Saint Beast Fan Fiction ❯ Angels' Affection ❯ Angels' Affection ( Chapter 1 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
Rating: T
Genre: Romance/Yaoi/Shounen Ai/BoyxBoy
Pairings: JudasxShin
Warnings: If you're easily offended from talk of Heaven and God, I wouldn't suggest reading this. Unless you're fine with it since God in this anime is not cast as a good, loving person.
Author: Yuki-Kage - Sama

Disclaimer: I do not own Saint Beast or any of it's characters for that matter.

Other Info: This is from Saint Beast; Kouin Jujishi Tenshi Tan - So it's before Judas and Ruka were exiled and sealed. But not as far back as to when they first met like in the OVAs. Also, if you havn't seen this anime before you see Judas is pronounced like it's spelled Yuda.



Shin gently plucked at the strings of his hand-crafted harp, skilled fingers producing wonderfully soft music. It was considerably calm in Heaven. No orders for the Saint Beasts to descend to Earth which allowed for their rest and relaxation. It was almost as if the world had come to terms and became a peaceful place for all humanity and creatures, but Shin knew this was not the case. That most probably later on into the day there would be an order from Zeus where he and the other five Saint Beasts would be called to the throne room and given their newest task.

But at the current moment he sat against the large oak tree and strummed his harp, the sound so beautiful the birds and other animals surrounding him were silent in listening. But there was also the other angel who seemed to always be around Shin, that made Shiva meticulously jealous. But this did not preturb them from the other, infact possibly increased the action. Judas always watched in hiding for a long while before joining the teal haired other whose glass-covered gold eyes would stare up and then he'd smile. That warm, welcoming smile at Judas, who blatantly showed affection for the other.

The red haired angel couldn't help but harbor affection aswell for the other. The angel whose kisses could heal wounds, the power blessed upon him from when they'd become part of the Saint Beasts by God. By Zeus. Kirin no Judas, his title.

They sat there quietly, Shin continuing to play the peaceful melody. Smiling softly at the other angel whose blue eyes took his soul away. Judas laid upon the grass, staring at the sky in the usual position. Quickly sitting up at the sound of a string snapping and a wince.

"Are you alright," he'd ask.

"Yes," the other would respond shyly with a slight blush.

That blush which would increase as the others' hand brought the finger to his lips and he'd kiss it. The wound shining a small glittery light and then it would be gone. But he'd hold his lips there longer than needed until Shin took his hand away and looked away to hide his ever growing blush. But this was for not as Judas would put his hand on the side of the others' face and guide it to once again look at him.

"Why do you look away?"

But he wouldn't answer as his liquid gold eyes would shut and his head turn to look down for a moment. Then he'd raise it again and look at the other with great longing in his shining eyes.

Judas understood with the simple eye contact and he'd pull the other into his lap and into a hug. Clinging to the smaller body gently. Purple eyes would glare around the tree, seething furiously as the teal haired angel stole the crowned red haired angel away from him. He would slink away, scheming a way to remove Shin from Judas life. And they would be obvlivious as they remained in the tight embrace.

Judas would bury his face in the others hair and neck, smelling the scent that Shin produced and Shin himself would shiver at the sudden attention. The red angel would then pull back and the teal angel would look up, and they'd look into eachothers' eyes and draw closer and closer, slowly and surely, and their lips would meet gently. Nothing rough, just a small kiss that softly connected them. Made them a part of the other angel. A movement which gave themselves to the other.

Then they'd part, and Judas would help Shin stand, and they'd slowly walk their way through the forest and towards the Heavens' Palace. Where they'd walk up the white marble steps and into the large building and up the steps to the second level of the house. The two angels would move down to the red angels' bedroom and they'd lock the door and lay in bed. Quietly, snuggling into the others' hold. But just as quickly as they made progress they'd be once again drawn apart by loud rapping on the door.

"Judas, we have another decent call! Can you find Shin?!" It was Gai who took off once again, his qualities much like a cat in whatever he did.

The two snuggling angels would sigh as they drew apart. Shin moving to rise and walk to the door where Judas would hug the other once again from behind and kiss his cheek.

"We better go, Judas."

"I know."


How'd you like it? It was very short, but meant to be. I figured a nice little sweet story would be good. Been working on it for awhile aswell. Please Review and tell me what you think.