SD Gundam Fan Fiction ❯ Bickering gets you no where ❯ Zero leaves ( Chapter 1 )

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It was a typical day in Neotopia. Shute had installed extra wide doorways through-out his house, so the Gundams could go right into his house, without breaking the doorways. Bakunetsumaru was amused of how the toaster worked, ever since Shute had installed the new door ways. Every time the toast or a random item would pop out of the toaster, he would clap excitedly.

"This is such a great invention!!", he squeals, putting the toast back in, and waiting for it to pop out again.

Zero would always roll his eyes at Bakunetsumaru's odd antics.

Keiko was caring for Nana as usual, and was out shopping. Mark was obviously was in his studio, not minding a thing of what was happening outside it.

Shute came slumping into the kitchen, where Bakunetsumaru was admiring the toaster, and Zero was inspecting the rest of the kitchen. Zero was almost as curious and astonished as Bakunetsumaru was at the new surroundings, but at least he didn't show it as much. Zero noticed Shute's negative mood.

"Is there something wrong, Shute?", asked Zero in concern, watching Shute seat himself at the table. In the background you could hear Bakunetsumaru clapping at the toaster again.

Shute glanced at Zero, and then looked at the paper before him, the one he was holding when he entered the room. Shute sighed.

"I got a stinking F on my math report card!", he said, glared at the red "F" on his report card. "I've been too busy working with you guys to fight against the Dark Axis, to finish my math homework, and project! Mom's gonna kill me for this!!", he said, practically ripping out his hair.

"Report card?", asked Zero, a big red questioning mark appearing over his head.

Shute sighed, "It's when you are marked for your intelligence in school, and how much you pay attention…well for the most part anyways…", he said.

"hrmm…I see", said Zero, now understanding.

"hrmm…Maybe I shouldn't show mom…then I won't get punished!", said Shute slyly, ready to rip up the report card.

"Wait Shute!", said Zero, "You shall not do that! It is a noble thing to do when you face the truth. If you show her now, at least she won't be angry as much when she finds that "report card" of yours, all ripped up, knowing now that her son is a liar", he said, hoping these words would change Shute's mind.

"Your right, Zero, thanks for the help", he said, placing the report card in an obvious place for his mother to see. Shute looked around.
"hey…were is Capt-"

But Shute was cut off when smoke started to fill the room. The toast in the toaster had became very burnt, some thick smoke ejecting from the toaster. Bakunetsumaru quickly ran out of the room, scared out of his wits. Zero blinked, and peeked out from the kitchens doorway, to see Bakunetsumaru sweatdropping like crazy.

"What have you done, you nitwit!?", squawked Zero irritably, glaring at Bakunetsumaru.

Bakunetsumaru gulped.

"Erm…I was watching the shiny toast maker…and the toast came up, but this time it was engulfed in flames when it popped up!", he said, raising his arms into the air to express the toast popping out of the toast. Zero glared at Bakunetsumaru, and shook his head. Then the smoke thinned out, and Shute came out of the kitchen.

"Heh, nothing to worry about, I just had to dispose of the toast, that's all", he said, reassuring his gundam friends.

"Erm..I'm gonna sharpen my swords now!!", he said, rushing out of the house. Zero rolled his eyes again.

"Feh….coward", he muttered at Bakunetsumaru's retreating back.

Bakunetsumaru was happily whistling as he was sharpening his swords, with his usual puffs. Luckily Fenn was no longer with them, as he didn't even had his eyes open while sharpening. The only thing that distracted Bakunetsumaru from his happy thought, was a faint mewl. Bakunetsumaru faintly heard it, and looked wildly around.

"hey?! Who's there!!??", he squealed, trying to find the voice's owner. Then he turned to an orange cat, with golden eyes. Bakunetsumaru blinked.

"Hey there, lil fella, what's your name?", Bakunetsumaru asked, not knowing cat's didn't speak human.

When the cat didn't answer, Bakunetsumaru stared at it, and it stared back.

"What….was it something I said!?", he said.

The cat jumped into his lap, and purred, rubbing against his torso affectionately.

"Aww…your so cute!!", he said, gently petting it's head with a finger. He made sure he wouldn't hurt it in any way.

The cat mewled again, and jumped down from his lap. Then it started to play with Bakunetsumaru's puff, biting it, and kicking it into the air.

"Whoa, you're an athetic one, aren't chya?", Bakunetsumaru said, watching the cat play.

Then all of a sudden, the cat bit into the puff, and ran off with it, thinking is was prey, like a mouse.

"Huh?!! Where are you going with my puff, you mortal!??", Bakunetsumaru yelled after it. Then he had no choice but to chase it, if he ever wanted it back.

The cat ran up a tree, still holding the puff in its mouth. It hissed as Bakunetsumaru tried to jump up, and grab it.

"Come on!! I've had enough of this! It's bad enough Zero floats above me! And now your holding my puff hostage!!", he said, glaring at the cat.

The cat hissed again, and jumped off the tree, leaving the puff jammed in the branch. Bakunetsumaru was now fuming.

"What the hell I did I do this time for me to loose my only puff!?", he said, starting the climb the tree carefully. He didn't notice that Zero was strolling past, minding his own business.

Zero was lost in his own thoughts, aimlessly floating around the familiar area of Neopia. He didn't seem to notice that Bakunetsumaru was trying to climb a tree. If he did notice, he would make fun of the samurai gundam.

"Yay!! I retrieved it!!" yelled Bakunetsumaru, holding up his arms in the air, proudly holding up his puff. But while doing that, he lost his balance, and started to fall out off the tree. He yelped loudly.

Zero stopped his floating, and heard a yelp. He looked up, but was too late.

"EH!??", he said, as Bakunetsumaru fell on top of him.

" I love my puff!!!", said Bakunetsumaru, hugging his puff.

Zero was struggling to get out from under the heavy gundam, his words muffled.

"gerr off meh!!", he managed to say.

"hnn?" said Bakunetsumaru, not noticing he landed on Zero. "What are you doing under me, Zero?", asked Bakunetsumaru.

"How should I know!?? You're the one that came out of the sky!! Now GET OFF ME!!" he said, tapping his fingers impatiently on the ground.

"huh? Oh yeah!", said Bakunetsumaru, getting off Zero. Zero got up, and rubbed his back tenderly.

"Watch were your falling next time", growled Zero, glaring at Bakunetsumaru.

"It wasn't my fault!! This one cat stole my puff!" Bakunetsumaru said, pointing to his puff.

Zero's shoulder armor slumped.

"Yeah right, and pigs can fly.", he said sarcastically.

"Really?", asked Bakunetsumaru.

"NO!!", yelled Zero.

"Jeez, you didn't have to bite my head off!", snapped Bakunetsumaru.

"You know that they should call you? Bastardmaru!! It suits you VERY well!", said Zero, fuming.

"What the- Well you wonder why you named Zero!? It's because ZERO people LIKE you! You also have no abilities to fight, and You don't deserve to fight justice with the SD Gundam force! All you do is drone abut saving lacroa, is that at all you talk about!? Jeez! Do us a favor, and die!!", yelled Bakunetsumaru

Of all the bickering Bakunetsumaru and Zero have done, all they did is exchange foul names. But in this case, Zero really gotten to Bakunetsumaru. Zero's expression went blank, the words "Do us a favor, and die!!, were ringing in his head. Zero blinked, and then looked at the ground.

"I….I guess…you right…", stammered Zero, a few stray tears running down his face. But of course he didn't let Bakunetsumaru see them.

"I should…..die..", he said, he turned around, and floating into the sy, and turned to Bakunetsumaru.

"Tell..the SD Gundam Force.that I'm quitting, they shouldn't have to put up with me any longer….", and those were the last words that came from Zero, and he flew off, leaving Bakunetsumaru behind. It wasn't until Zero left, that made Bakunetsumaru realize what he had done. He wanted to protest, and make Zero come back, but he was too late, Zero was gone….prehaps..forever..

Bakunetsumaru quickly ran to the SD Gundam base, to tell the striking news.

Meanwhile Zero had landing by a forest, and returned to the ground, only floating above the ground a few inches. A few tears were still coming down his face.

"I didn't know I was much as a pain..I thought I was to them …I thought I was even strong. but I am obviously weak…both physically and mentally…", said Zero to himself. He must have been miles away from Shute's house, since he didn't recognize the place. His eyes were too blurry from the tears to see where he was heading.

Zero sighed. "I really did cast a burden on them..but not anymore! I can save Lacroa myself, possibly even Ark!! Yes, that's what I shall do! I will save both worlds! That will show them that I'm worthy!...besides…I was the chosen Lacroian savior..not them..", he said, slowly floating towards no where.

What Zero didn't realize, is that a few Zako soldiers were following him, holding a special control horn….


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