SD Gundam Fan Fiction ❯ A cameo, a curse, and an endless stream of noncannon nonsense ❯ In which insanity ensues in the aftermath of the battle ( Chapter 2 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Chapter two: In which insanity ensues in the aftermath of the battle
(As I promised you, here's the next chapter in my insane little fanfic. The opening's a little boring, but I think the rest is pretty good. Hope you like!
PS: I do not own SD Gundam Force, Legend of Zelda, or any and all related characters that may or may not appear in my fic.
PS 2: A free imaginary cookie for anyone who can spot the Johnny the Homicidal Maniac reference in this chapter.)
Meanwhile, somewhere on the Dark Axis homeworld, the Trio was having problems of their own…
Zaku: Whadya mean “someone got there first and actually beat Captain Gundam”?!!
Random Zako: Th- th- that's what happened, s-sir. We're still t-trying to find out who the perpetrators a-are, zako.
Zaku: Well, hurry up! I wanna know who they are, and whether or not they're on our side!
Random Zako: Y-yes sir, zako!
The Zako managed a hasty salute before he ran off. Grappler Gouf and Destroyer Dom stepped aside in the doorway to avoid getting run into, then walked up to their comrade.
Gouf: Mind explaining what that was about?
Zaku: >:3 So you haven't heard? Apparently two guys went to Neotopia and practically trashed the Gundam Force!
Dom: Yaay! We's gots us some new fwiends!
Gouf: We don't know if they're allies yet, you moron.
Dom: But dey made Gundams go boom!
Gouf: Yes, but they could be our enemies, as well as the Gundams'.
Dom: Duuuuuuuuhh……. What?
Gouf: >.< I don't know why I even bother…
Zaku: Well, we won't know whose side they're on `till we ask them!
Gouf: You aren't actually thinking of-
Zaku: Whether you like it or not!
Dom: We gonna go meet our new fwiends?
Zaku: Right away!
Gouf: Well, I'm not gonna stop you, but don't come crying to me if they turn out to be against us.
Zaku: Then what the heck are we waiting for?!
Back in Neotopia, Shute, Zero, and Baku had managed to pry Captain out of the wall and had somehow gotten him to Blanc Base without attracting any attention. As Kao Lyn checks over him in between bounces in the lab, the other three are in the hall, telling Chief Haro what happened.
Shute: … and that's when I discovered the puppies' evil plot to overthrow the mayor and turn the city into a gigantic adoption center!
Haro: That's nice. Now, Zero, what really happened?
Zero: Well, Tallgeese managed to use the spell to shoot a beam of Mana at Shute, but Captain got in front of him and took the blast, and wound up embedded at least a foot in the wall of Shute's house.
Haro: And his mom never noticed this?
Baku: She was sitting in the front yard with the sucky-tube on her vacuum cleaner over her head, laughing like there's no tomorrow.
Haro: Yes, that is something she'd do.
Shute: How would you know that?
Haro: (nervous) I- um, well… Your mom and I… err…
Shute: Ah-ha! I knew it!
Haro: Uh, well… You see, Shute, I-
Shute: You're in league with the Chihuahua, aren't you?!
Haro: ….. What?
Shute: Last week, I was skating home from school, when a Chihuahua started following me! DARNIT, IT KNEW!!! I ran and finally lost it, and made it home! But it knew!!! IT KNEEEEEEW!!!!!!
Zero, Baku, and Chief Haro stared at Shute as if he'd lost his mind.
Zero: …Umm, Shute, you haven't suffered any head injuries, have you?
Shute: No, because this morning, I went to the store which has a lot of milk which all babies need in order to survive which not many people can do because of nuclear energy which is used in war by countries which are divisions of the land which normally comprises of dirt and plants!
Zero: … Okay, that answers that question.
Kao Lyn suddenly bounces out of the lab with a loud `whoop'.
Kao Lyn: I have concluded my examination!
Haro: And the results?
Kao Lyn: Hyaa! Absolutely nothing is wrong with him, save a bit of cranial damage. I was able to repair that easily, and he should come back online any moment now! Wha-cha!
Haro: Finally, some good news.
Shute: Yaay, Cappy's allright! (rushes into the lab with Baku)
Kao Lyn: One more thing Chief.
Haro: What?
Kao Lyn: I'd advise you keep people from hugging and/or kissing Captain.
Zero: …..
Haro: … Umm, okay, I'm going to ask. Why?
Kao Lyn: Well, you see, whatever Tallgeese hit him with seems to have…
Meanwhile, in the lab…
Shute: Captain! Captain! CAPTAIN!!! You awake yet?
Captain: T.T I am now, Shute.
Shute: Yaaay! Cappy! (Hugs Captain tight enough to snap a humans spine)
Meanwhile, in a galaxy far, far away…
Anakin sat up abruptly and hit his head on the X-Wing Obi-Wan and him were in the process of modifying.
Anakin: What th- OW!
Obi-Wan: That was the hugest disturbance in the Force since ever! Either a planet just exploded, or somebody did something really, really stupid…
Back in Neotopia…
A cloud of sky blue smoke immediately envelopes Captain and Shute.
Baku: What the heck?!
Shute: Dude, what's with the smoke?!
The other three rush in, just as the smoke clears.
Shute: Captain? Captain, wheredja go?
Kao Lyn: Whoo-hah! You hugged him, didn't you?
Shute: Yes, and now the squirrel has him! I shouldn't have given him any spaghetti-o's! It's ALL MY FAAAUUULT!!!!!
Haro: Erm, actually, Shute… (Goes over to where Captain was standing and picks up a stuffed doll about a foot and a half big lying on the floor.)
Baku: Hey, it looks just like Captain!
Haro, Zero, and Kao Lyn exchange glances.
Shute: ….. No way…
Zero: Shute, he-
Shute: That can't be Captain! The squirrel and its evil Chihuahua henchman have him!
Everyone Else: (Anime faint)