Sakura Wars Fan Fiction / Beyblade Fan Fiction ❯ Sakura Taisen:Zero One ❯ Violet Malevolence ( Chapter 11 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

That evening, at the Major's office…..

Beckett entered the office and gave the routine salute. Afterwards, she brought out a thick envelope and said, "Sir, these are the results of yesterday's prognoses."

The Major took the envelope and pored over its contents. "Hmm, looks like Team Hana's readings haven't changed for the past months."

"Any problem with that, Sir?"

"Well…none really. They can still hold out on their own at this rate." Turning the pages of the document, he stopped halfway, apparently taken by surprise by what he had seen on that page. "Whoa! So THIS is what those boys are made of. Their coefficient figures are those of equally qualified soldiers twice their ages!"

"But it's too early to say whether they can be effective in actual combat or not," said Beckett.

"I know, I know," said the Major. "Turning the page, he said, "What have we here? Oh, the overall character evaluation. Hmm, from the way this was written, I'd say the researcher had found the subjects interesting, which by the way, is what these boys really are."

"That I have to agree with," said Beckett, "Kinoshita is really good at evaluating a person's character. She had documented everything: strengths, weaknesses, and even some hidden talents."

"Really now," said the Major, as he pored over the papers, "and she even included their performing skills. Let's see…."

"Dancing is Rei's major strength, due to the well-developed body coordination that he had gained from his martial arts training since childhood. So his Kobu must have a strong and fast machine-to-pilot response to keep up with his speed and agility."

"Both in the theater and Beybattles, Max always maintains a sunny, childlike air, which hides any sign of good war strategy skills. And since he is of the defensive type, the best Kobu for him is the one that can readily synchronize with his feelings, especially in times when he feels that his friends are in danger, in which he builds up a great desire to protect them. A Kobu with an advanced wide-range shielding system can readily answer that need."

"Always pensive but direct, Kai always means business. Having a direct balance between singing and dancing, the same can be said of his preferred battle gear: a balance of offense and defense. He needs a no-nonsense Kobu that also strikes the same balance for a direct type of offensive that he will likely undertake.'

"A gung-ho, in-your-face attitude is what dominates Takao's style. His imposing personality can be felt both in the theater and in the base itself. Unfortunately, this is the main reason why he leaps before he looks. He needs a Kobu that can rapidly change back and forth from an offensive to a defensive type, to compensate for the said weakness."

"From the report, I would say that among them, Takao has the lowest battle capability," said Beckett.

"In terms of attitude maybe. But we cannot overlook his statistics, which show that he has the strongest spirit entity. Not to mention that his kendo skills is not something to scoff at," said the Major, "I think it's a mistake to think these boys are chosen just because they can spin overblown, exploding tops."

"Major…" said Beckett, obviously affected by these words.

"Don't worry. I was not talking about you. I was thinking of what I should say to those hotshots in the International Council. They don't seem to understand why I have chosen these boys. It's not really fair for them: they're fully qualified, but are not taken seriously because of their age. Maybe because those old biddies don't want to accept the fact that there are times that kids can do the job at hand better than we adults could….oh sorry Beckett-kun. I didn't mean to bore you again with one of my speeches."

"No, sir, it's OK," said Beckett. "I find it wonderful how much you put your trust into those boys."

"Well, that's what I must do for now. They are the only ones who have the capability to unite the girls' spirits; a vital unity that seemed to be lost when they were put to cold sleep…."

"They have to. And I believe that they CAN."

*************************************************************** *********

Three weeks after…..

Morning, at the Teito Broadcasting Studios.

Loud wood-to-wood snapping and loud cheering can be heard from the training hall of the Studios. Even if this was nothing more than a simple sparring, a friendly match, the combatants seemed to be really serious in the game. Indeed, the two were so well matched that the combatants, composed mostly of the other Studio recruits, found it hard to decide on whom to root for. The match ended in a draw, with the combatants pointing their wooden swords at each other's noses. At that, the audience gave out a loud cheering and applause.

"Thanks. You're good!" said Sakura.

"You too," said Takao, holding out his hand, "Put `em there!"

Rather surprised, but smiling nevertheless, Sakura let out her hand and did the handshake.

"Amazing!" said one of the onlookers, "Not only is he a great Beyblader, he also rocks at kendo!"

"His skill is equal to that of Sakura's," said another.

"But the sparring match between Kanna-sempai and Rei-sempai was awesome!" said yet another, "They were flying all over the room like supermen. And they're equally matched too!"

"And what was funny was when Kanna-sempai said that Rei-sempai was a complete were cat. Who wouldn't say that? Not only does his fangs and odd eye color show it, but also his nimbleness and the sheer height of his jump can be seen in a cat. Or a tiger."

"And all that adds to his charm factor as we can see," said another, as the female onlookers were starting crowding around Rei, fussing over him.

"What is all that noise about?!" a familiar voice rang through the doorway.

"Oh, Sumire-san!" said Sakura. True enough it was her, who was making her way into the training hall with her naginata. "Are you gonna practice with us?"

"In your dreams!" said the violet-haired lady, "And what are these low-rankers doing here? Only front-line divisions are allowed here. Go to you own training room!"

"That Sumire is really a meanie!" said one of the girls in the crowd.

"Yeah," said another, "I can't believe that she's the network's top star!"

"Oi Sumire, that's not nice," said Kanna, "They're just watching here."

"Watching?! What are they watching!?"

"Well, you see," Maria puts in, "We had arranged a sparring match between Team Hana and Team Goma for the morning. You should've come earlier: these boys are really good."

"Good? Those street rats? O-HOHOHOHOHO!" with a mocking laughter, Sumire proclaimed, "Good with their overblown spinning tops that is!"

"But it's not about their Beyblades," said Maria, "It's about their fighting skills."

"Oh spare me," said Sumire, "Aside from spinning those toys, the only thing that these street urchins know is to break things apart and make trouble. I don't see any good reason to waste my time on them."

"Maybe you don't WANT to see the reason."

The people in the hall were surprised to hear Kai speak out after staying quiet for the whole period, even more when they saw him walk towards the violet-haired lady.

"Oho! It's the face-painted scalawag."

The gray haired fellow's crimson eyes established deep contact with hers as he said, "You always talk so tough and above-it-all, but are you sure that's the reason why you push newbies around?" In typical tough guy fashion, he moved his chin forward and said, `Or is it that you're scared that we might be better than you are?"

"I am not the least bit intimidated," said Sumire, "Why will I stoop down to the level of low-life street rats that know nothing but to live off the Major's and Assistant Commander's generosity?"

"Sumire!" Maria said warningly, but the violet-haired woman cut her off and said,

"I'm not stupid: why did the Assistant Commander choose blatantly unqualified street urchins and let them stay here? And aren't you wondering why he chose conspicuously good-looking ones at that? It's simple; because he `loves' children, and he wants these urchins to be of his `service' when the time comes."

"Sumire!" cried the Team Hana, aghast by what she said. Gasps can be heard across the room, followed by tones of indignation. Even Takao couldn't stand what she said and lashed out, shouting, "How dare you!" but Max and Rei held him back.

"No," said Rei, "That is exactly what she's planning you to do. Just don't go down to her level."

"But guys…."

A strange, sad look was on Max's eyes. "Don't. She's acting bad enough. Don't make it any worse."

"Oh, the truth really hurts doesn't it?" said Sumire, "A figure of authority using the Force to satisfy his morbid desires. I am not blind, and I can see through all of you. If you know any better, you'll leave this place and go back to the streets where you really belong!"

Everybody was yammering in indignation and demanded Sumire to take back what she said, but were silenced when suddenly, Kai had burst out into a long, loud and mocking laughter, more mocking than hers.

"Oh, that's a good one! It's hard to believe that it came from an ill-humored jerk like you." Straightening up, he said, "That proves to say that you're just an insecure dog who's afraid of losing her manger to needier horses. And those horses happen to be wild stallions who're gonna kick a bitch like you from the throne."

Ticked from being called a bitch, Sumire said, "You watch your mouth, ruffian! You don't know whom you're talking to!"

"Oh yes I do know: a bitch in the manger by the name of Sumire Kanzaki."

"THAT'S IT!" Threateningly slamming her naginata on the floor, she yelled, "I'll make you pay dearly for insulting me!"

"Ah, so you're finally accepting my challenge," saying this, Kai brought out his short sword and pointed it at her, "Now let's see if your bite is worse than your bark."

"It's not you who I want." Sumire walked towards the gathered people and pointed at someone.


Everybody was startled when the saw that it was Max whom she wanted. Even he himself was surprised. "Who? Me?"

"Hey wait!" said Kai, "I'm the one challenging you, not him!!"

"You ruffians all look like a tough bunch, all except for him. He's quite childish for his age, trying to cozy up to everyone and hiding behind them. If he wants to prove otherwise, he has to defeat me on a one-on-one duel. So, are you up to the challenge…..sugar boy?"

Everybody voiced out their concern, as Maria said, "Enough. I'm going to call the Major."

"No, Maria-san."

Surprised to hear the tone of dignity in his voice, the people in the hall were awed as Max looked directly into Sumire's eyes and said, "I accept your challenge."

"But Max!"

"If this is the only way she would stop picking on us….no, on everyone else in the Studio, I have to defeat her." Moving forward, he said, "Surely you will stop picking on us if I win, right?"

"But if I win," said Sumire, "You will do whatever I say. Surely I will make you feel sorry that you will leave this place without notice."

"I don't want to do this," said Max, "But you leave me with no choice."

Everybody held their breaths as Max brought out a shiny red staff, with a round, red sphere at one end and a sharp, pointed receptacle at the other.

"Whoa!! Where did he get THAT!?" cried Takao.

"That staff kinda looked familiar," said Kanna.

The two combatants positioned themselves at the center of the hall amidst the crowd forming at the door. When Maria gave them the go-signal, the two charged at each other with such speed that it took long for the audience to realize what's going on.

"Whoa! Just look at that! Both are really good!"

"I never expected a kid to hold his own against the Kanzaki Fujin-style!"

Kyoju was analyzing the battle scene with is laptop. A few minutes later, he said, "Everyone! Take a look at this!!" Everybody gathered around the laptop s the bespectacled beanpole said, "Amazing! Max is using the rounded end of his staff to fend off the direct attacks of Sumire's naginata, and in such a high speed at that!"


"But he cant go on shielding against those attacks forever," said Takao.

The two combatants, on the other hand, were intensely going at each other.

"I see that you got some fight in you," said Sumire, as she continued her attacks, "But you can't avoid my blade's attack forever!"

"I don't intend to," said Max, as he continued to fend them off.

"I'm getting tired of playing with you! Let's end this quickly! KANZAKI FUJIN-STLE BUTTREFLY DANCE!!"

"You're wide open!! RETURN VOLITION!"

Without warning, Max slid his hand onto the center of the staff, made it twirl and meet the naginata's incoming blade. The two weapons collide with a loud clang as they crossed with each other. The following events were fast: Sumire made a horizontal swipe, but Max jumped with a considerable height to avoid it, and he in turn attempted to stab her with the sharp end of his staff, which Sumire quickly avoided. Then, she made another round of attacks, all of which Max repelled by making his staff twirl at high speed.

"Whoa. Just look at Max gun down on her," said Rei.

"Yah," said Takao with a stunned look, "No kidding. I won't even think of arguing with him again," he said as he stared at the slices on the walls from Sumire's naginata and the cracks on the wood-and-cement layered floor from Max's staff. It didn't take long before they delivered their final attack….with such speed, that…..

All were caught unawares when a few seconds later, they realized that the naginata's blade and the staff's sharp end had been broken off, flown away and landed on the ceiling of the training hall.