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Authors Note:
I was doing some fanfic writing and reading earlier and plus my mother and grandmother are watching Scrooge don't know which version. Probably the old one.
And the idea came to me, Plus it's the right day for it as
well I think.
Anyway onto what you need to know.

Pairings: None.
Possible ooc-ness.

Oc's: For the villain role about three or four.

Disclaimer: I don't own Saiyuki. Just the Oc's and the plot.^^.

It's an modern day AU.
Kouryuu or better known as Genjyo Sanzo is a
bit of a bitter person. His only two friends Gojyo and Hakkai know otherwise but maybe a little long haired overly cheerful boy with a bit of a dark past and an important secret can melt some of the ice around his heart.

Ah and they have powers.
Cho Hakkai: Wind.
Sha Gojyo: Water.
Genjyo Sanzo: Fire.
Son Goku: Earth.

An Action/Adventure/Humor/Drama/Hopefully suspense/Modern day AU/ They have powers/ Etc type of fic.

If you've seen Saiyuki then Warnings are basically
Light language, Violence, Alcohol, Smoking, Etc.

This starts off around late February to early March and will end around their Christmas.
I think you can guess why by the title. If not feel free to guess and I'll tell you if your right or not. Or if your close, etc.

Onto chapter one.

It was still quite cool seeing as it was late February
and Sanzo was headed toward home even though his two friends had tried to get him to go out drinking with them.

It was Friday and as much as he was tempted to go out with the two after a particularly annoying day at work he got a nagging feeling to just go towards home tonight and besides that he had a little extra paperwork to do.

His two friends Hakkai and although he would not admit it Gojyo, They all went well back for about 3 or 4 years now.
Meeting back in late high school for some reason they had gotten along in some strange way or another.
Despite the fact he would almost always fight and argue with Gojyo, Though he could talk more seriously to Hakkai.

Gojyo and Hakkai are currently housemates,
A thing that they did sometimes particularly on Fridays was to go down to a bar and complain about their work,
Bosses or whatever.
It was a good evening to do just that.
Sanzo very much wished he could set his bosses or the infernal paperwork on fire. Or maybe his aunt. That could work too.

He was walking on just like normal and then he heard noise coming from one the alleyways just up ahead.

He carefully went to see what it was and right before he got there a little boy ran out followed by two larger guys
dressed in black.

One of them managed to grab the boy and on some reflex he fired a fireball at the guy causing him to drop the boy who ran to hide.

"Dammit what do you think your doing!"
The guy was holding his arm where Sanzo hit him.

"Not a very fair fight is it? Two big guys against a little kid."
He crossed his arms.

"You have no idea what that little monster is capable of!"
The other one spat and from the boy was hiding he flinched at the words.

"The only monsters I can see are you two bozo's."
Sanzo glared at them.

"Bastard. Attack!"
The other guy ran forward.

The guy came and attempted to kick Sanzo who ducked and returned with a uppercut to the guys jaw sending him flying.

The first guy who ordered the attack was just about behind Sanzo to strike.
"Look out!"
The little boy came from his hiding spot and made a wall from the ground and blocking the attack that probably would have
hit the man.

The guy rammed into the wall and practically broke his
nose in doing so.

He turned and glared at the boy.
"You little will pay for that."
His voice was nearly thick with anger and venom making the young one fall backwards and fear evident in his eyes.

Then a fireball hit the guys back making him turn and see the guy from a second ago.
"Damn you. Do you have any idea what that is!"
He pointed to the boy.

"Frankly I don't care. I do know that I saw two idiots going in an unfair fight against a little kid."
He stuck his pinky in his ear and was getting on the guys nerve.

"We will retreat for now. You will see what that monster
truly is. You will either be dead or be wishing for us to take him back...We will return for the Heretic child!"

Then both guys disappeared into the evening.

Sanzo went over to the kid who still hadn't got up yet and was obviously still scared.
"Hey kid."


"You wanna tell me who the hell they were?"

He looked contemplative for a moment.
"Their bad people who hate me for a reason I don't know."
He was looking to the side.

"Lets go."
Sanzo looked away.


"I said lets go or are you going to sit there all night."

"Uh Right."
He got up and followed the man.

He was following the man who had apparently saved him from those two who he knew from earlier and he got a good look at the man mainly his hair. And Sanzo glanced down at him.


"Your hair, It's bright like the sun."
Then before Sanzo could reply to that he asked him another question.
"Why did you help me mister?"

"Like I said earlier. Unfair fight. By the way whats your name?"

"Hmm. The only thing those guys called me was Demon, Heretic, and other stuff too but I don't think I have a name."

"I see. We're here."

Sanzo unlocked the door and after a moment the kid followed him inside.
"You can go and sit over there. I'm going to call Hakkai."

"Okay mister. By the way mister? Umm what's your name.?"
He tilted his head.

"Sanzo. Now I'm going to see if I can get in touch with Hakkai."

Hakkai and Gojyo were at the bar and Hakkai was only in his first beer while Gojyo already had nearly three.
Then his cell rang.

"Hey Hakkai."
"Ah What can I do for you Sanzo?"
Gojyo looked over interested.

"Listen can you come over. I picked up someone on the way home. I can fill you in more later."

"Sure, Gojyo will be coming with me."
"Whatever just get over here as soon as you can."

They both hung up.
Hakkai looked at Gojyo,
"We're heading over to Sanzo's. Somethings up."

"How come you said I'd come.?"

"Because you were trying to listen in the conversation and probably curious as well. Now lets get going than shall we."

"Uh. Fine. What a day."
They paid for their drinks then headed off.

Authors Note:
Oh yeah! For my other Saiyuki fics I'm working on updates for them. I feel a wee bit bad for the prolonged updates.
This idea was on my mind while I was writing Twelve days of Gojyo's Christmas and It finally got to the point where I had to stop and save and write this.

Well I gotta go.
Happy Holidays/Merry Christmas People!

Chapter one finished: 12/25/2006, 01:10am.