway, anyone has the time?” Atemu asked.
“it's 4:15 a.m. “ Trista said as Michelle put the sleeping Hotaru in her room. Atemu panicked.
“that late?! Oh gods, aibou is going to kill me!” Atemu ran to the door and sat down to put on his boots, cursing hs stupid choice to wear his more complicated pair.
“hey, can you meet us tomorrow at noon at the shrine?” Raye asked.
“sure. Bye!!” and he was gone.
“I think we met your match in flakyness, Serena.”
“watch it Raye.”
Atemu ran all the way out of the building and made it to the station to realize not only was the trains closed by now, he had no clue where he was.
`damn it. Yugi really is going to kill me. Gods, I promised to be there so we can go clubbing. Not that I'm dressed for it…'
yes, ladies and gents, Mr. Leather fetish himself doesn't think he's dressed to go clubbing. Not hetero clubbing anyway…
`oh well, I better open my link and let him know I'm alright. ` he thought.
[[yeeessss…gods, yessss… moan ]]
Atemu quickly closed the link tightly and decided that it would be best to kill the hour until the station opens. His face a red becon, he trotted over to the nearby playgound. Sitting down on the swing, he slowly swung himself back and forth, engrossed in his thoughts.
Atemu's POV
I am a Sailor scout.
I am the decendent of a warrior clan.
My mother wished I was a girl.
My hikari, my light, my other half doesn't know that I'm gay and I fear telling him.
Life doesn't get any better than this.
I swing back and forth, staring up at the early dawn sky. There are no stars like there was when I was Pharaoh. Aibou says that modern lights drown them out. I wonder if he would get mad if I used my powers to blackout everything for an hour.
Yeah, like that would go over well
I wish I had someone to talk to. The rest of the tachi would tell Yugi and with Bakura gone…not that I would talk to him. Though it would be fun to fight him again.
Gods, I'm loosing my mind. I want to pick a fight with Bakura.
Yami? What the hell are you doing here?
I startle and nearly fall off the swing. Strong hands against my back keep me from doing so. I look up and there he is, his cobalt eyes staring down on me with slight shock and much bemusement. Funny, I never seen him look at me with nothing other than a fire to beat me at duel monsters.
Kaiba, that's not exactly the question you should be asking me. What are YOU doing here? I reply, shifting so I won't fall. His warm hand is still pressed to my back,
“just taking a walk to clear my head. Don't answer my question with a question. He grunts. Without me asking, he pulls the swing back by its chain and pushes me, setting it in motion once more.
okay, fine. I am waiting for the train station to open so I can go home. The breeze whips my bangs across my face and I unlatch one of my hands from the swing chiain to tuck it behind my ear once more.
“can't Yugi pick you up?
no, he's…busy.
Kaiba lets out a short laugh which is so different from his `I'm-a-cocky-bastard' laugh, I'm momentarily stunned. “busy or BUSY?
I play dumb for aibou's sake. what's the difference?
He stops the swin by holding the part of the chain that's close to my hips. At this angle, we are at the same height. I turn my head and his mouth are so close to mine…so close I can feel his breath against my lips.
well,…there's busy like I am Monday through Saturday and then there's busy like this.
His lips are so soft….
------------------------------------------------------------- --------
Mitzumi: fans self I liked that. Much thankies to my mother for pissing me off so much I decided to finish this now. Gawd, can't you guys see this scene in your head? I mean, for real! I so want to make a doujin based off of this. Better yet, if someone wants to make one, please go ahead!!!
Atemu: please don't
Mitzumi: aw, you poor genderbent soul. Come here for a hug!
Atemu: I'll pass. Darien, could you?
Darien: sure.
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