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Absence - By Kirika


Chapter sixty. Or rather, the epilogue. Or if you want, the final part. I couldn't help but add a song to the end of this chapter. Consider it the end credits song if this fanfic were a movie. It was a tough decision deciding which song to pick, but I figured the one I chose was fairly appropriate. Catch you at the end of the fic!


- Kirika


Chapter 60 - Epilogue

With their leaders dead and their numbers severely diminished courtesy of the Sailor Senshi and Tuxedo Kamen, the surviving youma from the invading armies went into hiding, disappearing into the large metropolis of Tokyo and blending in with the population using their human masquerades. While some youma knew the locations of one or two portals that would take them back to their home dimension with the correct ritual, most did not or lacked even the small magical skill required, and were stranded permanently on Earth. Many congregated for safety, while others opted to work alone, but the remaining youma never thought about rising up for the purpose of revenge against the group responsible for their predicament. In the several months that followed the events on Tokyo Tower, the marooned youma have still not yet troubled the Sailor Senshi.

Sanjuro was eventually rehired by this former employer, the Yokohama Daily. His exposé' entitled 'Tokyo: Tourist Capitol of Japan or National Death Trap?' proved to be an effective bargaining chip for getting a respectable position in the newspaper, and the pictures he did have with Rei and the other Sailor Senshi in action helped to confirm the validity of his report. Despite his fervent words to the contrary, Sanjuro became one of the number one journalists to seek out the more peculiar and paranormal based stories, often risking life and limb in the pursuit of the bizarre. Many of his fellow reporters made fun of him because of this however, but he didn't let it get him down. Sanjuro had witnessed the truth of the world with his own eyes, and nothing his colleagues could say could deter him. Nevertheless, regardless of his zeal for the weird, he remained faithful to his word and kept Rei and her friends' true identities a secret.

Tsubasa floundered around aimlessly in Yokohama for a while, unsure as to what to do now that his adventure was over. He attempted to resume his former profession of assistant chef at a sushi bar, but as he had expected, he became listless and quit only a couple of weeks afterwards, needing a purpose to his life; a moral, just, purpose. Tsubasa sought out Sanjuro once again, the other man the only person in Yokohama to have experienced what he himself had. This turned out to be a wise and beneficial decision. Seeing the reporter so intent in investigating the strange things in the world, albeit in the relatively paranormal free city of Yokohama, Tsubasa found his new vocation, and subsequently the sense of purpose he was seeking in his life. Sanjuro armed Tsubasa with a camera to help him out in his reports, and after proving to have something of a knack in shooting snapshots, the man deciding to become a freelance photographer, though he mainly worked for the Yokohama Daily. With Sanjuro, Tsubasa also sought to reveal the true world to the people but rather than through writing, he did it through pictures instead. Tsubasa and Sanjuro ended up forming a close friendship due to the private understanding they had of the evil things that existed in reality, and of their joint crusade to enlighten the population and perhaps even make a difference. Tsubasa eventually got over his crush for Rei, but it took time, and still the girl never strays far from his thoughts. He is still single.

Haruka recovered completely from her encounter with Thrinakie but was sorely disappointed she had missed out on the final and destructive battle that took place on Tokyo Tower. She enjoyed Michiru consoling her however. The Outer Senshi house was also repaired completely from the damage it had sustained during the fight between Sailor Pluto and the Silent Blades, with Michiru holding no blame towards Setsuna for the destruction. However, she did request that the next time Setsuna should take all fights outside.

Ami and Makoto's relationship continued to flourish despite Luna's objections. Ami regularly sleeps over at her girlfriend's apartment, disliking the fact that the brunette lives alone. Makoto sometimes spends the night over at Ami's place too, the Senshi of Water's mother very accepting of the two girls' love for one another and not asking prying questions about what they do in her daughter's bedroom at night, for which both senshi are very thankful. Neither Ami nor Makoto ever put the other's life above their duty to protect Usagi despite Luna's misgivings, but it didn't adversely affect their relationship either, though at times it made decisions hard.

Yuuichirou remained Rei's faithful lapdog in spite of the miko's new relationship with and obvious love for Usagi, staying at the Hikawa Jinja. He sometimes spies on the pair when they are spending intimate time in each other's company in the Fire Senshi's bedroom, for which he gets severely reprimanded by an incensed Rei. Calls of 'hentai!!" can sometimes be heard coming from the shrine several blocks away, and Yuuichirou often sports a black eye or two.

Chibi-Usa resided by Hotaru's bedside as often as she could throughout her best friend's recuperation of the injuries she had received from Makareus. Hotaru didn't mind in the least. Their relationship is blossoming slowly, with only innocent gestures of affection for one another being exchanged between them, but it is enough fodder for Usagi and Haruka to relentlessly tease Chibi-Usa and Hotaru respectively. But Rei and Michiru are quick to discipline their significant others. As if some sort of bond had formed between them on that night in the darkened hallways of the youma headquarters, Hotaru often seeks out Minako for advice about various topics, ranging from Chibi-Usa to more routine things. Hotaru finds the Senshi of Love's counsel helpful at times and at other times… not so helpful, which usually results in a dejected Senshi of Rebirth and an annoyed Chibi-Usa yelling at Usagi to 'talk' to her 'interfering' blonde friend. But Hotaru and Chibi-Usa's budding relationship persevered through all these obstacles, and their cute behaviour is adored by all.

Setsuna and Minako entered a tentative romantic relationship that proceeded at a very slow pace, both entering new territory and rather unsure of themselves. Since it seemed that everyone was swinging that way, Minako agreed to give it a try with the older and wiser Guardian of Time, the curse she suffered from Saijou Ace not getting her down, and cited that the woman was beautiful after all even though her switching teams would be a tragic loss to the entire male population, which she was sure they were all mourning. Besides, Setsuna was a fashion designer, and who better to be head model for her new outfits than the Goddess of Love and Beauty herself? It is a match made in Heaven, in Minako's opinion. Setsuna on the other hand found pleasant and welcome company in the lively Minako, the girl's totally opposite personality offsetting her own calm and reserved one nicely, rather than causing a hindrance to their relationship. However, Setsuna and Rei's close friendship continues to thrive, and while her love for the Fire Senshi has dimmed, the Guardian of Time has always kept a special place in her heart for the fiery girl. It still remains to be seen wheter it will work out between Minako and Setsuna.

Luna still complains now and then about Rei and Usagi's love. No one listens, but Artemis comforts her.

Mamoru sunk into a depression that lasted about a week and shut himself off from his friends during that time. However, as he sat in his apartment and dwelled on Usagi, Rei, and the past, he came to the realisation that it wasn't only the Moon Princess who had been freed from her fate. Mamoru had also gained the ability to fashion his own destiny, his own unique path in life. With this new insight in mind, he decided to start living his life how he chose, the fresh drive within him helping to get him out of his funk and also to start down the long road of getting over Usagi. Mamoru stayed good friends with the Sailor Senshi, and is even considering dating again.

With their whole immortal lives to spend together and to bask in their newly acknowledged feelings for one another, Rei and Usagi's relationship became a passionate, intense, affair but was also one filled with compassion, tenderness, and of course, love. They still fought and squabbled however, but the affection they felt for each other was clearly detectable even in their arguments, which were also all usually forgotten in the next few minutes after their conclusion. Rei and Usagi did get into serious disputes too, as all couples do, but most were quickly resolved with the odango atama starting to cry and the Fire Senshi caving like a house of cards. And in the times Rei wouldn't budge from her position no matter what, it was more often than not because she was right and Usagi knew it, resulting in the blonde eventually reluctantly conceding.

The bond between Rei and Usagi that had been transferred from Mamoru to the Senshi of Fire served as a useful indicator of the blonde's moods if they were intense enough, which saved the miko from many a quarrel and visa versa, the bond working both ways to hint to the Moon Princess how her bodyguard was feeling also. But the main use for it Rei discovered was a form of alarm that warned her when her love was in danger. Rei took up the mantle of Mamoru's past role of a shadowy defender of Usagi that showed up on the scene at just the right moment to offer aid and turn the tide of the battle. The Fire Senshi did like to think her little speeches, or rather, witty puns and cool declarations of impending fiery doom were better than the prince's however. Plus she tended to stick around longer until she had fried everything to a crisp instead of sometimes leaving the fight prematurely. Rei was a fortune in taxi fares though; being driven around all over Tokyo to bail Usagi out of trouble on the rare occasion she wasn't with her lover was expensive.

Rei's memories of her visit to Crystal Tokyo became foggy in the next several months, the girl starting to remember little details that hadn't seemed to matter at the time. She mainly recalled a strange feeling that had come over her during the meeting with King Endymion that told her that he was hiding something, or even lying; the way he shifted his eyes frequently behind his mask piquing her senses. There were other things too; alone not amounting to anything, but when added up painting a picture that didn't match the future she and her friends had been told about by the King and had seen themselves. Rei knew from Setsuna that due to the changes made in the present their memories could be altered by Time to prevent paradoxes, but the weird fact was that by the miko's recollection there was hardly any difference in them at all. Was it because she had already forgotten the original memories and she just believed her mind still contained them? Rei didn't know, but the small discrepancies in her account of the time spent in Crystal Tokyo were the least of the apparent adjustments.

Chibi-Usa remained still alive and well and in existence, and although she had been extremely upset about Rei and Usagi's love at first, as the weeks went by she became more and more accustomed with it, until she accepted her future mother's feelings for the Fire Senshi as if it were the most natural thing in the world. However, that wasn't the most disturbing aspect about the pink-haired girl's newfound understanding. Chibi-Usa sometimes referred to Rei as her mother. The first time she had done that, Rei had almost swallowed her tongue. It seemed that all of Chibi-Usa's prior affection for Mamoru had been transferred to the miko instead, much to Usagi's irritation. The future princess still held some level of fondness for the Prince of Earth however, but now referred to him as 'uncle'. Mamoru seemed to be glad of this but at the same time saddened as well. When questioned about her role reversal between Rei and Mamoru, Chibi-Usa gave a jumbled explanation about her mother, Neo-Queen Serenity, using the Ginzuishou because Mars and her couldn't wait for Mercury's method, and had also mentioned something about the Senshi of Water only having X chromosomes to work with. It didn't take a genius to deduce that Chibi-Usa was no longer Mamoru and Usagi's daughter, but rather Rei and Usagi's. The miko had wondered which one of them had carried the child to term. Usagi, of course, Rei had surmised. Or rather had hoped. Oddly, Chibi-Usa's personality and appearance remained the same however, despite her having a different parent. Rei hadn't been sure what to make of that.

And so, it looked like Fate had granted Rei and Usagi the futures they had so desired, which both girls were very gratified about. Rei pledged her life to her princess, a pledge not made out of duty, but out of her undying love for the girl. She never took Usagi for granted and always supported her when it counted. The Senshi of Fire's love for her angel didn't diminish in the slightest, burning strong in her heart like an eternal flame that could never ever be extinguished. And Usagi matched Rei's intense love, her own feelings on par with the level of the miko's. Twice Rei had 'died', and the Moon Princess could not handle a third time. Usagi became just as protective of Rei as the miko was of her, often throwing herself into danger for the girl's sake, which exasperated and worried the Fire Senshi to no end.

The ultimate future of Rei and Usagi's relationship still remains to be seen, but they simply live each day as it dawns, content in their deep love for each other and secure in the fact that they had challenged Destiny and had conquered it. If the power of Fate itself could not stop their love, then what force in nature and beyond could? Rei and Usagi didn't know, but if any power in the universe thought it could, the Moon Princess and the Sailor Senshi of Fire dared it to try.


"Usagi, when did you first start feeling something for me?" Rei asked as she loosened her arms around her princess and looked at the girl. "You never told me."

Usagi looked up at the sky with a contemplative expression for a second, before a slow smile began to curl up her dainty mouth. "I think it was not too long after your 'funeral'," she said, nodding to herself, certain. "I missed you a lot and thought I would never get the chance to see you again and tell you all the things I had wanted to. And that really made me feel sad, sadder than I had ever felt before. I had never experienced such pain." She returned her gaze to Rei as her smile became a big wide grin. "I guess the saying's true," Usagi said. "'Absence makes the heart grow fonder.'"

Rei returned her love's smile, before moving to capture the lovely girl's lips once more with her own. That it did.


I never really feel quite right
And I don't know why, all I know is something's wrong,
Every time I look at you, you seem so alive.
Tell me how do you do it,
Walk me through it,
I'll follow in every footstep.
Maybe on your own you take a cautious step,
Do you wanna give it up?
But all I want, is for you to

SHINE down on me,
SHINE on this life that's burning out.

I say a lot of things sometimes that don't come out right
And I act like I don't know why,
Guess a reaction's all I was looking for, yeah.
You look through me,
You really knew me,
Like no one has ever looked before.
Maybe on your own you take a cautious step,
Do you wanna give it up?
But all I want, is for you to

SHINE down on me,
SHINE on this life that's burning out.

I know, I know, girl you got something.

SHINE (Shine it on to me)
SHINE down on me, (I wanna feel it)
SHINE on this life that's burning out.

Maybe on your own you take a cautious step,
Do you wanna give it up?
But all I want, is for you to

SHINE down on me, (Just show me something)
SHINE on this life that's burning out. (You give me something that I never know)

SHINE (It's going right down to you, if you can show me your way)
SHINE down on me, (I wanna know what's going on in your mind)
SHINE on this life that's burning out.

Don't you know I want you to

SHINE down on me,
SHINE on this life that's burning out.


The End.

Author's ramblings:

And so ends my first fanfic. It has been quite a ride. In retrospect, maybe I should have started off with something smaller. ^_^ The ending song is the full version end credit theme of the anime series Hellsing called 'Shine' by Mr. Big, and can be found on the Raid soundtrack. Yes, I know I took the easy way out for the Chibi-Usa situation, but that way is the most realistic and is so blatantly obvious it would be too hard not to do it.

I would like to thank everyone who took the time to read my (very) long fanfic, with extra thanks to those of you who reviewed (especially you regular reviewers, you know who you are). I'm not sure how many people read this story from the very start sometime in February, but even more thanks to you lot for lasting to the end (if any ^_^). Without people's support… well, I probably wouldn't have stopped writing the fic, but I sure would have been a lot less enthusiastic about it.

Special thanks to some of my more… (I don't want to say inane, but.) inane ^_^ friends for letting me view them in their natural habitat and for proceeding to give me lots of material for Sanjuro's dialogue. ^_^

Thanks to for the impromptu translation of Kimi ga Iru (even though it's slightly wrong -_-). Oh, and that song is from the end credits of Initial D: Second Stage. I like end credit songs. ^_^

And of course, my inspiration, the one who holds *my* heart; lots of love and thank yous with kisses to my girlfriend who put up with me typing away like a maniac late at night on the PC, and also typing away like a maniac in bed on my laptop too (while she was trying to sleep no less). ^.^ Also, extra special thanks to her for listening to my ideas for this fanfic even though when it comes to anime she doesn't know what on earth I'm talking about; she still tries her best to help me anyway. God bless her. ^_^

That's all the thanks I need to give I think. If I've forgotten anyone, I apologise. Now… those of you who aren't interested in my ramblings about stuff about this fanfic can leave now. I hope you read my next story! …Anyone still here? Oh, you two sitting at the back, huh? Okay, here I go…

*clears throat* Right, my initial motivation behind Absence was due to the fact that I got really, really tired of never being able to find any Rei/Usagi stories that I hadn't read already, until it came to the point that I just couldn't take it anymore and decided to write one myself. I really liked Byakko Rei's (*waves* ^_^) fanfic, 'Of Demons And Love', and wanted to also write a fanfic that was long and good and of course involved Rei/Usagi. However… in most of the Rei/Usagi fanfics I had read Chibi-Usa either wasn't addressed or was born as a result of Mamoru knocking up Usagi before they broke up, or something like that. Plus, Mamoru was usually a bad guy or dead. I wanted to write a Rei/Usagi fanfic that dealt with these issues in a different way that didn't result in character death and with Rei being one of Chibi-Usa's birth parents. I also wanted to insert genres I liked into the story too, namely angst and action, the latter being pretty rare in Rei/Usagi fics that's for sure. I didn't want to make it easy for Rei and Usagi to get together either; both of them simply declaring their love for one another near the start wouldn't have been as good. Plus I wanted to limit the number of angles Rei/Usagi naysayers could use to say the relationship could never work out. And so, I thought up a plot and then set to work. I never expected it to be this long though!

I was going to analyse parts of this fic, like explanations behind Lazarus' behaviour and the true workings of his mask, but I'll leave that to all the readers interpretations. Unless you *really* want the inside info real bad. ^_^

Some alternate endings I had considered when I thought up the plot were: 1) Rei getting sucked into the other dimension and being trapped there, forcing Usagi to realise her love and searching after her. 2) Both Rei and Usagi being sucked into the other dimension and then both of them fighting to survive in the other world, and in turn finding love. 3) Usagi not reviving Rei after she gets run through by Makareus, leaving Usagi alone and the blonde taking up Rei's mantle of only loving her true love (Rei) and no other for the rest of her life (i.e. Usagi is angsty forever).

Now… Absence may be over, but do not despair. I have sowed the seeds for a 'sequel' (I use the term loosely). It's more like a Sailor Moon fanfic based in the happy Absence universe I've created. It will take place several months after the events of Absence, and will focus on Rei/Usagi (naturally) and Minako/Setsuna, but with bits of Ami/Makoto and Michiru/Haruka, and a blossoming Hotaru/Chibi-Usa. There will of course be angst, action, romance, and all that good stuff. I've already thought out the plot pretty much, and also have a title that I'm still mulling over, however I won't write this fic until after my Noir one (and I might write that SM comedy fic before that). I'll be starting the Noir fanfic after I revise Absence fully into a final version. Basically I want to fix the multitude of mistakes I left behind and bring up the early chapters to the standard of the later ones. I might also add a prologue from Setsuna's POV and a few extra scenes. Oh, and phase out the thought bubble thingys and fix the formatting issues. But don't worry, you don't have to read this fic again; it's more or less finished. ^_^

Ah, still here? Good. For those of you who read my ramblings fully (or just scrolled down the page -_-), here's a little extra for you. Thank you very much for reading and I hope you read my next fanfic!!

**Oh yeah, and since it's 11am right now and I've just got up to recheck this part for errors and reupload again (I do that a lot), I forgot to mention; yes, all the Sailor Senshi ended up paired up with one another. But come on, I said this was a shoujo-ai fanfic. You should have expected something like that would happen. There's always some people who complain when every single Sailor ends up being a lesbian in a shoujo-ai fanfic. -_- Heh, but don't worry about the Minako/Setsuna stuff it will be such a huge part of the 'sequel'; I can't express it enough. I can't say anymore at the risk of giving away the plot, but trust me; I'll all slot together then. ^_^



Rei flopped backwards onto her futon in her bedroom at the Hikawa Jinja and sighed blissfully. Everything was just perfect. Life certainly was great. Usagi had invited her out to a picnic in the park on Sunday, and also to dinner earlier on Friday night with her parents. Apparently Ikuko had told her daughter to invite her girlfriend to dinner since she wanted to get to know the miko better. Rei suspected it would be a lesson in mortification, but she had readily agreed; not even Usagi's mother's impending onslaught of relentless prying coupled with the woman's total lack of shame or tact could bring the Fire Senshi's mood down. She sighed in ecstasy again, gazing up at the ceiling, missing her princess already.

Suddenly, Rei's bedroom door was slid open with such force a loud bang resounded around the room, startling the raven-haired girl and making her bolt upright. Her Grandpa was standing in the doorway, waving about a piece of paper in his hands furiously.


Rei blinked for a second, before the only response she could think of came to her mind. "Eep," she squeaked.