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Sanzo and Gojyo.

Since the door behind them had been sealed, they went in the only direction they had available. The cave had a straight path but at least the walls had some torches in place and they weren't in the dark.

Gojyo noticed that the monk was walking a little bit faster than normal. He had a feeling why.
"Your worried about Goku aren't you?"
His own tone was less than joking or taunting like he normally would.

"I just want to get out of here."
Sanzo knew that he wouldn't believe him. But he would never admit that he was actually a little concerned.

"So do you think Hakkai and Goku made it out alright?"

"Why ask if you already know the answer."
Sanzo had his arms crossed as they walked forward.

"Well then why respond if you know that I know the answer."
He smirked.

Sanzo's eye twitched a little.
"I should kill you."

"Good to know that this place hasn't affected
everyone;s mood."

"Referring to Goku's behavior earlier?"

"Yeah...Hey check it out there's a door."
Sanzo and Gojyo stood in front of it about to open it but right before Gojyo could open it, the door opened from the other side and then the person who opened the door and Gojyo both jumped.

Hakkai and Hakuryu.

Hakkai guessed that the reason the torches were there was for the demons who had obviously been busy.
"I hope everyone made it alright. You alright Hakuryu?"
He looked at the small dragon on his left shoulder.

He gave a happy little chirp to show he was okay.

"That's good. Well let's go find the others."
Hakkai had a look at the cavern map.
Apparently the door he went through was the one that if they had been able to continue straight through would have been the one leading to outside.

A few minutes of walking later he thought he had heard Sanzo and Gojyo.
Even Hakuryu turned his head and looked to the right.
He then flew from Hakuryu's shoulder and he stopped flying after he was a few feet ahead. He was pointing out a door.

"Well let's see then."
He then opened it and was a little startled by what was on the other side.
"My goodness you two startled me. But we thought we
heard you."
Hakuryu chirped.

"Startled you! You almost gave me a heart attack Hakkai."

"Goku's not with you?"
Sanzo looked at the two frowning.

"No. But I have found out where we go to leave from here. This part would have taken you to dead end."

"Well if these two places have a door connecting them then maybe we'll find a door connecting to the other section."
Gojyo was already on the other side.
After walking for a couple of minutes Sanzo almost wished for that strange link to kick in. At least it might have given him a clue as to where or how things were on Goku's end.
'Damn it all.'
Sanzo kept an eye out for anything that could even be a hidden passage.

Then they heard it. A loud scream that couldn't be mistaken.
'To hell with it.'
With Sanzo leading the three had taken off running.

At Houten castle in the laboratory.

Dr.Huang came over to where Dr.Nii was just sitting down.
"Where were you? We have that report to get finished."

"Ah my dear if you had checked you would have known that was already finished. And as to where I was, Let's say I was just taking a Nature Walk."

"I don't think I'll ever fully understand you."
It had taken a little longer than they had wanted even with them running but they found the door and after they entered there was the little matter of which direction to go.

"Sanzo which way do you think we should go?"
Hakkai asked while Gojyo glanced at either side.

"That way. That's where it sounded closest."
He pointed to the left and so they took off.

Sanzo was the first one to see him.
He appeared to be scrunched up against the wall as close as possible. He had his legs pulled up to him and his arms around them.

Sanzo looked at him, He then saw his eyes.

"What's wrong."
Hakkai sounded a little worried.

"Look at his eyes Hakkai."
Sanzo stated and Gojyo looked at him puzzled but Hakkai looked and they were completely blank.
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