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Absence - By Kirika


Chapter forty-two. Current locations of the other Sailor Senshi? Haruka is still in hospital in intensive care, out of action. Michiru is at Ami's place, mobile, but not combat ready. Setsuna is still in hospital, still recovering, as is Makoto. Hotaru is still at Ami's place, missing school to stay in hiding from the youma. Ami and Minako are fine and stay at their respective homes. Oh, and Rei doesn't go to school; she still believes the youma know her identity. Her dressing in her uniform and all that was for the Tsukino's benefit only.

Now, Combatant, I remember you, and I remember verbally beating you to a bloody pulp, as you put it. And I would gladly do it again; I stand by what I said before in chapter twenty something. Last time you said that Rei would never hate Mamoru and because she did, she didn't really love Usagi. Well, the former some reviewers and I already addressed, and now it should be obvious Rei does indeed love Usagi more than anything. But I digress. This time around you gave a nice clear argument and backed it up with some examples from the fic, at a time when Rei's warped attitude is actually at a stage when it can be justly criticised. Which means I stay in a stable mindset, to a degree. Oh, and about Ikuko, she wasn't going out of her way to embarrass Usagi; there were no malicious incentives behind her questions, just motherly concern. I mean geez; this is Ikuko.

And finally, no, I'm not a Gemini; I'm an Aries, but I'm aware of my… little problem. ^_^


- Kirika


Chapter 42 - Twists Of Fate

Ret released a long, shuddering breath and leaned back against the Tsukino residence's front door, finally managing to escape the house. That was not an ordeal she wanted to experience again any time soon. It wasn't that Ikuko had yelled and screamed at her, no, quite the contrary. And that's what made the whole thing really disturbing. Usagi's mother had been just so… nice and calm about everything. She had politely inquired about the details of the Fire Senshi's relationship with her daughter, asking the standard questions; how long had it been going on, had Rei told her Grandpa yet, what was her plans for the future, and the like. However, then Ikuko had moved on to more… uncomfortable topics. Having your girlfriend's mother talk so causally about your sex life is just plain freaky. Ikuko had told Rei that while she understood that the miko wanted to make love to her daughter, she asked that the girl keep the noise down for Shingo and Kenji's benefit, since they had school and work respectively and it would not do to have their sleep disturbed. Plus, still in a kind and pleasant tone, the woman had requested that Rei not keep Usagi up too late either, since the blonde had school like her brother. The Senshi of Fire had merely sat there at the dining table, nodding weakly at the right times and hoping that she would somehow melt into the floor and get away from Ikuko before she died of embarrassment. All in all it hadn't been *too* bad… that is until Ikuko went on to talk about the variety of sex aids that a 'nubile young lesbian' like Rei could take advantage of. Worlds had collided in Usagi's house, worlds that should never ever even come close to one another in Rei's opinion. Being pumped for personal information about her romantic relationship with Usagi by the blonde's mother was mortifying enough; having the woman discuss the different kinds of 'toys' that were available for Rei to try --which the raven-haired girl would obviously all use on Ikuko's own daughter-- was more than enough to nearly make the miko spontaneously combust and for her brain to dribble out of her ears. At that point, Rei was about ready to transform into Sailor Mars and burn a path to freedom, but thankfully time had dragged on. In an effort to save her fraying sanity, the raven-haired girl had stammered out that she was going to be late for school and had to go right that minute. Ikuko was disappointed their 'talk' was cut short, but promised they would continue it as soon as Rei returned. And with that dire knowledge ringing in her mind, Rei had promptly run like crazy out of the house.

Rei wiped the back of her hand across her brow, cleaning away the perspiration. Thank the gods it was all over now. Well, for the time being at least. She was really dreading to come home later and be confronted by Ikuko again. Rei lowered her head and shook it gently, taking a moment to collect her thoughts. She had some time to kill before Usagi would be finished school, so she supposed she should go to Minato General Hospital and help keep a watch over the injured Sailor Senshi. The miko felt the beginnings of a small smile tug at the corners of her mouth. She could also talk to Setsuna and Makoto about how well her and the odango atama were getting along. With rising spirits, Rei started walking away from the Tsukino house… only to be stopped by Usagi's other concerned parent.

"Rei, I need to talk to you," Kenji said, appearing near the gate entrance to his home.

Rei gulped and felt her spirits drop rapidly into the ground once more. Wait! She could still use her excuse! "Um, I'd love to but I have to get to school," she said quickly, beginning to walk around the man.

"This will only take a minute," Kenji insisted, moving to block Rei's escape.

Rei stopped and stood nervously in front of her girlfriend's father, idly shifting from foot to foot while she clutched her book bag tightly with both sweaty hands. Seeing that the Fire Senshi wasn't going to bolt just yet, Kenji visibly prepared himself for something, puffing out his chest slightly. Rei feared the worst.

"Now, Rei," Kenji began, "just because you're a girl doesn't mean I'm going to treat you any differently than if you were a boy. You're dating my little girl and that's all that matters."

"Erm, yes sir," Rei said demurely, her eyes darting over the man's shoulder as she contemplated a break away.

Usagi's father nodded firmly, appearing to gain more confidence. "Right then. That being said, there are certain rules that you must abide by." Kenji paused for a second, and then took a deep breath. "Rule number one: I expect Usagi back no later than midnight on night outs. Ikuko told me that she went out on a date with you last night instead of that boy, and it was good to see that you brought her back before then. However…" Kenji shuffled his feet and blushed faintly. "Rule number two: You keep your hands off my daughter, period! She's too young for that sort of, eh, thing," he stated in a no-nonsense tone, which was only spoiled by a slight break in his voice near the end. "While you're under my roof, and staying in Usagi's room; I *don't* want to hear what I heard last night! It's distracting to m-- Shingo! It's distracting to Shingo!" he blurted, running a somewhat shaky hand through his hair. "He's just a young boy and he can't be subjected to those, umm, kinds of things…" Usagi's father reddened a little more, touched the bottom of his nose with one finger, and then looked at the digit, like he was checking to see if anything was on it.

"Yes sir," Rei murmured, bobbing her head dutifully.

"Okay then," Kenji said in a sure tone, having composed himself. He stepped closer to Rei and lightly put his hands on the girl's shoulders. The Fire Senshi's eyes flicked between each of the man's arms uncertainly.

"Let me take a look at you," Kenji sighed. He appeared to study Rei's features for a few moments. "At least she has taste…" the senshi heard Usagi's father mutter to himself. And then, in a louder voice; "You're a miko at the… the Hikawa Jinja, correct?"

Rei simply nodded.

Kenji seemed to find this an acceptable profession, and continued his scrutiny. After several more seconds he let out another sigh, this one in resignation. "Last rule… don't break her heart," he said solemnly, and then removed his hand's from the Senshi of Fire's shoulders.

"I won't," Rei gravely assured her girlfriend's father. There was more of chance that Usagi would break *her* heart. She had done it before.

Kenji nodded in acceptance of the girl's words. It looked like Rei had been deemed worthy of dating the man's daughter. Kenji moved attention away from the miko and towards his house, squinting his eyes slightly behind his glasses.

"I better stay outside for a while," Kenji said, scratching his head. "Ikuko will probably want to talk all about you and Usagi… oh geez," he moaned.

"I have to go to school now," Rei said, looking at the man with genuine pity in her lavender eyes. "Goodbye, Mr. Tsukino," she said, and then bowed, before briskly walking away from Usagi's residence, glad that the conversation with Kenji had gone quite well.

As Rei was walking down the street, heading for the bus stop to catch a bus to Minato Hospital, a strange feeling came over her. It was as if she sensed something… like she was being… like she was being watched. The miko abruptly ceased her stroll and looked sharply behind her. There was a flash of movement in a parked dark brown car twenty metres or so back, which instantly heightened Rei's suspicions. Something was definitely wrong, but… the Senshi of Fire shook her head. No, she wasn't getting the vibes from behind her. Rei swivelled around until she had a view of the other side of the street. There were a few people walking along the pavement, and the occasional car drove by, but that was all. The miko frowned and narrowed her eyes. She was sensing something… something… not human. Youma. Rei scanned the other side of the street quickly, trying to spot anything unusual, but she couldn't see any signs of youma activity.

Rei swallowed and kept her gaze on the houses on the opposite side of the street. No… there was nothing. But that was no reason to let her guard down. There was still one demon-like creature out there, with most likely a host of youma for backup, and it was imperative she stay alert at all times. The miko shifted her eyes away from the suburban buildings and continued on her journey. She tried to shake off the feeling of being watched as she travelled to the bus stop, but it dogged her until she boarded the bus.


"…No, wait, the senshi's mate is moving again… she failed to notice us," Mirerimas reported as he watched the human female through his optical enhancers. "The two other humans are following like last time," the youma added as he saw the mud-coloured vehicle trundle slowly down the road.

Mirerimas stopped looking through the rectangular enhancers and straightened his posture, hearing a collection of muted cracks. The youma sighed tiredly and rubbed his human eyes, before picking up a clipboard and jotting down the recent events that had occurred near Usagi Tsukino's living area. Mirerimas always got stuck with surveillance work since he wasn't very adept at maintaining a convincing human disguise. The youma touched his bumpy face, feeling the disfigurements in his human masquerade. Damn human bone structure was hard to duplicate. However, Mirerimas' disguise was sufficient enough for long-range spy work, which was why he was currently at a second storey window in an unoccupied and almost totally empty house.

It was usually a mind-numbingly boring job, surveillance, since more often than not it was a single youma task. Mirerimas' kind had incredible stamina and could go for days, even weeks, without sleep. However, this time Mirerimas had company. And what famous company it was too.

Mirerimas twirled on his stool to face the lone figure sitting in a dark corner of the room, just beyond the line of sunlight from the partially curtained window. "Nothing to do now but wait until they come back from school. I guess we'll have more luck tomorrow," the youma said with a bright, engaging, yet horrific smile, hoping to perhaps start up a conversation with the masked assassin.

The Night Haunter said nothing, merely sitting on the floor with his head bent and his forearms resting on his knees. Mirerimas' smile waned and fell off his ugly visage altogether. All Lazarus had done since coming to his surveillance outpost was sit in a corner during the day, and watch the target and her mate through a window at night. Mirerimas had heard from his youma food supplier that the black-clad assassin had visited every other Sailor Senshi surveillance outpost too, but for some reason had remained at his. Mirerimas felt a little honoured, and a bit smug too, at having been singled out by someone so illustrious. But the social interaction left much to be desired.

The disfigured youma gulped nervously and gathered his courage to ask why Lazarus was here in the first place. Mirerimas had asked before, but had only received a cold stare from the weeping mask in reply. He had to admit; the assassin was pretty intimidating.

"U-Uh, sir, I was wondering… um, well," the youma stumbled. "Why are you here?" he suddenly blurted out. Mirerimas paled as he realised his question sounded a little aggressive. "I-I-I mean, it's just, this place isn't very important, and well, it's not like I don't like the company, I do, I--"

"I was searching for someone," Lazarus rasped, interrupting the jittery youma's babbling.

"Searching…?" Mirerimas parroted cautiously, surprised the assassin had actually spoke.

The Night Haunter was quiet for a while, and Mirerimas thought the Silent Blades chief had reverted back to his mute state. However, the black swathed figure spoke once more.

"I had heard a tale, and I wished to see if it were true… but now I know it is. That one, that human female… the mate of the other… she is the *one*," Lazarus whispered.

Mirerimas blinked at the assassin and then eagerly leaned forward on his stool, wanting to hear more. His companion was actually talking about something for once. The scarred youma didn't risk saying anything in fear that if he did, Lazarus would clam up again. Unfortunately, Mirerimas' plan backfired and the masked assassin did indeed stop talking. Wishing to keep the conversation alive, and now quite curious, the youma spy decided to ask a probing question.

"'A tale'?" he said, hoping to prompt Lazarus into talking.

To Mirerimas' relief, the Night Haunter started speaking. "A tale of a formidable human warrior who Death shies away from. A female warrior with the fury of flames as her ally…"

"You mean the one who took out Lord Khairephon's entire outfit, including the Lord himself?? *That* one? Are you saying that the Sailor Senshi's mate is the being responsible??" Mirerimas said in disbelief, forgetting his fear. "You can't be serious… I've read intel on her, and that human down there can't be her!"

Lazarus was silent for a few minutes, Mirerimas' outburst lingering in the air. The youma spy gulped and prayed the Night Haunter wouldn't slay him where he sat. But instead, the assassin responded only with speech to Mirerimas' comments, rather than a swift death. "She is the one. The Web of Time… its strands flux and twist around her. That alone assures me I am right," the masked figure murmured.

"Huh?" the ugly youma said, perplexed. "I'm not really familiar with any theories of the continuum…"

"Back on my home planet," Lazarus said, "there is a tale. A myth. It is said that when a being is born the gods toss a coin to determine its destiny, for either good or ill. But sometimes… sometimes, rarely, the coin lands on its edge. It is said those beings are born without a destiny, free to live their lives as they please, without the barriers that normal creatures are subjected to. Their fate is their own to determine."

Mirerimas took a moment to digest the Night Haunter's story. "So that human is one of those beings?" he said somewhat breathlessly.

"I don't know. It is only a tale," the masked youma whispered. "But I have only seen one other like her before. And he was a dangerous individual. Eternal bonds where broken in his wake, destinies crushed, the future rewritten… but Time and Fate are harsh foes, and are not always so easily beaten. Sometimes a little extra help is
necessary…" Lazarus looked up at Mirerimas, his black tragic mask chilling the youma spy to the core. "But such things usually come with a price."


Setsuna was sitting up straight in her hospital bed, vigilantly watching her closed door. Waiting. She knew it was a foolish activity to stare at the door waiting for the girl's arrival, since she knew precisely when the Inner Senshi would enter, but the Guardian of Time had been doing many foolish things lately. The green-haired woman let out a small sigh. Was she really becoming this pathetic? This desperate? Was she so starved for love she would take any attention from anybody and latch on to it for dear life? That she was now considering members of the same sex as potential life partners was a sure sign of her hopelessness. Had living with Haruka and Michiru turned her that way somehow? Setsuna shook her head, aggravated with herself. Now she *really* was being foolish.

After Rei had declared that she would challenge the hold Fate had on Usagi and Mamoru, the Senshi of Time had been enthused with a new hope. If the Fire Senshi succeeded in her quest, then perhaps there was a chance Setsuna could escape her lonely fate as well. And also, if Rei were victorious, it would leave a poor and vulnerable Mamoru ripe for the picking. The Guardian of Time had always felt an attraction to the future King of Earth to some extent, though she would never admit it to anybody. And so, she had felt confident and happy… for a time. Knowing what the future holds is a burden that can destroy optimism like a crashing wave can destroy a sandcastle: swiftly and without mercy. The future Setsuna had seen… did not bode well.

Perhaps that is why the green-haired woman had strayed away from her idea of capturing Mamoru's heart. But to stray towards another woman? And merely a high school girl, no less! Such an age difference… but then that could be said for any person she chose to be with.

Setsuna heard a loud rap on the door, breaking her out of her reverie. "Come in!" she called out a little too eagerly. She had to get a grip on herself.

Rei came in and gave the bed-ridden Guardian of Time a cheerful smile, and then an equally cheerful greeting. Setsuna smiled faintly in return, appearing as calm and controlled as ever. However, internally her heart was stirring with an unfamiliar but pleasant feeling at the sight of the Senshi of Fire.

"Setsuna! I have so much to tell you! Everything is going great, just GREAT!" Rei gushed with glee as she sat in the chair beside the Senshi of Time's bed, bouncing excitedly up and down.

"Indeed…" Setsuna said in a restrained voice, but couldn't stop the steadily growing smile pulling on her lips.

"Usagi and I… it's all so… perfect between us," the miko sighed dreamily, gazing off into space, no doubt picturing her love.

"Why don't you tell me all about it?" the Guardian of Time suggested warmly, knowing that was what the girl wanted, even if the green-haired woman already knew all of the facts.

Rei readily commenced yammering about how her relationship with the Moon Princess was progressing, and Setsuna listened indulgently to the Fire Senshi, smiling and inclining her head at appropriate times. How had she fallen for the girl? When had she? Was there a feeling in her heart for Rei on that dark day at the cemetery; had the broken Inner Senshi invoked more than sympathy in the Guardian of Time back then? Or was it when Setsuna had met the miko in Yokohama, witnessing the cold and dying fires in her exquisite lavender eyes? Perhaps it had been later, after Rei had shown such courage and determination to fight against Destiny, no matter what the cost to herself. Honestly, Setsuna didn't know, despite all her supposed 'great wisdom'. All she knew was that she felt something for the girl before her, something that gave her divine bliss and yet, torturous pain. The Guardian of Time knew that Rei only loved Usagi, and that the miko would never ever return her love. Rei viewed Setsuna more as a guide, a mentor, for her sortie against Destiny. The Senshi of Time wished with all that she was that she could help Rei more with her fight; the green- haired woman had knowledge that would save the poor girl so much suffering. Setsuna wanted to tell the object of her affection everything; how it would all end, what to do… but… even if she could, the Guardian of Time doubted that the Senshi of Fire would listen. Love was a strong emotion, and it could blind you; it could make you do things you wouldn't so much as consider in any other circumstances. Setsuna knew that all too well.

Soon, Rei ran out of steam and relaxed back in her seat with a peaceful expression over her face, her ode to Usagi finished. Setsuna snuffed out a tiny grain of jealously floating around inside her, and then smiled cordially at her passionate charge… at her love.

"I am pleased that you are happy," Setsuna said truthfully as she gazed at the girl. Rei let out an absent hum of recognition, her eyes glazed over.

"I have some information for you," the Senshi of Time said, the declaration coming unbidden to her mouth. The green-haired woman's eyes widened almost imperceptibly, and she paused with her lips slightly parted.

"Yes?" Rei inquired, blinking at Setsuna with her lovely eyes.

The Guardian of Time swallowed. What was she doing?! She couldn't tell Rei about the possible future, no matter how much she cared for the girl. Setsuna had bent the rules too much as it was; her feeble justifications for calling back Rei from Yokohama, and for informing the other senshi about the attack at the hospital before it even happened, when she shouldn't have known at all if she wasn't the Guardian of Time. But it was all right this time. This one time *was* truly justified. It related to the unauthorised viewing of the timeline using an arcane mystical device, rather than using a psychic gift, and that fell under the Senshi of Time's jurisdiction, did it not? Setsuna was simply enlisting some help from her charge, since she herself was in no condition to deal with the problem. Yes, that was it.

"Setsuna…? Are you all right? Rei asked, concerned at the older woman's silence.

Setsuna blinked at the girl briefly, and hastily composed herself. "Yes, I am fine," she assured the miko. The Guardian of Time then paused once more, appearing indecisive. No, it was justified. "Now, the information," Setsuna continued with a slight stuttering in her words, barely noticeable. "Soon, in three or four days time, you will encounter a truly perilous assailant. His skills in the art of stealth and murder are of a superior level, but that is not where the real threat lies. He wears a mask… an ancient artefact from where I do not know, but with abilities that imbue the wearer with seemingly incredible luck. But in truth, the mask allows one to see the possible threads of Time, not too far in Time, but enough to let the wearer know which thread to take, which action to choose, so to always steer clear of danger." Setsuna gazed into Rei's eyes with her own crimson ones. "Be wary of him," she warned earnestly, fearing for the girl's safety.

Setsuna watched Rei as the Fire Senshi's mind wrapped around what she had said. The Senshi of Time knew what the girl was thinking. Perhaps it would have been best if she had stayed silent. With a mask like that, Rei could not only steer clear of danger herself, but also steer a sure path to Usagi's eternal love. But of course, there was more to it. When was there not? Setsuna had refrained from telling the Senshi of Fire everything, despite the risk to her love. Some things had to be faced alone… she just prayed that when the time came, Rei would make the right choice.


Hotaru sat cross-legged on the floor in the Mizuno's living room, quietly reading a book while Michiru-mama slept on the couch. Michiru-mama was still very sickly, and it didn't take a lot to tire her out. It was almost silent in the apartment, the sound of ticking clocks and cars driving outside the only noise. Hotaru wasn't bored being more or less by herself, although she missed attending school with Chibi-Usa. But it was necessary to hide away from the youma. And anyway she was still pretty tired from regularly healing the hurt Sailor Senshi. All the hurt Sailor Senshi except Setsuna-mama; she still insisted that the Senshi of Rebirth ignore her and concentrate on Makoto instead. However, Hotaru just couldn't ignore her Haruka-papa and Michiru-mama either, so now the young girl's energy was being spread a little thin.

Hotaru was suddenly startled by a series of loud knocks on the apartment's front door, making the girl jump and drop her book. Not wanting Michiru-mama's rest to be disturbed, the Senshi of Rebirth quickly ran to the door as the rapid knocks continued. Hotaru stood on her tiptoes and peeked out the spy hole, hoping not to see a horrible monster grinning evilly back at her. But there was no horrible monster, or anybody for that matter, and yet the knocks didn't stop. Hotaru's brow creased in mild bewilderment and she decided to risk opening the door a crack.

As Hotaru opened the door and poked her head out, it was abruptly torn from the Senshi of Rebirth's grasp as a pink mass threw itself at her, latching around her waist and causing her to stagger a few steps backwards. At first Hotaru thought she was under attack by some fierce youma, but then she realised the pink-haired bundle was crying her name.

Hotaru blinked down at the quivering girl attached to her waist, and then quietly shut and locked the apartment door. She gently placed one hand on the shorter girl's head and stroked her hair soothingly as the girl sobbed, her tears wetting Hotaru's black top. The Senshi of Rebirth felt her own tears beginning to form as she tried to comfort her best friend. The dark-haired girl didn't like it when Chibi-Usa was sad; it made her sad too. Something must have upset her a lot for the girl to be in such a state.

Hotaru guided Chibi-Usa into Ami's bedroom, so that they wouldn't have to be quiet for Michiru-mama's sake. The pale girl sat her sniffling friend on Ami's bed and then picked up a box of tissues from the bedside table, before sitting herself beside the distraught girl. She offered the tissues to Chibi-Usa, and the pink-haired girl used some to dry her eyes and blow her nose.

"Chibi-Usa, please tell me what's wrong," Hotaru asked softly with concern lacing her voice and expression, after her friend had seemed to recover a bit.

The pink-haired princess took a couple of heaving breaths and a few stray tears leaked out of her eyes, trickling down her cheeks. "I-It's Usagi… a-a-and Rei," she blubbered, before blowing her nose again.

Hotaru remained quiet, letting her best friend explain at her own pace as she listened intently.

"Th-They're-- they're in love or something!" Chibi-Usa cried, bursting into a new flood of tears.

"'In love'?" Hotaru repeated, somewhat puzzled. "You mean like Haruka-papa and Michiru-mama?"

Chibi-Usa nodded her head gravely. "I c-caught them… they w-were… hugging," she sniffed.

"B-But we hug all the time…" Hotaru said timidly. She lowered her head, letting her dark hair obscure her now lightly pink-hued cheeks.

The future princess paused for a short period, and then shook her head, her pink hair waving. "No, it's true! Usagi's mom said so!" she wailed in despair. "What about Mamoru, Hotaru?! He's meant to be my dad, if Usagi loves Rei, then he won't be! How can I be born if Mamoru isn't my dad?! I won't come here; I won't meet you or anybody else! I won't EXIST!!" Chibi-Usa lamented, and then buried her face in her best friend's lap, weeping her heart out.

Hotaru put one hand on Chibi-Usa's back and rubbed it lovingly, attempting to ease the girl's pain. She continued her ministrations and gradually the pink-haired girl's crying began to lessen, only the occasional whimper being heard. The Senshi of Rebirth ran her other hand through Chibi-Usa's silky pink hair, caressing the locks and relaxing the girl. Could it be true? Hotaru didn't think it was possible, but Chibi-Usa was so adamant and certain. Usagi couldn't love Rei; they were just good friends, like her and… and Chibi-Usa. Hotaru stopped her comforting of the pink-haired girl for a brief instant and then resumed it. No. Usagi and Rei wouldn't do something like that. Neither of them would willingly doom Chibi-Usa like that… would they? The Hotaru didn't think so, but as her best friend trembled in her lap, she found it hard to agree with the words. Maybe she should talk to Haruka-papa or Michiru-mama about it. No wait, they were both sick, as was Setsuna-mama. Hotaru didn't want to bother them when they weren't feeling well. She should go to the source instead, and talk to Usagi or Rei. Then she would get answers.

"Hotaru… I'm scared," Chibi-Usa whispered in a small voice, shivering.

Hotaru looked down at her disconcerted friend. "Don't worry," she said soothingly, still tracing her pale hands over the pink-haired girl's back and head. "It'll all be okay. I promise."

But Hotaru, the Senshi of Death, knew that whatever she learned, she wouldn't let any harm come to her best friend, Chibi-Usa. No matter what shape or form it came in.


to be continued…

Author's ramblings:

I had always intended for another Sailor Senshi to fall for Rei right from the very start. I considered Minako, but I thought she was too similar to Usagi. And so, after casting Setsuna as a guide sort of character for Rei in chapter 3, I decided for her to be the one.