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We Last left off with Everyone meeting the new girl Andy, a young woman from the woman from the future whose Shute's granddaughter. What will happen next?

Chapter 3: SHUTE'S FIRST DAY!Part 1!

Arc One- Fitting In..

Nancy was already up, in the break room with a coffee cup in her hands. She sat at the table warming up to her coffee. Her eyes full of tiredness. " I hate this place..." Nancy sighed. Madnug sat adjacent to her, doing the news paper word search. "...'Six letter word for dislike'." He tired to think. In the morning it took awhile for his inside computer to find an internet connection-The Dark Axis messed up his programming-"...Hatred." Nancy growled, yawning. She took a sip of her coffee and started to wake up.

Then the door opened up, Nancy looked back, seeing Neo coming up. Nancy smiled happily, Neo looked pretty sleepy." Morning Sleeping Beauty." Nancy took another sip of her coffee. Neo went for the carton of Orange Juice,chugging it down. After she was done with half of the carton's liquids, she looked down to it...She fell back, the counter luckily was behind her.

Nancy noticed this. "whoa." She positioned herself to get up. Then Neo fell down on her knees, dropping the carton, grasping her stomach. "?" She started to speak in a different language. Nancy and Madnug quickly ran to Neo, Madnug throwing the paper to the side, grasping Neo in his arms. And Nancy in front of Neo, knelt down. " Whats Wrong?"

"My stomach..." Neo groaned, the pain felt like a stomach ache. Sweat beading down her forhead, she couldn't get up, but luckil Nancy loved to carry her. "Lets get her to the nurse's office!" Nancy exclaimed, picking Neo up bridal way. Madnug nodded. And off they went.


"Marie...I'm not wearing that..." Andy pointed to the clothing Marie held in her hands. "BUUUUT! YOU'D LOOK SOOOOO CUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUTE!" Marie whined happily, holding up a blue silk dress, that Andy Knew would barely reach an inch over her thighs.

"No." Andy refused for the millionth time. She then gave upo n Marie's wardrobe. It was just to peppy and bright for her. She needed to either find someone else who was willng to give her cloths, or to go wear her grandfather's. She sneaked out of Marie's room while she raided her closet once more.

She sneaked into the hall way, and to Shute's room. She knocked onh is door. "Come On in." Shute's voice yelled. Andy smiled, his voice made her so happy. She opened the door, and found Shute dressed and on his computer. "Graaaaaandpaaaa."Andy now whined. Shute chuckled lightly. "Not liking Marie?" he asked, typing at his keyboard. "Not her, her wardrobe." Andy went for his dresser. ".Raid." She went through his cloths.

" So what'r doin?" Andy asked, pressing a shirt against her front. "Replying to some emails, updating FaceBook and liking random crap." Shute replied. "...You think my FaceBook is still there?" Andy joked around. " I think FaceBook s powerful enough to get accounts from the future." Shute laughed. Andy joined in, finally finding something to wear, she went into Shute's bathroom and changed.

Outside Somewhere.

"Brother?" The female musha peeked into a bedroom. There she found Bakunetsumaru, sub armor off, doing pushing ups with the taken off armor on his back. "You hungry big brother?" The red female musha asked. "Yes, Blossom-Shimai." The Red Male Musha replied happily. Blossom entered the room more, a plate full of Oni-Giri visible now in her left hand, and a bamboo cup full of Tea in the other. She set the items down in front of her brother.

"Thank you *Shimai" Baku sat up, his sub armor sliding down his back. He clapped his hands together and bowed his head. "*Itadakimas!" Bakunetsumaru exclaimed happily, and dug right into the Rice-Balls."Drink and Chew." Blossom told him. Baku grunted and took a big gulp of his Tea." Dis Ivs Delicius." He tried to talk. "I made it when I woke up." Blssom smiled. She then got up. "I have another plate for Zero-San. Please head to your class after. School is going to start." Blossom bowed to her older sibling. and exited his room. "Dank Yu Blossum." he took another gulp of his Tea.

Blossom took the plate of Rice-Balls and Bamboo tea cup from where she left them, beside the door. She walked three rooms over to Zero's. She knocked on the door. "Zero-San." Blossom called. "Come in Lady Blossom." Zero called back. Blossom entered his room, finding his sparring with the air. She shut the door behind herself. " I brought you some breakfast Zero-San." Blossom bowed and put the plate and bamboo cup up to him.

Zero eyed it. "Please. No need for formal qualities." Zero took the plate and cup, his sword magically floating in mid-air. "Wow!" blossom gasped. She never knew that was possible. "How is it..." "Magic." Zero said proudly. "It takes not more then a mere flinch for someone to learn this." Zero smiled. "Oh wow." Blossom poked it, how fascinating. "Can...You...I..."Blossom started to get shy. Zero found this cute. "Yes. I can teach you the magical ability of Levitation." Zero put the cup down on a nearby table.

"Thank you!" Blossom exclaimed happily. "But may I ask you a question?" Zero took a Riceball and eyed it. "Anything Zero-San!" Blossom chimed. Zero took a bite at the foreign food, and swallowed. "...What does...'San', mean?".

Blossom giggled lightly. "It is a honorific that is used, like many others, to greet someone. 'San' is mostly used for formal people, who you do not know on close terms. Its kinda like Ms. or Mr." Blossom told him.

"...Ah..." Zero now had the Tea in his bamboo cup. He looked hurt. "What is it Zero-San?" Blossom asked, taking a step forward."...I hope to hear more of these...Honorifics." Zero put on a fake smile, to make her feel happy. Blossom smiled, and nodded. "I have to go help Nii-San." Blossom gave Zero bowed and went out the door. Zero shoved two whole Oni-Gris in his mouth and washed it down with the sweet tea. " I need to converse more." he chowed down on the rest of the Riceballs.

Nurse's Office.

Neo's stomach stopped hurting,the nurse giving her ginger ale. Neo had her black tank up to her stomach, the Nurse feeling it. Nancy was right by Neo's side holding one hand, and Madnug holding Neo's other. "Wow...I wonder how this could happy." The old,chunky,red,curly haired nurse saids arcasticly. Neo growled. "What is it KingKong?" Nancy read Neo's mind. The Nurse was taken back."Shes pregnant."...




"WHAT!" Nancy screamed at the top of her lungs. Neo just laid there, shocked, heart racing. Madnug was the same, staring at Neo's stomach. Nancy then turned to Neo, with the most dark face ever. It was like whoever was protecting them turned their back on Neo, and then something a faded purple started to become visible under Nancy's left eye. "WHO WAS IT..." It wasn't even a question and Nancy's British accent made it even scarier. So was this why people feared Nancy? Because how...Fearful and traumatizing she was? Even Madnug was afraid, He,Neo and the nurse were shaking. Nancy, oh so, gently cupped Neo's cheeks and whispered softly. "Who~"



"...Oh Shit..." Neo seemed to remembered. Her eyes widening and face turning completely red. Nancy knew Neo only turned completely red to Madnug's touch or a fond memory or scene with him. Then Nancy's brain-The Gerbil in her head- started to run faster then usual. It'd have to be a week for Neo to feel pregnacy pains. And the last time she was alone, and wasn't seen for a night was after Madnug got beaten up on a mission and she went to...Fix him.

Nancy gave her look to Madnug. Madnug backed up a bit. "I'M GONNA KILL YOU."

And with that Nancy took chase after Madnug.

Neo laughed nervously. "...So you got lucky with one of the 'Gundam Twins'?" the nursed raiseda got up. "I'm out. I'm better." She walked out the of the Nurse's office and out of the school office. Making sure to get some ginger ale for her class.

History Class.

The students hesitantly walked into history as the first bell rang.






The red musha Gundam and the blue knight Gundam went back and forth madly. Trying to choose which land's history to discuss.

A student raised a hand "May-"

"SHATUP!" The gundams finally agreed. Andy,Marie and Blossom sat in the front row-Blossom avoiding the 'Hit Zone'- Nothing Unusual here.

Soon Zero and Baku were shoving,poking and in one another's face.

"LOOK AT YOU ZERO! YOUR SO UN-ELEGANT YOU'VE PUT ON TWO FREAKIN POUNDS!" Baku yelled. Zero gasped...But didn't have a comment. "Welll..."...

"...BAKU EATS A POUND OF CHOCOLATE A WEEK!" Blossom blurted out it.

"BLOSSOM!" Baku screamed. Zero laughed and was finally able to come up with comebacks. It then continued back and forth once more, but now they took out outside, Zero magically popping flowers on Baku.

All the kids stayed in class. Talking and having fun." Sweet! A whole period to ourselves!" Andy smiled, putting her legs on her desk. "...Zero is getting pretty chunky..." Marie noted when she saw him at first. It was kinda cute. Blossom sat here, in a blank state, was Zero gaining weight for her...Was he so upset still about...Whatever she did that he put on a fake smile?

The young adults started to exit the classroom, off to roam the campus. " WAIT! WE...WE CA..."Marie tried to stop them..."Oh Screw this. I SAW A WATER FOUNTAIN! LETS GO CHECK IT OUT!" Marie pulled Andy out of the classroom. Andy went with, bored of the class already. Blossom stayed behind to at least try to teach the class somewhat for the next periods.

The 'Water Fountain' turned out to be a 'Statue fountain'. In the center section of the campus, surrounded by grass,trees,nature,benches and other statues. Marie looked over it to see shiny coins inside...And grabbed the back of Marie's blue,hoody jacket. It had wing designs all around. "..."Marie didn't object.

They stayed there, talking about how different their lives were. "So...Your a princess?" Andy questioned. "Yup...But please. I'm just a normal kid." Marie said like it was nothing. But it kinda was. "...SO! Who do you have next?" Marie asked, sitting down on the fountain's rim.

"Mechanics. you? " Andy said. "MECHANICS!"Marie hugged Andy." We'll walk together!"

Andy nodded. Then she then stood up, standing on the fountain's rim. she looked over the other history class kids. Then to the sky, blue and clear. She missed home. A lot. Even her two Musha friends.

"Miss ya home?" Marie asked softly, looking forward...Yes...Yes Andy did. But...She loved it here."Thanks Marie...Thanks for being here for me." Andy then heard the bell. And was pulled down by Marie, and dragged to class. Marie laughing as they ran to class. "COME ON! Neo-kun is waiting for us!" She chimed.

Mechanics class.

Students filled mechanics class, happily taking their seats. Among them were Shute,Marie, and Andy. They did their best to sit next to one another. Shute and Marie sitting next to each other, And Andy sitting behind Marie,next to a twitchy girl.

This girl looked familiar to Andy, but she couldn't quite put her tongue on it. The female's short locks of brunette hair, highlights fading lightly, a big blue scarf around her neck, green T-shirt with a long sleeved, white shirt under that. Her looked worried,fearful and cautious, twitching every other minute. And her hazel eyes...She had seen this woman somewhere.

" Good Morning class." Neo said, an echo going around the classroom. The room was big, seats arching up the back, rows of long desks, Neo's desk was up front. "I Am . But you may call me Neo, or whatever else really." Neo waved her left hand lazily, taking a sip from her ginger ale. " This is Mechanics. Different from Workshops. To-" The door flew open to Madnug, gasping for air. He walked in quickly and shut the door. "...Sorry I'm Late." Madnug catched his breath, bowing to Neo, then the class.

"Lost her?" Neo put down her cup. Madnug groaned and joined Neo, at her side. "As I was saying." Neo then hopped onto her seat, needing to sit. "I need two volounteers to hando ut papers."

"OOOOH! OOOOH! OOOOOH!" Marie jumped up, raising her hand madly. "NEOOOO! NEEEEEOOOO!" Marie whined. "You and you." Marie pointeda finger at two ,totally different students. Marie scoffed and sat down, pouting.

After the papers wee handed out Neo was almost done with her drink. "Ok. This is just a mini test. To show me how much you know about your tools. No worries. Nothing goes to your grades." Neo explained. "So...Start..."

Thirty-minutes later kids were almost done with the test. Andy had finished quickly and was admiring Shute. Shute was double checking his test, it was pretty easy, but it never hurt to double check. While Marie was just three questions away from finishing, she knew little on tools Andy couldn't help looking at the girl next to her...The girl's paper was done, her hand writing was like a child's But Andy KNEW that the female's answers were wong.

But she kept quiet...But then something outside caught her eye. it was a crow...Coming straight for the window...

Author'snotes: I think this chapter was getting to long. So I'm splitting it in half.

*Shimai- Japanese for sister.


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