Sakura Wars Fan Fiction ❯ TIME DIVER ❯ Disclaimer ( Chapter 1 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

“Everytime I travel, I will never find my way toward my homeworld…since I am the one…being cursed inside the coffin of Dis Lev…the entity of Time Diver…the one that will watch you forever…maintain the karmic balance of these universes…and wander forever through this eternal light…”
Time Diver…
It was the one being recognized as the maintainer of universe's karmic balance and the protector of infinite parallel worlds. In this special story, it will be told the story about Time Diver's adventures named Ave and his journey toward these parallel universes forever. Everything can be considered happened before Alpha Universe Saga or after or in between Alpha Universe Saga timeline. No one can determine the timeline since each parallel universe has its own timeline. Each slight change will show different outcome in every future events.
This story will be written in many writing style and I hope readers will be able to distinguish it by themselves. I personally hoping this new format will be appealing toward the readers. Now, before we start our journey, let's see the disclaimer first. As usual, I only own my original characters. Other characters and series owned by their respective authors while Banpresto Original Characters owned by Banpresto. Another thing is, it is prohibited to copy this story part by part or whole, using my original characters or plot without my permission. Thank you and I hope you will enjoy this story…
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One more thing, I never accept any flames since flames in my opinion is just weapon of people who lack of creativity and imagination. Thank you very much and please enjoy…!