SD Gundam Fan Fiction ❯ CHIBIFIED!!! ❯ Summer Heat ( Chapter 3 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]
By: May-VeggieGirl1

Hi ya'all! Here's the third chapter!! This is like the only chapter Baku isn't stuffing his face with something...
B: ;_; "Why must it be so?!"
Because you eat too much...9_9
B: "It's not my fault I have a high metabolism rate!"
I do too, but I don't eat 24/7.
B: "You barely eat because your too lazy to get off the computer."
See? Now why can't you get a hobby like that?
B: T_T "..."

B: "It's too hot to play outside Shute..." Baku sat on the grass.
C: "Agreed. Can we please go inside Shute?"
S: "It won't make a difference. Our ac broke recently. Besides it's not that bad..."
Z: "Yeah, it's even worse..."
C: "...Why don't we go to the pool?"
S: "Yeah, that's an idea!"
B & Z: "We can't swim."
S: Oh right. I forgot..." Guneagle flies by.
G: "Woohoo! Too bad you guys can't fly, the breeze is great up here!"
Z: ~X( "I want my wings back!!! O mana, gimme back my cape!" The magic circle appeared again and dropped down a monkey.
C: "An ape..."
Z: "CAPE! Gimme my CAPE!" A snake dropped down. "Not a snake! MY CAPE!!!" A cell phone dropped down.
Phone: "We're sorry. The number you have reached is currently unavailable at this time. Please call back later."
Z: *face is red* "MANA! What did you do with my cape?!"
Phone: "This information is classified. Access denied."
Z: "WHAT?!" He jumps at the magical circle to bend it out of shape.
B: "I didn't know the magic circle had a humorous side..."
Z: "Can it, crimson!" He continues to jump at it and Baku's eyes water.
B: "He called me crimson!! Zero hates me!" ;_;
C: "You are crimson."
B: "Not you too! Nobody loves me anymore!!" (Baku fans: "We still love you!!!")
S: "Baku, crimson means red." He stops crying.
B: "Oooooohhh. Nevermind then!" ^-^ Zero, Shute, Captain, and Guneagle sweatdrop.
C: "Could we make lemonade then?"
S: "Sure, you giys wanna come?"
G: *hands behind head, lying on a cloud* "I'm fine right here."
Z: "Must get...mana to...obey..." Zero continued to jump at the blue circle, becoming tired. Baku sat happily and waved his hand in the air.
S: *turns to Captain* "Looks like it's just us two."
B: "Hey, why can't I come?"
S: "You'll get distracted and eat our suppilies."
B: "I will not! Pleeeeeaaaaase?"
S: *slaps his head* "Aw, I just remebered I can't leave you guys alone!" Sayla walks up to them.
Sa: "Hi Shute."
S: "Hey Sayla!"
Z: *lying on the ground panting* "It's too jump around..." He spots her. "Good-day Princess Sayla!" She sees him then hugs him.
Sa: "Awwww! Your so cuuuute!!"
Z: >_< "Can't...breathe..."
S: Could you do me a big favor, Sayla? I'd like you to watch over Guneagle, Baku, and Zero, Captain and I are going to make lemonade and come back."
Sa: *notices Zero's face is blue and let's go* "No problem Shute!"
S: "Thanks!" Captain and Shute leave.
Z: "Is this...dreadful heat...pestering you...Princess Sayla?" (Zero fans & Sayla haters: *hiss*)
Sa: "I'm fine, thank-" She pauses then runs away.
Z, B, & G: *blink blink* "..." She returns.
Sa: "Sorry about that...why don't we go to the beach?"
B: "We don't know how to-" She grabs Baku and Zero then runs off. Guneagle raises an invisible eyebrow.
G: "This should be interesting..." He flies off.

Heheheh...So what's wrong with Sayla? Sayla haters should enjoy what Guneagle notes next chapter!