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Absence - By Kirika


Chapter thirty. I sort of got a little carried away with the Luna and Rei argument in the last chapter on Luna's part, but don't worry, I'll remedy it here. Besides, Luna has a right to be a little testy… half the senshi are wounded, Chibi-Usa has been captured, youma are running around, she failed to stop Ami and Makoto getting together and now Rei and Usagi have something for one another. Or maybe she was just having a bad fur day. ^_^

And yes, I like Evangelion; it's my second favourite anime (right now). Big mecha action and all that angst, what's not to like?


- Kirika


Chapter 30 - Know Thy Enemy

After the confrontation with Luna, a steamed Rei had gone downstairs ready to leave the Tsukino residence, but instead was intercepted by Usagi's mother, Ikuko, who insisted she have something for breakfast. The Fire Senshi had been hungry and it would have been rude to decline, since the girl had slept in rather than join the Tsukino family for breakfast earlier, so she had accepted the offer. Ikuko thankfully didn't ask Rei why she had been shouting upstairs; the miko surmised that perhaps the woman didn't hear, or more likely she just thought it best not to pry.

Once Rei had finished her late meal, she left the house and went over to the Hikawa Jinja to pick up some clothes and other necessary things for her stay with Usagi. Her Grandpa had been surprised to see his grandchild out of hospital so soon, but he knew that Rei had always been a fast healer. The miko hardly even limped when she walked now, and her face showed nearly no signs of bruising or cuts. When Rei had informed her Grandfather that she would be staying with Usagi for the foreseeable future to 'catch up on old times', instead of being disappointed or even curious, the old man had actually been pleased and eagerly assured the senshi that the shrine and her birds would be able to be looked after by himself and Yuuichirou alone. Rei had been glad that Yuuichirou was going to stay at the Hikawa Jinja; she had been able to hear melancholy songs being strummed on a guitar from the man's room during her visit. Yuuichirou never had much skill at singing or playing the guitar, but it had still made the Fire Senshi sad hearing the lovelorn man express his pain through music… so much so that she hadn't had the heart to yell at him to shut up, like she usually would have done. Besides, it had been a reminder of what Rei had waiting for her if Usagi chose Mamoru to give her love to, instead of her. The miko's Grandpa had mentioned that Yuuichirou had been cooped up in his room, when he wasn't doing chores, just singing depressing love songs. Rei had idly considered paying the heart-broken man a visit, but had decided against it; she was probably the last person he wanted to see.

Rei had told her Grandpa to watch out for any strange people hanging around the shrine during the day or night, and if he saw anything weird he was supposed to contact her as soon as possible. It had been the best Rei could do; there was no way she could have persuaded her Grandfather to totally abandon the Hikawa Jinja. The miko had decided that she would periodically go to the shrine to make sure things were all right.

Once Rei had picked up all the items she required from her room, and changed into a fresh set of clothes, she had left the Hikawa Jinja and returned to the Tsukino household to dump all of her things in Usagi's bedroom. The Fire Senshi had been relieved to see that Luna was nowhere to be found. After a quick call to the Mizuno residence to check up on Haruka and Michiru, and to get Setsuna's hospital room number, Rei had proceeded to Minato General Hospital to see the Guardian of Time.


Rei walked down the hospital corridors with a bunch of shiny balloons filled with hot air grasped in one hand. The balloons bobbed up and down in the air while the senshi moved down the hall, scanning room numbers for Setsuna's. Rei had decided to bring balloons printed with a variety of phrases, all basically saying 'get well soon', as a present for the Senshi of Time, instead of something edible. She also had extra balloons for Makoto.

Rei spotted Setsuna's room and walked towards it, but then stopped when she saw the name written on the plate stuck on the door.

"Geez, couldn't she even think of her own alias?" the Fire Senshi muttered under her breath.

Rei opened the door and entered the hospital room, preparing herself to see a beat-up Setsuna. Outwardly, the Guardian of Time appeared not too badly hurt. The green-haired woman was sitting up in bed, and the only obvious wounds the miko could make out were several bandages on the eldest senshi's arms. Rei assumed that underneath the hospital gown she wore and the bed covers, Setsuna was riddled with injuries. She also saw that Hotaru was by the bed-ridden Sailor's side. The young girl looked even more sombre than usual, but that wasn't surprising considering recent events. Both Outer Senshi turned their heads towards Rei as she came in the room.

"Hi," Rei said, slightly awkwardly. Maybe she should have knocked; the two Sailors looked like they were in the middle of something. The miko stood there, fidgeting for an instant, not really sure what to say, and then waved the balloons she carried in the air. "I brought balloons," she added lamely.

Setsuna gave the girl a small smile. "So I see. They are very nice," she said graciously, flicking her eyes to the shiny floating spheres for a second before returning them to Rei.

Rei smiled her thanks at the acceptance of the gift. "Yeah… but I guess you knew I was bringing you balloons anyway," she sighed ruefully, moving over to the bed to tie half of the balloon bunch to the end.

"It's the thought that counts," Setsuna replied easily.

The Fire Senshi nodded in agreement. She then turned her attention to Hotaru, who was eyeing the extra balloons in Rei's hand. "Hey, Hotaru," Rei said cheerfully, smiling pleasantly at the girl, "what're you doing here? Shouldn't you be at school?"

Hotaru's eyes turned away from the balloons and looked at Rei. "Michiru-mama said it was okay for me to stay off today and see Setsuna-mama," the dark-haired girl replied softly. Her expression suddenly seemed even more downcast, if that were possible. "…But school isn't fun without Chibi-Usa anyway…" Hotaru added quietly, her head lowering to look at the floor.

Rei smiled sympathetically at the young girl. "Don't worry, Hotaru, Chibi-Usa will be just fine… and that's a promise," she said honestly.

Hotaru raised her head to look at the Fire Senshi again, appearing hopeful. "You'll take me with you when you find her, won't you?" the Senshi of Death and Rebirth asked, her lilac eyes boring into Rei's own, similarly coloured ones.

"Uh…" the miko replied uneasily, breaking the slightly disturbing stare and glancing at Setsuna for advice. The Guardian of Time merely looked back at Rei. A lot of help she was. Rei supposed it was another one of those 'can't interfere with timeline' moments.

"Well…" Rei stalled, trying to think of a way to keep Hotaru out of danger without disappointing the girl.

The Senshi of Rebirth must have detected the Rei's reluctance to take her along on any rescue attempt, because her expression turned pleading. "Please, Rei… she's my best friend," Hotaru said in a small voice.

Rei swallowed, the combination of the puppy dog look and the girl's choice of words melting her resolve. Chibi-Usa was Hotaru's best friend… if Rei was in the Senshi of Rebirth's place, she would want to help her best friend out of trouble. Though, the Senshi of Fire's case was a little different; her best friend also happened to be the love of her immortal life.

Rei sighed in defeat. "Alright, Hotaru. When I find Chibi-Usa, I'll bring you with me, okay?" she conceded.

The dark-haired girl smiled up at the miko in thanks, her eyes misty. Rei quickly averted her gaze, Hotaru's intensely grateful stare making her a little uncomfortable. The Senshi of Rebirth must really care about Rei's princess's future child. Just one more reason why she should give up on Usagi, the Fire Senshi thought with a mournful sigh.

The thought reminded Rei of the other reason she had come to visit Setsuna, besides seeing if the Senshi of Time was all right. The miko turned to face the green-haired woman. Setsuna met Rei's eyes and raised a knowing eyebrow. The woman then looked over to where Hotaru was still staring up at the raven-haired girl.

"Firefly, why don't you go and visit Makoto," she suggested.

Hotaru ceased gazing at Rei and looked at Setsuna. "But I haven't tried to heal you yet," the girl protested.

The Guardian of Time gave a pacifying smile to the young senshi. "I have a feeling that Makoto will be needed in the near future more than I will be," the woman prophesised, "and she also needs your gift more than I do. I shall recover, in time. Concentrate on helping Makoto."

Hotaru appeared as though she was going to argue, but then bowed her head in obedience. "Okay, Setsuna-mama," she said, unable to hide the reluctance in her voice.

Rei waited until the Senshi of Rebirth left the hospital room before taking a seat by Setsuna's bedside, letting go of the balloons in her hand and letting them rest up against the ceiling.

"I can't believe you stole my name," Rei said as an icebreaker.

"Hmm?" Setsuna replied, raising a questioning eyebrow, a faint smile on her lips.

"'Megumi Ohni'. You ripped off the name I used in Yokohama!" the miko cried. "And 'Ohni' is an anagram of my last name! I can't believe you couldn't think up anything else!"

Setsuna merely tilted her head slightly to the side, the smile still on her lips. The Senshi of Fire rolled her eyes and sighed. It was time to get to the matter at hand anyway.

"I guess you know why I'm here?" Rei began.

Setsuna nodded sagely. "I do. You wish to know what will happen to the future, and the present timeline, if the princess leaves the prince and becomes your lover," she stated.

Rei blushed at the Guardian of Time's choice of words, but nodded her head nervously to confirm Setsuna's 'assumptions'.

The green-haired woman sighed lightly as she appeared to stare through Rei, no doubt recalling events that occurred in the future. Setsuna's gaze then refocused on the miko, and for an instant the girl thought she saw pity flash in those knowledgeable crimson eyes of hers. Rei dismissed the notion, chalking it up to imagination, and instead prayed the news about Chibi-Usa's fate would be good.

Setsuna picked up a cup filled with water and took a sip, then replaced it on the tray in front of her. "Trying to predict events by looking at the timeline is difficult," the woman started. "Time is chaotic, with many threads representing many different futures, some more likely to occur than others, but all having a chance to come about. You wish to know what will happen to Chibi-Usa in the future if you and the princess become involved." The Senshi of Time paused for a second, and then continued. "That is not an easy question to answer. As I said, Time is chaotic; it is like a living entity in itself. I cannot predict what Time will do to correct your rebelling against Fate, to prevent paradoxes. There are infinite possibilities. Perhaps Chibi-Usa will simply vanish, and all our memories of previous events will change due to her never having existed to come to this time. Or perhaps she will not even be the Chibi-Usa that we know at all, but someone else's child altogether." Setsuna shook her head gently. "Anything could happen."

Rei leaned forward and put her elbows on her knees, resting her chin on the tops of her hands as she digested what the Senshi of Time had said. Anything could happen. Where did that leave Rei? Could she take the risk that Chibi-Usa might never exist to pursue her dream of being with Usagi? It would be the ultimate gamble… the Fire Senshi was sure she wouldn't be able to live with herself if the price for her happiness was Chibi-Usa's life. Of course, if her memories were altered she wouldn't even remember the pink-haired girl. It was an unsettling thought.

"What do you think I should do then?" Rei asked Setsuna.

The green-haired woman looked away from the miko, and stared out the hospital room window. Rei noticed a tortured expression appear on Setsuna's face for an instant, but then the woman returned her eyes to her.

"Destiny… Fate, are powerful forces," the Senshi of Time said, her voice somewhat strained. "Think of Fate as a funnel, drawing, no, *pulling* certain threads of Time down one common path, ensuring the same events happen in each time stream. To fight against that pull…" Setsuna looked at the Senshi of Fire with bleak hopelessness all over her face, the normally calm and collected woman shocking the raven-haired girl with her expression. "To fight against it…" the Guardian of Time went on, "will be… difficult, to say the least. Fate won't let any threads go free easily, and will manipulate the threads' future possibilities to make sure that Destiny does occur. Of course, some threads *do* escape; some Fates have less strength than others. But the Fate which decrees that Mamoru and Usagi are to be together in the future… it is a formidable one."

"So are you saying I have a chance, even if it is a slim one?" Rei asked hopefully.

Setsuna blinked at the girl, astonishment plain to see on her face. Rei supposed the woman didn't always know *everything* she was going to do or say, but after the Senshi of Time's lecture, that was not surprising. "Y-Yes, I suppose you do…" Setsuna stuttered slightly, "but do you realise how hard it will be? The possible futures may alter just to stop you. They may even snuff out your life line if you pursue this."

Rei smiled grimly. "If I don't try, then I'll always wonder if Usagi and I could have had a life together," she said resolutely. "And besides; it'll be a great battle," she finished with a smirk.

Setsuna merely stared at the Fire Senshi for a moment, and then lowered her head, a faint smile gracing her lips. "Foolish…" she murmured, then raised her head again to look at Rei. "But it has been said there is a fine line between foolishness and bravery. And 'fortune favours the brave'." The Guardian of Time looked at the miko with something akin to hope in her crimson eyes, as if some had rekindled inside her.

"I hope you're right, Setsuna," Rei replied, the smirk not leaving her face, "I hope you're right."


Rei left Setsuna's hospital room shortly afterwards, giving the Senshi of Time a heartfelt thank you for her warning about last night's assassination attempt and for her help explaining the nature of Time and Fate before she departed. To Rei's surprise, the Guardian of Time had also thanked her for some unknown reason, going so far as to take the girl's hands in her own and make the Fire Senshi blush furiously.

Rei was now going to see Makoto, with the remainder of the balloons in hand. The senshi abruptly halted when she saw who was coming from the other end of the hall she was currently walking along. Mamoru. Rei tried to control the hateful feelings rising up inside her. She had to fight that dark side of herself.

"Hi, Rei," Mamoru said pleasantly as he met the raven-haired girl.

Rei swallowed down the bile rising in her throat. "Hello…" she said levelly to her rival, a chill in her voice. "When did you get out of hospital?"

"Just today," the prince said, and then his expression turned solemn. "I was sorry to hear what happened to everyone in my absence. Maybe if I had been able to fight…" he trailed off, his meaning implied.

Did that arrogant bastard really think he could have made *any* difference? Rei's eyes narrowed slightly, barely noticeable, with her harsh thoughts.

"There was nothing you could have done," the Fire Senshi said instead, ignoring the impulses motivated by jealousy.

Mamoru nodded in resignation. "I was on my way to see Setsuna," he said conversationally.

"I've already seen her. Now if you'll excuse me…" Rei said coolly, and then quickly moved past the man, paying no heed to his obvious surprise at her attitude.

Rei left the prince far behind as she approached Makoto's room, and saw a burly looking man dressed in a uniform standing guard near her friend's room door. He must have been the security guard the hospital staff had posted to watch over the fallen senshi. The guard stopped Rei with an outstretched hand when she tried to enter Makoto's hospital room.

"Name," he asked gruffly.

"Uhh… Rei Hino," Rei replied after a moment's hesitation.

The security guard picked up a clipboard that was hanging near the door and scanned the page attached to it, his eyes occasionally looking up to scrutinise Rei suspiciously. But after several seconds, the guard replaced the clipboard and nodded to Rei.

"Alright, you check out. Go on in," he said, gesturing to the door with his head.

Rei stepped past the guard and went inside Makoto's room. Minako, who was sitting in a chair by the wounded senshi's bedside, promptly greeted her. The miko surmised that the Senshi of Love must be on guard duty.

"Hi, Rei!" Minako called out, and then pointed to the balloons her friend held. "Nice balloons!"

Rei glanced at the balloons and then back at the blonde. "Yeah, they seem to be a big hit so far," she replied, light sarcasm lacing her tone as she tied them to Makoto's bed. "Well, Setsuna seemed to like them at least," she added.

"Oh?" Minako said curiously, "I didn't think she'd go for things like that."

Rei shrugged. "Maybe she was just being polite," she said absently.

"Yeah…" Minako replied, then lowered her voice and leaned conspiringly towards the Fire Senshi, "just between you and me, I've always thought Setsuna was a bit… frigid."

"I guess…" Rei said in a non-committal tone, plopping herself down in another chair across from the Senshi of Love, "she's alright. It's just her way. It must be stressful guarding Time and all that."

Minako looked thoughtful for a moment. "I suppose…" she said unsurely.

Rei and Minako chatted about a variety of things while they watched over Makoto. The brunette looked very pale and drawn out, and was still dead to the world. Minako thought that maybe she was in a coma or something. She said that Makoto had looked worse before Hotaru had come in and used her healing talent on the tall senshi. Rei hoped that the Senshi of Rebirth would make regular visits to her friend.

Minako told Rei that Ami had stayed off school to catch up on some sleep at home, so Usagi was the only Sailor Senshi currently at Juuban High School. She would have Naru and Umino to keep her company though. The gossipmonger, Minako, kept trying to steer the conversation to what Rei and Usagi had gotten up to last night, since the Senshi of Love had heard the Fire Senshi was now staying with the Tsukino's for safety reasons. However, the miko skilfully managed to avoid answering any questions about her and her princess's antics last night, much to Minako's frustration. Soon lunchtime came along, and the blonde suggested that they have lunch together. But Rei was pretty sure that all her friend wanted to do was work on her a little more and find out more gossip.


After spending most of the day at Minato General Hospital with Minako, Rei returned to the Tsukino residence and went up to Usagi's bedroom to wait for her true love to come home from school. When the Fire Senshi entered the blonde's rather untidy room, a sheepish Luna greeted the girl. The miko sighed at the sight of the cat and closed the bedroom door.

"I'm not in the mood for another lecture," Rei said testily.

Luna shuffled her paws for a second, looking down at the floor. "I must apologise for my actions this morning," she said quietly.

"Huh?" the miko said, raising a raven eyebrow.

The black feline swallowed her pride and raised her head to look at Rei. "I said; I apologise for my actions this morning," she said, repeating her apology. "I deeply regret the things I said, and I handled the situation badly. I apologise." Luna stared at Rei expectantly.

The miko blinked at the cat. "Alright… I guess I'm sorry I yelled at you," she said, making Luna nod her head faintly in acceptance and satisfaction, "but I'm not sorry for the things I said. I meant every word, and I intend to keep seeing Usagi." The feline didn't appear as pleased with the last part.

Luna hopped up onto Usagi's low square table, which the blonde used for everything but studying, and turned to face the rebel senshi. "Rei…" the cat sighed in frustration, "you're only going to end up hurting yourself and Usagi. And not to mention Mamoru. You may end up destroying the princess's relationship with him."

"Like I care about Mamoru," Rei grumbled, folding her arms and glaring down at the feline.

Luna let out another frustrated sigh. "Yes, but you care about Usagi, don't you? You know she's fragile when it comes to matters of love. You remember what she was like when Mamoru broke up with her? That will be nothing compared to how this is going to turn out; she would lose her boyfriend and her best friend in one go," the cat argued. "Please… if you care about Usagi at all you'll spare her that pain and break it off with her now."

Rei had to admit that Luna spoke a convincing argument. But as the Fire Senshi had decided before, she was going to go for it and risk everything. All or nothing. If she failed… it would be better if she had lost her life in the process.

Rei shook her head. "Sorry, Luna. I told you before, I'm not letting go of my princess," she declared, resolved to continue on her current path.

The ebony cat opened her mouth to no doubt give more arguments, but was cut off by a loud shout from downstairs.

"I'm Hoooommme!!" Usagi called.

Rei heard a door slam then repeated thumps as the blonde climbed the stairs up to her room. She watched the door eagerly, Luna forgotten, as it burst open, revealing her gorgeous princess.

"Hi, Rei!" Usagi greeted happily as she saw the raven-haired girl waiting in her bedroom.

Rei gave her only love a wide smile in return and held one hand behind her back. The blonde met her bodyguard's smile with one of her own, and then turned her head to Luna.

"Hey, Luna," she said while she dumped her book bag on the bed, "where were you last night?"

The black feline stuttered as she tried to think of an excuse that didn't involve her eavesdropping on the two Sailors. "I-I was, er… Artemis, I went to see Artemis," she blatantly lied.

"Oh," Usagi said, obviously believing the cat. Rei's princess was so naïve. But then that was one of the things the miko liked about her.

Rei approached her princess carefully, one hand still behind her back. Usagi tilted her head curiously at the girl, as if trying to see what was in her hidden hand. Rei took a short nervous breath and then quickly pulled her hand out in front of her in a flash, a pink carnation seeming to appear between two fingers out of thin air.

"Mamoru's not the only one skilled with flowers," Rei smirked, blushing hotly while inwardly, her stomach was doing flip-flops, praying Usagi didn't find her actions too cheesy. She wasn't used to doing things like this. It was scary how dependent Rei had become on her princess in so short a time; a single word of complement or gratitude could send the raven-haired girl over the moon, while one of disappointment or anger could hurt her like nothing else could.

"Oh, Rei…" Usagi said adoringly with sparkling blue eyes, taking the flower delicately from her bodyguard's hand. "Thank you…" A light pink blush appeared on her cheeks.

Rei had picked up the carnation on an impulse when she had passed a flower shop in Minato General Hospital. She had avoided roses and all red flowers; she hadn't wanted to flagrantly remind the blonde of Mamoru's flower and weapon of choice, and of her relationship with him.

Usagi brought the pink flower to her nose and smelled it's lovely fragrance. Rei stood with her hands clasped behind her back, her face still red while she smiled, insanely happy and pleased with herself. Usagi gazed deeply into her lavender eyes, as if seeing a side of the miko she had never known existed. Rei felt that strange pulling sensation inside her become slightly stronger. She had gotten so used to the weird calling that she had almost forgotten about it. The Fire Senshi wondered now if it was somehow related to Usagi, rather than anything Khairephon had done to her.

There was a cough from the left of Rei, ruining the moment as the two girls turned towards a somewhat embarrassed Luna. Usagi's eyes widened as she realised that the black feline had seen the exchange.

"I can explain!" the blonde hastily blurted out.

Luna looked up to the ceiling and then to Usagi. "Oh, never mind, Usagi, I already know everything going on between you two," she said impatiently.

Usagi blinked at Luna in confusion for a second. "Oh," she said simply, and then whirled to face Rei. "You told her?!" she cried in disbelief while looking a little hurt.

"Of course not, odango atama, you told me not to, didn't you? Luna heard us last night," the Fire Senshi said with slight irritation.

"Oh," Usagi said again, but chagrined. She then whirled to face Luna. "You eavesdropped on us?!" she cried in shock. Rei couldn't help but roll her eyes at her princess's comical antics.

"W-Well I, er…" Luna stammered, trying to think of something in her defence.

Usagi's eyes widened and then she turned bright red. "You heard us last night?! *Everything??*" she wailed at the cat, obviously hoping it wasn't true.

"Don't worry, I won't tell anyone what you two were… er, doing…" Luna trailed off. There was an uncomfortable silence for a moment, before the feline spoke again. "I think I'll go and see Artemis," she decided, seeming eager to get out of there.

"I can't believe you thought I told her," Rei said once Luna had left.

Usagi looked at her bodyguard apologetically. "I'm sorry, Rei," she said regretfully, "I trust you, I really do, I just have a tendency to jump to conclusions."

Rei pretended to look hurt by Usagi's earlier remarks, not entirely accepting her princess's apology. "Well… I'm sure several kisses will make up for it," the raven-haired girl pouted, lowering her head and looking at the blonde out of the corner of her eye.

Usagi sniffed the carnation in her hand again and then put it on her table carefully. She turned back to Rei with one hand on her hip. "…I guess I can do that," Usagi replied, feigning a thoughtful expression and playing along with her bodyguard's less than stellar acting. "I do have to thank you for the flower after all."

Rei couldn't prevent a grin coming to her face as her love sauntered over to her. Usagi slid her arms around the miko's slim waist and gently pulled her close. Rei wrapped her arms around the blonde's neck, gazing into her bright blue eyes all the while.

"Now that Luna knows about us, we can do all sorts of scandalous, forbidden, things in this room…" Rei purred in a sultry voice, causing Usagi's cheeks to redden.

"Rei…" the blonde chastised.

The Senshi of Fire chuckled. "When you're ready, of course," she added.

Usagi nodded her head in satisfaction, and then moved in to thank Rei for the flower properly. Her mouth met her bodyguard's and both girls parted their lips eagerly, their tongues darting out to meet. Rei moaned as Usagi sensuously sucked on her wet tongue, massaging it with her own while she did so. The Fire Senshi tried not to think about where her princess had learnt to kiss like that. Usagi's hands glided luxuriously over Rei's back and gradually got lower. The raven-haired girl didn't think she would be so bold. Rei gasped into Usagi's mouth as two hands firmly grasped her bottom, pulling her even closer to the divine figure in front of her. Rei was acutely aware of her true love's body pressing up against her own deliciously.

Usagi broke off the kiss and then let out a breath as her bodyguard started to kiss her throat. "We should… stop…" she panted, and then moaned as Rei sucked hard on one particular area of her neck, causing her to squeeze the girl's backside, much to the Fire Senshi's pleasure.

"Mmm… but you taste so good…" Rei murmured before continuing to leave wet patches all over the blonde's neck.

"No, Rei… we have to stop," Usagi said more firmly.

Rei reluctantly stopped kissing her princess and stepped away from her as the girl released the miko's body. Both girls were quite breathless and blushing red with excitement. Usagi walked slightly unsteadily to the bed and took a seat on it while Rei leaned back against the blonde's dressing table.

"So, ah… any news on Chibi-Usa's whereabouts?" Usagi asked, still somewhat out of breath and with her face still red, desperately grabbing a conversation topic to cool the situation.

"No. But I'm sure the youma will contact us soon. Don't worry," Rei replied, sobering up a little.

Usagi nodded, the worry obvious in her eyes but placing all of her trust in her senshi. As Rei gazed lovingly at her princess, swearing to herself not to let her down. She knew she could have made no other choice back at the hospital. It didn't matter if the miko faced a possible death; she had to try and win Usagi's heart utterly. Rei had had a taste of what it could be like between them, and now she could never go back to the way it had been before, merely best friends. Mamoru now had competition.


to be continued…

Author's ramblings:

Hmm. That chapter was kind of long.

FYI: Pink carnations apparently represent fidelity, fascination, and a woman's love, which I all thought pretty appropriate. But that wasn't the reason I picked that specific colour and flower; it's my girlfriend's favourite. ^_^