SD Gundam Fan Fiction ❯ Demon Nightmare ❯ Demon Genreal's Full Power ( Chapter 6 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

All you Guneagle fans are going to hate me when this is done. I'm saying sorry now. Please don't kill me.
Fleur looks around at the giant structure, “SDG base? Well, I'm impressed.”
Captain, Shute, Zero, Bakunetsumaru, Guneagle, Gunbike, and Entango start to walk down the runway. Fleur quickly follows them. At the end of the runway the Gundiver squad welcomes them.
The Gundivers salute, “Welcome back Gundam Force.” They see Fleur and bow to her, “A welcome to you as well Princess Fleur.”
“Who are you guys?” Fleur asked.
Captain answers, “This is are Gundiver squad. The seven of them make up our underwater fighting unit.” After the explanation something grabbed Fleur's wings from behind.
“Unhand me!” Fleur spins around and sees Kao-Lyn and his little helper bot behind her.
Kao-Lyn apologizes, “Sorry about that Fleur. I didn't mean to scare you. Woo hoo hoo! Allow me to introduce myself, I am weapons specialist and gundam repairer Kao-Lyn.” Kao-Lyn begins his crazy karate moves as the robot imitates him. Fleur stands there somewhat scared and confused by the crazy old man.
Fleur tries to shake it off, “Why did you sneak up on me?”
“Simple princess,” Kao-Lyn replies, “Your wings.”
“My wings?” asked Fleur confused starting to wonder if he has a fascination with wings.
Kao-Lyn nods, “Your wings are very different from Guneagle's in both shape and the way they work.”
Guneagle gets confused, “Beside the fact that her wings have feathers and mine don't what's the difference?”
“Why the way you fly of course,” Kao-Lyn replies, “Guneagle, you fly like an airplane and Fleur, you fly like a bird.”
“Big whoop,” says Guneagle, “the same principles apply.”
The gundams and Shute are about to walk off and meet with Chief Haro when Kao-Lyn comments, “I still don't see what good a girl gundam is.”
Fleur stops and faces him, “You would be surprised at how good a girl fighter is on the field.”
Captain gets Fleur's attention, “Fleur. Chief Haro wishes to meet with you.”
“WHAT?!?! You lost again!” shouted EagleEye after learning of their latest defeat. Zapper, Grappler, Destroyer, and Demon General are getting electrocuted, “Your mission is pathetically easy! Destroy Fleur and bring me that box! How hard is that!?”
Zapper gets up; “The Gundam Force is a powerful foe.”
Grapper ads, “Yeah, the Dark Axis fell thanks to them.”
EagleEye growls, “Prefect. I ask for warriors and I get weaklings. Be thankful that I have a backup plan.”
“What is it King EagleEye?” asked Demon General.
Eagle Eye chuckles, “Surly you haven't forgotten about tonight.” Eagle Eye point to a window where a full moon is shining brightly through the demon dust cloud.
Destroyer Dom looks at it, “Duh…pretty moon.”
Zapper asks, “A full moon? What's the big deal?”
Demon General's chuckle turns into a evil laugh, “This is prefect! Now my demon powers will be magnified!”
“Exactly. Now, take this to protect your demon form,” commands EagleEye.
Back on SDG base Chief Haro and Fleur meet face to face.
“Glad to finally meet you in person Princess Fleur,” said Chief Haro.
“It's a pleasure to meet you as well Chief Haro,” Fleur replies.
Chief Haro begins his speech, “Now princess Fleur. Do you promise to help defend Neotopia from both the demons and the Dark Axis? In return we will help you return to and regain your homeland. Knowing full well that you must give up any information about your home as needed.”
Fleur nods, “Of course.”
Chief Haro salutes, “Then I officially welcome you to the Gundam Force. I do believe that your information on the demons could prove quite handy. I look forward to fighting with you in combat.” An alarm goes off and ruins the moment.
“Hate to spoil the moment but a gate has appeared in the base's airspace,” said Julie.
“What!?” shouted Chief Haro, “Put it on screen.”
The screen shows a powerful demon warrior with glowing red eyes, pitch-black armor, a 5ft wing span, and a bloodstained sword in his right hand. The demon is surrounded be a black ora field and it kind of looked like a psycho gundam.
“Who on earth is that?” asked Bakunetsumaru.
Fleur recognized the warrior, “That's Demon General in his full demon form!”
“What?” asked Captain, “That's Demon General.”
“That doesn't look like Demon General princess,” said Zero.
Fleur explains, “There must be a full moon on Skylark, but he shouldn't be able to hold his demon form in the sun. This doesn't make sense.”
Guneagle grabs Fleur by the arm, “Figure it out later. We need to stop him before he finds SDG base.” They head to the main runway. Guneagle steps onto his laughing platform, “Guneagle laugh sequence ready. I'm out of here.” Guneagle is catapulted down the runway and into the sky. Fleur jumps of the side of the base and joins him.
Demon General continues to fly close to the base, “There's no point in hiding. I can smell your gunsouls. Now come out come out wherever you are.” His voice sounds more menacing then before. Guneagle shoots him from behind.
“We're right behind ya!” said Guneagle.
Demon General laughs, “It's not polite to sneak up behind gundams like that,” he looks around, “Just you two? Guess the others will have to wait to die.”
“Cut the chit-chat,” said Fleur, “How are you able to stay like that?”
Demon General answers, “Since you will die soon I'll tell you.” He holds up a black jewel that is incased in sliver, "So long as this stays intact I can't change back until the full moon sets."
“No problem,” said Guneagle, “I'll just break it.”
“Guneagle stay back!” shouts Fleur.
Guneagle looks at her, “Huh? What's wrong? He just told us how to beat him.”
Fleur replies, “Charge into this battle and you could die.”
Demon General looks at her, “What's this? Do I detect fear in your voice?”
There indeed was fear in Fleur voice. Facing a demon is no laughing matter.
Demon General continues his joyful teasing, “What's the matter Guneagle? Your not scared are ya? Or are you just a rookie who needs everyone to tell you what to do and what not to do and always save you? No wonder she doesn't think you can't beat me.”
Guneagle snapped, “What?!? I'll show you whose weak!” he charges at Demon General.
“Guneagle! NOOOO! You'll get killed!” Fleur shouts. Demon General slashes Guneagle multiple times all over his body. Guneagle didn't even have a chance to attack back. Guneagle crashed inside of SDG base, both of his wings cut off, his jetpack slashed, and oil and fuel leaked from him.
“Guneagle!!” everyone at the base shouted. All of the gundams except Fleur rush to him.
“Guneagle wake up!” pleads Shute, “Come on say something!”
This is all Guneagle managed to say; “I…got…to…cocky…a..gain.” his system shuts down. He isn't dead yet but he is dangerously close and severely damaged.
Demon General laughs triumphantly as Fleur stares in disbelief, “Guneagle, you're an idiot,” said Fleur She turned and faced Demon General, “You monster! You'll pay for that!” she charges Demon General while he is distracted and blinded by victory.
“What the… Hey! Let go of me!” Demon General shouts.
“Gladly,” Fleur holds the jewel in her hand ready to crush it.
Demon General can't believe his bad luck, “Hey now, lets be reasonable. You really wouldn't do that would you?”
“Watch me,” Fleur shatters it with her bare hand.
“NOOOOOOOOO!!!” shouts Demon General as all of his demon powers get drained from him by the bright sunlight. He returns to his regular self. After he sees what has happened to him he looks at Fleur who is cracking her knuckles. Demon General swallows hard, “He…hey there Fleur. Heh heh.” Fleur isn't amused and has a look of wanting to kill on her face. Demon General takes the hint and flees.
Fleur flies back into SDG base just in time to see some of the robot helpers carrying Guneagle into the infirmary and cleaning up the spilled fuel and oil, “Is Guneagle going to be okay?” she asked.
“After some major repairs he should be fine,” says Captain.
“What happened?” asked Zero.
“What are talking about?” asked Fleur.
“Demon General,” said Shute, “He went from big bad demon back down to a weak annoyance.”
“He is a Demoniac Gundam,” Fleur replies.
“A what?” asked Bakunetsumaru.
Fleur explains, “He was a gundam but now that he has a demon crystal inside his gunsoul, he is a half demon half gundam. Lets just say we're lucky that no one was killed this time.”
Z1: Greetings lady and gentlbots today's meeting is all about
Z1, Z2, Z3: Our beloved Demon General! (Crowd boos)
Z1: Zako zako!
Z2: Demon General is a powerful warrior for the demons and his main weapons include a sword and demon magic.
Z3: Powerful warrior? Yeah right. Didn't you see how easily he was defeated?
Z1: Well he did look pretty powerful today zako.
Z2: Yeah why doesn't he just stay in his powerful form.
Z3: Because we demons can't. We can only turn into our powerful forms during a full moon.
Z2: That stinks zako zako.
Z1: Anyway what about this guy (picture of EagleEye appears)
Z3: This is King EagleEye ruler of the demons and is the most powerful one of us all zako.
Z2: The most powerful. Why doesn't he go and fight then.
Z1: Probably the same reason Commander Sazabi didn't go and fight until the end.
Z2: Probably. But what is a demoniac gundam and how do you become one zako?
Z3: A demoniac gundam is… wait Fleur explained that one so I not going to. How you become one is simple. Go to the demon king and ask him to inject your gunsoul with a demon crystal. Then you become a demon and gain cool powers.
Z1 &Z2: Cool powers zako.
Z3: Yep but the zako where possed by a demon so don't get them confused. Even though we do have cool powers
Z2: Yeah, yeah, we know don't rub it in.
Z1: Anyway for the future of the Dark Axis
Z1, Z2, & Z3: Zako soldiers fight yeah!