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Authors Note:
Another chapter.:).
It may be another chapter or two before you find out what happened.;).
They're out of the cave this chapter and trying to piece together what happened.

I'll probably be working on a new title for this story.
Still a little uncertain but I'll be working on it.:).

Much thanks to the reviewers and the readers.:D.
Hope you enjoy this installment.==^-^==.
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They temporarily set up a brief distance from the cavern.
Sanzo and Gojyo went back to look around where they had found Goku to see if they could get any clue as to what happened.

Hakkai was keeping an eye on the boy but nothing had changed.
He sighed and gave another glance at him. Still nothing. He could be mistaken for dead if not for the breathing.

His expression was like his eyes. Blank.
His chi, healing wise was only useful for healing physical injuries. In Goku's case it appeared to be mindset.

After they found him nothing would snap him out of his trance like state. They had tried quite a few things. Sanzo practically shook the life out of him. Gojyo tried calling him a stupid monkey. But nothing.

Gojyo and Sanzo.

"Damn, I can't find anything."
Gojyo held a torch in one hand looking around for anything that was a hint at least.
He turned to see if Sanzo had any luck.
"What are you doin'?"

Sanzo was tapping different parts of the wall.
"I'm looking for a secret entrance or opening."

Gojyo started to do the same.
Not long later Gojyo hit a spot and part of a wall opened.

"Well I'll be damned."
The two went in both missing a tiny but well hidden speaker that was outside of the door.

The hall was short and lead them to an almost empty room save for a simple chair and table.

"Just great. Instead of getting any kind of answer we just get more mystery."
Gojyo crossed his arms feeling a little frustrated.

"We might as well head back. Odds are we probably won't find much of anything else here anyway."
Sanzo had a last look at the room. Nothing much to go on.
The two left.

It was ten minutes later when they returned.
Sanzo was leaning against a tree and smoking not to far away from Goku, Hakkai was checking the map with Hakuryu on his right shoulder looking at it as well and Gojyo had went to a tree of his own and lit one up as well.

"What are we gonna do about the monkey?"
Gojyo dropped his cigarette to the ground and stomped out the butt.

Sanzo kept looking straight ahead.
"Nothing much we can do. We'll just keep going for now and see what happens."

Within the next few minutes they were able to use jeep and continue onward.

The drive was unusually quiet in Gojyo's opinion.
There was no one asking seemingly silly questions. No one to argue with and eventually make the monk shoot at them. No one saying they were hungry every other few minutes. And no one for him to pick on when he was bored or wanted a little entertainment.

He gave a quick glance over to the monkey.
He was slumped against the wall, his head low and seemingly limp.
'When are you gonna snap out of it monkey?."
He looked back out at the passing scenery as it continually went behind them.

Sanzo had his arms crossed and his eyes closed.
Things were quiet, For once but this isn't how he wanted it.
Over the time since he had picked him up he had eventually gotten used to him making some racket or another. He wouldn't admit it to the others but to him it kept things from getting to quiet or dull.
'Stupid monkey.'

Hakkai was focused on his driving and thinking about what could have possibly happened in the cavern.
From what he knew about Goku aside his disdain for small enclosed places and caves/cavern's was that he had no real clue as to why he was imprisoned for so long in Mt.Gogyo.
Maybe this had something to do with that?
'I'll have to run this by Sanzo later after we get to a town.'

They continued driving onward in silence.

Authors Note:
I know this chapter may suck a little bit.:|.

Action is in the next chapter. As a hint. Demons attack and there will be a little more hints as to what happened.:).

Well later!
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