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Authors Note:
In this chapter there will be some action and a couple of clues as to what happened.;).

I don't own Saiyuki. Kazuya Minekura does.
I do own my fanfiction plots though.:).

Onto to the chapter.

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It was only a little less than half an hour to the next town but much to the annoyance for the three of them another group of demons appeared demanding the scripture.

"Sanzo party! Give us the scripture or prepare to die!"
The leader had a smug expression.

"Just great. With monkey boy down we've got more to do."
Gojyo just kept a cocky smirk while summoning his Shakujo.

"What. Can't handle it?"
It didn't long for Sanzo to get his gun.

"Of course I can handle it. Though I generally like my workouts to be a little more challenging."

"Um guys. I think your making them mad."
Hakkai pointed to the demons who were on their way
to kill them.

"There will be no mercy!"
The demons charged.

Hakkai shot a good sized chi ball that had annihilated three of them. Gojyo shot the crescent blade and it cut through a couple of them and the chain wrapped a couple of others.

Sanzo was shooting and reloading, he kept just enough distance to shoot them and then reload and repeat.
This had gone on for a few times and the number had been cut down greatly.

There were only a few demons left but in the midst of it one demon with sharp claws got by them and was aiming for Goku.

Sanzo turned and shot at the demon and Hakkai had to blast a demon that was about to get Sanzo and then Gojyo had to kill one that was near Hakkai.
"It's like a freakin' domino effect."
Gojyo retracted the chain on the Shakujo and the crescent blade clicked into place.

"That's it, You two finish what's left."
Sanzo headed to where Jeep and Goku were.

"Sanzo what are you planning to do?"

"Stop talking like we aren't even here!"
What was left of the demons continued their futile onslaught.

"Guess his high-ness can't take it."
Gojyo gave a cocky smile.

"I heard that!"
And Gojyo dodged another bullet.

"Hey! Save it for them."
He shouted at Sanzo who was still walking over to Goku and Jeep.

"Gojyo can you and Sanzo argue later. We still have a few of them to deal with."
Hakkai shot a smaller chi blast at a demon and it turned to dust and disappeared into the air.

The two went finish what was left.

Sanzo was in front of Goku and he placed his hands on the boys shoulder...
"Wake up you stupid monkey!"
He shook him slightly.

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Authors Note:
I wanted to have a scene in this chapter but it would not fit properly so...It will be in the next chapter.
By the way, Don't look for any Oc appearances.
Dr. Nii Jieni fit the role I needed a little better than what the Oc would have.:).

I know the action scenes need some work. What can I say
I'm practicing.;).

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