SD Gundam Fan Fiction ❯ CHIBIFIED!!! ❯ Spoon ( Chapter 5 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]
By: May-VeggieGirl1

Hi!! ^__________________________^ I lurve this chapter! Poor Baku, he can be so stupid...


Baku was finishing off a carton of ice cream while everyone else was watching television. He put down the empty carton and coughed painfully. He stumbled out of the kitchen.

Zero stared at the ceiling, bored out of his mind as Shute, Captain, and Guneagle watch the tv.
Z: "I'm bored!"
G: "Tuff." Baku walked in front of the tv and wheezed. "Down in front!" His eyes filled with tears and his knees wobbled. "Cry baby..." Shute elbowed Guneagle.
S: "Don't be mean...Come over here and have a seat, Baku." He sat next to Zero and Shute. Zero observed his quick raspy breaths.
Z: "Are you okay Baku?" He whipered. "Shute, maybe we should do something with Baku?"
G: "Yeah, like throw him in the garbage heap." Shute glared at Guneagle then looked at Baku and picked him up.
S: "Hey, what's wrong little guy? Your face is red, do you feel sick?"
C: "Maybe we should take him to Kao Lyn."
S: "That's a great idea, Captain. Come on." Shute (carrying Baku), Zero, and Captain stand up and begin to walk away. "Guneagle, your coming with us."
G: "But-" Shute turns off the tv. Guneagle groans and follows along.

S: "Hellloooo? Kao Lyn, where are you?"
G: "Oh well, he's not here. Let's go back-"
S: "We're not doing anything until Baku's okay."
G: "He's never 'okay'."
S: "Guneagle!"
C: "Perhaps Chief Haro will know where he is."

H: "Hello Shute, what do you need?" He holds out Baku.
S: "We need to find Kao Lyn. I think Baku's sick."
H: "That is a problem. I really don't know where he is, he's been so busy trying to figure out this chibifying."
Z: "'Chibifying'?"
H: "That's what we're calling it. The last time I saw Kao Lyn, he was in the medical lab."
C: "We just checked there."
H: "Well, I don't know what to tell you. He's bound to show up eventually. I'll try to call him on the intercom though." He picks up the intercom. "Kao Lyn, please report to blanc base asap." Kao Lyn came out of a door.
K: "Sir, I'm very busy with this chibifying process." Shute held Baku out to Kao Lyn.
S: "Kao Lyn, we think something's wrong with Baku. He's not talking to us either-"
Z: "Which definatly indicates problems."
C: T_T
K: *sigh* "I'll see what I can do." He takes Baku and skips back to the med lab and slams the door shut. Kao Lyn sat Baku down on the table. "Well, before I can help you I need to know what's wrong." Baku held up one finger. "Uh...oh cherades! One word..." He pointed at his eye. "Eye? Something's wrong with your eye? Can you see?" Baku slapped his head and held up two fingers. "Two words..." Baku held up a can of peas. "Peas?" He shook his head and pointed at the can. "Processed foods?"

~Twenty minutes later...~

S: "I hope Baku's okay..."
Z: "He's been in there for a while..." Baku opened the door and came out.
C: "How are you feeling?"
B: "Much better!" Kao Lyn came out. Baku turned to him. "Geez you suck at cherades! "
K: *ignoring Baku* "Shute, I thought you said you would take care of them while they are chibified!"
S: "But I am!" Kao Lyn tossed him a spoon. "...A spoon?"
K: "I found that lodged in his throat." Everyone looks at Baku.
S: "...How can you swallow a spoon?!"
B: ;_; "I knew you would yell at me..."
G: "Why would you want to swallow a spoon?!"
B: "It was an accident!"
K: "Shute, it's your fault this happened, not Baku's."
Z: "He's the one who swallowed the spoon!"
S: "No, it's my fault. You're all kids and I'm supposed to take care of you."
K: "Are you sure you can handle the responsibility Shute?"
S: "I can!"
K: "Alright, but don't let it happen again." Kao Lyn turned to leave.
S: "I won't!...And no more meals between meals for you!"
B: "Is it really my fault that I have a high metabolism rate...?"
G: "Can we finish the movie now?"
S: "Sure."

C: "That was an interesting ending..." Shute stretched out and looked at Baku and Zero, who fell asleep in the middle of it.
S: "Maybe you should all take a nap."
G: "I dun wanna take a nap!"
S: "They didn't want to watch the movie-"
G: "They didn't watch the movie, they fell asleep!"
S: "...Fine, you can listen to headphones quietly while lying down. Or you can read a book." Guneagle pulled out headphones and listened to Disturbed (Dun own it. Wish I did). Captain pulled out an encyclopedia. Shute put a blanket over the sleeping gundams.

Awww, now just picture the cute chibi gundams sleeping peacefully...X3 Kwaiii!!! ^_______^