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Authors Note:
This is a fun fic to write.^^.
Then again most fics kinda are fun to write...damn.-_-.
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It's Saiyuki fanfiction...Smiles..

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Oh and the original title for this story is "Holiday Miracle"
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2. It doesn't make sense for this early in the fic.

Okay people.
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I will be changing it to that possibly at the end of the fic.
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Sanzo got off the phone with Hakkai and then went into the living-room and the boy was sitting there like he asked him too just a couple of minutes earlier.
He didn't notice earlier but know getting a look at the boy he saw that he had shackles on either of his wrists and ankles and one around his neck.

The boy turned to face him smiling.

"How did you end up with those."
He gestured to the chains.

"Oh. One the bad people put them on me."
He had a small sad face when upon saying so.

Sanzo walked over knelt down and held out the boys arm.
'Hm these are only used for special purposes'.
"Hold still."

The boy nodded and Sanzo put two of his finger in the chain
and focused for a second and the shackle
split open and disappeared.He did the same for the others.

"There. You can move now."
He got up.

The boy looked at his arms and got up, smiled brightly and jumped up and hugged Sanzo.
"Thank you Sanzo."

Sanzo was a little taken aback by the sudden gesture but did not let it show, He turned his head to the side.
"Whatever. Follow me."


The two stepped into the kitchen where Sanzo got himself a beer and handed the kid a soda.

10 minutes later Hakkai and Gojyo knocked on the door.
Sanzo opened it.
"Ah you said something was up."

"Yeah come in."

The two came in and saw a little child at the table happily munching an apple.

"Umm Sanzo. Is this what you wanted to tell us about?"
Hakkai looked at him.

"It's a long and short story."

"Hey you wait here."
He looked at the boy who was still eating his apple.


So Sanzo, Hakkai and Gojyo headed into the living-room.

"Alright so why exactly is there a little kid in the kitchen.?"
Gojyo looked at Sanzo.

"Found him earlier. On the way here he came darting out of an alleyway followed by two larger guys in black. Kicked their ass but during the process the kid showed he had
the Earth power."

"Hm how odd."
Hakkai noted.

"Only one other thing is strange about it. They called him a Heretic well among other things and he had some special shackles on earlier."

"Why on Earth could do that to a kid.?"
"Gojyo has a point. By the way, what is the boys name?"

"Doesn't have one. Apparently he may have been a prisoner or something but for whatever reason they hate him and also said they would be back."

Gojyo muttered leaning back and looking off toward the kitchen. He knew what it was like to be hated for something that couldn't be helped.

"Hakkai can you look over the kid. You know more
about'em than I do."


"Hey, Sanzo a quick word while Hakkai is doing that."


"I'll go do that now then."
Hakkai got up and headed for the kitchen.

"Hey what are you going to do about that kid."

"Why do you care.?"

"He can't possibly be safe on his own and where else
would he go."

"You talk like I was going to kick him out or something."


"He can stay here for now."

"Why Sanzo, Never seen this side of ya before."

"Oh shut up."

In the kitchen.

"Ah hello."

"Hello mister!"

"Hakkai please. Mister makes me sound old."

"Okay Hakkai."
The two shook hands.

"Sanzo asked me to make sure you were alright."

"I'm fine thank you."
He smiled.

"No, I mean if you have any bruises or injuries that might need healing."

He suddenly seemed a little unsure of the guy.

"It's alright. It won't hurt."
Hakkai tried to sound reassuring.

'If Sanzo knows the man than he can't be bad.'

"Tell you what. Follow me to the bathroom and in case we need any, Sanzo keeps medicine in there. Alright."

"Err okay."

Gojyo had left already so when they walked into the
living-room they did not see him.
They stopped for a moment.

"Where did Gojyo head too?"

"He went to the store for some beer and smokes.
He'll be back in a few minutes. Everything go alright?"

"So far he's fine but he does need a bath."

At the mention of the word bath the boy in question visibly flinched and deciding that hiding would be good except for the fact that Hakkai was holding his hand
and he could not get away.
So he decided on the next best thing, Verbal protests.

"Bathes are evil!"
He was attempting to get free but having little success.

"Now care to tell us why you seem to hate bathes so much?"
Hakkai looked at him.

He said sniffling a little.
"Because there either too cold or too hot and my hair gets tangled and there evil....."
His eyes watered a little at the thought of evil tangles.

"Ah, Perhaps we can fix that then. Right Sanzo?"


"Come on Sanzo you can help."
Hakkai had the tone of voice that meant he had an idea,
So Sanzo got up and went ahead into another room to get something and Hakkai followed with the boy who was now a little bit curious.

The boy was sitting in the bathroom while Hakkai explained to Sanzo his idea.
"Okay Here's what we can do.
But first do you an extra brush?"

"Yeah. Those things come in 3 packs."

"Alright well we'll need one. An old trick is to brush your hair before you wet it. Cuts down on tangles. And then..."

Hakkai explained the rest of what to do and then they set to do just that.

Almost one hour later.
The boy was fast asleep on the couch now clean and wearing a T-shirt that practically swallowed him while Hakkai and Sanzo who also had to change due to their unexpected bath were in the kitchen.

"That was definitely a little harder than expected."
Hakkai sipped his drink.

"This has been a strange day."
Sanzo looked at his beer.

"What are you going to do about the boy Sanzo.?"

"Same thing I told Gojyo, He can stay here for now."
He drank some of the beverage.

"Well you know me and Gojyo will help."


A few minutes later Gojyo returned with some things and by now it had gotten quite late and so they just spent the night. /////////////

"How could you let him go! You imbeciles should know how important the heretic child is to us by now!"
A man in black was yelling at the other two who were chasing the boy earlier.

"There was another person there who was
defending the boy."
A man with reddish hair but was hidden by a cloak.

"One person should not have been a match for you two!"
He had his face hidden under a black cloak as well.

"Don't get started with us! We'll get the boy back soon."
his hair apparently a shade of silver-blue. but like the other was hidden by a cloak.

"You'd better."

"And you had better remember that you maybe second-in-command but that does not make you the leader."

The one with the silver-blue hair spoke.
"Let's just get a plan and get back the boy."

They agreed and set to work.

Authors Note:
I have long hair. I know the evils of tangles.
*Shakes fist angrily*....evil tangles.

But the brushing your hair before you get in the shower works. and it works well.^^.
Brush before you in and after you get out.

Well hope you people have had and or having Happy Holidays and or a Merry Christmas.^^.

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