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" Hello Neotopia State College!" Exclaimed Chief Haro into a microphone. His ears flipped up which made kids chuckle and giggle. The Chief didn't mind. Behind him were the others sitting on chairs.

"Tell me why he's wearing the head mask still?" Guneagle leaned over to his left, whispering to Neo.

"Because he knows he'll embarrass shute." Neo replied back, bored already. She didn't feel to comfortable being on stage with millions looking at her. But was happy to be sitting next to Madnug and to Nancy close by(OtherSideOfGuneagle) for comfort.

"I and the others from Blanc Base are happy to be here."-Everyone on stage stifle a chuckle-" We are volunteering here for charity, being here for this semester will give kids at orphanages all around, two-thousand dollars!". The college kids cheered. "yes." the Chief nodded. "The Blanc Base employees will work as teachers, substitutes and other things here! And of course the Gundam Force is here!" The crowd went wild. Yup. Everyone loved the Gundam Force.

"Let me introduce you to some of them and the new members!" That made them go more wild.

"Captain Gundam is not here right now, he's currently doing some paper work-"

"YOU. Should be doing." Juli butted in. "HEY!HEY! I did my I have to meet with a bunch of people for the charity this month. Sue me!" The Chief complained. His job was not easy. "Any who." The young adults in the crowd all pretend not to hear that,but for Shute in the crowd sad to not see Captain. He did not see Captain for about a week and missed his best friend.. "Captain Gundam will be teaching 'Gundams,Robots, ETC One-O-One(101)' ad P.E" The kids all talked, wanting P.E now." 'One-O-One' will be mandatory sixth period class for all, out here." The crowd all cheered.

"Next is, Bakunetsumaru The Blazing Samurai is here from Ark!"

Bakunetsumaru stood up,bowed and sat down. "He will teach Football and History." The crowd cheered. But they were a bit worried with History less with Football

" Zero The Winged Knight is here as well from Lacroa!" Zero stood. "Ladies." he cooed and with a snap of his left forefinger and thumb roses appeared in all the ladie's hands; which Baku thought was UN-necessary. The girls all cheered. "With the beautiful Princess, Rele." The Chief shortened her name being her request to fit in with the other kids. Rele stood, in her adventure suite, she bowed. The men cheered and whistled, making Rele blush. Zero did his best to ignore this. "Zero will teach History as well"-Baku and Zero glared at one another-" and a social class. While Rele will assist the librarian." And they sat down.

"Guneagle has agreed to help!" Girls went crazy again, guys wooted and yelled how awesome he was. Guneagle blew out kisses and put up the 'Peace Out' gesture. "He will be guarding the skies for any danger...We attract it so be careful. And also teach Drama/Theater." Guneagle sat down.

"Gunbike is getting traded bodies right now. But he will be asisting with P.E and Football." The Chief read a paper with the classes on it.

" Madnug is here as well! Captain's brother unit!." The crowd cheered wild once more, they thought he was just as good as Captain. Though Madnug was on the phone the whole time, he got up and bowed. "...He'll be the phone a lot. Don't ask why please." The Chief told them.
" He'll be teaching P.E with Captain"- The crowd now screamed, twins were awesome- " and Mechanics. With Workshops when the classes come together. Plus science!"

"Now Juli." He gestured to Juli, who just waved. "Will be the librarian and also assist in Drama/theater."

"WOOO! YOUR HOT!" yelled a male. Juli ignored that of course.

The Chief cleared his throat. "Yes...Well... The Gundivers will help P.E when its swimming class and will teach health." Though the Gundivers weren't there. "Where are they?" The Chief asked Juli. " They decided to help with lunch." She told him. The Chief nodded."O.K"

"Now for the Dark Axis, the Zakos will be guarding around so do not mind them. And Genkimaru is bringing the Genki-Energy force. Zapper will help with Football and teach Leadership with the help of Grappler. And Dom..." The Chief looked to Juli who shrugged. "Will help them too I guess...And help with home Economics?" he shrugged as well." and Genkimaru will help in the office...NOW FOR THE NEW MEMBERS!"

"Neo is our newest member." Neo stood up awkwardly and sat bck down, not liking the attention given to her. "She'll be helping with Mechanics...Well Madnug is actually helping but still!"

"Nancy was transferred to our base a few months ago from another base in Mencetopia-"-"I LOVE SUMMER THERE!" all the men yelled-"-...I do as well" Guneagle and Zero smirked.

"...Metoo." Nancy grinned as she stood up. "She'll be teaching Language arts and reading/grammar and art...OH! that was Neo's other class! Neo will also be helping with art." Neo face palmed. "Your an idiot chief." Nancy told hm. "...Its too early to think." The Chief shooed her. Everyone groaned remembering how early it was. Nancy sat down.

" And the others are on their way!" The Chief said. "And you all know Shute." The Chief gestured to Shute. Everyone cheered" The one made the Gundam Force possible. He won't be on duty,unless its needed. And we won't be soft on him neither." Shute smiled sheepishly as guys behind him gave him slaps on the back and arms and the ladies waved at him.

"So now that we're all introduced. You can go get your class lists and books in front of the library from !...Who will also help at the library, work at workshop and help maintenance!...Good thing he doesn't want an advance, eh?"

"He does."Juli told him.

"...Damn." The Chief left the stage.

Juli went up to the mic. "Have a great year! We're try to make this fund as possible!" She smiled brightly and waved. The crowd of young adults cheered and left for the library. While everyone on stage jumped off it and went to look around, to their rooms or to the library to help with the schedules and books.

Shute walked in the crowd,people talking to him asking questions. Luckily he ditched them once he got in line for his books and schedule. He stood there for a hour, glad he had his cell phone on him. Then he felt a great UN-easy feeling. "SHUTE!" yelled a loud,peppy female. He turned to see who it was, the voice sounded familary. Then the next thing he knew he was tackled, on the ground with a young girl pinning him down. "...Hi Marie." he greeted the youth.

Marie had a big smile and wide peppy eyes, she had on a white collared shirt and blue shorts on. Her wing shaped neckalce dangled down on Shute. "Hi shute!" Marie got up off from him and grabbed her books from the ground. "You got your books and schedule already?" Shute asked getting up.

"Yup! You didn't?" She asked. She and Shute were good friends, she being the girl next door and of course she made friends with the Gundam Force. "I've been in line for a hour now!" he exclaimed. "Well...Your next." Marie pointed out. Shute looked behind himself to see he was. He went up to the table.

"Hey Shute!" Bellwood greeted.

"Hey Doc!" Shute happily greeted back. He noticed how much taller BellWood was. And how his tall Fro had a comb in it now. He still had his goggles on and his nice smooth light chocolate skin. He had on a green shirt, the sleeves short, blue capriis and a sweat band on his upper tricep. "Here are your books." BellWood handed him a stack of five books. Shute gazed at it, they were thick..."Your gonna have to get back in line for your schedule."

"What?" Shute yelled. With These books?

"Nah just screw'in with ya!" Bellwood laughed."Its in your science book" Shute sighed in relief. He turned around with his books to see Marie laughing too.

"HaHa." He mused sourly, walking on. "Can you show me where the dorms are. I can't remember." Marie put a arm around his neck, easily carrying her books in one arm.

"Sure!" She smiled.

Behind the school was big mansion. It used to be where they had a green-house, but the eco-loving kids protested against it. So it was turned into soriety house...But there were to many of those. So they left it there for whatever. But the Chief bought it for the employees from the base to stay, those with no homes or work 24/7.

Nancy,Neo,Baku,Zero,Rele,Madnug and Guneagle entered it. The front room was normal. Once entered the kitchen was to the left with just a fridge first, then some counters, at the end was a stove/oven, then to a short bar counter was a sink. Then there was the living room ahead of that. A table behind some stools of the bar counter, a big couch at the back wall, another couch against the window wall, a nice T.V and a sliding door that lead to a balcony.

Then there was a hall way to the left that had room doors on the right wall, stairs at the end leading to more room, and some more stairs. It was a three-story mansion.

"Wow...Pretty suburban." Guneagle commented.

"So which rooms are ours?"Neo asked.

"The keys are on the table with name tags. Some people will share rooms." Nancy said as she went for the fridge, grabbed a Two-Liter 'V8' juice bottle and went for her room.

"V8?" Baku asked as he grabbed his key from the table, noticing how empty it was.

"I'm trying to be healthier!" Nancy called back.

"I wonder how many bathrooms there are." Neo commented, grabbing her key.

"I wonder what floor the gundivers are in." Madnug asked...


"Nope just seperate big showers" Baku told him. He got a look at that morning.

"...AH! ITS GONNA BE LIKE BASE!" Guneagle yelled.

"What? Theres seperate bathrooms too?" Zero asked.

"No theres ten! But thats not enough! The girls raid those so they all fit in! and so the men have to use the big bathroom and take a shower together!"

"..So the girls get like four in one bathroom? so like...Fourty women in the base taking a shower together!" Baku asked." ..So theres gonna be like...FOURTY WOMEN ALL ARE TAKING A SHOWER TOGETHER EVERY MORNING?"



"WOW!" Zero plugged his nose with one hand.


"Th-The men take a sh-shower t-t-together?"Neo choked out.

"YES! And it ain't pretty...Especially with Captain and Madnug."


"We like the water hot." Madnug shrugged. "You ok Neo?"

Neo grabbed her key and went for her room. "Ineedtounpack."

"...Your circuits are also bigger and your more musculaur then everyone!"

"GUNEAGLE!" Everyone yelled.


If your wondering why they are asking about their rooms, they DROVE there that morning from Blanc Base.

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