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Though we left last chapter on good terms, the night was not over.


6:30. Dorms.

Shute and Marie made it to the dorms."..."Shute gasped, putting his books down and fallng to his knees. "These books are so FREAKING heavy!" Shute laid his head on the books.

"Your so scrawny Shute-*kun." Marie puckered her lips,hands easily holding her books against her chest. "Well your just not human." Shute came back, gasping for air to enter his Lungs faster.

".Blah." Marie put up hand, and smacked her fingers together with her thumb.

"...I wonder where Captain is." Shute sighed, catching his breathe. Shute dearly missed his best friend, not seeing him for the last week and a half. "Probably doing paperwork the Chief should." Marie scratched her chin. "I haven't seen him for like-"Shute began.

About after a minute or two, Marie lost all interest in Shute's word, and focused on a butterfly;blue with polka-dots. Then it flew off toward the library, Marie's head and eyes following it. Thats when she spotter Her. A young woman with an athletic body, wearing what seemed to be another College's uniform-Marie thanked Mana Neotopia State had no uniforms like this woman's- she had a skirt,plad and a collared,white,buttoned up shirt, with a red tie. But what really caught Marie's attention to this woman, was her face.

Her face was a light color, her eyes were mismatched like a kid's socks, and her hair which had big bangs in front and her hair in a ponytail. And her cute,innocent expression she had pasted on her face. Marie had to know her and become friends with her!

She sneaked away from Shute, making sure her books wouldn't fall out of her grasp. She came up behind Andy, who just kept looking from the library door at her left and the other kids running to their dorm rooms on her right.

Marie then poked the woman on the shoulder lightly.


The woman perked up and turned around. "Hiya!" Marie greeted happily. The woman smiled, happy someone had finally talked to her.

"Hello." She greeted back, smiling shyly.

"I'm Marie!" Marie put down her books and pointed to herself.

"Umm...Just call me Andy." Andy told Marie. She'd rather be called that then her full name.

"You look lost." Marie frowned.

"I kinda Am." Andy admitted, wasn't like her to get lost so easily.

"Well, your at Neotopia's State College." Marie happily helped.

"OH! That explains why I'm lost." Andy hit her fist in her palm. "I'm just enrolling here next semester!"

"Why next?" Andy questioned.


"...Well you can enroll now! I'm sure the chief won't mind!" Marie took Andy's hands.

"...Mydad?"Andy asked confused.

"...Your dad is Chief Haro too?" Marie asked shocked, leaning in to Marie.

"...Haro? Too?" Andy had no clue of a sibling and knew for a fact Chief 'Haro' was dead.

" Yeah. Shute is the Chief's son. Chief Haro is the chief of the Super Dimensional Gaurd." Marie informed Andy.

"...Grandfather Shute?...You Know What!" Andy realized something. Something she really didn't want to know, but must.

"Grandfather?" Marie tilted her head. Shute barely had enough courage to ask Sayla on a date last month.

"...Whats today date?" Andy forced out. It was hard to ask what seemed liked a simple question, but it mattered so much.

"..."Marie could hear the pain in Andy's voice. " Well since today is 'Move In Day' , its January first, *Two-Thousand-Sixty."

It took a while for Andy to let this sink in. Then blue lines formed under her eyes, as they smallened. And she fell to her knees.

"N...N...No way!"She finally choked out. She couldn't believe it. It could not be. She really wished she was asleep. But she knew she wasn't gonna wake up to her bed. "Andy! You ok?" Marie crouched down to her new friend. Andy shook her head. Nothing was ok. "Whats wrong?" Marie asked. Andy looked up to Marie, fear in her eyes. "I...I'm in the past..." Andy nearly passed out.

"Wha?" Marie asked discombobulated. Not believing what Andy just said. "..I'm From The Future!" Andy grasped Marie's shoulders. Andy tried to calm down, her heart rate was way to fast. But she was afraid, she was- "I'm here." cooed Marie's voice, lovingly. "No worries Andy." Marie wrapped her arms around Andy's neck. Andy could barely look up, but was able to get a glance at Marie. And her soft,big smile. "You can still enroll here. Everyone will love you, you are Shute's granddaughter right?" Marie nuzzled her head to Andy's head.

Andy did her best to nod and muffled a 'Yes'. "Then everyone will love you, once you tell'em of course!" Marie giggled. She knew Nancy would once she found out who Andy was, Neo would need a little, Captain would be ecstatic-Not thinking of how young Shute is right now- and Shute...Shute would be shocked. Andy remembered her father sometime talking about his an aunt with the older princess Rele and they both seemed to know the same person and always defined her as 'Crazily fun, loving'. Marie was crazy,pretty fun and she was loving right now. And then she had a fuzzy memory as a child getting hugged deeply by an older woman, who had a big crazy grin. Andy took a glance up to Marie...Yup. This had to be her. Especially when her grandfather Shute was talking to her father about how-as they called her-' His crazy Aunt' was doing with being a single mom with out 'TheKnight' there.

...'The Knight' had to be Zero, on of the Gundam Force members, who traveled with her grandfather in his stories- That also made her a bit more happy seeing how she'd meet him most likely-. And since this 'Crazy Aunt' was Marie...Would they-

"OK!" Marie jumped up, changing her grip to Andy's hands. "First...We Tell The Chief. Who I know is not busy."

He should be doing HIS OWN paperwork.

"Ok...But...My clothes." Andy remembered. "I have a whole closet full, and draws. And I'm sure our friends will let you borrow some!" Marie cheerfully smiled.

Our Friends

"Lets go." Marie quickly picked back up her books, holding them in one arm and pulled Andy with the other.

One thing Andy knew for sure, was that she was going to kill that Dai-Shogun, Genkimaru, for sending her here!

7:30. S.D.G Mansion.

"I can't see why girls get close to one another like that." Guneagle gestured to Marie and Neo.

"You boys know you like us girls close like this." Nancy teased Guneagle. Neo

Nancy sat at the left end of the couch, back to the arm chair, Neo between her thighs, comfly reading a magazine as it looked. Nancy flipping through the channels. Guneagle sat on the couch behind the other couch's arm chair, against the wall with a big window, a little hole in the corner where they kept books and snacks. And Madnug sitting against the right arm chair, watching the flipping channels.

"...In 'Playboys'! and what not." Guneagle pointed out. "Told you he read those." Neo whispered to giggled now.

"...MADNUG DOES TOO!" Guneagled yelled out, pointing to Madnug. Madnug just looked to him. "Not as many as you have and have read." "OHO!" Nancy and Neo laughed. Neo's face turning a bit at the thought of it though.

"...But *Nii-san, Captain is in the middle." Madnug chuckled. "AHHHHH!" Everyone laughed. "I'ma use that against him!" Nancy smiled.-She was trained to keep a straight face, no matter how bad the blood was rushing to her face-.

But then their fun was interrupted by the sound of Nancy's cell going off."...Meh..."Nancy whined to Neo. Neo sighed and reached in Nancy's pocket for her cell. She flipped it open and answered it. "Yo. Captain, we were just talking about you!" they all stifled back their laughter."...Ok I guess.." Neo she hung up, shoving it into Nancy's pocket. "We have to get to the office."

Everyone groaned and reluctantly walked out the room.

7:20. Shute's Room.

Marie could've just told him she had to do something, instead of just ditching him. Well she did lose interest easily.

Shute fell back on his bed, tired. He had finished un-packing, his clothes into his closet, hooking up his '360' to the T.V on his desk, his labtop on his desk, which was in front of the back wall, were the window was, his bed-which was a bunk, so he noted he might get a room-mate- that was to the right of the desk. And he had an extra dresser to fit in his extra stuff.

He had pinned up posters of girls on motorcycles,of movies, sports, newspaper articles of the 'Gundam Force' and made a Mural with pictures of him and all his friends, having fun and on adventures. He loved to look at them. Then his cell phone rang on his desk. Hope filled his heart, could it be Captain.A sudden burst of energy shot through him, he sat up fast.


Shute grasped his forhead. "DANM!" he yelled. Stupid bunk bed. He grabbed his phone and answered it...His hoped lowered.

"Hey pop!" Shute tried to sound cheerfully. "Yeah...I'll be right there." Shute hung up his Cell-phone, putting it back on the desk. He got upand went out his door. and to the Office. Maybe Captain would be there...Shute started to speed walk.

8:20. Office. Principal's.

It took everyone awhile to get situated. The room was pretty big. A big window on the back wall, seeing over the campus. The Chief's desk a few inches ahead of it, a book self to the right and another on his left. A fish tank next to the door, a little coffee table in the middle, two couches on either long side, facing each other.

The first couch had ,Guneagle,Nancy,Neo on Nancy's lapa little,Shute squeezed in there and Madnug. The second had Zero Marie,Andy, and Baku.

Guneagle swung his feet on the couch, not sure who the cute girl was. Nancy kept a mean face on, legs crossed, hands foledin her alp. she didn't this girl too much, but her face was what made Nancy ease up, she looked like Shute, but with a *'X chromosone'.

Neo felt un-easy with Andy there, even if she looked like Shute it didn't help Neo. Neo was just a little more cautious then Nancy with her emotional wall. Maybe it was because Nancy was older. And Shute was just feeling Awkward, every time he tried to talk to Andy she would burst out in tears. And to top it off, The Chief told them Captain went to get midnight lunch for Juli,himself and The Chief, they would be up all night working on paperwork and budget papers. So Shute was a little down.

Marie had an arm around Andy with care, Marie would be like Andy's gaurdian angel...But she couldn't help herself bu blush lightly, having Zero's cape against her back, as she had to sit on his lap somewhat with Baku being in a bubbled.

"POP THIS BUBBLE ZERO!" Baku complained. "...Nah..."Zero smirked. And then Baku went into a ranting state.

Andy couldn't help but cry at the sight of her grandfather, he had died when she was young. She had been bonded with her grandfather, he was the one she loved the most. And to see him so young. She wasn't one cry, she was tough...But she couldn't stop her self. She snuggled into Marie's arms, who held her firmly.

The Chief cleared his throat, sitting on his office chair he rolled to the front of the table. Juli kept The Chief's door open so she could hear. "This is...Andy.." The Chief took off his fake head. Andy saw that The Chief, Her great grandfather, gave Shute his short,long hair and color.. " Marie found her in front of the library."

Neo sighed. "Marie! First the cats, now this!" Neo hated it how Marie took in strays, but of course Marie didn't care.


"...Thats the only thing keeping me from being a total jerk to her." Nancy admitted, putting up a hand.

"...she looks like me?" Shute asked innocently.

Everyone: ()*Sweat Drop*

Andy couldn't help but bust out in fresh tears.


"BUT I LOOOOOOVE HER NEO-CHAN!"Marie faked tears. "I do not mind this beuatiful lady." Zero leaned over Marie and popped a rose to Andy. Andy took the rose, and hit Zero on the head lightly. "She's a real tomboy Zero...She's HAWT!" Marie giggled. Zero's head fell into Maries lap then. "OW..." he groaned. Marie's face turned red. "Its fine. Sorry Lady Andy."...

"GET OUT OF MARIE'S LAP PERVE!" Nancy and Neo pulled Zero's head up.

TheChief cleared his throat once more to get everyone accepted. "Andy..Is...From the Future."

Everyone gasped. "DUDE! THATS AWESOME" Shute yelled, shocked. Andy burst into more tears.

"...O.O" Nancy realized something. Neo,Madnug and Zero seemed to catch on too But Marie knew.. Baku,Shute and Guneagle were the only ones not.

"Yes...She is Shute's Grandaughter."


"Wow I was totally off." Nancy sighed."I was close." Neo smiled."...I was waaaay off" Zero looked away. "I was somewhere close." Madnug said. "I knew!" Marie said triumphantly. Everyone flicked her."OWWWI!" Andy giggled.

"...My Grandaughter?..."Shute gasped, amazed, now he knew why everyone thought she looked like his.

(THOUGHT?...Shute apparently you are blind.)

And arrow appeared by Shute's head. -'Totally UN-aware of appearances of woman...Other then Sayla'.

Andy nodded shyly. "I was sent here by The Dai-Sogun for some reason. It has to be him, he's the only one with the power." Andy explained.

Everyone gave a dull,mean look. "Genkimaru..."they growled. Andy remembered her Grandfather's stories of how the Dai-Shogun was a mischievouse child. She didn't know it was this bad.

"Yes...Well...She will be enrolled here at this college. please be polite to her, She's happy enough to answer any questions-"

"No I'm not."

"- and please ladies, allow her to borrow clothes. And she'll stay in Marie's room for now." -'Totally oblivious to other people's feelings'.

"...Iloveyou." Nancy got up and pulled Andy in her arms, Marie following in. "You should be happy, its hard to get on my good side so quickly"

"Seriously." Everyone but Neo,Marie and The Chief.

"We can relate."Neo said.

"She already had friends like me!" Marie chimed.

"...I'm still on her bad side." TheChief sighed. "Will always hate you" Nancy chimed.

Andy laughed nervously. But couldn't get over the look Neo had on her face. Marie and Nancy noticed.

"No worries. Neo just needs time." Marie told Andy.

" Yeah. Her emotional barrier is a lot thicker then our's." Nancy agreed. This seemed to ease Andy.

Then Shute shot up happily. "THIS MEANS I'M NOTA VIRGIN!...YET!" he yelled and joined the hug. Andy happily snuggled up to him. "Great to meet you Andy-Chan! You know me!" Shute nuzzled his head to Andy's. Andy held back her tears.

"Of course, grandfather."

Everyone else then joined in the hug.





10:00. Dorms. Shute's room.

Everyone had left the office to their rooms for the night, emotionally and psychically tired with everything. Shute gave Andy a goodnight hug and they separated...The Girl's Dorms were separated, just on the other side of the boy's.

Shute fell on his bed once more, tired. But something on his desk caught his eye. His cell-phone was lit.

'One new message. At 9:59.' It read. Shute poked a button to hear it.


"Shute, I'm going to be busy tonight with the chief and Juli doing some papers. Please go to bed early so you can get up for your classes. I'll see you at sixth period. I'll try to catch up with you after school. Love Captain."

...Shute hung the phone up and put it on the table. He sighed and fell face first into his pillow.


"...Good Night." He groaned, and turned off the only light source the room proved, his desk lamp.

He hoped Captain wouldn't call back about the 'Love' part.

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