SD Gundam Fan Fiction ❯ Bickering gets you no where ❯ The Transformation of the heart and soul ( Chapter 4 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

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The two gundams faces came in contact, and it created great confusion- for both of the gundams. Zeros eyes were wide in shock, and the control horn gave a giant spark. Bakunetsumaru noticed it, and knew he had to do more than a simple kiss to fight it off. As the knight was still in deep confusion, Baku opened his face plate, and nudged Zero to do the same, closing his eyes. The horn gave yet another spark, and he opened his as well, twitching a bit, until his eyes were closed too. The samurai flung his sword to the side, catching onto Zeros as well, and they clattered to the ground, the two didn't even hear the noises.. Normally, Baku would be yelling at himself for throwing his precious possessions so carelessly away from him, but he had more important matter to deal with. Now that Zero was greatly weakened without his sword, as well as his control horn, the samurai gave himself an ego boost, and stole yet another kiss from the purifying knight. Baku couldn't help but blush in his mind of what he was doing to his best friend…or was he just a friend?
Baku was fighting in two battles, one was of his affections for Zero, and the other was actually giving affection to Zero in order to win. But he couldn't think straight as he was actually enjoying himself, and Zero seemed to as well. The knight leaned in closer, his cape draping over them, and he hugged his savior, as they continued their `lovely' actions. (ooc: ahah.. I'm such a dork :DD) The control horn was officially wearing off, as Zeros' `hatred' for his friend was turning into love that was for more than what friends could give each other. The horn landed on the ground with a dull thud, and turned into ashes. The broken wall let wind slip into the room, and it swept away the evil ashes. The two didn't even notice the horn dropping on the ground, until Zero felt a twinge of great discomfort in his mind. Zero snapped open his blood red eyes, and lifted himself up from his new lover, looking down at his body. It was slowly turning about to normal, the red turning into blues, and black turning into white. Baku sat up, and smiled gently, glad to see Zero back to his beautiful self. Zero admired his new…or `old' self, and looked back at Baku, blushing slightly. The samurai got up, and held out a helping hand to Zero. He gladly took it, getting up and dusting his cape. The samurai couldn't help but give a sudden hug to his knight. Zero giggled quietly, and hugged back.
“I'm glad you're back… did this all happen?”, Baku asked, putting his hand on Zeros cape, playing with it.
“Well…after I quit the force, I stomped off into a forest, and suddenly got ambushed by three zakos!”, he said, trying to remember all he can.
“…Are you still quitting from the force..?”, Baku said, a twinge of sadness tweaking his voice. Zero gave a chuckle.
“Of course not! I have too many reasons to not come back! One is to go back to my homeland, and the other is to be with you!”, he said, hugging harder. The samurai was greatly relieve.
“yay! I'm sure the others will be excited to..erm..uh…oh…”, he said, sweat dropping. Zero knew what he was thinking. They both ran to the gap in the wall, to see if the others were okay. It turns out they were in fact alright! Luckily Chief had floating platforms for everyone to have a safe landing. They were all floating outside, watching the whole ordeal between the two. Some were even arguing over popcorn.
Oh geez…those two will never live it down…
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