Sakura Wars Fan Fiction / Beyblade Fan Fiction ❯ Sakura Taisen:Zero One ❯ Prognosis ( Chapter 10 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Ominous looking orbs set their gazes onto the mortals standing below. The unmistakable air of authority has blanketed the grounds as the Sacred Four made their presence felt to all those who can see them. The assertive Dragon first approached the four boys and said in his familiar, ominous voice:

"What do you intend to do by calling us out?"

The four were stunned by the authority that was exuded by the four beings that they were momentarily stunned and couldn't respond.......that is, until Max piped up,

"I wish to pass the entrance exam!!"


The people watching the four fell flat on the ground just as the same time as the three hit Max on the noggin. "You're watching too much Fushigi Yugi, bakero(idiot)!"

The other people moaned as Maria mumbled, "The Sacred Four could be in the wrong hands."

"Sorry, I got carried away," said Max, "But Hiromi has a point in liking that show. We have the four gods here."

"For crying out loud!" said Takao, "You're letting that freakin' girly show grow on you! Reality check Maxy: This is NOT the Universe of the Four Gods!"

"Would you guys stop it?!" said Rei, "We're not only wasting out time; we're wasting THEIRS as well."

The others looked up and snapped back to sobriety when they remembered that they had called their Bit Beasts for a very important task at hand. Straightening themselves, the four faced the ominous beings in front of them, as the dragon repeated his question. Decisively, Takao strode forward and said in a sober voice:

"We need to talk."

And the boys told the four everything that happened, and the big decision that they have to make. The four being listened intently to every word that the boys said. Finally, the dragon said,

"You children had been chosen for an ominous task at hand, and you were chosen because of the fact that you are the ones that are holding our powers. Everything that is happening is because of us, and it is just that you will decide on our fate."

"But Dragoon!" said Takao, "We can't just put you through that lab thingamajig again. Remember the...."

"What is past is past. No matter how we fight it, what is fated to happen, will happen. We have our trust in you, children, for we have been fighting together for such a long time. We have faith in your competence and the purity of your hearts."

"We have a new obligation," said the phoenix, "and that is to protect humanity together with you."

"We had been witnesses to the battle that the people around you are fighting," said the turtle.

"Whatever you think will help you protect those whom you fight for, we will surely follow you," said the tiger.

"So that are be......."

"We will be willing to go anywhere you need us to be," said the dragon, as he and the other three beings slowly disappear, "Remember...."

"We trust in you."

As the four Bit Beasts disappeared into their respective beyblades, the boys slowly picked up their tops, still not believing that their Bit Beasts were more willing to follow the order than they themselves were. They were even more surprised when they saw Team Hana and the others making their way towards them.

"No way," said Takao, "You can see them?"

"Uh, yes," Sakura said slowly, also shaken by the whole spectacle. "I just can't believe it.....that I can actually see the Sacred Four in my lifetime!"

"What's more unbelievable is that they are in the hands of children like you," said Maria, "Now I know why you were chosen by the Major."

"So you girls have an idea how powerful they are, don't you?" said Major Oogami.

"But that's just a preview," said Lt. Hayata, as he adjusted his glasses for the nth time. "The real deal will be the next few weeks or so, depending on how fast you and your Beasts will progress. Right boys?"

"Huh? Uh.....yeah."

"Whoa!" said Kanna, "So that's your power. Wicked!"

"Aiyaa! With all that power on our side, imagine what we can do!' Kohran swooned and said, "No demon will ever mess with us again!"

"And you've got my talent to thank for that," said the Major.

"Hey! No fair!" said Lt. Hayata, face-faulting, "I found the first!"

Everyone laughed.

"Major," said Takao, as he strode forward.


Holding up his beyblade's Dragoon bit, the blue- haired fellow said, "Dragoon has spoken. He will go." The other three likewise held out theirs. After a few moments of thoughtful silence, the Major said,

"I'm glad that you finally understood."

The Major motioned to Hayata, who brought out and opened a cushioned safety box. Carefully placing the four bits in the cushion and carefully closing it as if the bits were fragile pieces of glass, Hayata said, "I don't need to say this, but as usual, it's customary: Your Beasts are in good hands."

"I'm just wondering," said Sakura, "What kind of Kobu would be made out of those cores?" asked Sakura.

Kohran was wearing a mischievous grin as she said, "It's a surprise. All I can tell you is that it's not like anything that you have seen before." She snickered slyly as her glasses fogged up.

"You know that something's not right when she starts to look like that," said Kanna.

"But whatever it is, I'm still excited that you boys will finally join us soon!" said Sakura. "Soon you will be full fledged members of the Force. Omedetou!"

"What are you talking about?!" said Takao, "Having your butt dragged into near suicidal stuff like a war is not something to be congratulated about!"

"Yeah, but being congratulated by a girl is another. Your face is as red as a tomato," Rei pointed out.

"What the heck are you saying?!" cried Takao, his face getting redder as Max said, "Admit it. You like her, don't you? You don't need to deny that. It's not as if we have to tell Hiromi."

"SHUT UP!!" cried the red-faced, blue-haired fellow as the people around them laughed. Even the usually reclusive Iris seemed to be smiling throughout the boys' bantering.

"But he does have a point," said Maria. "the boys' training will not stop here. In fact, something will be added to your training regimen starting next week. It is the kind that will train you for actual combat."

"Oh well, another chopping block in the course," said Takao, "But what can I do? Dragoon himself wants to join in the fray. And that's the reason why we're here. Right guys?"

"Yep!" said Max, "Draciel's coming, so I might as well be!"

"Same with Driger," said Rei.

"How about you, Kai?"

Smirking, the gray haired fellow said, "Looks like Dranzer's gotten the better of me this time. What else can I do?"

Takao smirked back and said,' Always uptight as usual. But never mind, he's coming anyway." Turning to the Major, he said, "We're ready for anything you throw at us."

"Their spirits are really strong," said Sakura.

"Well, that's expected from the ones that are holding the Sacred Four's powers," said Maria, as she bemusedly watched Kanna, as the latter playfully pressed her fist against Takao's head in another wild exchange of bantering. "And Kanna was right in saying that no matter how we go against it, we can never change the fact that they are fully qualified for the Force. It's no just because of their powers, but because their spirit entity has a common factor that makes the strongly attractive. Just looking at their friendship can rebuild any broken spirit: that is a very vital factor in being a median."

"Oh gee, look at the time," said Hayata, obviously to stop more exchanges of senseless banter. And you all know that you have to gather enough energy for tomorrow. So I'd suggest that we call it a day and turn in for the night." Yawns from some of the gathered youngsters were all that was needed to emphasize this point.

As the group went inside the studio's halls, Max said, "Hey, aren't there supposed to be six of you girls?"

"Now that you've mentioned it, I haven't seen Sumire-san with us," said Sakura, "where could she be?"

"Nah, don't worry about her," said Kanna, "She probably got scared from seeing those things. Serves her right: She should pick someone her own size!"

"But she isn't that big," said Max.

"I was talking about her ego," said Kanna with a wink.

"Oh," the boys chorused in a meaningful tone as they laughed.

"Ahem, before everything else," said Hayata, "we'll be having an overall prognoses tomorrow."

"Tomorrow?" "Overall?" "That means...."

"Yep. The boys will go with you too."

"Us?! Prognosis?!" yelled Takao, then said in a lower voice, "what's a prognosis?"


Everyone briefly fell flat on the floor.

Maria explained, " means that you will undergo an overall evaluation on the status of your physical and spiritual powers. Kinda like a routine school check-up, But whatever data we will get will be used to upgrade our fighting machines, the Kobu."

"In this case, your data will be used to MAKE yours," said Hayata.

"All right!" said Takao, "Finally, I'll get to ride on one of those things and kick some monster butt!"

"I can't wait to fly!" said Max.

"There's nothing like good old action," said Rei, as he made his knuckle joints snap.

"Laugh all you want" said Kai with a smirk, "This is a war we're going into, not a carnival."

"It IS a carnival," retorted Takao, again with that weird look in his eyes, "A wild one."

As the group made their way into their rooms and exchanged more pleasantries and bantering, their voices reached the other rooms, resounding with more vibrancy with each passing sound, penetrating even the heavy walls of the farthest ones. Even if she's in the farthest corner of her room, she can still hear Takao's rambunctious whooping. Indeed, it was unbearable for her.

"Miserable street urchins," Sumire muttered, as she turned over in her bed.

Their inclusion was a big pain for her. Even more was their imposing personality. But what she couldn't accept was their increasing popularity with the people around them, including her own team.

"And all because they saw those.....those things! So what if they're the Sacred Four? That won't make them any better than the street urchins that they are. And I don't understand why everybody's making such a big fuss over them!"

"All of them.....they're all hopeless!"

"You nervous, guys?" asked Max.

"Uh, a bit," said Rei, as he looked around. "these gadgets are of high-end technology as Kyoju said."

The two divisions, Team Hana and Team Goma, had all been ushered into another one of the massive chambers of the highly technological underground complex. In preparation for the procedure that they are about to undergo, they were all made to wear white gowns and pajamas, not unlike those worn by hospital patients.

"Eh?" said Takao, as he looked up the walls and saw a familiar face at the glass window where the operators were. "Look guys! It's Kyoju!"

Indeed it was Kyoju, wearing a uniform similar to those worn by the other operators.

"Yo! Kyoju!" cried Takao, as he waved at the window.

"Stop it!" said Max and Rei, restraining him. "You're embarrassing us!"

At the window's control, Kyoju sweatdropped and said, "there he goes again," as the female operators around him giggled. Turning to Beckett, he said "I'm sorry, ma'm...."

"It's ok, it's ok," said Beckett, "just tell them what to do."

Sighing, Kyoju sat on his station, took the microphone and said, "Okay everybody, the Major told me that the procedure that we will be using for today's prognosis will be slightly different. Instead of the standard atomic scanners, we will be using the contact capsules instead, so that means, have to take all of your clothes off."

"WHAAATT?!" The faces of everybody in the hall went red.

"Uh, of course, you'll do that in those capsules," said Kyoju, as he pointed to enclosures gathered at the back part of the chamber.

The people in the chamber heaved a sigh of relief. "Don't scare us like that!"

"But why the contact capsules?" asked Kanna, "Aren't the atomic scanners faster?"

"I think it's because of the boys," said Kohran, "Since their Kobu are yet to be constructed, more detailed data should be given to the CGS's engineers so every aspect of the Kobu's specifications can be accounted for and match with their pilots' specifications. In this case, more complicated equipment like the contact capsule system is needed."

"Okay then" said Kyoju, through the microphone, "the technicians will lead you to the capsules and will hook you up to the system." As he said this, a group of people in lab coats entered the room and led them to the cubicles; the female technicians for Team Hana, and the male technicians for Team Goma.

"I'm warning you," muttered Sumire under her breath, "don't you dare take a peek or else..."

"No way," said Takao, "besides, who would even care to take a peek at your skinny body?"

"Why you....."

As the doors to the enclosures were shut tight, all of the computer programmers and analyzers were told to be on standby. Inside the enclosures, the subjects promptly undressed and lay down inside their respective capsules, and in there the technicians latched the controls onto the respective parts of their body. When this procedure was completed, the capsules were shut tight and they were automatically hoisted onto the chambers' upper shelving.

By that, Beckett said, "Initialize scan!"

In each of the capsule, every connector emitted a warm pulse as it fed its inputted data into the analyzer's computers. Each of the monitors printed out detailed graphs of the subjects' bodies and the corresponding written data. "Physical statistics completed. Moving on to the spiritual statistics," said an operator.

"Initialize scan for spirit statistics!" said Beckett.

Suddenly, a warning horn sounded from one of the monitors. "What's that?!"

"Captain, something's wrong with one of the capsules!"

"It seems that the subject may be displaced or was moving too much!"

"Whose capsule is it?" asked Beckett.

"From capsule #65E2: Takao's!"

"What?!" Kyoju grabbed the mike and said, "Operator, show the interior of the capsule!"

"Roger!" Holding their breath the throng of computer operators and scientists nervously waited for the showing of the capsule's interior on the main monitor, but all of them facefaulted when they saw the reason for the disturbance....

"Ugh, my nose is so dirty!" said Takao as his right pinky scraped his nostrils.


The people in the room fell flat on the floor as Kyoju yelled, "TAKAAOOOOOOOO!!!!"

"Huh?" Takao nonchalantly stared at the camera, and with his pinky still in his nostril said, "Are we done yet?"


The other people in the capsules were facefaulting as well.

"Well, that's Takao for you," said Rei.

Max placed a forehead over his head. "He will never learn."

The others groaned, "Ew...."

"Okay, that's enough," said Beckett, "Takao-kun, if you do another kind of disruption, you'll receive a disciplinary action. So straighten up, we don't have much time."

"Okay fine," muttered Takao.

The people in the control panel went back to their positions and re-typed the command feed. Beckett once more gave the go-signal and the machines started feeding in the subjects' spirit statistics.


"Why? Did he do something again?"

"No, that's not what I meant! Take a look at this!"

Beckett walked to the unit and took a peek at the monitor. What she saw gave her a knock of surprise. On the chart indicating the four boys' statistics were shown readings that they have never seen before.

"Unbelievable!" cried the operator, "These are record breakers! Their spiritual energy coefficients are off the charts!" The other operators yammered among themselves in astonishment.

Beckett stared at the monitors and said, "In terms of statistics maybe. But we can't really say for now if they can be that effective in actual combat. But I have to admit that those engineers have a reason to make their Bit Beasts the cores of the Blade Armor series. Even the Ryoshin crystals can't withstand such amounts of power."

As soon as the operators had printed out the readings, Beckett ordered the procedure to end. Having said this, the capsules where promptly lowered down to the cubicles, and a few minutes later, the two teams were making their way out of the testing chambers. The girls' conversation was dominated by Takao's unsanitary act, and whatever else they can say about it.

"Just here them talk about it, "said Kyoju, who met up with them a while ago, "aren't you ashamed of what you did?! Oh, I guess you don't know the meaning of shame unless it means being beaten in a Beybattle.....hey Takao! Are you listening?!"

"Wha? A...Ah, what is it?"

"Hey what's wrong?" asked Max, "What's with the blank daze?"

"Well....uhh.....never mind!" Takao walked faster and soon, broke into a run as he said, "Catch you later!"

The others stared at each other. "What's eaten him?"

As soon as he reached the central hall, the blue haired fellow slowed down, as he stared thoughtfully at the massive chandeliers. I don't know what's going on, but...what was that voice I heard? It's not from the Captain, or the girls,... it sounds very familiar that for some reason...I felt scared when I heard it.

What was that?