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Around the middle and bottom I totally borrow stuff from Gaiden. Especially Goku getting his name. I love how he says 'Name me now.'

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After they left Gojyo and Hakkai stopped over by what the three had sometime back chosen as what could be called their hangout. It was a quite bar, not too bright but not that dark.

It had a couple of game rooms and a few pool tables as well as card tables. The setup gave it a relaxing atmosphere.
For the moment the two opted for a private booth in the back.

The waitress took their orders and left.
"Gojyo, based on first impression what do you think of the boy"
His face was in a contemplative frown.

Gojyo ran his hand through his bangs.
"Sheesh with that look your starting to remind me of Sanzo. But seriously, He just seems like a normal little kid. Well give or take."

"I know but......."

Gojyo cut him off.
"Look I wouldn't worry about it so much right now. Aw jeez I gotta get to the club."

"And I need to get back as well. I have some work to prepare for my students."

They both got out of their seats.
"You know at least at my job I get to see some lovely ladies."

"Oh I don't know Gojyo, I find my work quite rewarding."

"I believe we have very different ideas of 'rewarding' my friend."

He lightly laughed.
"Perhaps. I'll see you later then."

"Yeah later."
The two split off for different directions.

It was roughly around nine that night and Hakkai was sitting on the floor in the living room in front of him was a table and some papers and such on it. He was leaning against the bottom of the couch and near some of the papers was a cup of still steaming green tea.

Looking over the work he had to prepare for his own students he was reminded of the of the boy.
He asked a lot of questions though while he was glad to answer what the kid asked he figured that Sanzo might require allot of aspirin in the not so distant future.

He remembered a couple of particular moments from the afternoon.
One was when he saw the boy flinch around some of the larger belts in clothes section.

And that reaction he had to what the man had said before vanishing. This puzzled him. If they hated him so badly,
Why keep him alive or maybe they had another purpose for him.
He frowned lightly but for now he was safe. That was good and as strong as they were it would difficult for them to get the boy back if at all.
But for the moment he refocused his attention back to his papers. He still had a job to do after all.
It had been almost a week since then and by a force Sanzo didn't even understand he had been 'convinced' to go to the local park. The boy seemed quite content in around the playground not too far off from where they were sitting.

Hakkai came and sat down on the cement bench.
"You seem to be enjoying yourself."

"Oh can it. You three conspired this."

"Ah but it is good to go other places than the bar you know.

"Whatever. By the way where did Gojyo disappear to?"

"Oh you know him. he's around here somewhere."
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The boy was having fun exploring around this place when he came around the bottom of the jungle gym. He looked at the top of it when a voice interrupted him.

"Who are you?"

He looked at the other boy who was apparently talking to him.

"Tell me boy who you are?"

"Nataku where did you go?"

"Shoot. Hide."

The strange kid clamped a hand over his mouth and the two ducked behind a big tree. When the man who was calling Nataku left he let go of his mouth.

"Did you get in trouble for something?"

"Not too much I hope. When Shien fell asleep earlier I kinda drew nose hairs on his face."
He held up the marker.

The boy laughed at that.
"That sounds funny. Wish I could have seen it."

"You really think so. I should have taken a picture.
Your alright kid. My names Nataku. What about you?"

"Um well I don't really have a name yet. No one was there to give me one, And the some people from before were too scared of me....They didn't like me cuz I was born from a rock. i think my gold eyes scare them."

"I don't really get it but that's amazing."


"You say in whole entire world that there's no one else that can replace you."

"I don't think so."

"There you two are."
Hakkai and Shien came walking to the two.

"Hey kid is he one of the people you mentioned?"
Nataku whispered.

"No he's nice."

"You know Sanzo actually sent me and Gojyo to look for you. I think you actually had him a little worried."

"Sorry. Is it already time to go?"

"Not for a few minutes I believe."

"Hey Shien can we play a little longer then?"
Nataku looked at Shien who seemed contemplative.

"Alright but both of you are to remain in sight."
Shien looked at Hakkai who nodded in agreement.

The two boys went to climb the monkey bars.
"So I take it that is the boy you were talking about then?"

"Yes. I guess we should go tell Zenon and Gojyo to stop looking now."

"Would you mind if we joined you."

"Not at all. It seems they'll be busy for awhile anyway."

"By the way how is Nataku doing in class anyway?"

"On that he's doing fine but some of the other students seem almost wary of him."

"I'm not surprised. Although it appears he may have found a friend in that boy though."

"That will be good for them both. I've thinking of asking...."

"Hey Hakkai any luck?"
Gojyo had cut him off. Him and Zenon weren't to far from each other.

"Yes. They're over there on the monkey bars. We'll be switching seats to be closer to over here."

"I'll go tell Sanzo."

"I don't think you'll have to."
Gojyo pointed to behind them.

Hakkai and Shien looked back and Sanzo, Nataku and The boy were coming over.

A couple of minutes later they were seated at a bench nearby.
Sanzo was starting to get a light headache from sitting near the two boys who were chatting animatedly back and forth.
At the speed they were talking it was a wonder they could even understand each other.

"Well It's getting late and we should be getting back now."
Shien and Zenon both stood.

"Aw already."
Nataku sighed then got up.

"Hey can we play again sometime?"

"Sure. That would be awesome."

"We should be leaving as well."
Both Hakkai and Gojyo stood.

"You guys are a little bit too much alike. But we do need to go."
Sanzo got up as did the boy.

"Be seeing you guys."
Gojyo sent them a quick wave.

"Yeah. See ya."
Zenon returned the gesture.

Later that seem evening Sanzo and the boy were both sitting on the couch in the living room.

"Hey Sanzo...."

"What is it?"

"Could you um maybe give me a name?"

"What brought this on?"
He glanced over at the boy.

"Because next time I see Nataku I wanna tell him my name!"

"I'll get around to it."

"Come on, Name me now. What am I?"

"How about monkey then if your going to be so
insistent about it."
He then felt a pillow hit him in the head.

"Damn you, Do you want to die!"
He saw the boy slumping slightly and then Sanzo himself sighed.



"Your name is Goku. It's short and simple enough so that even a monkey like you can remember it."

"Goku huh. Got a nice ring to it. Hey whats it mean?"

"Will you be quiet."

"Hey Sanzo."

"What is it now?"

"Thank you."
He smiled.


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