Sakura Wars Fan Fiction ❯ TIME DIVER ❯ Alpha Universe History ( Chapter 3 )

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Western Calendar-179
It was at the end of a bloody conflict called One Year War; the fate of humanity was changed forever. I saw a brilliant light fall from the sky and right after that light fall, both warring factions quickly agree to sign a cease-fire treaty. I realize, since the dawn of humanity, mankind always never can be escape from their primal instinct. This primal instinct made mankind keep on fighting and killing each other. No matter they keep on saying that they want to end this endless bloody conflict, but reality tells me different things. Earth Federation and Principality of Zeon, both of them fight for their own ideals of justice. But as the different ideals clash into a bigger conflict, they begin to kill each other. Humanity keep on developing weapon to fight their opposition and their sure meaning of survival begin depend on how they can strike enemies with their weapons. Those weapons made by mankind are giant humanoid fighting machines known as mobile suits.
Back to the fact of Principality of Zeon and Earth Federation sign the peace treaty are caused by a mysterious object, I saw as brilliant light before. A single object that fallen on South Atalia island and later own being designated as Alien Starship Number 01. A small research team being formed to investigate this Alien Starship Number 01 and this team later on was known as EOTI, led by Count Vian Zoldark. During this research, Count Vian Zoldark learnt the fact about invasion that will be happened soon as this spaceship become a single proof to humanity about bloody conflict that happened beyond our galaxy. Extracted from this Alien Starship Number 01 was a very advanced alien technology known as EOT or Extra Over Technology.
Count Vian Zoldark begin to warn Earth Federation about the invasion that will be happened but nobody within Earth Federation heeds his warning. Earth Federation was too busy to develop mobile suits and repair Alien Starship Number 01 for their future conflict against Principality of Zeon. They don't care about alien forces since they feel everything just a hoax made by EOTI to get more fund on their own research. Distraught by the fact that Earth Federation doesn't care about this matter, Count Vian Zoldark begin to envision his plan and create Divine Crusaders organization, DC for short. I was one of the very first members that join DC right after the formal invitation from Count Vian himself.
I begin to do a lot of research and develop many advanced weapons that might be able to counter alien forces when they really come to fight humanity. From technology known as Armoured Module and Personal Trooper until our cooperation with Tesla Leicht Institute and Mao Industry to create more advanced weapon based from EOT. I was the first person that witness the initial plan being launched from Mao Industry and Tesla Leicht Lab. This plan known as SRX Project and it will become the main vanguard for humanity against alien threat. In the meantime, Count Vian Zoldark also receives many supports from other super robot labs such as Photon Research Institute, Saotome's Getter Ray Lab and Nanbara Electro-Magnetic Institute. Although Earth Federation didn't support us, we still have many supports from others and I personally think, that spineless Earth Federation will regret themselves sooner or later.
Western Calendar-185
DC's moon base…
It was the day when I and other people tested a new prototype of personal trooper known as RTX-008R. This personal trooper RTX-008R Huckebein can be considered the first personal trooper incorporate with EOT as it will be powered by using Black Hole Engine. It was the twist of fate that I experienced before especially when I already realize about everything that will be happened. The incident that causing Vanishing Trooper, obliterating moon base as the Black Hole Engine overload and explode. I watch everything with my very own eyes without knowing the truth behind everything. Who is the one causing this incident and why he or she doing this…?
The next thing I remembered was the transfer order I received. It was the day when my destiny being shaped as the pilot for SRX Project. I don't know why I was chosen but soldier mustn't questioning their order. On the day of my departure, I realize something. This destiny will led me to unknown part of history as I sit on the seat of my personal trooper, R-2 Powered. This is the destiny that I can only follow without any other choices. I have no fear for following this destiny although I need to enter the deepest part of hell. I know that there is no turning back for me as I begin to dedicate my life as SRX Team member, but at least I can find a dying place for me, in this battlefield.
I saw many battles before, many adventure but there is only one thing matter for me. I fight for myself and I also fight to proof my existence. I want my existence to be ceased when I saw my dying place as I keep on searching about that place, forever. I never realize about the truth, as I will never be able to find that place. It is not the time for me to die yet.
Western Calendar-187
It was the first time I pilot a giant humanoid fighting machine. I don't know about which category I should use to categorize this machine. It seems like personal trooper for me but in the same time it is also looks like relic from legend and myth on the past. The only name I know for this humanoid fighting machine that I pilot is a very strange name, ARGAN. As I fought many battles, I begin to realize the true power of Argan. It was a coffin being prepared for Time Diver but as a coffin, Argan lacks of one thing. The very powerful entity can only be perfected by Dis Lev essence, Cross Gate Paradigm System.
At the first time, I have no interest to pursue Cross Gate Paradigm System since I feel there is no need to obtain this powerful device, let alone Argan already powerful enough to me. But after I fought together with my comrades in one of our last battle, it was revealed that the Cross Gate Paradigm System always lays dormant inside Argan's soul, the dark entity called Werkbau. Using the power of Originator, I manage to pull out Dis Lev's essence and activate Cross Gate Paradigm System by using it as Argan's main power. On the time I learn about the true power of Argan, I begin to aware about my destiny as Time Diver.
I fully realize about the choice that I made will make me live eternally, cursed to wander around all different realities and possibilities. It will be something that I experience as this universe itself already infinite and my destiny is to wander throughout this infinite universe alone while maintaining the karmic balance of this universe. I foresaw many things and gained wisdom from this endless journey of my destiny. As you read this story, I might already go for other journey but I still believing in the destiny that I can make by my own hands. There is fate that already fixed and humanity can't change it but there are many others that still can be changed regarding to the course of destiny you chose. It was a destiny that I chose personally as I sit on the seat of Argan for the first time. It is also my own choice to activate Cross Gate Paradigm and change the shape of Werkbau inside Argan's appearance into Dis Astranagant, the true coffin of Time Diver, the vessel of Dis Lev.
If people ask me about the reason why I chose that destiny rather than led a normal life, I personally don't know about what I am thinking on that moment. I chose everything without thinking but I feel that I never regret the choice that I already made. Because of this choice, I meet a lot of friends, comrades that willing to fight alongside me. I learn the meaning of friendship and courage without forgetting the capability to love. I also learn the meaning of self-confident and believing on something that I believe in, but the most important thing is I learn the meaning for having someone precious to me and the feeling that want to protect those precious someone from any danger that might befall them.
I'm not sure how long it takes for me to be able to see the entire universe. It might take a journey for all eternity to be able to do that but I still want to do it. I fully realize that I no need to see the entire universe just because I am the maintainer of karmic balance, but I just want to see them. I want to meet new comrades and doing something that I can do. I want fight together until the time where there is no evil exists in this universe. I know that it might sound absurd but I still want to believe in what I feel is right. At least I believe in something that I believe and I am honest to my true self not only as Time Diver but as human as well.
Western Calendar-187
I don't know about what he really thinks inside his head, fight against the enemy units all by himself. Well, people call him Time Diver but I never really understand about the true meaning of Time Diver. Maria-han is the one stated that she doesn't like him for his attitude, moreover blaming us, Teikoku Kagekidan for attacking that giant armoured robot. Well, I understand about his act for disliking us but blaming us for something that we did in order to protect Teito is something that cannot be accepted. I personally doesn't like him since he always hanging around with DC rather than Earth Federation so he's not a fully-fledged solider but he act like he's already become a hero or something like that.
The only matter for this young Time Diver is only himself and his friends. He never has a grand dream to protect the universe or something like that and sometimes I feel quite unfair for a person like him being granted a godly divine power. I don't know about the reason why this kind of thing happen since in Teikoku Kagekidan, those godly power always came with sacrifice. I take an example from my best friend, Sakura-han. She has this special power known as The Blood Of Evil Slayer and it is sure powerful to eradicate evil and cleansing this universe from evil forever. But this divine power came to the cost of the life from its bearer. I can't think more about it and I feel, that young Time Diver obtains a godly divine power just by flipping his hands. It is very unfair and I feel dislike him although he never pissed me personally.
Well, at least I remember when he has an odd with Maria-han and he told Maria-han that he will kills her if she still want to harm his friends. But one thing that make me think one more time is his perception of justice that he keep on believing and fight up until now. He believes on his own justice by protecting his friends more than anything, even by putting this universe on the edge of the stake. I don't know about what kind of words I can use to describe her more than that, but at least I can start to respect him slightly but no more than just a slight respect since basically I still don't like his guts.
Western Calendar-187
The truth that always keeps concealed from me suddenly being revealed. It was the first time when I saw those members of Alpha Numbers that fought bravely against many enemies. I might be always saying that I don't really care about what happened but to be honest, I cannot really left the thought about the entire thing already being orchestrated by unknown parties. From the event formerly known as Second Impact to the alien invasion that we fight with all of our might, I begin to doubt about those people in the upper strata actually hiding something from me.
But as I begin to realize about the truth, fear begin to engulf my feeling. I am not sure wether I am doing the right thing or not, but I can't turn back now. Everything will be in vain, if I give up just because the authority now put their eyes on me. I know that it might sound too cheesy but everything will be useless unless I keep on pushing forward to reveal the truth to this world. I know the fact that it will be a difficult task but I believe that I'm not alone. That's why I can keep on fighting…
Up until now…
To Be Continue