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The next morning Sanzo woke up with something warm next to him and his arm was over something.
'What the hell.'
He opened his eyes and the boy from yesterday was asleep right beside him and he had his arm over the boy.

The boy's back was facing him and he was still fast asleep.
Sanzo had yet to remove his arm.
'Damn. Why didn't I notice this sooner.'
He mentally groaned and then remembered that Hakkai and Gojyo had stayed over as well. And they were in the living room.

He sat up removing his arm from the kid but as soon as he sat up and did so the boy turned over and hugged his arm
like a lifeline.

"Oh darn and here I forgot the camera."
Gojyo snickered.

"Oh can it asshole. Where's Hakkai?"

"In the kitchen, He decided to take it upon himself
to make breakfast. I'll go tell him your up."
Gojyo headed to the kitchen.

The boy started to awaken and upon seeing Sanzo
he smiled brightly.

"What are you so happy about?"

"Because your real and I didn't wake up in that dark place."

He didn't really have anything to say to that.

Gojyo came back in.
"Hey Gojyo, watch the kid for a minute."
Sanzo got up and headed for another room.

"Jeez he could have at least said please or something."
He felt something tug his hair.

"Hey that hurt. What did you do that for you little monkey.?"

The boy looked a little disappointed.
"Well I thought you'd be burning up or something but it's not hot at all. Oh! by the way mister whats your name?"


"Hey where did Sanzo and Hakkai go?"

"Sanzo is in the back and Hakkai is in the kitchen."

"Okay thank you.I'm gonna go say hi to Kai."
He smiled. then went to the kitchen.

The two went to the kitchen while the boy said hello to Hakkai, Gojyo stepped out front for a smoke.

A little while later the boy and Gojyo were in the living room and the boy was amused with something Gojyo watched television while Hakkai, and Sanzo were in the kitchen.

"So you honestly intend to let the boy stay with you.?"Hakkai sipped some of his coffee.

"Why do you two keep asking me that, Like I've grown two heads or something. And yes."

"And you do realize the responsibility that comes
with that decision. Correct."
"Look I'm not a freaking idiot okay Hakkai. I know what my decision means."
"Apologies but I just had to make sure. He's not just some ordinary child you know. Especially with people after him."

"Again, I'm well aware of that."
"And one more thing Sanzo..."He had a knowing smile.
"And what might that be?"
He raised an eyebrow at him in suspicion.

"You'll need to get him somethings. Like clothes and proper food. Not some of the junk you keep around here."

He sweatdropped.
"Damn, I hate shopping."

"Well I don't really mind it as much since I do that for myself and Gojyo. So why don't I take him and do that while you and Gojyo set him up in that extra room I know by now is probably dusty beyond belief."

"Fine. Let's just get it over with."
'It's almost creepy how he knows that stuff.'

A few minutes later Hakkai and said boy had left.
Hakkai being how he was had thought in advance to wash the boy's outfit. So he was wearing that for now.

While back at Sanzo's Gojyo was laughing at Sanzo in his frilly long pink apron. Earned him a light kick but he decided it was worth it. And then when he was thrown one a similar color he decoded it may not have been

Hakkai and the boy were walking after he parked the jeep and headed out.
Along the way the same two from yesterday had appeared not too far away and the boy hid behind Hakkai.
Their faces could not be seen because of their cloaks.

"You are not the one he was with yesterday."
The man eyed the two suspiciously.

"How very observant of you."

"Have you seen the evils of that creature?"

"He's done nothing wrong. So you may as well just leave before an unnecessary acts of violence occur."

"Are you seriously threatening us?
We know you have seen the boys limiter correct?"
The other one who was quiet until now had spoke.

"You know it's not uncommon to see those on some people around, So we really saw no need to bring that up I guess."

"Either way it does not matter. We have come to take back the boy. You can hand him over peacefully and live or
give us trouble and you die."

"How terribly cliched. How about you two just go away."

"Fine then, We will fight."

The one on the left charged at him and prepared to strike but Hakkai dodged and the next thing the guy knew he was being pelted with dirtballs.

Hakkai had moved to behind the boy who was rising dirt into different sized balls in the air and with movements of his arm he was rapidly throwing one after another at the guy who was having a tricky time getting away from the attack.

The other guy who was only watching for the moment decided to step in.
"It seems the brat has a spell on you people or something. Unfortunately we will retreat for now. We have the knowledge we need to be more prepared next time."

The boy had stopped and the two had vanished yet again.
Hakkai had turned to face him when he heard him
sniffling a little.
"Whats wrong?"

"I didn't......put a spell on anybody....."
He sniffed and wiped his eye.

"We know that. Their just mean. But are you sure you don't know why they hate you that badly?"

"Um Um. Not too long after I was born from a rock they came.
I remember what the place was like too. The sky was blue and the trees were pretty and had a lot of green.
Water was cool and the breezes were warm. And even a few people were nice to me too."

"I see. Do you know how long ago that was?"

"Hm, from what I remember that was three years ago.
One nice old lady told me that she heard a loud quake noise and then a couple of days later she met me.
She said the noise was on April fifth."

"I see, How about we get through here and can you tell Sanzo what you have told me now?"
He smiled.

He brightened considerably and agreed.
So they went to do that.

Back at the villains hideout.

"You idiots weren't supposed to attempt to get him back on your own!"

"Oh pipe down, It's not like we came back empty handed.
It seems the brat has made friends with some people."

"They are all so oblivious to the true nature of the child."

"How's the plan coming."

"Almost complete. It will require almost two
more weeks though."

"Damn it. Fine. There's little we can do about it now anyway."

Later Hakkai and the boy returned from their trip and
while Hakkai and Gojyo who 'volunteered' to help Hakkai put the stuff up, Said boy had been telling Sanzo everything Hakkai had asked him too and then some.
A bit later they had left and the boy had
changed to one his outfits.
A pair of jeans with a black belt and a sleeveless black shirt.

"Alright, I have work to do so you watch the TV or something while I'm in there but do not leave the apartment. Got it?"

While Sanzo went to his office to get some work done so Sunday could be completely free the boy found a cartoon station and was set.

Sanzo had been so busy with his work he had yet to realize it was getting late.
He had finally gotten that stack of paperwork done his accursed aunt had given him.
He rubbed the bridge of his nose and then looked at the time.
"Seven 'o' clock. Already. Hmm the kid has been too quiet."

He left his office for the night since he was done with that
he came in the living-room and found the reason for
the lack of noise.
The boy had fallen asleep on the couch while
watching television.
He was lying on his stomach with his left arm under his head and his other arm hanging off the couch and the remote was on the floor below it.
Sanzo sighed and put a blanket over the boy then went to the kitchen grabbed a beer and had a seat.
'What on Earth have I gotten myself into.'

Authors Note:
By the way, I forgot to mention his limiter before and the true nature they are referring is Seiten Taisen.
And next time he gets his name so I do not have to keep typing
the boy and stuff like that. And I'll be trying to add in their current jobs as well.
For anyone who did not know I used a little bit of his actual words from episode...41 I think.
I believe I can re-arrange it enough to where his limiter does not need to be in the story. Just let me know.==^-^==.

Again thanks a ton for the reviews.^_^.
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