SD Gundam Fan Fiction ❯ Bickering gets you no where ❯ Zero's new look ( Chapter 2 )

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#In the Dark Axis#

Zapper Zaku, Grappler Gouf and Destroyer Dom were on their knees, begging for their lives for the millionth time. The commander, Sazabi, was glaring at them from his screen, his floating blasters ready to shoot the three gundams, but this time, it would probably be their last.

"P-Please reconsider! We have a GREAT plan that will surely destroy those measley gundams for good!", squeaked Grappler Gouf, glancing at the commanders screen in hope for another chance.

"NO! You three have failed me one too many times! I told you I will NOT tolerate another failure!", roared the commander, ready to press the fatal button to release the floating shooters on the three gundams (I forget what those thingies are called x.x;;)

"But we actually have a good plan this time!!", said Zapper Zaku.

:yeahhhhh", said Destroyer Dom, not even listening to most of the conversation.

An audible sigh emitted from the Commanders screen.

"FINE!! You shall do this plan, but FIRST tell me what you will do!", said the annoyed Commander.

Zapper Zaku got off his knees, and called for a Zaku soldier to give him the secret weapon. The called Zako Solider immediately popped into action, handing Zapper Zaku the weapon. After doing so, he scrambled away, not wanting to take any part in the conversation.

"This", starts Zapper Zaku, holding up a blue control horn, "Is a gundam control horn! It was specialized to over come the emotions and soul drive of a gundam!", he said proudly.

The commander chuckled.

"Continue, this actually sounds amusing.", the commander said, allowing Zapper Zaku to finish explaining his plan.

"Well, all we have to do is put this on one of the superior force gundams, and they'll be under our control! We can fight that gundam against the others! They won't know what hit them!", said Zapper Zaku, laughing like a maniac.

"hrrrmmm…That sounds good enough to work…but why do you only have one gundam control horn? Why not three?", demanded the commander.

Now it was Grappler Gouf's turn to speak.

"You see, we only had enough special supplies to create one! And thanks to Destroyer Dom, he blasted apart the original blue prints of the first control horn, and now we'll be unable to create another one! It'll take months to recreate the blue prints!", said Grappler Gouf, whacking Destroyer Dom on top of his head.

"ooowewwiiieee…", said Destroyer Dom, rubbing the now tender part of his helmet. Zapper Zaku sweat dropped.

"And there you have it!", concluded Grappler Gouf.

"hmm…Fine, I'll allow you to do this plan BUT you will not be the ones to fulfill it this time, I cannot trust you anymore, I will send Red Zaku, and my most trusted Zako soldiers to do this mission.

As if on queue, Red Zako appeared by the commanders screen, saluting him all in the while. The two other trusty Zakos appeared beside Red Zako, also saluting the Commander.

"You called, Commander? Zako", said Red Zako.

"Yes, I have a mission for you, and the other two. I want you to follow the three goons plan, and make sure not to fail!" explained Commander.

"Yes, Zako", said Red Zako enthusiastically.

Zapper Zaku sighed. "show off..", he muttered, before explaining to the Red Zako the plan, and handing him the Gundam control horn.

After to explanation, Red Zako nodded, and held the Control Horn.

"You can trust you on this Commander! Zako", Red Zako boasted, before saluting to the Commanders screen again, and heading towards the Zakrello Gate. Grappler Gouf gave him the finger with his claw, behind Red Zako's back in pure jealousy.

As the three disappeared into the Zakrello Gate, they were transported to the land of Neopia.

The three were in midair, and fell onto the ground roughly. Red Zako cursed, while rubbing his sore back side.

"Damn Gate!! Zako", he said shaking a fist at the disappearing gate.

"How are me going to find one of those gundams? We are out of rage of the normal site of neopia by 4.67 miles", concluded one of the Zako soldiers.

Red Zako sighed, and got up, dusting himself up. Before he could answer, he heard something coming.

"eek! Quick, into those bushes over there Zako!", said Red Zako, jumping into the bushes. The other two did the same.

They noticed that a blue gundam was floating aimlessly by their bushes, not even seeing where they were going.

"That's the flying gundam, Zero, correct?", said the other Zako, peering at the winged knight. Red Zako chuckled.

"Geez, this is too easy!! That is one of the gundams! We didn't even have to look! zako", Red Zako said, clutching the Control horn. It glowed faintly, ready to do what it was created to do.

"Okay, on the count of three, we'll jump her, and give her an attitude adjustment, zako"

"isn't that gundam a he?", said one of the Zako soldiers. Red Zako sweatdropped.

"erm..right, what did I say, zako?"

The other two sweatdropped also.

"Anyways, when I count to three, we'll jump HIM, zako", he said, correcting himself. The other two nodded.

"One….two..THREE!!..zako" cried Red Zako, jumping out of his hiding place, and coming up from behind Zero.

The other two tackled Zero from behind, catching him on total surprise.

"What-the!?", said Zero, as he hit the gorund. He turned his head to see his attackers. He saw two Zako soldiers clamping onto him. He easily shook them off, and got up, ready to summon his magical buster sword. But before he could do so, Red Zako jumped onto his back, grasping Zero's cloak to climb up, and plant the control horn on Zero's head.

"What are you dooiinnnnngg…."said Zero, his voice turning off. His figure slumped over, Red Zako jumping off the gundam.

Red Zako smirked smugly. He turned on his cell phone.

"We have finished the first step, zako", he said, watching as sparks and bolt of electricity flowed through the knight.

"Good work! I knew you wouldn't fail! Come back to the Zakrello Gate, and watch the show!" as soon as Commander said this, the Zakrello gate appeared, and the three jumped in.

As for Zero, his makeover was complete. He looked utterly freaky. His aqua eyes turned into blood stained slits, his elegant winded designs turned into black dragon wings, his blue colored armor turned blood red and sinister, all of his white colored parts turned into black. His cape stayed the same, but it became tattered and torn. The cape added extra evilness to his new look.

Zero looked at his new look, marveling his new evil presence.

He cackled, but it wasn't his usual feminine like, light-hearted laughter, it was spoken in a poisonous voice.

"Now for some gundam ass to kick!!", he roared, lifting up off the ground, and towards the lovely, and peaceful place of Neopia.

But when Evil Zero is done with it..Neopia won't be as peaceful…

#Meanwhile, in SD Gundam Base#

Captain was talking to Kao Lyn, who was bouncing around in a hyper manner (geez, that guy ish funneh XD XD)

"I noticed that some of our equipment is missing", said Captain, blinking at the dancing Kao Lyn.

"Not ta worry about my boy!", said Kao Lyn. "Luckily there is nothing major missing, just some samples of your soul drive! They'll be easy to replace, Wa hoo!!", he said, doing a back flip.

Captain blinked.

"But sir, that is what I've been worried about! Maybe the Dark Axis has stolen it , and would use that information against us!", he concluded, a sweat drop forming above his head, as Kao Lyn twirled in circles.

But before the cheerful inventor could answer to the concerned Captain, Bakunetsumaru burst into the room, with a tremendous worried face etched into his facial expressions.

Everyone turned to the fire samurai, including GunEgale, who was flirting with one of the workers.

"ohmylordzeroandIwerefightingandthenImadehimsadandhefloatedoffa ndidontknowwhattodoand-

"Please, Bakunetsumaru, it's alright, calm down!", said Juli, trying to calm down the worried gundam.

"But nothings all right!!" he cried, running in crazy circle for a moment.

Captain came up behind him, and lifted Bakunetsumaru off the ground, shaking him for a second, and putting him back on the ground.

Bakunetsumaru became dizzy for a moment, and held his head.

"ack..thanks Captain, I need that", he said, swaying a bit from recovering from being shook.

"Your welcome, it was the most logical thing I could do", said Captain, smiling.

(By the way, this story takes place after *sorry for spoilers* Fenn is gone and Captain gets emotions uploaded in his mind :D)

Bakunetsumaru bowed at Captain thankfully, and started to explain, this time more slowly.

After explaining, everyone shook their heads sadly.

"Gods, I knew something like this would happen between you two! If you didn't fight so often, this could have been avoided!", said Chief Haro, slamming his fist into a desk.

Bakunetsumaru bowed his head in shame. "I'm sorry for this….", he muttered, true sorrow showing through his words.

Chief Haro sighed. "It's alright Bakunetsumaru, but we won't solve anything by standing here. Juli, use the radar to track down Zero", ordered Chief Haro.

"Yes sir", she said, turning her chair to the control pad, and turning on the radar. "Zero, the winged knight is in radar sight. He is heading towards this site, at 3 mph per hour. He will be here in about 5 minutes", she analyzed, watching the radar.

Bakunetsumaru didn't hear what else everyone had to say about that. He was stuck in his own mind.

`How do I apologize to Zero? What could I do? He's the one who started it, he should apologize first. Arg! Bakunetsumaru! Your not thinking straight!', he scorned to himself, thinking.

Before long, Zero entered to room, and everyone gasped ,instead pf greeting the gallant knight, at what they saw. They didn't believe he was Zero at first, but at the design of his armor, he had some characteristics in common with the normal Zero.

"Well, well, well, what do we have here? It looks like taking over this world shall be easy! I shall go on an amusing killing spree, ne?", he said, his slitted eyes shifting to each gundam and human in the room.

He summoned his buster sword and shield. Even the sword and shield looked different, thanks to the control horn. The sword had dragon wings instead of upward yellow spikes, and it had a red and black color job. It seemed to have blood stains on the slivery blade. His shield looked like two folded dragon wings bonded together. The new Zero looked murderous.

"Zero!!??", everyone gasped. They didn't understand why Zero looked and acted differently. Captain scanned Zero's figure, and noticed the Control horn.

"He has a control horn embedded into his head armor!" said Captain.

Everyone looked at Zero's head, and saw it also.

"But that's impossible! There is no way the Dark Axis could have took hold of technology to control the strong emotions of the gundam!", said Kao Lyn, and for once in his life, he wasn't dancing around like a kid on their birth day.

"Unless they took hold of my Soul Drive sample!", concluded Captain, sweat dropping.

"You got it Captain! Now my blood bath will begin!", said the evil Zero, he lifted his sword and shield, and charged at the closest thing to him, Bakunetsumaru.

Bakunetsumaru yelped and got out his samurai swords out in time to block zero's vicious attacks.

`oh god..this is all my fault!!", said Bakunetsumaru to himself.

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