SD Gundam Fan Fiction ❯ CHIBIFIED!!! ❯ Beach Bash ( Chapter 4 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]
By: May-VeggieGirl1

Hola! ^__^ I'm on a roll! Chapter 5 is finished too! I hope this nice typing spree makes you people happy! I think ch. 5 is my fav. Zero has such a sick mind...


Sayla plopped Baku and Zero down in the sand as Guneagle landed next to them.
G: "Wow, for someone so dainty, you sure can run fast!" Sayla's eye twitched and her features became dark. She picked up and glass bottle and smashed it over his head.
Z: O_o "Sayla, what are you-" She turned to him, picked him up, and threw him in the ocean. "BUT I CAN'T SWIM!!" Sayla looked around and blinked.
Sa: "Oh, what came over me?" She looked at the frightened Baku. "Hey, why don't we go get some snacks?"
B: *brightens* "Oh! I like snacks!" They walk off. Zero struggles to keep his head above water.
Z: "Ah, I'm sinking!" Mana! Help me!" The blue circle appears again and drops down a rubber duckie. "Please-" His head submerged under. The circle creates a lifesaver and ties one end to a pole on the shore. Zero manages to pulls himself in. Guneagle walked up next to him.
G: "What just happened there?"
Z: "I have no clue..." Guneagles eyes narrowed.
G: "It seems the mouse has turned into a big hairy rat..." Zero gave him a strange look.
Z: "What you talkin' about, Willus?"
G: "...Let's just follow." The two small gundams find Sayla and Baku sitting on a bench.
B: *eating a hot dog* "Why do they taste better at the beach?"
Sa: "I don't know..." Zero gives her puppy dog eyes. (Anyone who likes Zero hugs him to death then spaz cause he's dead) "...I'm sorry, Zero. Would you like a hot dog too? I'll be right back." She gets up and walks away.
Z: ;_; "I think she hates me..."
G: "I think she's asking for a knuckle sandwich..." He cracks his knuckles.
B: "I like hot dogs!" ^_______^
Z: O.o "Bad images..." (A/N: X_x You people have dimented my mind even further! Is that even possible?!)
B: *tilts head to the side innocently* "Keh?" Sayla returns with two hot dogs and hands them to Zero. "How come I can't have two?"
Sa: "Cause...I don't have enough money?"
B: "Oh..."

Back with Shute and Captain.
S: "Hey Sayla, Zero, Baku, Guneagle- we're...back?' He looked around. "Um, where is everyone?" Captain walked up behind Shute.
C: "Aren't they here? This is where we left-" He tripped and spilled all the lemonade. "...Whoops. I'm sorry Shute..."
S: "It's okay. Besides, we need to find the others." He helped Captain up.
C: "That won't be hard as long as Guneagle is with them." He held his hand up to his head. "Hey, Guneagle! You there?"

Guneagle blinked and answered.
G: "What's up Captain?"
C: "Where are you guys? Why did you leave your station?"
G: "We're at the beach. Sayla ran off here and we just followed. She's been acting weird."
C: "Alright, we'll meet you there. Just stay together." Captain turned back to Shute. "They are at the beach. I told Guneagle we woud be right over."
S: "That help out a lot!" Shute and Captain hurry off.

Guneagle took off his sunglasses and looked at a crab on the ground. He picked it up and put it down Sayla's shirt
Sa: "Eeep!!" She pulled it out and glared at Guneagle then began to chase him around.
B: "There! My sand castle's finished!" Sayla tripped Guneagle with some drift wood and he fell onto the sand castle then she walked off. "My sand castle..." Guneagle sat up and brushed himself off.
G: "Stupid hormone driven girl..." He mumbles and walks off. Baku sighs sadly.
B: "Back to the drawing board..." Sayla walked up next to Zero.
Sa: "Did you enjoy your hot dogs, Zero?"
Z: "Um...yeah...thanks." He twiddled his thumbs, trying to block off the nasty thought that entered his mind.
Sa: "I think I'll go in the water now."
Z: "Surely you are not going in your clothes..."
Sa: "Of course not!" She begins to pull off her shirt.
Z: O_0 'Why am I looking...? Stupid eyes! Close already!' "Um...S-Sayla?!" She reveals her bikini top.
Sa: "Yes Zero?"
Z: *practically in shock and eyes are spinning* "N...Nevermind..."
Sa: "...Okay then!" She pulls off her shorts and hops in the water. Shute and Captain arrive.
S: "Hey Guneagle." Shute leaned over him.
G: "Yo, you're blocking my sun, man!"
S: "Uh...we sorta need to go." He removes his sunglasses
G: "Do you hafta ruin everyone's fun?"
S: "My mom doesn't know I'm out here. And the ac's fixed." Zero walked over next to Baku.
Z: "Baku, we gotta go." Baku huddled around his structure defensivly.
B: "No! I must protect my newly built sand castle from evil beach goers!!" A huge wave crashes on Baku and the sand castle and destroys it again. ;_; "Why can't the world leave my sand castle's alone?!" Captain walked up to Baku.
C: "Because as long as the law of uniformitarianism is correct, erosion will wear away the simple structure of your creations within time." Baku burst into tears.
B: "Your wisdom is cruel!!!" Zero grabs him by the horn and drags him off.
S: "Hey Sayla, we gotta' go!" Sayla looked back at Shute.
Sa: "Okay then! Bye Shute!" They left.

Yes, Chapter 4 is fini! Poor Baku...The simple pleasures of life. T_T