Sakura Wars Fan Fiction ❯ TIME DIVER ❯ Another Time Diver ( Chapter 8 )

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Melbourne City, Australia…
“Ave…hey…Ave…! Did you hear me…?” Justin yelled at the very normal young man as he quickly turned his head around. “Yes…I hear you and I'm not deaf…” Ave replied and he quickly stared at Hobby Japan Magazine in certain page with a picture of ZGMF-X56S Impulse Gundam plastic model-kit that can be equipped with it's four different silhouette packs named Force Silhouette, Blast Silhouette and Sword Silhouette. “That Impulse design is really dull…it is really pale comparison with Strike Gundam…” another person commented and it was Ming, one of Justin's friend. “Really…?” Ave still not let his attention being diverted from Impulse Gundam picture and he seems enjoying the picture. “If only I can pilot this mobile suit…” Ave commented meanwhile Justin and Ming just sighed. “Here we go again…” Justin commented.
It was usual for Ave to daydreaming about him being a pilot of mobile suit or maybe other mecha, as he always wants to pilot it. He realizes about piloting a mecha sometimes seems more just a fantasy for a frustrated young man without stable job like him but still he was hoping to be able to pilot at least Impulse Gundam. His fascination although first seems toward a certain mobile suit called GAT-X105 Strike Gundam, Ave suddenly being fascinated with Impulse Gundam instead Strike Gundam. Some people said, he was fascinated from what Impulse's pilot capable to do like defeating legendary ZGMF-X10A Freedom Gundam all by himself, but Ave really has other thing in his mind.
“Anyway…I need to go now…see you again tomorrow guys…and thanks for the magazine…” Ave commented as he smiled before leaving the DVD Shop where he read that magazine for free. “He seems depressed toward something…” Ming commented. “You know…shouldn't talk to him about sensitive matter since he has been through lot of trouble lately…” Justin replied. “I see…it was quite unusual for him to be this quiet…that's why I always keep wondering…first Adiroth left to Taiwan after his grandma being hospitalised for certain chronic illness…now Ave as well being lapses from depression…” Ming commented. “Hopefully everything turned to be alright…” Justin sighed.
In the meantime…
“This life is really boring…if only I can find something that can change my fate forever…” Ave sighed but without realizing about what happened, he's suddenly stumbled upon something. “Huh…? Blue crystal…it's fell from my pocket…? Since when I posses something like this…?” Ave sighed and stared at the blue crystal that already being attached unto something like necklace. “Beautiful…but…is it something that I really posses…?” before Ave could say anything, a brilliant light slammed on his face and he was vanished in the thin air. It seems nobody witness about what happened and even Ave never realize about a gear of destiny in his life already being shifted toward something he never imagined before.
“Where am I…?” Ave stared inside the cockpit of mobile suit M1 Astray as he saw a large round shaped gate from his mobile suit's monitor. “Damn…as I already thought…only M1 mass produce type mobile suit can be piloted by me…no more than that…” before Ave could finish his sentence, a sudden disruption being detected from his M1's mobile suit. “What the hell…is this…?” Ave could swear about anything as he realizes another object appeared in front of him. This mysterious object is a black mecha, twice-bigger compare to his M1 Unit and it seems heavily damaged.
Suddenly the mysterious mecha launched something like tentacles from its body and crashed toward Ave's M1 Astray. “Damn…! No…!” Ave stared in fear as he frantically using his Beam Rifle to shoot at the mysterious black mecha with no success as the black mecha quickly absorbs his M1 Unit. If Ave was screaming on that time, nobody will be able to hear that scream, but after a while everything went black as the young man lost his conscious. After a while, Ave opened his eyes and he realizes the name of his once M1 Astray has been changed into something else…
“AGX-013…ARGAN…” Ave murmured as he finds out the structure of the cockpit where he sits already changed drastically. “It's now a panoramic cockpit…” Ave commented and a hologram display of Argan's status appeared in front of him. “This unit…weapon…Twin Raam Rifle…Gun Slave…and Emeth Asher…” Ave commented. “Never heard these kind of weaponry before…” he shrugged afterward.
Suddenly Argan's radar picks enemies' movement nearby as five Megillot units approach the confused young man inside his newborn mecha. “Enemies…? But how…?” before Ave could react, one of the Megillot units already launched its attacks by ramming its horn toward Argan. “Urgh…!” Ave winced as he feels the G-Shock for the first time. “Damn…! Damage…? No damage…?” Ave shocked after he realize, Argan sustained no damage for being knocked by the enemies' attack. “Must be some kind of barrier…anyway…this is payback time…!” the young man grinned as he readying Argan's Twin Raam Rifle and Gun Slave.
“Taste this…!” he shouts as Argan launched its beam attack from Twin Raam Rifle and three of its Gun Slaves in the same time…
Several weeks after that fateful event…
Alpha Numbers flagship, La Cairum, Mobile Suit Hangar…
“There is no mistake…the core unit for this Argan is M1 Astray…but it was heavily altered by mysterious substance like crystal that gained self-awareness…” Erica Simmons commented as Ryouto Hikawa and Astornage Medosso stared at the unit piloted by Ave, now referred as Time Diver. “The vessel of Dis Lev…” someone commented as everyone presented in the hangar stared at the newcomer. “Major Gilliam…” Ryouto saluted followed by the other technician.
“First RW-1P R-Gun Powered…and then RW-1 R-Gun…PTX-001 Gespenst R…and now even a new mass produce mobile suit M1 Astray become a vessel of Dis Lev…the coffin of Time Diver…” Gilliam commented. “By the way Major…the OS has been heavily altered…is it caused by that crystal…?” Erica Simmons asked. “Zuphiroude Crystal…a legendary god of Balmar…the entity that protect Time Diver…it's for sure changing the shape of M1 Astray to suit its bearer…into Argan…” Gilliam replied. “So it is futile to investigate this unit Major…?” Ryouto asked. “No…but it is better to leave Argan as it is…since it's bearer already accepted his destiny as Time Diver since the first time he encounter the fateful event and piloted Argan…” Gilliam replied. “You mean the Black Angel…?” Astornage asked.
“Yes…one entity in many different universes…as those universes merged into one entity…the new destiny will be turned…and it is up to him to shape his own destiny alongside humanity among him…” Gilliam commented.
“Will he become God…?”
“No…he's Time Diver…and he will be the Maintainer of Karmic Balance in these parallel universes…although… he will be still…human…”