Samurai Deeper Kyo Fan Fiction ❯ The Demon Empress ❯ kiss on a battle field ( Chapter 1 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
Hello all of my loyal fans who read my Yu Yu Hakusho fic. I couldn’t help but see that media miner has a very small Samurai Deeper Kyo section so I have decided to contribute. For new readers I except anything review wise all to make me a better writer tell me anything!!!!!. Especially if the characters are OC I do not intend them to be!!! So here we go my first SDK fic!

I’ve been reading the manga and I am up to book 21 so if you have not read that far be careful of spoilers!

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Chapter one

"KYO!!!!” The huge blast sent the whole group flying back into the stone wall. Yuya felt her body throbbing at the newly inflicted pain as well as the watery worm moving inside of her. But that all mattered little to her. That last Suzaku that collided with shinre was Kyo’s last attempt. His soul might not be able to hold on to Kyoshiro’s body!

“ KYO! KYO ANSWER ME!!!!” Yuya ignoring her pain jumped up to run strait into the battle field in a desperate search for the demon. She coughed at the dust as she searched for him. Just one sign any sign that he was alive.

Her eyes widened as she made out a figure sprawled on the ground. She ran toward it, full speed, for if Kyo was knocked unconscious Kyoshiro might emerge and Kyo would never return again.

“ Kyo…..” Yuya gasped at the mangled body in front of her. She bit her lip as she saw Shinre’s chest rise and fall in short gasps. Tears stared to cloud her vision as she still searched through the dust covered battle field. Just one sign , just one showing he was alright.

“ KYO!” she yelled again only this time she was answered with a near by coughing and hacking. She turned around to see a figure barley kneeling while holding on to his sword. “ KYO!” She ran to him and quickly kneeled next to him.

“ You ok?” She asked trying to get a good look at his wounds. Kyo didn’t even answer, trying to hard to ketch a breath. “ these wounds look pretty bad ….” She stopped as Kyo started hacking up blood.
“ Kyo!? We need some one to look at your wounds now! Come on.” she started to pick him up to help support him.

“ Yu…ya.” the blond turned to back to him with worry painting her face.

“ we have to get you some help.”

“ Don’t … have …time… he is…cough cough

“ Who? Kyoshiro?”

“ Hes pushing …cough … me out I can’t” blood sprayed from his mouth as he started to cough once again .

“ Kyo you got to hold on fight back! Push him back down you’ve done it before!” He looked at her with a pained expression. “ NO NO YOU CAN’T DIE YOU DEMON EYES KYO! YOU TOLD ME YOU WOULD WIN!”

“ Dog face…. Cough … don’t have time for ….cough.. God Damn… cough … tears!” Yuya tried to wipe her eyes but more just kept falling.

“ YOU CAN’T DIE! YOU CAN’T LEAVE ME! NOT NOW DAMN IT!” the red eyed man smiled at her words. Always the same spunky to the very end. Yes she was so alike and yet so diffrent from Sakuya.

“ Yuya….. shut up.” She turned to yell at him and tell him that, he was dieing that she could cry if she damn well pleased, but was stopped by warm rough lips agents her. her eyes stayed wide as she tried to proccess what was happening. Finally she just gave in and kissed back. To hell with everything else. She could on sworn she felt the other lips pull ito a smile, but she didn't have time to even think as she was finally brought back to earth as Kyo pulled away and fell to the ground.

“ Kyo…. Kyo!” she stared to shake him violently , but still the body would respond.

KYO!!! NO, NO, NO, YOU CAN’T DIE! NOT NOW I, I …..I LOVE YOU DAMN IT!” she collapsed on his chest.

A huge red light stared to shine as it covered the entire battle field. Every part of the mibu land was slowly engulfed by the light just as Yuya last tear fell on Kyo’s chest.

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Oh I must say I love cliff hangers. Don’t worry I will most defiantly make the chapters longer but I just didn’t know were to start with this. As you can see this is clearly YuyaxKyo. I love the couple to death!!!! Well I most defiantly will update soon. Oh yeah I also will start to post both of my fics on as well so just look for them. They’ll have the same titles. I personally think that fan has a much better searching thing to find what fanfics you want. You can even choose the pairings! So who ever hasn’t checked that site out needs to. I will up date this fic as well as my other one very soon. So tata for now.

PS sorry for any spelling or grammar mistakes I just don’t have a editor yet and I am blind when it comes to finding those!