Sailor Moon Fan Fiction ❯ All's Fair in Love and War ❯ Venus Crescent Beam, Mercury Bubbles ( Chapter 30 )

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Chapter 30
Venus Crescent Beam, Mercury Bubbles

"No really, I think you broke a few bones in here," Selenity chided teasingly as she flexed her hand. Venus was sitting up in her bed, her back protected from the headboard by dozens of pillows.

Venus gave Selenity yet another apologetic look. "I am so sorry Selenity! Honestly, I had no idea I was squeezing so hard."

Selenity smiled, but kept her chiding tone. "Hmmm, I don't know Venus. My hand may never be the same again."

Venus leaned forward a little, her hands clasped at her chest. "Please believe me, if I had known I would have stopped. I'm really sorry!"

Selenity laughed, which caused the small bundle in her arms to stir. She looked down at the newborn princess she was holding. Mina was what Venus had named her daughter, after eight hours of long, intense labour. She had finally given birth at two thirty in the morning the night before, and Selenity had been there with her the full eight hours, holding her hand. A few times Selenity had felt like Venus would actually crush her hand or tear it off, but all she was left with now were a few bruises.

Selenity rocked the bundle gently until Mina stopped squirming and fell asleep, then she looked back up at Venus. "Don't worry about it, Venus. I think she was worth the pain."

Venus beamed with a motherly glow. "I know she was," she said tenderly, keeping her gaze fixed on the tiny princess.

Selenity stroked the childes hand with her finger. "You know, I wonder how frustrating it will be for her not to speak of peoples hearts to others."

Venus chuckled. "Oh, it can be very difficult at times. She's going to go through much frustration."

"Was it really so frustrating?" Selenity asked, since she and Venus had never really discussed the subject since Venus became Queen.

Venus nodded. "Yes, very frustrating at times. I think that you and Kino were my most frustrating case so far."

Selenity laughed quietly. "Is that so?" she asked, feeling rather intrigued now.

"Yes, you two," she replied. "It started when Kino first came back after he had been gone for those five years. When you two began dancing together, I could feel the love tingling in the air, but it took you so long to notice it as well! Each time I went to talk to either one of you, you were always so convinced that the other had no interest. I couldn't say anything directly, and you would not take my hints."

"How did you convince Kino to come to me after I had written him that letter telling him I did not love him?"

Venus shrugged. "I dropped many clues when I wrote to him. I made sure he saw how urgently I wanted him to come to you, and I was hoping he would realize I was being urgent because there was something there I could not tell him."

Selenity nodded. "I suppose it worked," she said happily.

"Yes," Venus said, "now let me hold my daughter." Selenity chuckled as she handed Mina over to Venus. She couldn't help but sigh as she thought of the news she would tell Kino that evening.

Venus soon felt tired, and Selenity decided it would be a good time to leave --to give the new mother and daughter duo time to sleep. She left the room and wandered down to her own chamber.

That evening, Kino came to bed exhausted. Selenity had stayed up reading in bed, waiting for him. "I swear, if I thought Aminiha was a nuisance when she was here, she's almost more annoying now that she's gone," he complained with an exasperated sigh.

Selenity placed the book on her lap. "Why do you say that?" she inquired.

Kino sighed again as he sat on the bed. Selenity crawled over to him and began to rub his shoulders. "We're having trouble reopening many of our trade routes. Your brother and I spent all day with an ambassador from Seloquia," he said, leaning into her hands, "You know, that planet out by the one Ares conquered with Mars about six years ago."

Selenity nodded. "Yes, I know the one. I thought they weren't attacked by Aminiha."

Kino nodded as he closed his eyes. "They weren't. That's part of the problem. They are worried that if she ever returns to attack us, she might go after our allies and trading partners as well. The don't want to risk that kind of destruction."

Selenity paused her massaging. "There is not a very high probability that she will return though."

"I know," Kino replied. "Try explaining that to them though. Despite the fact that your mother wiped out nearly the entire army, they are still afraid. I don't know how we can convince them otherwise."

Selenity wrapped her arms around Kino's shoulders, resting her cheek against his back. "We'll think of something," she said gently. He nodded and brought his hand up to rest on her arm.

"I don't want to think about it anymore tonight," he finally said. He felt her smile against his back before she pulled away from him.

"I can take your mind off it," she said, her words filled with mystery, seduction, and promises he hoped to God she would fulfill. Kino couldn't help but grin as he turned around, bringing his legs up onto the bed in the process. He saw her there, kneeling before him, and his heart began to race. The left shoulder of her nightgown had already slipped down her arm, and she was twirling her hair around her finger coyly. How she managed to play his body so well without even touching him was beyond Kino, and he had no desire to try and figure it out at that point. He was quite content to allow Selenity to work her magic with him as he kissed her and brought her down onto the bed.

As they lay there afterwards, Kino felt completely at peace. He had his arms wrapped around his wife below her slender waist, and his head was resting on her body just above her stomach. A soft purr almost came from his throat as she ran her fingers through his hair. He had finally managed to get his heart and blood to calm down, since he could sense that Selenity was tired and thus he wanted to let her sleep.

"Kino?" he heard her whisper. "Are you asleep yet?"

"No," he mumbled, focussing on the rise and fall of her stomach as she breathed. He loved the feel of her skin against his face and beneath his hands, how soft and silky it was. "You're going to be a father," he heard her say. He loved the way her body fit so perfectly into his arms, the way she caressed his back now, the way she had just informed him that she was...

"What?" Kino exclaimed as his head shot up from it's resting place on her body. It was obvious to see that she was trying hard not to laugh, and that she was enjoying his shock. Kino had his elbows on either side of her, effectively pinning her where she was. "What did you just say?"

Selenity grinned. "You said you didn't want to think about politics anymore today, so I'm giving your mind something else to think about," she said sweetly, happy to see a lopsided grin forming on his face.

" really are...but how..."

Selenity laughed. "Yes I am, and if you really want me to explain how... you started to kiss me, and then I slipped your shirt off you, after which we tumbled into bed and..." she let the sentence trail off as Kino's grin grew and he dropped his head onto her chest, kissing her between the breasts. He then brought his face back up, a smile dancing on his face. "If you would like me to continue..." she said sweetly.

Kino shook his head. "How about you show me instead," he said, and any thoughts of letting her sleep vanished from his mind.

------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------
"I still can't believe it," Kino murmured as they lay in bed together back on the Moon, some three months later. Selenity had her back pressed against his bare chest, and he was stroking her stomach.
She sighed blissfully and pressed herself closer to him. "You've been saying that almost every night since I told you," she said teasingly.

Kino chuckled and nipped at her ear. "I know," he said playfully. "But it isn't any less true. Besides, with Mina already three months old now and little Ami being born only a few days ago, it just feels unbelievable."

Selenity smiled. He was right after all. Everyone in their small group had a child now, if not more than one, and Selenity felt like they were approaching a whole new way of life.

"You know," Kino said, interrupting her thoughts, "I will have to laugh if you and I have a daughter."

"Oh really? And why is that."

"Everyone else has had a daughter recently. We can't break the trend. But it would be comical, don't you think? All of us having daughters around the same time?"

Selenity giggled. "Now can you imagine if we had a son? One boy among so many Princesses?"

Kino chuckled as well. "He'd be one lucky man. Don't forget about Endymion though. He's still here as well."

Selenity nodded, and a yawn escaped from her lips. "True, true. He is. I suppose we will just have to wait and see what we have."

There was a moment of silence as the two just lay there, wrapped in each others arms. Kino leaned over and kissed Selenity's shoulder, and she could feel him smirk against her skin. "You know," he murmured. " I still can't believe it." Selenity laughed and grabbed the nearest pillow, after which she threw it over her shoulder hitting her still laughing husband again and again, before they both were too exhausted from laughter and fell asleep.

--The room was dark and quiet, too quiet. Selenity walked around in the dark, calling soundlessly out to Kino. He never came though. She stumbled and fell to the ground. The cold, smooth ground felt like a knife everywhere it touched her. She wanted light, and absentmindedly reached for the Silver Crystal. However, even clutched in her hands, it lay dormant and cold. No light came from the life giving stone.

She felt alone. Then she head a voice in the distance calling her name. She looked up and tired desperately to find the source of the voice. Kino was calling out to her. She tried to get up and run to find him even in the dark, but something was weighing her down. She couldn't get up. She tried calling out his name in desperation, but no sound came from her lips. Only her short, quick breaths could be heard, filled with panic and anxiety. He had to find her, he just had to.

His voice was getting closer and closer, she could almost feel him next to her. Tears of relief swam in her eyes as she anticipated his strong arms wrapping themselves around her, lifting her up, and carrying her to safety.

However, his voice stopped all of a sudden, and a deathly silence filled the air. Perspiration appeared on Selenity's forehead as she strained her ears to hear Kino's voice. There was nothing though, only darkness. It enveloped everything, clouded her mind. A cackle came from nowhere and seemed to choke out the air from Selenity's lungs. With one last effort she opened her mouth and gave a blood-curdling scream, and everything was wrapped in a painfully bright light. Even thought her closed eyes she could see the brilliance, and the warmth of the crystal in her hand indicated the source. The cackling stopped abruptly, and everything went dark again. The only sound now was a wail, a cry of a child.--

Selenity shot up in bed, the sheets clutched to her sweat soaked body. Her heart was hammering and she could feel the pounding of blood in her ears. The dream had felt real, too real. She let her body collapse back onto the bed . Kino had not woken up, but he wrapped his arms around her as soon as she was laying down again.

The Queen of the Moon lay there, staring up at the ceiling. She listened to the slow, rhythmic breathing of the man beside her, and slowly she was lulled back into sleep. It was a restless sleep however, and the dream haunted her thoughts. Did it mean something? Or was it just a dream?