Sakura Wars Fan Fiction ❯ TIME DIVER ❯ The Origin is not The First ( Chapter 2 )

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7th July 1992…
It was the time that I personally never forget. Our meeting that change my fate forever as Time Diver like now and how I meet a lot of people that become my comrades. It was when I was around ten years old that time and I was lost in the mountain area. The mountain area is a resort where my family, namely my dad, mom, eldest brother and youngest brother always go to visit every time they have chance or holiday. It was the same activity they do with me like years ago. But somehow today is the day that changes my fate forever.
That was me, crying alone and nobody there. It was an evening where mist appeared and rumour about ghosts spread like disease. Not that I am afraid with ghosts but being left alone in the middle of the mountain is not a thing that I personally like. Suddenly I feel a presence of someone. While that time I just a ten years old boy and if something happen to me, it is not like I can do anything about it. But somehow I feel this presence is very warming and care not like ghosts that being mentioned by some stupid peasants or mountain residents.
“Don't be afraid….I am here…for you…I already waiting for you…for very long time…” a soft voice being spoken and I summon my courage to see a figure that standing in front of me. There is a tall girl with a long crystal blue hair. Her skin is white like crystal and her eyes also blue like an emerald. She was smiled at me as she put her hands on my shoulders. “Who…are you…?” I ask. The girl smiled as she kisses my forehead before answered.
“I am Ariel…but just remember me as a Magician from Magical Land faraway from this world…”
Algol Galaxy…
“Captain…main engine already down…nothing left for this ship to be able to fight those invader…!” the operator speaking. “How is our personal trooper units…!?” the captain asked. “No reply from all of them…!” another operator shouted. “Damn…Duban…! Is this really your wish…!?” the captain cursed. As the ship receive more attacks from the enemy, there is a single unit fight the enemy units bravely. “Take this…!” a voice of a girl can be heard as the blue unit slammed one of its enemy with a revolving stake. As the blue unit turns its direction, it attacks another enemy unit with its triple machine cannon. It was a direct hit since the enemy unit quickly disintegrate and left nothing more than ash.
“Flickerei Geist…reply please…Flickerei Geist…reply…!” the voice of the ship's captain can be heard from the communication device of the blue unit. “This is ensign Ariel Fareden…captain Gallius…reply…” Ariel replied as another enemy scrambled toward her blue unit. “They are persistent…!” Ariel quickly activated Plasma Horn on the head of Flickerei Geist as it rams its head toward the incoming enemy unit. Plasma horn pierced through enemy's armour perfectly as Ariel quickly swept its head away; it easily tears the enemy unit's torso. Suddenly her radar caught something or someone's presence. “Duban…you're here…” Ariel whispered as she glared toward the Crimson unit flying over Flickerei Geist body.
“Isn't this my poor Ariel…using that orthodox technology to fight me…you cannot defeat me and no one can do that…” Duban speaks as he smiled evilly toward Ariel from his communication device monitor. “I don't need more than this to defeat you….!” Ariel shouted. “Ah…is that how you greet your eldest brother…Ariel…is not a good way for little sister like you to shout like that…” Duban laughed. “No…you're not my brother…my brother never wished for the destruction of Algol…yet…you do that…that's way I need to bring you down…!” Ariel replied. “So…is that way you being chained by our Father's Idea Lance Project…using that old iron to fight me…! No one can defeat me and my Aries Geist…!” Duban shouted as he attacks with Ochstan Beam Launcher.
“NISAN…!!!” Ariel screams as she use a barrier installed on Flickerei Geist to deflect the beam attack. “You can never defeat me…! This is Aries Geist…! The will of this universe…!” Duban shouted in a crazy manner followed by his maniacal laugh. “And…for you my dear sister…just die…” as Duban say that, Aries Geist begin to throw a long beam lance toward Flickerei Geist. The beam lance flew very fast and pierced Flickerei Geist left arm that trying to protect its body from being pierced by that lance. Meanwhile Ariel cursed when she saw her status monitor showed about the left arm of Flickerei Geist including its triple machine cannon was out of commission.
“Lose one of your arm…eh…dear sister…if you just not resisting…your death will be less painful or even painless at all…but now…you urge me to kill you…slowly and more painfully….” Duban smiled as he readying another attacks. Suddenly something rammed toward Aries Geist as Ariel realize, that was her battleship. “Captain Gallius…!” Ariel shouted.
“You still young ensign Ariel Fareden…there still a lot things you need to do…you need to accomplish…my life already lost its meaning this day…let it be the one who pulled the trigger to end this all…” Captain Gallius smiled as the ship explode along with Aries Geist. “Captain…!” Areal screams as tear flows from her eyes. She cannot do anything and again she was the only one being left alone in this universe. Ariel feels it's the destiny she need to bear alone as Flickerei Geist floating aimlessly in this vast space. As she never realize about what will happen later to her, Ariel's Flickerei Geist being sucked into a wormhole.
And that's the last thing she remember…
Earth, AD-1983…
“So…he is the one…that Helios said will be bringing the balance in this universe…but how…he still a baby…” Ariel speaks as she approaches a cradle in one humble small house. There is nobody at that moment and only a baby being left by his irresponsible babysitters to watch some stupid TV Programs. Ariel stared at the baby and she saw the baby smiled at her.
That's the first thing appeared in her mind. But Ariel remembers that her mission is not that. Her mission is to assure the safety of this baby. It was the mission she got from her mentor, the first Time Diver, Helios Olympus. As Ariel smiled back to the baby, the little baby moves his hands trying to touch her face. “Ave…what a beautiful name you have little one…in Balmarian language…it means The Righteous Path…and in Einst language…it means The Bearer of Light….” Ariel whispered as she kissed the baby's forehead.
“May the balance of this universe protect you always little one…” Ariel speaks as she put a gem on the body of the baby. Strangely enough, that gem disappeared as if the baby's body absorbed it. “When the time come…when you will have yourself awaken as Time Diver….go to Iris' Resting Place…there we will meet again…although maybe I just pay you a visit sometimes…” Ariel smiled as she disappeared. “Why suddenly I feel al chilled…” one of the babysitter speaks. “There must be a ghost…the baby…” the other babysitter replied.
Earth, AD-1992…
“You see this gem stone…?” Ariel smiled toward the young boy as the young boy nodded. “Wah…its shining…” the young boy grinned. “It is beautiful isn't it…” Ariel smiled back. “My name is Ave…Ariel-nechan…” the young boy introduce his name. “Ah…nice to meet you…what a beautiful name you have Ave…” Ariel smiled as she hides the fact she already met this boy long time ago when Ave still a baby. “Ave…the name that will guide this universe to the balance later…and the bearer of the light…don't dishonour your name…” Ariel smiled again.
“How do you know about that Onechan…?” little Ave asked.
“When the time arrive…we will meet again…in that place…Iris' Resting Place…” Ariel replied. “Iris' Resting Place….?” Little Ave asked. “I can't tell you about it now…but when the time come…we will meet again and then please bring the light to the universe…” Ariel asked as she put her hands embracing Ave's little body. “I promise Onechan…I will never dishonour my name…and when we meet again…please tell me everything…” little Ave smiled. “Ave…you can have this…it will show you the way…” Ariel smiled as she handed the beautiful gemstone to Ave.
“Sure…!? Thanks a lot Onechan…!” little Ave smiled as Ariel kissed his forehead again. “Now follow its light and return to your parents and your brothers…” Ariel smiled as Ave nodded and run following the light from that gemstone. Suddenly the little boy run and returns to Ariel. “What's wrong Ave…?” Ariel asked half confused. “Onechan…please take this…” little Ave smiled as he handed something toward Ariel. “Card with picture on it…?” Ariel asked in confusion.
“This picture is a character from animation film called Dragon Ball Z…his name is Son Gohan…I will train myself so I can be strong like him…just wait for me Onechan…!” as little Ave smiled he runs toward the light and disappeared inside the mist. “That little Ave…he such a…” Ariel stared at the card and tear flows from her eyes. “Tear jerker…” she whispered and walks away, disappeared inside the mist as well.
Present Time, Hagane Battle Cruiser….
“This gem is sure beautiful…” Seolla speaks as she stares a gem on the necklace that Ave always brings in his jacket's pocket. “Is it…a charm…?” Arad asking. “I don't know…but it save my life once before…when I was still a little kid…for some reason…I always bring this with me…” Ave replied. “Hmmm…so tell me…is it from someone that really special…your mother…?” Seolla asked. “Actually not…there is a girl that give this to me long time ago…I am not sure how is she…since I never saw her again…..” Ave replied.
“When the last time you saw her…?” Arad asked. “About ten years ago…maybe…and she is far older than me that time…I bet she will be as old as Director Mao or even older…this time…” Ave replied. “Obasan…” Seolla commented. “It is not wise to say that Seolla…” Ratouny suddenly appears from behind as she put the food tray on the table. “Ups…sorry Lat…” Seolla put an apologetic pose toward Ratouny. The youngest girl sips her coffee as she stared at the necklace as well. “It is well crafted…very beautiful…and this gem…isn't it…aokizuishou…?” Ratouny asked. “What is it again…?” Ave and Arad asked.
“Blue Prism…it is something that very rare and can't be found in Second Militia or even Blue Star…” Ratouny explained. “Then how do you know about it…?” Arad asked. “Books…and database from Solaris Net…” Ratouny answered as Arad put his head on the table in ashame. “Read more books Arad…!” Seolla commented. “Ryoukai ohohoho…” Arad replied as Ave just laughed. “So…this is Blue Prism…that's mean…Ariel is not person from Earth…or even Second Militia…? How she knows about me then…?” Ave asked himself again.
“Thinking about her…?” Seolla asked. “Not really…but I just want to ask her something…no…maybe a lot of things that happened so far…” Ave replied. “So far…?” Ratouny stared at Ave. “It is like…why suddenly I am here and fighting as Time Diver…maybe she knows about it since the beginning…” Ave answered. “Hey…that's not a good thing to bombard lady with a lot questions you know…?” Seolla commented. “Dang…she's right in this matter Ave…” Arad added. “But…somehow…I just want to know…” Ave replied. “You can ask her slowly one by one as you meet her later…take it easy…we will help you…” Seolla smiled as she put one of her hand on Ave's right shoulder.
“Hey…that's friends for…” Arad replied as Ratouny smiled and Seolla giggled.
Earth, AD-1998…
A riot happened as a bunch of uncivilized and hostile locals begin attacking house and destroying property. Usually their targets are Japanese, Korean and Chinese people that staying in that country. It was the problem caused by Monetary Crisis, as many native people cannot afford to feed themselves and their families. Nobody can blame them as if there is someone needs to be blame is the corrupt government itself.
Inside the small two-storey house, there is seventeen years old Ave along with his younger brother, his mother and his father and also Ave's favourite German Shepherd Dog called Akatsuki. Ave's family use this house as a shelter as rioters approaching the district. They throwing stones and burnt houses as if there is no law to enforce them. Not like there is law in this country already, people with firearms and powers always look down and pinned poor people with it. Now when the poor resisted, military do nothing to protect the victim of this uprising. They use this pretext as “Spoils of Riots…”
Ave's father tries to call military and police several time but nobody answered. It is very stupid as the rioters getting closer to the house. Along the way, they keep destroying houses, breaking glasses and burned down several houses. Suddenly screams can be heard as explosion occurred. Nobody knows what happened. Ave really scared that time as he seems praying mentioning the name of his God several time. Suddenly it is only for Ave that he can feel a presence of something or someone.
“Don't be afraid young one…”
“I always be on your side….”
“To protect you from anything…”
“From everything…”
As the female voice disappeared from Ave's mind, everything seems really quiet outside the house. Ave's father is the one who took the chance to take a peek from the upper floor window, as every house seems really dark. The electricity has been cut from the central but some burned house providing enough light to just see what happened out there.
Bodies everywhere and surprisingly, those are bodies of rioters. Most of them disintegrated and burned down badly while the other seems being smashed down by something or someone. Crows fly everywhere as they take opportunity to eat those bodies of those rioters. “God must be crazy…” is a single sentence being spoken by Ave's father at that moment. When polices and military personnel arrive, nobody could explain about this. Some stupid irresponsible media said, this thing being caused by those Chinese, Japanese and Korean that hired soldiers to kill rioters in cold blood. This new creating bigger rift toward the natives and the immigrants on this time and also later in the future. Only Ave seems know about the truth but he decide not to mention about it. As if anybody will believe on what he said even if he mentioned about it.
Earth, AD-1994…
“Dad…I got one of the highest score in national examination…! Now I can go to my favourite junior high school like what you and I dreamed…!” Ave screams happily as he entered the door of the hospital where his father being hospitalised for some minor surgery. “That's good for you my son…” Ave's father smiled as his mother and his younger brother congratulate him. “Thanks a lot…!” Ave smiled.
“By the way…have you told this to Auntie Ann…she will be really pleased to hear that…” Ave's mother asked. “Ups…I almost forgot about it…after the visiting hour…I will meet Auntie Ann and tell her about this…” Ave smiled as his father and mother smiled toward their son. “You really make us proud my son…” his mother spoken as Ave smiled back.
“Don't worry Mom…I just fulfil my promise toward her…not to dishonour my name…” Ave replied.
Present Time, Hagane Battle Cruiser…
“Iris' Resting Place…?” Seolla asked as the young Time Diver nodded. “I never heard this place…how about you Lat…?” Arad asked. “I am not sure…but I know about Iris name…there is a place similar like this before…but to reach this place…we must pass another place called Flawless Marvel first…if I am not mistaken…” Ratouny replied. “Uuuum…I have no idea that you're really this knowledgeable Lat…” Seolla smiled at the younger girl. “Thanks for the compliment Seolla…” Ratouny smiled back.
“Iris' Resting Place…she told me to meet her there…” Ave spoken.
“Maybe we can go there by ourselves later…” Arad grinned. “Huh…?” Ave stared at the guy in disbelief. “Since there is never a hostile activity from the alien…I think Tetsuya Kanchou will let us go…” Seolla added. “I agree as well…moreover we just observing…and there will be no harm for us…” Ratouny smiled at the young Time Diver. “You guys…thanks a lot…” the young Time Diver smiled and bowed down as Arad laughed.
“That's friends for Ave…” Seolla replied.
Iris' Resting Place, Present Time…
“So how is he…?” Ariel asked as another girl approach her. “According to our surveillance…he will arrive here with his friends…he somehow fulfil his promise Ariel-sama…” the girl answered. “I already expecting that actually…he is the chosen one…chosen by Helios Olympus himself…he beat the Originator and absorbed its power…yet…he let himself to be himself…not being chained by Dis Lev…” Ariel replied. “Is he really important for you Ariel-sama…?” the girl asked.
“He is…really important for me…as I owe him…answers…but I hope…he meet me not just because he wants those answers…but because he really want to see me…” Ariel replied. “Don't worry Ariel-sama…I am sure he will understand…he also Time Diver after all…” the girl answered as she try to encourage her mistress. “Thanks Musica…for your understanding…” Ariel replied as she smiled toward her guardian.
“When Iris build this place…this is the place to atone all of sins…nobody will understand about it until Iris already passed away thousand years ago…or maybe millennial ago…”
“But…not only that…this place also will marks the new place of meeting two souls…new era…and also change in this universe….”
“As for answer…Ave…you will get it when you arrive in this place…”
“Although…all of those answer later…must be sought from inside of your heart…”
“Until we meet again later…”
“And may the balance of this universe…”
“Protect you forever…”
To Be Continue