SD Gundam Fan Fiction ❯ Demon Nightmare ❯ New Demon Tricks ( Chapter 5 )

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Back at SDG base, Chief Haro welcomes Zero and Bakunetsumaru back and listens to their story about what happened at the device.
“So the Dark Axis has returned seeking revenge,” says Chief Haro, “and just when you think things can't get any worse.”
Captain tries to cheer him up, “Well…at least we have an alley with knowledge of the demons.”
Chief Haro nods, “That's something I guess. Julie, how is the search for Princess Fleur coming.”
“We can't seem to locate her,” Julie answers, “I think she's blocking her signal somehow.”
Shute replies, “Weeeeeelllllllllllllll Fleur probably has a lot to think about. I mean we did attack her yesterday.”
“You attacked a princess!” shouted Zero in shock, “How could you attack her!”
Captain calmly replies, “We didn't know that she was a princess at the time Zero.”
“Come on lets face it,” said Guneagle, “Fleur doesn't want our help. Why should we keep fighting Demon General.”
Captain gives him a death glare; “The demons are working with the Dark Axis. The friend of an enemy is an enemy. We will continue to help Fleur since the enemy of our enemy is our friend.”
Guneagle recoils in fear of his leader, “Forget I asked that okay.”
Baku gets an idea, “Instead of going around in circles, why don't we just wait for an attack.” Almost on cue, siren goes off. The radar indicates that the Dark Axis is in the middle of the city. Everyone scrambles to the scene.
“Bwahhhhh hahahahahaha! Now this is more like it,” said Zapper Zaku shooting his guns at everything in sight.
Demon General watched from above, “Are you sure that this will work?”
Grappler Gouf replies, “It always worked before. Hey you get back here!” Grappler chases a mobile citizen.
“Cause chaos, gundams come! Duuuh ha ha ha!” said Destroyer Dom joyfully shooting his arsenal.
“I still say this is a waste of time. Whoa!” Demon General dodged Captain's beam rifle, “Well, well, well. You were right.”
“So we meet again,” said Captain.
Demon General looks among the gundams, “Where's Fleur!?”
Bakunetsumaru answers, “Why should it matter. We're your opponent.”
I guess Fleur didn't join up with them,” said Zapper, “Ah, whatever. Zakos! Attack!” the Zakos march up to the gundams but are knocked down by a speeding object.
“You boys started without me?” said Fleur, “You're no fun.”
“Princess Fleur,” said Zero, “are you alright?”
Fleur scoffs, “Drop the knightly act. I can take care of my self.”
Grapper says, “Well the gundam gang's all here. Demon Zakos begin stage 2!” The black Demon Zakos get a ball of magic in their hands and fire at the gundams. Zero, Guneagle, and Fleur fly higher to avoid the attack as Captain jumps off of Gunbike and Baku jumps of Entango and charges them. Gunbike, Shute, and Entango get away quickly.
“Alright team lets take them out!” ordered Captain.
Demon General laughs, “You fools fell into my trap!” Two of the magic energy balls hits Captain and Baku in the stomach. They get stopped in their tracks as the magic glues their feet to the ground and begins to drain their energy.
“What's…happen…ing?” strains Captain.
Baku tries to free himself, “I …can't…move.”
The Dark Axis trio and the Zakos laugh triumphantly as Demon General explains, “That demon magic is slowly draining your energy. As soon as it's low enough I'll take your gunsouls. The reason you can't move is so that you can't fight back. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!”
“They can't but we can!” said Zero.
“Hang in their Captain we'll get you out,” said Guneagle.
Shute shouts, “Hurry guys!”
Grappler gets nervous, “I forgot about the fliers.”
“Man you guys are useless,” said Demon General. He pulls out three open circles and tosses them at Fleur, Zero, and Guneagle. They easily dodge them, unknowning that they turned around.
“What was that?” asked Fleur
“That was pointless,” said Guneagle.
Zero scoffs, “That was it. What kind of attack was that?”
“LOOK OUT!!!!” shouted Gunbike.
Guneagle and Fleur turned around and saw the rings coming back at them. They dodged them again but the third ring clamped on around Zero's neck. Zero instantly lost the ability to fly.
Zero crashed into the ground, “Ow! What just happened? Why can't I fly? What's on my neck?” The demon magic grabs Zero and begins to drain his energy.
“A flight restrainer!” said Fleur.
“A what?” asked Shute,
“A flight restrainer. It prevents flying gundams from doing so,” explains Fleur. Zero starts to think `oh great'.
Demon General caught the other two flight restrainers, “Begin stage 3!”
The Dark Axis opens fire on the trapped gundams. Zero creates a magical shield as bullets, missals, and everything else they had rained down on the shield.
Shute looks on in horror, “You guys have to get out of there! Come on! You can't give up!”
Fleur gets an idea, “Guneagle we have to take out the Zakos that are causing this.”
“Roger!” They both fly into the swarm of Dark Axis Demons. Demon General cuts them off and attacks them. They retreat.
Demon General chuckles, “What's wrong Fleur? Not getting flustered are ya? Can't blame you if you are. You have no way of getting home. Your precious kingdom belongs to the demons. Not to mention that your friends are….”
“SHUT UP!!!” shouts Fleur, “They are alive! I will get home and I will save Skylark!!” Fleur grabs Demon General but instead Demon General hurls Fleur into Captain, Zero and Baku. The demon magic traps Fleur as well.
Guneagle fires on Demon General, “Tell me which Zako is forging this magic!”
“I'm not telling,” said Demon General.
Gunbike fires on of his missals at Demon General, “I believe you will tell us.”
“Never!” shouts Demon General.
“Okay I'll do this the fun way,” Guneagle fires his missiles at the enemy hitting all of them. Someone manages to deflect a missile back at the gundams just as Zero dropped his shield and leaned on his sword. It explodes in the middle of Captain, Zero, Bakunetsumaru, and Fleur.
“Oh no. What have I done!” shouts Guneagle. There is a lot of smoke and none of them are in sight.
“You freed us Guneagle,” says Captain. He is on his back in front of Gunbike dazed from the blast. Zero did a face planter a few feet away with the flight restrainer still on, Baku hit a near by building upside down, and Fleur was laying on her stomach a few feet away from Baku.
“Captain your alive!” Shute hops out of Gunbike and helps Captain up.
Fleur gets up and shakes her head, “I've heard of lucky shots but that was ridiculous.”
“At least we're still alive,” said Bakunetsumaru getting back to his feet.
Zero stood up, “We might be alive but I still have this stupid thing on my neck!”
Fleur rolls her eyes, “Hold still, I'll get it off.” Fleur picks the lock with one of her feathers. The device falls off.
Zero begins to hover again, “That's better. Thanks.”
Multiple shots are heard as Zapper shouts, “Get off of me you titanium twits!
Grappler shouts back, “Hey gear head will you stop shooting!”
Demon General growls, “All of you are use- How did they get out of those traps!”
“Alright guys,” said Shute, “Show them the what teamwork really is!”
Captain, Zero, and Bakunetsumaru said together, “Gundam Force Triple Attack!” Fleur and Guneagle quickly got behind Gunbike.
Zero started, “Magical Violet Tornado!” The blue magic circle of mana appeared and shot out a rose petal tornado.
Bakunetsumaru attacked next, “Sacred arts, Bakunetsu, Tekyo-ken!” His swords formed a flaming X.
Captain finished the attack, “Soul Drive Activate!” He did his super Captain punch. All three attacks hit the Dark Axis and sent them threw the portal.
Before they go through completely, Zapper Zaku pulls out a bomb, “Let's see who get see the last laugh.” He tosses it at them.
“Sweeeeeet! I love watching that attack!” shouted Guneagle.
Fleur was impressed, “Wow, I'll have to rethink my opinion of you guys.”
“Excellent job to all of you today,” said Gunbike.
“YAHOOO! Yeah the gundam force wins again!” shouts Shute.
Something catches Captains attention, “Huh? Where's that sound coming from?”
“What sound?” asked Baku.
Captain replies, “A beeping sound.”
Zero looks around confused, “I don't here nor see anything that would make a beeping sound.”
Shute walks over to Captain, “Are you feeling alright buddy?”
“I am 100% fine Shute,” reassures Captain.
“OUCH!” the bomb hit Guneagle on the back of his head and landed in front of everyone. Everyone stares at it wide-eyed. KABOOM!!!!! The bomb explodes and sends them flying. All partially burned, they crash on SDG base's main runway.
“Okay, I'm sick of explosions now!” said Fleur.
Captain gets to his feet, “Is everyone okay?”
Shute coughs, “Yea, I'm fine.”
Baku gets up, “I think so. Entango!” Entango runs over to his master and nuzzles him. Baku pets his faithful companion.
Zero replies, “I'm okay.”
Gunbike groans, “I'll be fine. I'm just getting to old for this.”
Guneagle gets up, “I'm fine.”
Fleur looks around and sees the city below them, “Umm…guys? Where are we?”
Captain looks around; “We have landed at our base Fleur.”
“Your base?” asked Fleur.
Shute smiles, “Yep, welcome to SDG base.”
Zako, Zako, Zako! Zako Zako Hour.
Z1: Greeting ladies and gentlbots. Today's meeting is all about.
Z1&Z2: Who is this new gundam? (Crowd cheers)
Z2: Wait zako!
Z1: What is it zako?
Z2: The other guy isn't here zako.
Z1: Hey your right where is he.
Z3: Coming zako! (runs in out of breath)
Z1: Finally, we need to do this show zako.
Z2: Hey, why are your painted black zako?
Z3: That's because I am one of the demon zakos but more on that later.
Z1: As I was saying we are talking about this gundam. (picture of Fleur appears)
Z3: That's an easy one zako.
Z2: Well tell us then zako zako.
Z3: This is Princess Fleur from Skylark. Her main weapons are her claws that can only be used at short-range combat zako.
Z2: And they hurt if you get hit trust me.
Z3: Anyway, Fleur also has a pair of white feathered wings on her back and the two long slender wings on the side of her helmet help her fly at almost the speed of sound. Her only long-range move is her feather ninja star zako. Her ninja stars can cut through anything and if they hit or miss they will always return to her by turning around and attacking from behind zako.
Z1: So in short Fleur is a princess gundam that lost her homeland to the demons a.k.a. the guys who are now helping us.
Z2: I do have one more question zako.
Z1&Z3: What is it zako?
Z2: What do the demons want with a white and gold box? (Z1&Z2 look at Z3)
Z3: I…have no idea.
Z1&Z2: Zakoooooo!
Z1: You're a demon now aren't you!?
Z2: And you don't even know what they want with a box!
Z3: Well I think it has something to do with if Fleur finds out how to use the thing inside the box then the demons are doomed or something like that. All I know is that King EagleEye told us to bring it to him and that's good enough for me.
Z1: Good point. Anyway for the future of the Dark Axis,
Z1, Z2, &Z3: Zako solders fight! YAAAAA!
I have now hired the announcer Zakos to help me explain stuff. For now on there will be a Zako Zako hour in each chapter.