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I know I shouldnt be posting a new story, but I got inspired to write after reading the seventh book of the Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter series. I felt really bad that Anita chose Jean Claude over Richard. Not that I like Richard more, mind you. I actually equally like Jean Claude and Richard. But Richard is heartbroken and thats just unacceptable .__.;


This story takes place just after the events in the seventh book of the Anita Blake series and after Sailor Stars. Its a Richard/Serenity pairing so if you dont like either of them for any reason, dont say I didnt warn you. (I hope to write a Jean Claude/Serenity story one of these days.) Also, I have taken a few creative liberties so, um, please dont come after me with pitchforks ^^;


This story is unedited so there will be spelling and grammatical errors here and there. I hope you like it anyway.


I should add that Sailor Moon and Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter don't belong to me. I'm just a fan. Please don't sue.








Offer your prayers to the moon and someday it will bring you happiness.*









Richard Zeeman leaned on the balcony railing of the lakefront cottage he had recently purchased. The cottage had been an impulse buy. It was isolated so it suited him well. He needed a place where he could escape his responsibilities as Ulfric, the leader of the local werewolf pack, even for just a while. And most of all, he needed a place where he could mend his broken heart.


A few months ago, he had been engaged. He thought he had finally found his soul mate in Anita Blake. She was beautiful, sexy, witty, and funny. She had enjoyed watching his collection of Rodgers and Hammerstein musicals while they cuddled on her couch and she had gone caving and birdwatching with him a lot. But then something, or rather someone, interfered.


Anita was a legal vampire executioner in three States as well as a powerful necromancer. It was no wonder that she caught the attention of Jean Claude, the Master Vampire of the City. Jean Claude didnt want to give her up and so he blackmailed her into dating him. She felt like she had no choice but to comply.


Richard knew he was strong, but Jean Claude was stronger. Not physically, of course. (But then again, theyd never really had the chance to prove who was physically stronger.) Jean Claude had the psychic ability to call wolves. Richard, being a werewolf, was then Jean Claudes to call... and to kill.


Richard made a fist. It just wasnt fair. If only he hadnt gotten that bad batch of lycanthropy vaccine, he would still be completely human and Anita would be completely his. To be honest, it wasnt just Jean Claudes fault that he and Anita were no longer a couple. It was also his fault. He was a beast and she couldnt accept all of him. He couldnt accept all of him either.


He had been on that balcony for hours. He had watched the sky bleed red and orange as the sun dipped in the horizon. Night had fallen. If it hadnt been for the sprinkle of stars and the sliver of moon above, it would be pitch black. He didnt mind if it was. He was a creature of the dark, after all.


He was about to enter the living room where his lesson plans awaited when he suddenly tensed. His sensitive hearing caught flapping in the distance. He looked up and his brown eyes widened at the silhouette of a bird or something that looked like one. Judging by its wingspan, it was really big. He followed it with his eyes and when it disappeared behind the canopy of trees, he leapt gracefully over the railing and onto the rocky ground below. He sniffed the air, caught a faint scent of roses, and ran into the dense woods.


He was curious. If it was indeed a bird, hed just watch it from afar. But if it was like him, a creature of the dark, he needed to know if it was harmless. And if it wasnt, his beast was going to spill blood tonight. No one should dare trespass his territory and live.


As the scent of roses became stronger, he slowed down. He didnt want to frighten whatever the creature was before he could see it. He moved closer, careful not to draw attention to himself. It was not hard.


A small gasp escaped his lips. He wasnt overtly religious, but hed gone to mass almost every Sunday. Hed read about angels, seen their images. And that was exactly what the creature standing in the small clearing appeared to be. It was an honest to goodness winged woman! He could only see her profile. What little light the sliver of moon gave was obscured by a drifting cloud.


At long last (but really it was just for a moment), the cloud had gone on its merry way. He could finally see a bit better. She just stood there, her wings gently flapping. The breeze played with her long hair. She had not heard him. Her focus was on something straight ahead.


She was rather scantily clad. The dress accentuated her slender figure and endless legs. He had almost let out an appreciative whistle. If heaven was populated with angels that looked like her, hed have to find a way to save his soul.


A pair of malevolent yellow eyes glowed in the bushes and she tensed. She lifted her right arm and he noticed she held a staff. It was nearly as tall and slender as herself. He doubted it could do much to protect. He was going to have to play the knight in shining armor tonight.


He sniffed the air and realized just whom the yellow eyes belonged to. He swore. He stumbled out of his hiding place, his hands in front of him.


His skin tingled and his heart beat a little faster as he approached her. She neither backed away nor said anything. She merely raised her staff.


He stopped a few feet away in front of her. He wished there was more moonlight so that he could confirm just how lovely she was. He wished they had met under different circumstances. But wishing wouldnt help them right now. You have to leave. Its dangerous here.


Just as he said that, a snarling brown wolf the size of a great dane emerged. It was Jamil and it was ready to kill.


Richard didnt know what had gotten into Jamil, his enforcer and a fellow alpha male. Surely Jamil didnt believe that this delicate woman was a threat. She wasnt built like Anita and her staff looked like it would snap in several pieces easily. Perhaps it was because she was an exotic prey?


The thought of her being harmed in any way frightened and angered him. For some reason, his beast felt the same. He braced himself. He would not shapeshift, at least, not in her presence. It was bad enough that there was one crazed wolf! Besides, he did not want his deep, dark secret getting out.


Jamil stalked toward them, his yellow eyes calculating. He bared his teeth and lunged. Richard roared at him to stop, but was deliberately ignored. Fortunately, Richard was quick to grab him in midair. He held onto the struggling pure muscle. Jamil managed to free his snout and sink his glistening fangs into Richards shoulder. Richard hissed, yanked the offending appendage, and threw him as far as he could. He hit a tree with a sickening thud.


Richard tried to ignore his bloody wound. The front of his t-shirt was soaked. Jamil tore a piece of his flesh. He would heal eventually, but at that moment, it stung like hell.


Jamil might have broken his hind leg and a few ribs, but he was not down for the count. He knew hed have to go through Richard in order to get at the woman. He truly did not want to fight to the death with his Ulfric, but his hunger was unbearable. He hadnt fed lately.


In the fracas, neither Jamil nor Richard noticed the warm, glowing light coming from the orb atop the womans staff. When Jamil aimed for Richards jugular vein, the light became hot and blinding. Jamil convulsed in Richards arms and howled. And then there was total darkness.






Richard stared at the unfinished lesson plans on his desk, but his mind was elsewhere. He kept replaying last nights events, trying to remember how the light penetrated his every pore and filled his body and spirit with so much delicious positive energy. It was more intense than the magick that he shared with Anita and Jean Claude. He wanted to experience and savor it again.


He did not know what happened after the mysterious light went out. All he knew was that he had woken up feeling refreshed just as dawn was breaking. Jamil had shifted back to his human form and was unconscious nearby. He drove back into the city and straight to the junior high school where he worked after making sure Jamil was physically alright. He would have to confront the man later.


Richard tried to convince himself that what hed witnessed and experienced did not happen, that his imagination had gone amok, but how could he explain the white feather in his palm? He had found it on the ground. Was the woman a shapeshifter as well? There werent many bird shapeshifters in the city -- in fact, he only knew one, Kaspar Gunderson, the now deceased swan prince -- but was it possible they were very good at blending in with the humans?


He looked at the clock and realized he still had two more hours until his first class started. He placed the feather back in his briefcase and decided to tackle the lesson plans some more. Just as he picked up a pen, the door swung open and a familiar rose scent wafted into the faculty room. Mrs. Johnson, the music teacher, waddled in, her left arm around her pregnant belly. She looked like her water could break any minute. She was chattering animatedly with someone behind her. He did not recognize the slightly accented voice.


Im glad that Im leaving my students in such capable hands. To be honest, I didnt think Principal Smith would be able to find a replacement in time, but youre a godsend. She eased her way to the empty desk across the room and motioned for her companion to come closer.


They hadnt noticed him and so he took the opportunity to study the stranger carefully. Thanks to his sensitive sense of smell, he now knew her to be the woman from the night before. Now that he had ample light, he could see her clearly. She was short, young (probably in her early twenties), and petite. She was dressed in a white fitted shirt and a knee-length charcoal pencil skirt that matched the color of her high heels. She held a violin case in her right hand.


He must have made a sound because the two woman looked at his direction. He stood up and made his way to them.


Mr. Zeeman, you startled me! She started giggling. Oh, where are my manners? Mr. Zeeman, this is Ms. Serenity Moon. Shell take over my class while Im on leave. She turned to Serenity. Mr. Zeeman teaches science.


If Serenity recognized him, she did not say anything. Richard extended his hand and she reluctantly took it. Her hand was soft, her fingers long. Hello there. Its a pleasure to meet you.


He leaned closer. She was even more breathtaking up close. She had a smooth, creamy complexion, kissable lips, pert nose, and cornflower blue eyes fringed with long, thick dark lashes set on a heart-shaped face. She had impossibly long pale blonde, almost white, hair done in pigtails. He wanted to feel if it was as silky as it looked. The pleasure is all mine.


Serenitys cheeks reddened at his close proximity. She wanted her hand back so she could move away. She did not feel comfortable being scrutinized by anyone, especially by a man, even if he was drop dead gorgeous.


Mrs. Johnson looked back and forth between the two perfectly attractive people, a mischievous smile on her face. She cleared her throat. Mr. Zeeman, I was wondering if you could help me with something.


Richard finally let go of Serenity hand. He turned his attention to the other woman.


I was wondering if you could show Ms. Moon around the city. She just moved here and you know how the streets are littered with... unscrupulous... people. It would make me feel better to know that shes with someone trustworthy.


He knew what she meant and agreed. These unscrupulous people she mentioned included vampires and shapeshifters. They would not hesitate to prey upon someone innocent like Ms. Moon.


Serenity protested. I appreciate what youre doing Mrs. Johnson, but I simply couldnt inconvenience Mr. Zeeman. Im sure Mr. Zeeman has other things to do than to babysit me.


Richard was quick to answer. It wouldnt be an inconvenience at all. I promise.


Serenity looked at him and smiled. If she was to investigate the disturbance shed felt from lightyears away, it would be better if she had help getting familiarized with the area. I would like that very much.


Mrs. Johnson was delighted. According to her sources, Mr. Zeeman was nursing a broken heart. Ms. Moon just might be the remedy for that.






Mrs. Johnson complained her feet were killing her so Richard ended up walking with Serenity to her class. He opened the door for her and the kids stopped whatever they were doing to watch them.


Serenity stepped inside and stood in front of the class. She was nervous. How did one impress a group of kids? She took a deep breath. Good morning! My name is Serenity Moon and Ill be your teacher for the rest of the semester.


One girl shyly raised her hand. Is that your instrument?


Serenity nodded. She placed the case on the desk, opened it, and lifted the not-so-ordinary violin. It was Michirus Marine Cathédrale. Serenity inherited it not too long ago.


This violin belonged to a dear friend of mine. It is one of my most cherished possessions.


Another kid, this time a boy, raised his hand. Serenity motioned for him to speak. Could you play us something?


Of course. Serenity closed her eyes and proceeded to play Paganini's 24 Caprices for Solo Violin, Op.1 No.24 in A minor. It was the first classical piece that Michiru had taught her.


Serenity only played for two minutes, but it seemed longer to her. As she played, she remembered the first time she met Michiru. She wanted her friends to help her try to impress her beloved Mamo-chan again, but they deserted her after saying she was just being her usual flakey self. She went to the park to sulk and heard a beautiful melody. She followed it and happened upon a girl who looked like an ideal princess. They started talking and, after a while, Michiru graciously offered to teach her how to play the violin. It was the start of a beautiful friendship.


Under Michirus tutelage (and with constant practice), Serenity became a skilled violinist. She hadnt told the others, especially Mamoru, about her new found skill. She wanted to surprise them. But then Chaos, in the form of Galaxia, struck...


When she was done, she opened her eyes and looked at her audience. They were silent. A few seconds later, she heard clapping. She turned to the source. It was Richard. He had decided to stay.


The class started clapping as well. She blushed prettily and thanked them. She then excused herself and approached Richard. He asked her if she wanted to join him for lunch. She said yes.






Serenity got out of her blue convertible Mazda Mx-5 Miata, a car she'd inherited from Haruka, another dear friend of hers, and casually headed toward her apartment building. It was around four o'clock in the afternoon and classes were over for the day. She greeted the doorman and stepped into the elevator. A few moments later, the elevator doors dinged open and she made her way toward her temporary home.


Her apartment was open and spacious. Since she'd only moved in the day before, it was bare save for the four poster bed and a small table in the corner. (She also had a refrigerator, but it came with the apartment.) She didn't think she'd stay in the city for long so she had no desire to make it feel homey. The only reason she'd rented the place was so people wouldn't get suspicious of her.


She placed the violin on top of the bed and picked up one of the pictures on the table. It was taken right after she miraculously won the challenge that the president of the Three Light's Fan Club issued against her. It was all thanks to Seiya's patiently teaching her the basics of baseball the day before. If it weren't for him, she'd probably have lost the match and the right to stay friends with him and his fellow idols.


She placed the picture back and sighed. She needed to visit Luna and Artemis. They were guarding the Gates of Time now that Setsuna was gone. She summoned a portal and stepped in, her sailor fuku replacing her civilian garb as she did so.






* from the song, Princess Moon


I already know what I want to do with this story so it shouldn't take me too long to update it. I wonder if there are other Sailor Moon x Vampire Hunter crossover fanfics out there?