Sailor Moon Fan Fiction ❯ All's Fair in Love and War ❯ The Promise ( Chapter 2 )

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A/N: I know that they are little kids and all, that's why I tried to make them sound kid-ish. Hey, which kid has not gone through some on-the-spot-made-up promise ritual? Anyway, let me know what you think, and I'll work on the next chapter, where they'll be a little older. Anja.

Chapter 2 ~ The Promise

"That was not fair! You cheated!" Mars was on the ground, his sword laying about five feet from him, Kino's sword pointed at his throat. Granted, they were only blunt wooden swords, but the fact that Kino had already beaten him enraged Mars.

Kino chuckled as he lowered his sword and held his hand out to help the flabbergasted prince. Mars accepted Kino's hand and hoisted himself up.

Mercury was laughing at the two. "Nope, Kino won fair and square!" he said, his ice-blue eyes twinkling. Paris, who was standing next to Mercury, was right-out laughing. Mars glared at him, but picked up his sword.

Selenity, Venus and Helen were sitting on the low wall that surrounded the fighting ring. Venus rolled her eyes. "Why does it matter who wins? It's not a real fight or anything!" she said, obviously not enjoying the show. Helen giggle beside her.

"It does so matter who wins!" cried Mars, "It shows who's the best fighter."

Venus rolled her eyes at him. "Anyone can pick up a stick and twirl it around," she retorted.

He smirked. "I'd like to see you try."

Venus glared at him, and then quickly got up and walked over to Jupiter. "Can I borrow your sword for a moment?" she asked.

He looked a little reluctant. "Awww, I'd rather not Venus. You don't know how to use it," he said to the little six year old.

She stomped her foot. "Come ON Jupiter! It's not like I'm going to hurt him too badly!" she said, a small grin on her face as she heard Mars sputter at the comment.

Jupiter looked at Kino for help. Kino shrugged his shoulders and smiled as he walked over to where Helen and Selenity were sitting. "Let her try," he said.

Jupiter looked uneasy as he handed his sword to Venus, who nearly dropped it from the weight.

Mars burst into a fit of laughter. "She can't even hold the sword up!" he shrieked in-between peals of laughter.

Venus glared at him. Mercury took pity on her and came over, holding out the hilt of his. "Here try mine. It's smaller and lighter."

Venus flashed him a smile as she accepted the new weapon and swung it around, seeing if she could hold it up, nearly hitting Mercury in the process."Hey watch it!" he yelped as he jumped back.

She blushed and gave him a sheepish smile. "Sorry about that," she said.

"Hey Mars, go easy on her!" Paris called out, winning himself a glare from Venus. Venus faced Mars in the ring, holding the sword up with both her hands. Mars smirked as he lifted his sword with one hand. Venus gave him a defiant glare. There was a high pitched scream as Venus came at Mars. She was quick, but Mars blocked her attack easily. She attacked him again, but not with any more luck than the first time.

Mars seemed to be playing with her as she attacked him again and again, and he did nothing but block her moves. The circled each other, and Venus got a small glitter in her eyes. She kept circling him, waiting. She didn't have to wait long before Mars finally lost his patience and came at her. Knowing that there was no way she could block his blow without being thrown off balance, she used her small size and agility to her advantage. She jumped aside just before Mars reached her, and spun around gracefully, planting the tip of her sword on Mars' back where it should have gone through to go to the heart. The way she had moved reminded them all of a ballet dancer, smooth, calculated, precise, graceful.

Mars stood completely still, breathing heavily. He heard Venus giggle behind him as she brought down the wooden sword. "That," she said, " is how you twirl a stick."

She gave a yelp as Mars swung around all of a sudden, anger in his eyes, just barely missing hitting her with his 'stick.' Venus started to back away, but Jupiter was faster than both of them. He grabbed his sword and jumped between Mars and Venus. He glared at Mars.

"Calm yourself," he hissed, anger flashing in his eyes.

Mars turned a brighter shade of red, but lowered his sword. His face turned from a scowl to regret and shame. "Sorry, Venus," he mumbled, and looked up at her.

She stood there for a moment watching him, before he face broke into a small smile. "That's ok. You're just mad a girl beat you," she said mischievously, but all could hear the good-natured tone she had and that no insult was meant.

Mars smiled as he looked at Jupiter. Jupiter gave him a sly smile. "If you're ready Mars…" he said, letting his sentence trail off. Mars smiled slyly too and raised his sword. They waited until Venus was out of the ring before coming at each other.

Paris and Mercury rolled their eyes before making their way over to the three girls and Kino, who were sitting on the wall. Selenity looked at the two fighting and then at the three boys sitting next to them.

"It's funny how you three have energy all of a sudden when last night you were sooooo tired," she said. All three of the boys blushed as the girls looked at them, grinning.

"Well, you know we had a good night's sleep," said Paris, not wanting to look any of the girls in the eye.

Selenity smirked. "Oooooh I see. So you weren't trying to avoid us like the plague last night!" she chirped.

Kino smiled as he blushed. He and Jupiter had danced with the three girls many times the night before as Paris, Mercury and Mars had all hidden. Eventually the girls had left him and Jupiter alone, making a sport out of looking for the three wandering Princes, without much luck. Helen had managed to drag Paris out twice, and Venus got Mercury out three times. He could still remember Selenity's tear filled eyes.

"I can't find him Kino. He doesn't want to dance with me," she had squeaked out. He didn't like to see her so sad.

"Come Tenshi, I'll dance with you again," he offered.

She shook her head. "You've already danced with me," she said, her tear filled voice starting to get to him.

The next song started and she looked around frantically. She saw that Venus had just pulled Mercury out for the second time and Helen had just found Paris for the first time. Mars was nowhere to be seen.

Kino could see that she was ready to let her tears go. So what did he do? He had grabbed her hand, and swung her around to face him, as he started to dance with her. She had looked up at him surprised, and stepped on his foot.

"Come on Tenshi, is dancing with me so bad?" he asked?

She shook her head. "No it's not that," she said. "I just wanted to dance with as many people as I could. I already danced with you and Helen and Venus and mama and your papa and…" she babbled off a few more people before Kino laughed. She looked up at him, surprised. "Kinotsu, are you laughing at me!" she gasped.

He laughed again. "You sound like you've already danced with every other person in this hall."

She smiled a little. "Not with Mars, Mercury or Paris!" she said. Kino laughed, and then noticed someone on the edge of the crowd. He led Selenity over to the spot.

Mars was standing there, watching Venus and Mercury, smirking to himself, thinking how clever he was. Suddenly, a hand grabbed him by the shoulder. He turned around and found himself being thrust towards a girl. Selenity! He turned red.

"What a lucky guy you are Mars, getting to dance with Princess Selenity!" came Kino's voice from behind him as he pushed them out onto the dance floor. Mars wanted to glare at Kino, but the grinning face of Selenity in front of him made him blush and look down at their feet.

"I win!" she said triumphantly.

"Yeah yeah, don't get too overjoyed, 'cuz it isn't happening again," he mumbled as he stepped on her foot. She giggled, and they made their way awkwardly across the dance floor.

Kino smiled at the two. At least Tenshi is smiling again, he thought to himself. With that, he went to find something to amuse himself with, most likely food.


There was a thumping of wood bouncing on stones and the small group looked over to where Jupiter was standing, hands up in the air, his sword at his feet. Mars had a triumphant look on his face. Everyone laughed at the stunned face of Jupiter, but he joined in their laughter as well.

They all went and sat down on the grass that lined the small ring, the boys wanting to take a small break before the next round of duels.

"I think, " Selenity proclaimed, "that we should all be best friends forever n' ever!"

Helen giggled. "We already are best friends," she said.

Selenity looked at her. "Yeah, but not forever n' ever!" she replied.

Jupiter laughed. "Selenity, we can't be friends forever until we've lived forever."

Venus roller her eyes. "You're so silly Jupiter. None of us can live that long," she commented.

Jupiter smiled. "I know that," he said.

Mercury looked up. "Well, we could all promise to be best friends as long as we're alive," he suggested.

Paris nodded his head. "We could promise to protect each other," he said.

"To ally our kingdoms," Kino added.

"To help out in times of war," Mars said.

"To aid in the furthering of love!" Venus chirped. The boys rolled their eyes, but said nothing.

"To help others find happiness," Helen said.

"To bring about universal peace," Selenity concluded.

They all sat there, silent for a few moments. Jupiter put his hand to his heart. "We should all promise," he said. He cleared his throat. "Repeat after me. 'I promise,'" he began solemnly. Everyone echoed his words, hands on their hearts. "to always be best friends," more repeating, "with everyone present," more replies," to ally our kingdoms, help out in times of war, aid in the furthering of-," he paused, "-of love," he said and everyone repeated, all the boys also stumbling across the word love, "help others find happiness, and bring universal peace." Everyone said the words.

Finally Jupiter finished off. "I Jupiter, as Thunder and Lightning as my witnesses, so solemnly swear."

"I Mercury, as Ice and Water as my witnesses, so solemnly swear…"
"I Mars, as Fire and Strength as my witnesses, so solemnly swear…"
"I Helen, as Joy and Hope as my witnesseses, so solemnly swear…"
"I Venus, as Love and Beauty as my witnesses, so solemnly swear…"
"I Paris, as Courage and Honour as my witnesses, so solemnly swear…"
"I Kino, as Justice and Devotion as my witnesses, so solemnly swear…."
"I Selenity, as Purity and Peace as my witnesses, so solemnly swear…"

They fell silent again and gazed at one another. Although they were so young, none of them missed the importance of the promise they had just given each other.

After about three minutes, Mars finally broke the silence. "Come on, lets not sit here all day. Let's have some fun!" All of the children started to laugh, and they got up, ready to continue their day.

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