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Chapter 27 Peace?

Echoing through the hallways, Aminiha's footsteps fell lightly upon the well polished stone. Her pace was brisk, as it had been for some weeks now. She always seemed to be in a hurry, always seemed angry. None of her people blamed her. Her loss to the Moon Queen had shaken her badly. Nearly all of her forces had been wiped out, only about three hundred men had managed to survive. A pale shadow of her formerly illustrious army.

The tapping of footsteps stopped as Aminiha paused at a window to gaze out at her courtyard, a small smile creeping onto her lips. Down below, her daughter played with some of the daughters of women who worked in the castle. This didn't bother the Queen, she enjoyed seeing her daughter smiling and happy. Aminiha's smile turned into a frown as she resumed her pacing.

The Moon Queen would not get away with what she did. Aminiha had no army to speak of anymore though, so it would be some time before she could go and attack. Even if she did, she feared that the power she had seen before would be repeated, and that she would suffer an even worse defeat.

I could turn to the dark powers of the Negaverse, she considered. She shook herself mentaly at her thoughts. No, I promised myself I would not…not unless I am faced with the most extreme circumstances. The Dark powers are too dangerous. Still, it would make a victory much easier…

Aminiha sighed as she came to a stop at the window again. For now she would wait. She would send spies, gather new armies, and wait. That was all she could do.


Sel enity was nervous. No, she was more than nervous, and lacked the words to describe her state of mind. Paranoid was perhaps a good word. Her mind whirled frantically as she paced, much like her evil counterpart.

Kino watched his wife with a look of amusement on his face. She was pacing back and forth in the airy tea room, wringing her hands nervously in front of her. A small smirk lit his face. He was nervous too, but watching her pace made him feel calmer.

It had been three weeks since the battle which killed Diana. Selenity had up to this point refused to go through with her coronation. True, she was Queen from the moment of her mother's death, but the coronation made it official. She had refused to go through it alone. Almost everyone on the Moon now knew that their Lady was already married to Kino, and no one dared raise any objections, although very few had any to begin with. Now all that was left was for Selenity to tell Mars about the marriage.

That was why she was so nervous. Mars had sent her a letter, one which had moved her to invite him to the Moon. He had seen her not too long after her mothers death, and he had been very angry with the fact that Aminiha had attacked the Earth, and even more enraged once he had found out that Selenity and Diana had been there during the attack.

Of course, Selenity thought, that won't compare to the anger he will feel once he finds out that I am already married.

Kino caught Selenity's hand as she walked by him for the thirtieth time. She stopped mid-step and looked down at him. He smiled up at her. "Calm yourself," he said gently, "I'm sure it won't be as bad as you think."

Selenity rolled her eyes and resumed pacing. "You know how Mars can be. His temper is legendary, and well, he doesn't handle losing something very well."

Kino sighed as he leaned his elbows on his knees. "I know. I think he'll get past this though. He may be temperamental, but he's logical, just like his father."

Selenity nodded, but did not stop pacing.

A knock on the door caused Selenity to jump a little. She glanced at Kino as he stood up. "Enter," she called.

The door opened and Luna stepped in. She had adapted to living on the Moon quite well, and had become a friend of Selenity. "My Lady, Lord Mars is here to speak with you as you requested," she said as Mars stepped into the room.

Selenity inclined her head. "Thank you Luna. That will be all."

Luna curtsied and left the room. Mars smiled at his two friends as he came over to them. No formalities were needed.

"I'm happy to see you," Mars said, glancing at Kino then gluing his gaze to Selenity.

She smiled as she gestured to the table. "Would you like some tea?" she asked.

Mars shook his head. "No thank you, I'm quite hydrated."

Selenity smiled and motioned for him to take a seat. He sat down in a chair, and then Selenity sat as well in another seat. Kino sat on a small sofa. They were in a triangle, so they could all look at each other.

Selenity clutched a cup of tea in her hands, to keep them from fidgeting, and she hoped that she didn't look as high strung as she really was. "I trust that your trip was uneventful," she said, not knowing where to begin.

Mars nodded. "It was boring, as usual."

Kino smiled. "It's good to see you again."

Mars nodded. "It has been a while. I have not yet had the opportunity to express my condolences Kino, for the loss of your planet. I am truly sorry about that."

"Thank you," Kino replied. "You don't need to be sorry though. No one saw it coming, not even my father. Even before I left he was confident that we could hold off the Dark Queen."

"I was surprised at her forces myself," Mars said, staying off the issue of his alliance with the Dark Queen. "Where do you plan on staying now?"

Kino glanced at Selenity, then back to Mars. "The late Queen was kind enough to offer me residence here on the Moon, and Selenity has been good enough to allow me to stay as well," he said.

Mars didn't seem to be suspicious of his words in any way. "The women of this Moon are truly as gracious as they are beautiful."

Selenity felt herself blush, but she didn't say anything.

Mars turned his attention to Selenity. "I was happy when you asked me to come," he said, glancing to Kino once in a while. "I was hoping that we could resolve some…issues, from before the war."

Selenity nodded, knowing exactly which issues he was talking about. In a way she was relieved that he had brought the subject up himself, and that she would not have to find a way to touch on it. On the other hand, however, she had now arrived at the moment she had been dreading. "Yes, we do need to discuss some things," she said quietly.

"Perhaps when we have some time later," Mars said, indicating the fact that no one else would be present.

Selenity felt heat rising to her face as she shook her head. "No, I think that it is best if we discuss them now."

Mars had a puzzled look on his face as he glanced at Kino again. "I don't mind waiting, I was just letting you know that I am open for discussion at your convenience."

Selenity shook her head. "Mars, please, we need to discuss it now, with Kino here."
Mars looked even more puzzled than before. "With Kino? Are we thinking of the same issues Selenity?"

"I think we are," she said, staring at the cup in her hands. "You were referring to the marriage treaty which my mother made with your father, correct?" She brought her gaze up to Mars.

Mars nodded, still looking a little confused. "Yes, I was. I don't understand why you wish to discuss this with Kino here, no offence to you Kino, I don't mind you knowing."

Kino nodded. "No offence taken. I think that is important that I am here though, if you don't mind."

"No, I suppose I don't," Mars said, then looked to Selenity again, a small smile on his face.

Selenity wished that the ground would swallow her up at that moment. "Mars, I know that the arrangement my mother made with your father was that you and I were to marry. However, this is not an arrangement which I was aware of, until shortly after our return from Kino's planet last year."

Mars nodded. "I only knew about it for a short while before. I found out about three months before Kino returned."

"Yes, well, my mother did ask me for my consent on the issue, although I didn't really have a choice in the matter," Selenity wanted to die. She didn't know how to present her stand.

"I know, but Selenity," Mars said, "I believe that we can still make this work though. I-I have deep affection for you, and as Kino here as my witness, I promise to do everything in my power to make you happy."

Selenity wanted to laugh at the irony of that statement, but at the same time cry at Mars' genuine sentiment. She didn't want to break his heart, so she hoped she would be gentle enough not to hurt him. "I thank you for that, I really do. However, if you want to make me happy, then…then call the wedding off."

Mars looked like he had been hit in the head with a rock. He was shocked, and not sure what to make of the words Selenity had just spoken. "Call off the wedding?" he finally managed to say, "But-but why? I thought that you had agreed to the match in the end."

Selenity nodded. "I know, but that was before certain…situations changed and arose." She glanced at Kino, and Mars followed her gaze. They could both see the wheels in his head turning as he was trying to put two and two together. "You see," Selenity rushed on, hoping to smooth things as quickly as possible. "I see you as one of my closest friends, and I love you dearly…as a brother. I am grateful to you for trying to protect my mother and I from Queen Aminiha, and I treasure the bond that you and I have. However, I-I fear that despite all the feelings that I have for you, it would not be possible for me to marry you."

Mars was silent, staring at the woman before him as though she was speaking in a different language. "I don't understand," he said, a little hesitantly, almost suspiciously.

Selenity gripped the cup harder to stop her hands from shaking, and she hoped it would not crack. "Mars, I…I don't love you in the same way you do me. I ask you, please, to not grow angry with me, and find it in your heart to put this marriage behind us."

Mars looked at Kino, then back at Selenity. "Selenity, don't do this. I truly believe that we could make a marriage work, if you would give me a chance. Besides, now with a planet to take care of, you'll need someone to help you and to look after you."

Selenity could feel her hands trembling despite the death-grip she had on the little teacup. "Mars, please understand…I do have someone who can help me and look after me," she said, and glanced at Kino.

Mars looked from Selenity to Kino, back to Selenity. "I don't think I'm following you," he said, his voice dangerously on the edge of anger.

Selenity took in a shaky breath. "Mars, the truth is, well, what I need to tell you first…" she trailed off and looked at Kino helplessly.

Kino looked at Mars. "Mars, you are a good friend," he said, causing Mars to look at him, "and you need to know that, well, Selenity cannot marry you because she is already married."

There was complete silence in the small tea room. No one moved, no one made a sound, no one reacted.

"Married," Mars finally said, breaking the silence. "To whom?"

The way that he was looking at him, Kino already knew that Mars didn't need the answer to that question. He already had it. "To me," he said anyway, knowing it was what the Lord of War wanted to hear.

Mars' face was calm, too calm. He nodded slowly. "I see," he said. "Did Diana know about this?"

Selenity nodded her head meekly. "Yes, she did. She didn't know about it though until after if had happened."

"Did you know that Selenity was already promised to me?" Mars asked Kino.

Kino sighed. "Mars, it's not about-"

"DID you know she was already promised to me?" Mars asked, his voice sharp and loud. Selenity flinched, not liking his tone.

Kino remained calm. "Yes, I did, but Mars, that isn't the point. I started to fall in love with Selenity before I knew she was promised to you, and she fell in love with me before she knew as well."

"You did know though, and yet you took her from me anyway," Mars snapped.

"He didn't take me away," Selenity said calmly, "I chose him. Mars I am sor-"

"You always thought you were better than me," Mars said, still staring at Kino, "and you couldn't even let me have the woman that I am in love with, could you?" His anger vibrated off every word.

Kino looked surprised by Mars' accusations. "What? No, I have never thought that I was better than you. We are equal Mars."

"No, you have always looked down on me. When we were little you bested me with the sword, then in wits, and now you want to prove yourself by taking what is rightfully mine!" Mars stood up, his hand flying to his sword hilt. Kino placed his hand defensively over his own, but made no move to get up.

Selenity didn't like the escalating emotions. "Mars, please, calm down. Kino did not steal me away from you, I went with him willingly. I am sorry."

Mars turned his attention to Selenity, still very angry. "You…you didn't even give me a chance, to show you how I feel for you, how I could have given you whatever you wanted, protected you, loved you. You didn't even give me a chance, just as you never have."

Selenity could feel emotions bubbling up inside of her, but she refused to allow them to surface. "It's not like that, you're taking this the wrong way. I never meant to hurt you, and I have also never looked down on you. Please understand-"

"All I see," Mars said, cutting her off again, "is two people who have lied to me and stolen from me. I see no trust here, nor am I inclined to give any."

Kino stood. "Listen, please, let us explain. You're taking all of this the wrong way. We did not do any of this to make you look bad. It kind of just, happened."

Mars looked ready to kill something. "I don't believe you. Even if I did, that still would not remove the fact that you took something that was rightfully mine. I am a much calmer man than my father was, more understanding, but this is too much. You two have lied to me, stolen from me, and snuck around behind my back. Selenity was not my wife, but she was betrothed to me, and you took her anyway. I can't forgive you this Kino, nor you Selenity. The contract that we had, I refuse to abolish, and since you have broken it, you will pay the consequences eventually. I have nothing more to say to you." Without saying anything more, Mars stormed off to the doors.
Selenity shot to her feet. "Mars, please, wait!" she called out, but her only reply was the sound of slamming doors. She sank back down into her seat, her knees trembling. Kino came and stood behind her, wrapping his arms around her shoulders. She hugged his arms and gave a deep sigh. This was not the way she had wanted things to go, and she feared that it would be difficult to make Mars forgive and forget.

She only hoped it was not impossible.


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