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Chapter 24 ~ So You're my Son in Law

Selenity ran her hand down the wound. It wasn't fresh, but still not just a scar. Her face rested on his shoulder as they lay in bed.

"Tell me what happened. We all thought you were dead," she murmured as he stroked her arm.

He gave a sigh, and she felt him tense up. "I never arrived on my planet," he said, then gave a long pause. Selenity started to think that he would say no more, but then he started to speak again. "Father sent me to visit Jupiter, to drop off and pick up new reports. I stayed there only a short while, and then I had to return to help my father. Along the way, after two weeks of travelling, we were running out of supplies, so we stopped at a small planet that was already under Aminiha's control, since we knew we would go unnoticed. She never knew I left my planet."

Selenity snuggled her head to his shoulder. "So she thinks you're dead."

Kino nodded a little. "Yes. Anyway, that's where we met Luna, the woman that came with Artemis. I knew her years ago when she was a little girl. She lives alone with her grandfather, whom we went to visit in order to get supplies. After we left his home, we found Luna being attacked by four of Aminiha's soldiers. We managed to save her, but I got this," he said as he placed his and over his wound. "After sending Luna back to Jupiter with two of my men, the rest of us continued on home. My wound got infected halfway there though, so we were forced to stop on another planet. This one was not inhabited by Aminiha yet. We found a few good people there willing to help us, and we stayed there for nearly a week. After we left…" Kino paused again, his voice giving out a little. "…after we left it took us almost a week to get home. However, we never reached the planet. We were about half a days journey away yet, and we could see my fathers kingdom…..but then the whole planet disappeared. In a flash of light….it was gone." Kino stopped talking, and Selenity could feel him shaking ever so slightly.

Selenity propped herself up onto her elbow so that she could look at him. He was laying with his eyes closed. She ran her hand down his face and he opened his eyes. They were shining with unshed tears, but he did not allow them to flow. "I watched all those people die…all because of me."

"No, don't talk like that!" Selenity exclaimed, laying her head on his chest and holding him tight. "It's not your fault. You could not have known Aminiha has some sort of dark power that could destroy your planet like that."

Kino snorted. "I could have married her," he said, and felt Selenity stiffen. He sighed. "No, I'm sorry, I didn't mean that. I’m glad that I didn’t, that I married you."

Selenity nodded. She knew he meant it. The pain was still fresh for him though, the pain of losing his father, his uncle and cousins, all of his people, his home….Selenity shot up all of a sudden. "Wait…does mama know that you're here?" she asked, suddenly aware that she had forgotten to put the seal on the door, and painfully aware of what that could mean.

"Your mother knows I'm here. My men and I reported to her as soon as we arrived. We didn't talk long, since everyone was tired. She wants to speak with me though after breakfast."

Selenity sighed as she slipped her head off his chest back to his shoulder. "I told her about us," she said.

Kino smiled a little. "I figured as much, seeing as she told me to come here once we were dismissed," he paused, "She didn't seem too upset to see me, which surprised me somewhat."

Selenity nodded, already falling asleep. "Mmm-hmm…Mama can be odd sometimes." Kino chuckled as he pulled her closer to him, and allowed her to drift off to sleep. Slumber did not come easily for him though. He lay there, wide awake, for about another hour, thinking. He couldn't get the image out of his head, of his planet disappearing. He was determined to fight the Queen, and avenge his father and people.
…………………... …………………... …………………...

Morning came, and everyone went for breakfast. Artemis looked like he was in a wonderful mood, seeing as his best friend was not dead. Kino explained everything to all present at the table, namely Diana, Artemis, Luna, and Yokiro. His crew and Selenity were there as well, but they already knew the story. Once breakfast was over, Diana asked to speak with Kino. He followed her into her study. Selenity sat in the adjacent library, waiting to be called in as well.

The situation was all too familiar to Kino. Diana sat down, and motioned for him to do the same on the opposite side of the table. There was no one else in the room except for the two of them. Diana clasped her hands together. "So," she said. "You're my son in law."

Kino felt like he was about to blush, but slowly nodded his head. "Yes, my Lady. I am."

Diana nodded slowly. "I must say, I was rather…shocked, to say the least, when my daughter informed me that she had a husband and that it was you. I can't say that I was too angry with her, seeing as she told me when we found out that you were dead…well, so we thought. But I must admit now that I am rather un-amused by the whole situation, especially after the discussion that you and I had the last time you arrived here."

Kino nodded his head. "I did not expect your highness to receive the news with joy, and myself with open arms," he said.

Diana nodded, and had to keep from smiling. "True, you assumed well. Whatever gave you the idea to go against me like that Kinotsu?" she asked a little sharply.

Kino didn't flinch. "I listened to what your highness said," he replied, a smile tugging at the corners of his lips. "You said as long as Serenity was alive and able to marry Mars, she would marry him. I wasn't about to kill her, so I simply made it so she was not able to marry him."

Diana raised her eyebrow. "I also told you not to do anything that the two of you would later regret."

Kino nodded. "I could never regret making Selenity my wife, my Lady. No matter what the consequences."

Diana studied him. He had an air of determination around him, and an odd confidence, not an arrogant one, but one that was calm, subtle. "As much as I don't like it, there really isn't anything I can do now. You've put me in a situation I don't like being in, a situation I am forced into. However," she smiled a little, "I can't say that I am completely angry. Since there is nothing I can do to rectify the situation, I suppose I have to accept it."

Kino smiled a little. "That would make the situation a whole lot easier and comfortable," he said, then paused. "Would your highness mind if I asked a question though?" he asked.

Diana nodded. "Go ahead and ask."

"Your higness seems to be taking this rather well. Even though you have every right to be furious and wanting to…if you'll pardon the terms…castrate me, why is it that you are not?"

Diana sat, silent for a moment. She was gazing down at her clasped hands on the table. "I suppose it is because I know what you and Selenity are going through. When I was her age, I also fell in love with a man, even though I was betrothed to another," she brought her eyes up to look at Kino. "I didn't marry for love though. I married the man I was promised to. I admit, I never really regretted it, since I grew to love Selenity's father very much. But when I look at her, I see what could have been for me. I see her love for you, and your love for her. I wanted her to be happy the way I was in my marriage, but I see that she needs to take a different path than I did."

Kino sat there, soaking it all in. "I understand."

Diana sighed. "Kinotsu, there are some important issues we need to discuss. As much as I hate to bring it up, you are without a home now. What do you plan on doing now?"

Kino grew serious. "I'm not too sure. When I saw that everything was gone, my first thought was to come here, to Selenity, to convince myself that at least she, the only thing left that I love, was safe. I didn't thin of anything beyond that until today."

"You know that she cannot leave the moon, Kinotsu. Her people depend on her."

Kino nodded. "I know. Therefore, I would humbly ask that I be allowed to stay here, with her. I can't bring myself to leave her, and since she cannot leave, I want to stay with her."

Diana smiled. "I don't think I could stop you from staying even if I wanted to. I think we should call Selenity in now. This is an issue I need to talk to you both about." Kino nodded and stood. He went to the door and exited, returning with Selenity only moments later. They both sat before the Queen. Diana looked at them. Selenity seemed nervous, but Kino was calm and cool.

"Kinotsu brought up a rather important issue. He requested to be allowed to stay here, with you. Kino, I am not prepared to refuse the request. However, there is still the issue of Mars. Therefore, Selenity, I require that you and Kino explain to Mars what is going on."

Selenity nodded. "I'll explain it all to him as soon as I can. I'm sure that he will understand. He is our friend."

Diana sighed. "I hope, for your sake, that you're right, He's become a lot more serious since the death of his father, and more determined to stabilize his kingdom."

Selenity sighed. "I know. I hope he will take it well too."

"I do not wish for your union to be known until you tell him though, so if Kino is to stay here, you two will have to be careful. Mars needs to hear this from you, not from rumours that servants pass around."

Selenity nodded. "I understand."

Diana looked at Kino. "Is there anyone who already knows about your union, besides Venus, Helen, and Paris? That was all the information I could get out of Selenity."

Kino nodded. "My father knew, but other then him, only Artemis knew. I have not told any one else."

Diana nodded. "Very well. Until you speak with Mars, no one else is to know of this. There are a few arrangements I need to make to accommodate the new situation." Both Selenity and Kino nodded. Diana sighed. "You two may go now. I have a few more things, but they can be addressed later." The two nodded, and left Diana.

As they walked down the hallway, they both breathed a sigh of relief.

…………………... …………………... ……………………

It was two weeks later, and the situation was not getting any better. Aminiha moved her armies close to their solar system, and was now starting to attack the outer planets. Yokiro, Artemis, Kino, Diana, and Selenity were all together, reviewing the latest reports.

"This worries me," Diana said as she read the letter form Mars over again. "It's odd that Mars seems so certain that Aminiha will not attack us. Even if she does not however, I won't be able to stand by and watch her attacking everyone else and not do anything about it."

Yokiro pointed to the earth. "If she attacks the earth, we won't be able to not get involved. Besides, we have treaties in place with all the planes, and that is something that we cannot set aside."

Artemis looked at the maps thoughtfully. "Is it possible that Mars has set up an alliance with the Dark Queen?"

Diana shook her head. "I doubt it. It would be an extremely unpopular move on his part with all of the other planets."

Kino sighed. "What if Ares set up the alliance before he died? Mars would not break a promise his father made."

"It would still be an unpopular move, and I don'
t think Ares would have risked it any more than his son," Diana said. There was a knock on the door, and a mail carrier stepped inside once called in. After making his delivery he left. The small group had been left with a pile of new letters and reports. Diana plucked one of the letters from the pile.

"It's a letter form Uranus," she said. "They have not been attacked strongly yet, but they request that we come to their planet to discuss help. Uranus believes we could crush Aminiha with combined forces, and is calling all rulers together," she said as she quickly skimmed the letter. She brought her eyes to look at the rest of the people in the room. "I suppose it would be best for all of you to pack. We will leave in the morning. All of us."

No one argued, but continued pouring over the new reports.
…………………... …………………... ……………………

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