Sailor Moon Fan Fiction ❯ All's Fair in Love and War ❯ Meet the Group ( Chapter 1 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
A/N:Although this is a prequel to "Decided Bride" you don't need to read "Decided Bride" if you have not already done so in order to understand this story, although it would be nice if you did. Just let me clarify that all references to Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Mercury, Pluto etc. are not references to the Senshi from the original Sailor Moon, but to their parents. Here's a quick rundown of their relative ages.

Selenity 6 (youngest)
Kinotsu 11 (oldest)
Venus 6 (a little older than Selenity)
Mercury 7
Mars 9
Jupiter 10 (a little older than Kino)
Helen 8
Paris 9 (younger than Mars)

Chapter 1 ~ Meet the Group

She crouched behind the bush, not daring to move. Her heart was hammering inside her chest and her palms were sweating. Any moment now they would discover her. She trembled a little with anticipation. Her platinum blonde head slowly peeked over the foliage in front of her. She could see no one. She came back down, breathing a small sigh of relief that they had perhaps moved on. She heard a small rustle of leaves behind her and froze.

"BOO!" came a yell from behind her as a dark shape jumped at her. Selenity shrieked as she fell backwards onto the ground. She heard a muffled giggle as she looked up at her captor.

Mercury was standing above her, holding his hand to his mouth. "I found her!" he called out, and she could hear the sound of feet approaching.

She smiled as he held out his hand and helped her get up. "It took you long enough!" the six year old princess said to him.

He smiled. "But I managed to find you!" he said proudly.

Jupiter and Venus chose that moment to emerge from the bushes. "You hid too well!" whined Venus. She was only 2 months older than Selenity but was noticeably taller already.

Selenity giggled as they all walked out of the bushes to the open grass. A small breeze rustled the grass beneath their feet as they were joined by Mars, Helen and Paris. They all plopped down onto the grass. Venus and Helen started to make flower chains right away.

"I wish Kino could have come yesterday like the rest of you," complained the young Paris. Mars nudged him playfully.

"He thinks we're not good enough for him," he joked.

Selenity looked at him, panic flashing through her young eyes. "No he doesn't!" she said in a rather high pitched voice. Mars looked at her mischievously.

"Sure he does, Squirt. Why do you think he isn't here?" he asked in a smooth voice.

Tears started to form in the little girl's eyes now. "No he doesn't! He likes us," she whined.

Jupiter rolled his eyes. "Don't tease her Mars, you know she's still a baby," he said.

Selenity turned her attention to him. "Am not! I'm already six!" she snapped, her tears already forgotten.

Jupiter smiled at her. "I know, but we're all still older than you. That makes you the baby of us," he replied, already being 10 himself.

"Am not! I'm not a baby!" she cried at him, her fists clenched.

"Baby, baby!" Paris chanted.

Helen looked up. "Leave her alone!" she snapped.

"Of course she's not a baby," came a new, calm voice from behind them.

Selenity jumped up and spun around. "Kino!" she shrieked and wrapped her arms around her hero's waist.

Jupiter and Mars also got up. "Kino, you made it finally!" Jupiter said cheerfully.

Mars snickered. "We were starting to think that you wouldn't show up!" he said.

"Hi Kino!" called Venus and Helen at the same time, before resuming their flower chains. Mercury waved at the newcomer, which Kino acknowledged with a nod of the head.

Kinotsu smiled at his friends and then looked back down at the little girl that still had her arms wrapped around his waist. "Are you ever going to let go of me Tenshi?" he asked tenderly.

She looked up at him, a huge grin plastered on her face. "Nope!" she said quickly and tightened her grip on his waist.

He laughed and started to pry her off himself. He finally managed to loosen her grip and pull her arms from him. He quickly sat down in the grass next to Mercury before she could re-attach herself again. She contented herself with sitting down next to him and hugging his arm. He chuckled as he watched the other two boys sit down next to him.

"So Kino, you ready for our battles?" Mars asked.

Kino's smile broadened. "I always am!" he said.

Jupiter chuckled. "And you almost always win," he remarked.

Mars huffed a little. "This time it will be different!" he said as he crossed his arms. All of the boys laughed. It was tradition that whenever they were all together they would have a mini-tournament amongst themselves with blunt, wooden swords to see who was the best. Since Kino was the oldest, he usually had an advantage.

"You boys are so silly!" they heard Venus remark from her work.

Mercury looked at her teasingly. "Not as silly as you girls for making flowers into silly chains!" he replied.

Venus glared at him."They're not silly, they're pretty!" she snapped at him.

"Yeah!" Helen added in as she wove another flower into her chain. Both girls had garlands of daisies in their hair by now. Mercury just rolled his eyes.

Selenity finally detached herself from Kino's arm and shuffled over to Helen and Venus to help them make their daisy and dandelion chains. The boys focused their attention back to their conversation.

"Should we do it right after lunch?" Paris asked eagerly. Mars and Jupiter nodded eagerly.

"You silly boys better save your strength," came Selenity's sugar coated voice. All the boys looked to her.

"And why is that, Squirt?" Mars asked.

She glared at him for a moment for the name before she looked back down at the chain she was weaving and continued talking as calmly as she had before. "You know that Helen's mama and papa have organized a ball for tomorrow night," she said.

Mars raised his eyebrow as the other boys began to smirk. "So what?" he asked.

Selenity looked up and smiled at him sweetly. "So you'll have to dance with us silly!" she chirped.

Mars, Mercury, and Paris' faces scrunched up. "Ewwww, we're not dancing with girls!" cried out Paris.

The girls looked at each other and smiled, keeping their thoughts to themselves. Kino looked at Jupiter. The two older boys smiled at each other, already seeing the girls dragging out the three younger boys to dance.

"You boys should look nice for tomorrow night," Helen said, using the same sweet voice that Selenity had used a few moments before. Now all the boys had confused looks on their faces. The girls suddenly jumped up. They each quickly put a garland on Paris', Mars' and Mercury's heads. The three boys screamed as they jumped up and tried to get the poesy's off their heads. Venus quickly plopped a garland on Jupiter's head and then joined Helen in chasing the three boys, trying to get the garlands back on their heads.

Selenity jumped over to Kino and placed a garland of daisies on his head. Jupiter removed his garland but kept it on his lap. "I made it ‘specially for you," Selenity said to Kino as she wrapped her arms around his neck.

He fingered the flowers gently as he turned his head to look at her. "Thank you Tenshi, they're wonderful," he said.

Selenity squeaked with joy, and then joined the other two girls in chasing Mars, Mercury and Paris. Jupiter and Kino smiled at each other. Kino slowly took the garland off his head and placed it in his lap.

Jupiter chuckled. "You are such a sucker," he said.

Kino laughed. "She's young. Someone has to be nice to her."

Jupiter smiled at his friend. "Oooo, Kino likes Selenity!" he cooed.

Kino turned pink as he shoved Jupiter over. Jupiter burst into hysterical giggles as he fell over and couldn't get back up. Kino laughed too, and looked over to the girl Jupiter had been talking about. She's only six, and I'm already eleven, he thought to himself. She's my little Tenshi, that's all.

He looked back to Jupiter who was finally starting to get back up, although still giggling. "Awww, Kino likes…." Jupiter was cut off as Kino pushed him over again. This time, both boys fell into a fit of laughter.

I do not own the rights to Sailormoon. That honour belongs to Naoko Takeuchi, and I am simply a lowly author who can use her characters for my plots.