Sakura Wars Fan Fiction ❯ ALPHA UNIVERSE SAGA: AVATAR TUNER ❯ Chapter 03 ( Chapter 4 )

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Chapter 03: Ruina
“So Ave is returned…!” Alisa asked in disbelief meanwhile Halko assure the girl that Ave really returning to Blue Star. “It has been a while since we saw him actually…” Alisa commented. “Yep, two years to be exact…I heard from his parents…he just returned this morning with some of his friends from another Earth…” Halko replied. “The other Earth…Ave told me once…it was called Second Militia…I always wondering…what kind of place is it…?” Alisa stared toward the evening sky while walking together with Halko. Since the end of the Blue Star conflict that revolves around Rogue Flamers two years ago, Alisa and Halko have become good friends. It was caused more like mutual understanding between both girls since they are share a responsibility to protect Blue Star on Ave's behalf. While Halko personally hoping Ave for return to Blue Star, Alisa put her trust toward Ave's action. For her, she knew Ave since high school almost ten years ago. For her, Ave is already like a brother that she trusts and care. At least she believes that.
“So are you still piloting GB-9700 for United Maintenance Army…?” Alisa asked. Halko just laughed. “Well, that suit already being scrapped since it was very difficult to find spare parts…they give me other suit later…although it wasn't as powerful as GB-9700…” Halko replied. “Which mobile suit is it anyway…?” Alisa asked. “It was NRX-018-2 Daughtress Neo…a new mass produce mobile suit made by United Maintenance Army…I am the one tested it…” Halko replied. “Isn't it the same with the old DT-6800A Daughtress unit…?” Alisa asked. “No…this Daughtress Neo unit performance sure better…but…still…I prefer my GB-9700 unit…” Halko answered when stared toward the sky. “You right…those suit also the one who help Ave and the others when fighting Rogue Flamers in the past…many memories stored in that unit…” Alisa commented.
Suddenly ground shaking and both girls shrieked in panic. “What was that…?” Alisa asked. “Not sure…but there is something wrong going on…!” Halko replied. “LOOK…!” Alisa pointed toward the sky and Halko quickly saw something that even she cannot believe. It was a dark energy pillar, shattered the sky and creating a whirlpool. It seems a vortex from another world have been opened and it gives both girls premonition toward something really bad will be going on. “Alisa…I will go back to the HQ first…you go and check with Ave's parents about what really going on…! I meet you there near Ave's parents house…!” Halko informed her as she runs toward her new HQ. “Halko…!!!” Alisa shouted. “Don't worry…! I will be fine…!” Halko replied and smiled toward the younger girl while keep running.
Meanwhile in Seaside Beach House…
“Is it caused by those words…?” Ave asked as he activated his Argan. “Not sure…but it happen exactly after she read that words…” Sagitta replied as she also activated her Highway-Star. “Speaking about devil…I feel there is something wrong is going on…look at the sky and that energy pillar…” Mai commented. “Like the resurrection of evil demon king from RPG….” Ryusei replied. “Ryu…we need to investigate that pillar…are you ready…?” Aya asked. “Anytime okay…Aya…!” Ryusei replied. “Tronium Engine also stable…captain…!” Rai answered. “Good and Ryu…please be careful…” Aya replied. “Don't worry…I will be careful…moreover…this Banpreios is very unbeatable…!” Ryusei answered. “All of you…prepare as well for OCC Pattern…and don't forget to keep send me any information you got…understand…?” Viletta asked while activated her R-Gun Powered. “Don't worry Viletta Taichou….! We will never fail you…!” Ryusei replied in confident.
“Subaru feel something else…but Subaru cannot really explain it…” suddenly Subaru speaks from her Random-Star unit. “What is it…Subaru-san…?” Diana asked while she adjusted a vision from her Silent-Star. “It's not only the words Subaru read…but also something else is going on there…” Subaru replied. “Something else…?” Gemini asked. “Yep, someone invoked something and Subaru read that magical chant in the same time…this is why all of this happening…that's what Subaru think…” Subaru replied. “Anyway…better we quickly figure out what really happened before make any decision about what's really going on…” Shinjiro commented. “Yes Sir…!” All New York Kagekidan personnel nodded in agreement as they transform their STAR Units into fighter planes and fly toward the dark energy pillar.
“I think we better follow them…I don't want they got into a trouble later…” Ave commented. “You're right and this Banpreios can provide a good support in the battlefield…!” Ryusei added. “You two…less talking and quick moving…!” Viletta suddenly commented. “Sorry Taichou…!” Both Ave and Ryusei replied as Banpreios and Argan fly toward the dark energy pillar as well. “If what I am thinking is correct…this is one of those enemies being faced by Helios Olympus millennial ago…and why the portal have been opened…no one knows about that but I…don't think…those words are really the key…” Viletta in her deep thought for a while. “Or maybe really there is someone that invoking the activation and destroy the seal by themselves…it is something…that never really…but there is no other reason beside that…” Viletta keep in her deep thought until she decides to drop it and pilot her R-Gun Powered to follow Ryusei and the others. “The only thing that I scared…is…even for Ave and me and also SRX Team…there will be no chance to fight them…they are…not ordinary enemies…they are the one that life to devour other living being…the name being put in prophecy millennial ago…and only those one that being connected by Fabra Forest can break the seal…” Viletta sighed.
Yudhionov's Hideout Area…
“What happened to me…?” Madlax suddenly asked while her face full with sweat. “It is nothing…you just have some bad dream…” Elanore smiled and assured the young mercenary girl to lie down on the nearby mattress. “I think…I saw something…where is my…gun…?” Madlax asked. “I keep them for you…and what do you see there Madlax-san…?” Elanore asked. “It is white…a little girl…with her doll…and thorned pages…” Madlax replied. “It is…Fabra Forest…” Margaret suddenly speaks. “Ojousama…?” Elanore stared at her young mistress in shock since she never expected Margaret to mention that name. “What is Fabra Forest exactly…?” Madlax asked. “It is a place…but I don't know…” Margaret replied. “Ojousama…please don't mention that place again…” Elanore hug her mistress and leaving Margaret stared in confusion. “Elanore…?” she whispered.
Meanwhile Yudhionov himself walks his Zaku II to investigate his hideout surrounding. “Everything seems very normal except that stupid idiot black pillar over there…!” Yudhionov commented. Suddenly ground surrounding his Zaku II shaking one more time. “This time…what the fuck will happening…!?” Yudhionov commented. Three shadows appeared and three of them have mysterious appearance. They look like something more monstrous beast rather than mechanical humanoid weapons. “Mobile suit…? No…! This must be influenced by that black pillar over there…!” Yudhionov commented again as he readied his 90mm machinegun. “Here…come to Papa freaking creatures…!” he shouted.
One of the creatures slashed its claw toward Yudhionov's Zaku II, but the battle-hardened mercenary quickly dodges the attack easily. “Eat this…!” Yudhionov shouted as he shot his 90mm machinegun toward that creature. It was direct hits but that creature seems just being cornered for a bit. Those 90mm bullets are not enough to kill that creature. “What the…!?” before Yudhionov could take a grip about what happened, another two creatures begin to attack him from behind. Yudhionov quickly spun his Zaku II and draw his Heat Hawk. It was with his perceive movement; the mercenary slashed his giant tomahawk toward one of the creatures. This time the Heat Hawk attacks left a more desirable result than 90mm machinegun bullets.
One of those two later creatures fell down motionless after the Heat Hawk severe its neck. The other two creatures quickly retaliate and readying themselves for another strategy. This time Yudhionov didn't waste his opportunity since he quickly shot them again with 90mm machinegun. As those two creatures jump to dodge the machinegun attack, Yudhionov drew one of his Panzer Vaust and shot it on one of them. “Eat this…!” he shouted. It was a huge explosion as that creature being hit on its torso, leaving its burned body fell down motionless besides the first headless creature. “Now…you're the last…I think…I should give you special treatment…!” Yudhionov grinned as only one more creature he needs to face.
Meanwhile in United Maintenance Army Hangar…
“Ensign Haruko…where are you going…!?” one hangar crew asked when the newtype girl begin to activate her Daughtress Neo. “There is something I need to investigate…! This phenomenon isn't natural…!” Halko shouted from her communicator. “It is against the order…! Please deactivate the mobile suit and return at once…!” the hangar crew shouted back. “If order can save us from this perils…I would gladly follow them…but since what happened two years ago…and also before…order can do nothing to protect humanity…!” Halko replied. “I am going…and I will protect this planet by my own hands…!” Halko shouted as she activated Daughtress Neo's rocket vernier and flew toward the dark energy pillar.
“Alisa…there is a change…we meet in the dark energy pillar…!” Halko contacted Alisa from her mobile suit. “No, I can't…this moment…there is…enemies….here…!” Alisa replied. “Enemies…!? Where are you now…!?” Halko asked. “Point X89 and Y56….!” Alisa replied. “That location…it is near Seaside Beach House…!?” Halko remain silent for a while. “I will be there soon…just hang in there…!” the young newtype girl replied as she once again flew her mobile suit toward Alisa's location. “There are two weapons have been installed…wired cutters and beam machinegun…damn…the ammo only half of them…” Halko commented. “But it was better than nothing still…hang in there…” as she push the vernier capability harder, Halko neglected there are movement detected from her Daughtress Neo's radar. She wasn't alone after all.
Approximately one hour ago…
Alisa sighed as she piloted her customized mobile suit called RMS-006 Jenice Kai. It has been two years since she learn how to pilot mobile suit more properly after her first attempt to pilot RGM-79SP II GM Sniper II two years ago during Rogue Flamers conflict. It was when she realizes that to protect this planet and someone she holds dearly, she needs to have power. Power as ability to pilot mobile suit since she realizes, only with the help of these gigantic humanoid weapons, she will be able to protect humanity. It was difficult for her in the first time, since she just a normal girl without newtype ability like Halko. But Alisa never give up and during these two years, she has done intensive training. It was for her sake as well as her promise toward the young Time Diver. She wants to fight alongside Halko and Ave, protecting Blue Star and at least have power to protect herself. With the help of Halko, Aniki and Kageyama, Alisa managed to get a hand to one RMS-006 Jenice mobile suit that being sold in the market before. She customized her mobile suit, adding weapons and repaints the colour. Armed with one heat sword, one heat hawk and 100mm machinegun, the new mobile suit finally ready for battle.
RMS-006 Jenice Kai Alisa's Custom was the official name for this mobile suit although, Alisa and Halko call it by Jenice Kai name later on. It was a quite versatile unit and even surpassed Zaku II Kai on that time in terms of performance and reactor output. Alisa sighed one more time as she remembering all of the events happening to her so far. Her boyfriend was classified Missing In Action around three years ago. Nobody knows about her family as well since she was separated from her single mother when the attacks happened on the Blue Star around ten years ago. It was like a worst nightmare or maybe it was really a worst nightmare she ever saw in her entire life. Stranded away, without anybody to depends on, finally Alisa meets Ave once again two years ago. Not the same Ave she knew but still the same Ave that care about her. The only different, Ave now seems more distant and enigmatic, but in the same time she can feel the power surging from the young Time Diver and it was a power that care and protective toward this universe.
“What am I thinking…!?” Alisa slapped her cheeks lightly with her hands and continue her journey to Ave's parents house. It was when the young girl arrives in the seaside beach but her mobile suit's radar detecting no life signal from surrounding. “Nobody here…where should I go next…?” she questioned herself as one more time Alisa stare through her left sub-monitor where the dark energy pillar can be seen from there. “What was happening actually…?” Alisa murmured as she walked her Jenice Kai toward the direction of the dark energy pillar. “I should inform Halko…nobody in this area…and presumably…Ave and the others already went to that pillar…” Alisa thinks inside her heart.
After a while walking, her Jenice Kai suddenly picked energy signals moving to her direction in a fast speed. Four mysterious objects suddenly jump out from the ground creating small crates. Those four objects are monstrous creatures that never being saw by Alisa before. It was when the young girl realizes that she was facing the enemies. Those four creatures begin to attack in the same time as Alisa quickly dodges and shot them with her 100mm machinegun. Those attacks are futile since those 100mm bullets just creating scratch on those creatures' body. “These creatures…are monster…!” Alisa commented as she quickly drew her heat sword. “Ave…Halko…I hope…please…lend me your strength….” Alisa whispered as she charges toward the enemies.
Meanwhile on Dark Energy Pillar…
“What is this creature…!?” Sagitta complained as she uses her Highway-Star unit's whip and slamming toward one of those creatures. “Subaru cannot find them in the database…those creatures…they are mysterious…” Subaru replied. “Both of you…stop your chat for a while…! They are keep coming…!” Shinjiro shouted as he slashed his two-katana swords toward two creatures. “Shinjiro…!” Gemini shouted as she killed one of those creatures. “This must be…caused by that pillar…!” Rika pointed to the dark energy pillar by using her Shooting-Star. “Ave…are you alright…answer me…!” Ryusei shouted from his Banpreios' communication device. “I am fine…although…I find…these enemies…are really…persistent…!” Ave replied as his Argan cleaved another creature with its Rush Scythe. “Ryusei…your right…!” Mai shouted as four more creatures' jumps toward Banpreios direction. “It is not easy to defeat me…! Goun Genocider…!” Ryusei shouted as Banpreios visor eyes releasing huge photon beam energy toward those four creatures.
“How is it…!?” Ryusei bragging as Mai, Aya and Rai sighed. “At least he really confident and full with spirit…!” Aya commented. “Everyone…I detect huge energy signature from that pillar…something will be burst out from it…!” Diana informed. “Huh…! The boss of Demon King appeared finally…!” Ryusei taunted. “Ryusei…I feel this energy is really powerful…it is something I never know before…” Ave replied. “Viletta Taichou…! What should we do…!?” Ryusei asked. Meanwhile Viletta quickly readied her R-Gun Powered as she also activated its High Twin Launcher. “Prepare for full scale attacks…! I feel they are…Ruina…!” Viletta replied.
To Be Continued