Sakura Wars Fan Fiction ❯ ALPHA UNIVERSE SAGA: AVATAR TUNER ❯ Chapter 01 ( Chapter 2 )

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Chapter 01: Blue Star, Once Again
“They pretty persistent…but it wasn't as hard…” Ave commented when he saw his handiwork or to be exact downed two MS-06J Zaku II units. He jumped out from the cockpit and scanned through surrounding. Nobody seems available in the place and Ave could understand this. Only corpses of soldiers everywhere but there are funny things that even the young Time Diver notices. Those soldiers are killed by 9mm bullet and although Ave himself not a military freaks like his comrade Sousuke Sagara, he knows those kind of bullet usually being used for beretta issued handgun. “Someone must be really talented here…” Ave commented again as he want to return to his Dis Lev coffin's cockpit.
“Huh…?” suddenly the young Time Diver stopped. He saw something that scattered on the ground. “What is this actually…?” Ave kneeled and took those objects. They are thorned pages from book but they seem stained by dry blood. “This language…where it came from…?” the young Time Diver wondered again as he take those seven mysterious pages and returned to Argan's cockpit. “Ah…communicator signal…it's from Shinjiro and the other…” Ave smiled as he realize his communicator beeped.
“Lieutenant Ave…where are you…reply me…!” Shinjiro voice can be heard booming from the intercom and the young Time Diver close one of his ears. “No need to be that loud Shinjiro…I am not deaf…by the way how is the other…?” Ave asked. “New York Kagekidan landed safely…all of them…and SRX Team is with us at the moment…!” Shinjiro reported. “It seems the cause of this teleportation is the accident from XN System installed on your Fujiyama-Star unit….or maybe…they installed on all of STAR units…?” Ave asked. “Well, lieutenant…it is actually yes…” Shinjiro replied sheepishly and the young Time Diver just sighed. “Sunnyside…he knows how to make trouble…!” the young Time Diver sighed again. “Did you just say something lieutenant…?” Shinjiro asked. “No…it is nothing…by the way…I set the rendezvous point at X189 and Y76 coordinate…we will meet about three hours from now…” the young Time Diver informed. “Roger that…!” Shinjiro acknowledge the command and he close the communication. Ave sighed again and he stared those thorned pages again. “Is there something being hidden in this pages…? I don't know why…I have the feeling that everything being orchestrated here…” he commented again but only inside his very own heart.
Apporximately one hour before…
“There is no hope…!” Yudhionov run and hide in another building debris meanwhile Madlax helped Elanore and Margaret to run from those MS-06J Zaku II. Madlax jump and aimed toward one of Zaku II sensor on its face and shot with her sniper rifle. “Madlax…!” Margaret shouted meanwhile Yudhionov just stared everything in disbelief. “That wonder-girl…she must be really something…!?” as he thinks about that, he began to readying his custom machinegun. “Damn…it is no use…!” Madlax said as she quickly take cover behind the wall of the building where Margaret, Elanore and Yudhionov located. “I told you before right…! Unless you use Anti-MS rifle…you must be having a dream to be able to gunned down those gigantic objects…!” Yudhionov shouted.
Madlax unloaded empty bullet shells from her sniper rifle and quickly reload it with new bullets. “Well, as I said before Mr. Yudhionov…in the battlefield…survival instinct is the one counted…not statistic or experience…!' she answered with her gentle smile as usual. “Margaret…Elanore…take this…” Madlax handed her two type of glock issue handguns toward Margaret and Elanore who accepted those reluctantly. “In case something happened to me…you two still can protect yourself…” Madlax smiled. “Madlax…be…careful…” Margaret whispered as the female mercenary jump from her hideout and charge into those two Zaku II.
“This time for sure…” Madlax whispered as she took another aim toward one of Zaku II sensor on its face. That mobile suit also quickly aimed toward Madlax with its 100mm machinegun meanwhile Elanore quickly hugged Margaret and make sure her mistress didn't see anything if something happened to Madlax. “Wonder-girl…!” as Yudhionov shouted, a voice of machinegun can be heard. That voice overwhelmed the voice of sniper rifle caused but Madlax elegantly doing a somersault jump and avoid being hit by 100mm shells from Zaku II's machinegun. “This girl sure…a monster…!” Yudhionov commented as Madlax returned to take cover in another building debris and without being realized by those Zaku II, she run on Yudhionov side.
“How is it…?” Elanore asked. “No use…this sniper rifle even cannot scratch the bullet proof glass on its sensor alone…” Madlax replied. “I told you before wonder-girl…you need Anti-MS rifle to defeat them, but you just ignore my warning and pulled your fucking stunt alone…!” Yudhionov shouted. “Elanore…I am…” Margaret clutched her book tightly and it is really obvious that she feel really scared about what happened to her. Elanore quickly smiled toward her young mistress. “Don't worry Margaret Ojousama…everything will be alright…believe me…” she replied. “Hai…!” Margaret smiled toward her. “Ah…c'mon…put some common sense lady…how can everything will be alright…? Unless we have some kind of miracle happens here at this very moment…or all of your pretty faces will be wipe out by those giant tin cans…!” Yudhionov commented. “Some kinds of miracle you mean…but let me try it one more time…this time for sure…!” Madlax actually want to do her stunt one more time but suddenly there is something happened that make her change her mind.
A mysterious object in jet black colour fly with a high speed and slammed one of its wings toward one of the Zaku II's shoulder. This action makes one of those Zaku II fall meanwhile his comrade stared toward the flying object in disbelief. That flying object has a similar shape with a demon and armed itself with a giant beam scythe. Another thing is the eyes of the demonic figure that shines crimson colour like blood make the other Zaku II pilot feel scared. “Dis…Astranagant…!” one of the Zaku II pilot shouted and his voice indicates that he really scared toward the object that landed in front of him.
“It seems there are these two rogue mobile suit here…haven't having fun for a while…!” Ave commented and he quickly dashed toward one of the Zaku II. Argan quickly decapitate one of Zaku II arm and kicked that poor mobile suit on its torso. “Shit…!” the other Zaku II quickly shot its 100mm machinegun but Argan use it's reflect shield to deflect the bullet. “What's that…!?” Madlax meanwhile stared at the incoming Argan with confusion. “It's our chance…! Run…!!!” Yudhionov suddenly grabbed Madlax arm meanwhile Elanore helping Margaret to run as fast as they can.
Suddenly another explosion caused by Argan's attracter shower occurred and the impact blows Margaret and Elanore. Losing her balance, Margaret also lose her grip toward the mysterious book she posses. The book being opened, and several pages from its content flew away from the book itself. “No…!” Margaret shouted as she trying to catch the nearest pages from being fall too far from her. “Margaret Ojousama…! No…we don't have much time here…! We must run…!” Elanore quickly pulled Margaret's arm away. “But…but…” Margaret still insisted little bit about it. “Ladies…c'mon…! We can find those pages later…! Now we need to save our butts first…!” Yudhionov yelled. Finally Margaret nodded and she quickly runs toward Yudhionov and Madlax along with Elanore.
“If you want to beat me…you're one hundred years too early to do that…!” Ave shouted as he slammed his Scythe toward the last Zaku II's body. The last Zaku II fall down and lies motionless after a while. Ave realizes that his strike must have killing the pilot in the progress. It cannot be helped especially in the battlefield like this, moreover no body as lucky as the other Zaku II pilot who manage to escape before its Zaku II being gunned down by Argan's attracter shower. Ave sighed as he remembers how long he has been doing this kind of thing as one of his duty as Time Diver. Not really his duty actually, but at least this young Time Diver prefer to do action more than just talking and theorizing something like usually hopeless politicians do. It was when he never realizes that he would found something that will make him knows the secret of this universe.
“They are pretty persistent but it wasn't hard…” Ave commented as he climbed down from his Argan to see his handywork for downing two MS-06J units. Ave's attention suddenly picked its interest toward several thorned pages with stained blood on it. But the young Time Diver cannot really investigate about what happened and the identity of these pages since there are no equipment available and also someone already send a distress signal to him. It's turned to be Taiga Shinjiro along with New York Kagekidan that sent a distress signal. After deciding a rendezvous point, the young Time Diver put those pages inside his small bag pack and quickly activated Argan to fly toward the rendezvous point.
Meanwhile in Yudhionov's Hideout…
“Margaret Ojousama…” Elanore try to comfort her mistress for losing those pages meanwhile Yudhionov just sat on the nearby crates and sighed. Madlax on the other hand, take this opportunity to study a mechanism of mobile suit from Yudhionov's personal MS-06F2 Zaku II. “It's not something difficult to be defeat actually…only the nature of its power and its bullet proof glasses that make it seems difficult to be defeated…” Madlax commented. “Told you once lady…you need that Anti-MS rifle…!” Yudhionov pointed toward a long rifle on the edge of the garage. That rifle shape is similar to Anti-Tank Rifle but it seems heavier and has more powerful recoil than a normal Anti-Tank Rifle. “Is this thing really hard to handle…?” Madlax asked. “Maybe for you baby…but not for me…” Yudhionov commented.
“Ups…it is kinda of heavy…but still can be carried by me easily…” Madlax commented when she literally lifted that Anti-MS rifle all by herself. Yudhionov cannot do anything else beside stared in awe toward this thing. He never imagine a girl younger than him be able to lift this kind of thing easily. “You must heave iron cast muscle lady…! Nobody except me able to carry that thing…!” Yudhionov commented. “Really…?” Madlax just stared at Yudhionov for a few second before smiled. “It wasn't really heavy…” she answered.
Meanwhile in Rendezvous Point…
“Ave…! You're alive…!” Shinjiro run toward Ave and want to give the young Time Diver a hug. “Save that for later Shinjiro…there is something more important need to be done…!” Ave replied and he quickly walks toward SRX Team members. “Viletta taichou…! I found this before and it seems something really important…” Ave commented. “What is it lieutenant…?” Viletta Badam, leader of SRX Team asked. “I am not sure myself…but somehow…I think it was related toward something…something that we don't know…” Ave replied. “Is it like a spell to open the dark world…? Like what always being shown in the RPG…?” Ryusei asked. “Not something like that maybe…” Ave replied with a big sweatdrop on his face. “But…for this time…I am quite agree with Ryusei, this thing might be something really dangerous…” Mai suddenly commented.
“The problem is…this stained blood…” Ave replied while pointing out those pages is spoiled by stained blood. “Ah…sacrificial lambs…!” Ryusei commented again. “Ryu…please be serious…” Aya sighed. “Gomenasai…” Ryusei answered sheepishly. “Any other way to remove this stained blood…?” Rai asked. “It is not impossible but I need proper equipment and someone expert on it…” Ave answered. “Someone expert on it…” Aya begin to think since she realizes nobody in SRX Team able to do that. “I know someone who can do that…” Shinjiro suddenly interrupted. “Let Subaru handle this…Subaru can do this with proper equipment…” Subaru suddenly spoken and Shinjiro just smiled. “This is the expert…” he commented.
“Don't worry Subaru…I can try to provide you with the equipment…” Ave answered. “Subaru sure that Subaru can do this…don't worry lieutenant Ave…” Subaru replied. “So Ave…where you will find the equipment…?” Aya asked. “That's good question…but why not try my parents house…they should have some of the equipment Subaru can use…” Ave answered. “That's good idea…I also want to meet Halko and your parents again…!” Gemini smiled. “Me too…” Shinjiro answered. “By the way…how is Ave-san parents look like…?” Diana asked. “They are very nice and especially his mother cooking are superb…!” Gemini answered. “So Ave…did your parents complain about your decision as Time Diver…?” Viletta asked. “Not really Taichou…they just shocked but they accepted…” Ave replied. “Ah…sounds like Super Robot Series…parents understand their children and the title could be Saraba, Otousan and Okasan…ah how great is it…” Ryusei commented.
“Did he always like that…?” Shinjiro asked. “Yes, but speaking of it…look at your own subordinate…” Ave pointed at Gemini that does a similar thing to Ryusei. “Oh…man…” Shinjiro sighed. “So…are we going…we need to move quickly or else…there will be no chance for us to know what actually happened…” Sagitta suddenly interrupted. “Rika agree with Sagitta this time…khi khi khi…” Rika commented as well. “So it is settle then…and Ave…you can lead the way…” Aya smiled and the young Time Diver just nodded. “Leave it to me Aya-san…” Ave replied.
Finally SRX Team and Hoshigumi decide to go to the young Time Diver's parents hoping that they can get proper equipments to decipher the message inside the stained blood pages. Unknown by them a huge conspiracy lies behind this and they will face another thing worse than humanity worst nightmare itself.
To Be Continued