Sakura Wars Fan Fiction ❯ ALPHA UNIVERSE SAGA: AVATAR TUNER ❯ Chapter 04 ( Chapter 5 )

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Chapter 04: Fallen
Millennial ago, in the era forgotten by mankind…
There are place called Nirvana where all living being life in peace. It was a place where love, tranquillity and also freedom are part of daily life. Nobody denies the existence of this place and the life of all living being always in harmony. It was the place, which once people called Paradise. It was also the era when Helios Olympus emerges as Time Diver and his teaching about wisdom and technology spreads throughout Nirvana. Since the government in Nirvana being governed by a wise entity, he allowed Helios to spread his teaching and also aid him with lots of support for Nirvana's citizens' prosperity.
Lord Lucifer was the leader of Nirvana high council. Strong figure, demeanour and also have a strong sense of justice. He led Nirvana with a council of seven Outer Gods and Goddesses. It was also when Helios teach Nirvana about XN System and technology that being known by EOT by humanity later in the future. His teaching became the very first foundation of what humanity call “The Will of Power” and “Democratic”. It was a wonderful teaching along the wise teaching from Lord Lucifer as well; they make Nirvana more prosperous than before.
It was when there is one entity, the wicked Judas that betrays Lucifer. Judas invoked the entity called Jehovah with the power he achieved by stealing IDE entropy. Jehovah, the taboo, lord of Heaven or to be exact place that can be called Hell by Nirvana. Although later in the future, humanity is being blinded by Jehovah to worship Him as He offer the chance to stay in Heaven. It was a ploy to enslave unfortunate souls. Nobody realize that. Jehovah somehow manages to find a way to sneak in Nirvana. It was when He uses his computer virus number 666 to destroy XN System Mother Frame and creating havoc inside Nirvana.
Helios Olympus piloting Gespenst R along with Lord Lucifer and the others fought bravely. But Jehovah with His Archangels is as wicked as snakes. They began to manipulate Nirvana and creating darkness. There are seven entities that spreading chaos all over Nirvana with the new power of Jehovah. All of them are presenting destruction, fear, disease, darkness, evil, genocide and jealousy. Nobody knows what happened but those entities along with Jehovah later on being known as Ruina or in the human language can be mean The Destroyers. It was a bleak age as Nirvana fallen into the darkness.
Nobody knows about what happened to Nirvana's citizens and Lord Lucifer. Some said they were executed or banished to the centre of the universe. There is also other rumour about how Lucifer along with His surviving followers are being able to escape and waging a war from the shadow against Jehovah. But nobody knows about what happened exactly. But for sure, Helios Olympus survived somehow and able to pass the knowledge of XN System and EOT toward humanity. It was the triumph card that might be planned by the first Time Diver to fight Ruina in the future later.
From the age of Alchemy, the Dark Age until the modern era, Jehovah and His Ruina always manipulate human history. Mankind plunged into an endless wars and all catastrophe spreading like a disease. It was when every time mankind almost achieving something that might posses threat for Jehovah and His cronies, they always use Their wicked way to ensure these obstacles being removed. History counted many events happening in all of universes. First in the age of alchemy, the existence of Ruby Prism or Philosopher Stone are being banned since it has an ability to reviving living being from dead and also ensure the lifespan of synthetic humans called Homunculus will be similar with normal human. People studying alchemy in this way will be caught, tortured and executed. This kind of thing also happened in modern era when Human Instrumentality Project being used by Them as one way to eradicate clones, realians and aliens although thanks to Alpha Numbers, this plan can be thwarted.
Back to the present time…
“Ave…!” Ryusei shouted. The young Time Diver quickly realized about it and parried enemies' attacks with his Scythe. “That's…dream…!?” Ave asked. “Lieutenant…are you seeing those premonitions as well…?” Viletta suddenly asked. “Taichou…you don't mean…” before Ave could finish his sentence, Viletta speaks. “They are visions…given by Helios Olympus…and…since you are…also Time Diver…you must be…you saw it by your power…” Viletta replied. “It is…a warning…about the enemies we are facing at this moment…!?” Ave asked. “Maybe…” Viletta answered. “Ave…Viletta Taichou…the dark pillar…something coming out from it…!” Ryusei shouted again. “Ryusei…it is…this energy signature…is something I never see before…!” Mai commented. “So, they are really coming and want to fight…” Rai sighed. “We don't have other choice then…” Aya also sighed. Meanwhile Shinjiro, Gemini and the others stared at the dark pillar and remain silent.
“Shinjiro…I have a bad feeling about it…” Gemini whispered. “I know…but anything happening…we must be prepared…” Shinjiro answered. Meanwhile Subaru, Sagitta, Rika and Diana already forming star formation and readying their attack. “SRX Team…are you ready as well…!?” Shinjiro asking. “Anytime…!” Ryusei answered as Banpreios released the limiter of its Z.O Sword.
Something appearing from the dark pillar and surprisingly it was a mechanical being. “Personal trooper…!?” Ave stared in disbelief. “No…it was something else…but there is no record about this object in the database…” Mai replied. “Subaru thinks…it was one of the enemy leader…” Subaru commented. “Then…why don't we give him a special treatment…!” Sagitta commented as well. “Then let's do it…Rika already want to shot something…khi khi khi…” Rika replied. As New York Kagekidan members beside Shinjiro and Gemini begin to perform their combination attack, Mai detect a huge energy signature from her Banpreios' radar. “No…don't attack him…!” Mai trying to warn Hoshigumi members but her warning come late. It was when Sagitta, Subaru, Rika and Diana charged toward the enemy unit with their STAR Units as everyone only can watch in horror.
Meanwhile on the location near Seaside Beach…
“Are you alright Alisa…?” Halko asked. “Thanks for helping me…the enemy unit seems really persistent but for some reason…they suddenly move slower and I could defeat them….” Alisa replied. “I notice that as well…but is there something going on over that pillar…?” Halko asked. “It must be Ave and the others…they are fighting on that place…!” Alisa answered. “How do you know that…?” Halko asked. “It just a feeling…combined with my hunch about the things that I can't even find them in the house…” Alisa replied. “If that's the case…we should go to that place quickly…I am sure that Ave will need our help there…!” Halko replied. “You're right…let's go then and help him…” Alisa answered.
As both Jenice Kai and Daughtress Neo walked away, there are two shadows appeared from the place where Alisa and Halko standing before. “They are better than we think…” the female voice spoken. “It seems that we need to works over this plan more carefully…those two…another mercenary and those that attacking the pillar are not an idiot…they are well armed…” the male voice replied. “Is there anything you would suggest…?” the female voice asked. “It is depends to our lord Jehovah…I mean Perfectio at this state…but if we invite them all to the forgotten land of Nirvana…the story will be different…” the male voice answered. “Aren't you worried if they manage to make contact with Lucifer and His liberation army…?” the female voice asked again. “For that thing…I have another plan…let Aquila handle this matter…Ignis and Umbra also can handle this…don't worry…!” he replied. “I hope you're right…at least for this time…” the female voice retorted.
“You seems doubted my ability don't you…but don't worry…this power…I can prove it to you…to destroy those pesky pest by myself…!” the male voice retorted back. “I wish for your luck then…but let invite them first to the place where they belong…the forgotten place…” the female voice commented. “I think Ignis already make his move and doing that…this world will be replaced by Nirvana…and they…all of them will realize…there is no escape…not anymore…!” the male voice answered. “Let's see with our eyes…the end and the beginning of this world…as everything will be returned as slaves for us and Perfectio…!” the female voice commented as both of them disappeared with a blink of eyes.
In the same time at Yudhionov's Hideout…
“So…what is Fabra Forrest…?” Yudhionov asked as he returned from the battle and Madlax began to recover from her mysterious limbo state. “Margaret Ojousama…” Elanore stared toward her young mistresses as Margaret clutched her book even harder. “Elanore…I am scared…please…tell them…but…I am scared…” Margaret replied as Elanore sighed. “I will tell you all later…but not now…Margaret Ojousama…she doesn't want it…” Elanore replied. “Looks lady…I don't care about it…but I must know the enemy to make preparation…! I don't wish to hear the lame crying baby of shagging spoiled lady as an excuse to postpone the information…!” Yudhionov commented and Elanore quickly glared at the mercenary. “How rude you are mister Yudhionov…you should understand about Margaret Ojousama position here…!” Elanore replied.
“Well Elanore…I know Yudhionov is rude…but I am agree in this matter…I also need the information as soon as possible…” Madlax commented. “Elanore…I think…let's Madlax know about it…” Margaret suddenly speaks. “Margaret Ojousama…?” Elanore stared at her mistress in disbelief. “It is okay…Elanore…” Margaret said again. “Heh…finally you get some common sense on your skull ne…!” Yudhionov commented. “It is different from you mister Yudhionov…you just fight with senseless way to kill people…but Madlax is different…she was…no…she is…a gentle killer…always shed tears for the one she killed….” Elanore glared toward the male mercenary. “Elanore…please…” Madlax replied. “Heh…regardless…killer will be still a killer no matter what happened…!” Yudhionov answered.
As Elanore began to explain everything, suddenly a huge flash appeared and everyone closed their eyes since it was too bright to see everything. But nobody knows that they are being teleported to unknown land along with several people that consist SRX Team, Ave, Hoshigumi, Halko and Alisa. This unknown land that known as Nirvana before, what is hidden behind its existence and why all of them being summoned to that land…? Is all was caused by Ruina, or there is other factor that make it happen…? Everything will be answered on the next chapter. Stay tuned…!
To Be Continued