SD Gundam Fan Fiction ❯ Demon Nightmare ❯ Black Metal Beasts, Iron Beak and Steel Claw ( Chapter 9 )

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FFD (me): (hits Baku) You have to earn your cookies.
Baku: Can't I have one. I'm starving.
Shute: You're always hungry.
Baku: Fighting demons is hard work.
Zero: You still don't have to eat 24 hours a day.
Captain: You guys do realize that we are taking up space talking like this.
Fleur: You said the longest sentence Captain.
FFD: Okay, every one shut up so we can get to the story!
The gundams plus Shute are back at Shute's house thinking about their encounter with Siren and what she said. It seems the longer this nightmare goes on the stranger things become. The white and gold box is sitting on the table open for everyone standing around to see.
Fleur carefully examines the crystal inside the box, “I wonder if this thing could actually be a new spirit. I always thought that the spirit would be this huge awesome beast not a crystal.”
“Maybe the crystal is kind of like an egg Princess Fleur,” said Zero.
“A spirit egg?” said Fleur, “Don't make me laugh.”
Captain says, “It is actually quite possible Fleur. A spirit from Zero's home was once inside an egg.”
Shute looks at Zero, “Where is Fenn anyway Zero?”
Zero replies, “Back on Lacroa waiting for me I guess.”
Fleur looks at them confused, “Fenn? Who or what is Fenn?”
“A sacred beast of Lacroa,” answers Zero.
Fleur shrugs, “Good enough for me, but I doubt that this crystal is an egg. It might be the spirit's life source. And it's lying in wait for just the right time.”
“The spirit's life source?” asked Baku, “Sounds kind of crazy for a crystal to be something's life source to me.”
“It's not that crazy at all Bakunetsumaru,” replied Fleur, “In fact a demons life source is contained within a crystal. That's why we have to shatter it for the demon to die.”
Shute looks at Fleur confused, “Is that why Siren asked us to crush her crystal.” Fleur nods. Shute understands now, “At least that explains why she vanished after you crushed it.”
Fleur suddenly thinks of something, “Hey Shute there's something I've been forgetting to tell you.”
“Really? What?” asked Shute.
“No matter what please don't ever touch a demon crystal with your bare hands. If you do, then you will become a human demon,” said Fleur.
Shute shouts in surprise, “Wh…WHAT!? Why are you telling me this now!”
Fleur blushes, “I…umm…forgot that you weren't from Skylark till now.”
Shute facefaults, “Geeze thanks.”
“YOU IDIOT!!” shouts EagleEye at Destroyer Dom, “You had an advantage and you didn't use it!” He begins to electrocute D. Dom.
After a few minutes he releases him.
D. Dom gets on his hands, “Duuuuh…me sorry EagleEye. I thought Siren had things under control.”
Zapper, Grappler, and Demon General watch from a distance.
Zapper speaks first, “Glad it's not me for once.”
Demon General shakes his fist, “Grrrr… I can't believe we're losing to some annoying gundams!” Destroyer Dom is hurled passed them by EagleEye and he lands on top of some Zakos.
Grappler growls, “The problem is that goody-goody gundam force. Hey Demon General, isn't their some kind of demon that eats gundams?”
“Hey goo idea,” said Demon General, “Why don't you go tell it to Eagle Eye?”
Grappler looks at him confused, “Tell him what?”
Zapper Zaku hits, “Your idea to have a demon eat the gundams buckethead!” Zapper and General shove Grappler in front of EagleEye then quickly hide.
EagleEye turns around and sees Grappler, “What do you what do you want?!” he growled angrily.
Grappler gets nervous, “I-I've just th-thought of a bri-brilliant plan to g-get rid of those gu-gundams. Wh-what if I take a demon to Ne-Neotopia to devour those gundams.”
EagleEye chuckles, “You can actually think huh? Very well then, which black metal beast where you planing on taking with you?” This question caught Grappler off guard. As he stumbled around for an answer, two voices spoke.
“We shall go!” A black a sliver hippogriff, sliver on the front eagle half and black on the rear horse half, and a solid black griffin appeared. They were both wearing red sunglasses. They bowed to EagleEye from behind Grappler Gouf.
EagleEye spoke, “Excellent. I see that you two also have sunglasses so you can see your dinner in the sunlight. How very wise, unlike some others I can name.” Demon General begins to whistle softly.
EagleEye glares at Grappler, “Don't fail be again Grappler Gouf.”
“You got it,” Grappler walks toward to portal, “Okay who are you guys?” he asked in a whisper.
The hippogriff answers first, “I am Iron Beak.”
“And I am Steel Claw,” answers the griffin.
“Demons Detected at the Peace Park!” shouted Captain. Fleur grabs the box and closes it as they race off to the park. When they arrive, it was anything but peaceful. Humans and mobile citizens ran for their lives as they heard snarling and growling coming from the park. Grappler Gouf was on a high perch watching the mayhem.
“Up there!” shouts Zero, “There's Grappler Gouf!”
Captain asks, “What has he done to cause so much chaos?” His answer came in the form of Iron Beak and Steel Claw lunging at them roaring and snarling, “Lookout!” they mange too dodge them barely.
“Oh, no,” said Fleur, “Grappler brought two black metal beasts!”
“Black metal beast?” asked Baku, “They don't look to friendly.”
“They aren't,” said Fleur, “They love to eat gundams.”
Zero says, “Then we must stay on our guard my friends.”
“Don't even bother, said Grappler, “You guys have no hope for victory.”
Shute shouts back, “There is always hope, no matter how small!”
“Whatever organic!” Grappler gives the command, “Iron Beak! Steel Claw! Lunchtime!” The two black metal beasts jump at the gundams once again roaring.
“Everyone scatter!” commands Gunbike, “And don't get eaten by these bozos!” Captain jumps off of Gunbike and fires at Steel Claw. Steel Claw dodges the attack and tries to take a bite out of Captain. Captain dodges Steel Claw. Steel Claw sees a new target and charges Gunbike.
Shute screams, “Move it Gunbike!” Gunbike tries to get up to speed.
Steel Claw laughs softly, “You should practice what you preach old timer.” Steel Claw sinks his teeth into Gunbike's right missile launcher and tears it clean off.
“EEEEEOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!! DANG NAB IT THAT SMARTS!!!!” shouted Gunbike as loud as he could.
Captain looked at his old instructor, “Gunbike! What happened?”
Gunbike answered still in extreme pain, “That monster ate my missile launcher!”
Steel Claw swallows half of it, “Yum! I must admit, Neotopia gundams are actually quite tasty. Hey Iron Beak! Come try this!”
Iron Beak stopped chasing Bakunetsumaru and Entango and ran over to Steel Claw. He eats the other half, “Mmmm… not bad Steel Claw. Sure is a nice taste from Skylarkain gundams.” He eyes Zero and Bakunetsumaru hungrily as he licks his beak, “I wonder what a Lacroain gundam taste like and maybe even an Arkain gundam.”
Grappler shouts at them from above, “Will you two hurry up and eat them already! Just make sure you bring me that box!”
“Yeah, yeah! Keep your armor on!” said Steel Claw. He resumed casing what is left of Gunbike.
Iron Beak turned his attention towards Zero and Bakunetsumaru. Iron Beak took flight and aimed at Zero. Zero summoned his sword and slashed Iron Beak with it. The sword made a deep cut that healed instantly.
“What?!” said Zero, “How did you heal so fast?”
Iron Beak chuckles, “We demons are the top link in the food chain. We can't remain injured for very long.” Iron Beak attempts to slash Zero but Zero hit him with his Lacroain Crescent right in the stomach.
Iron Beak crashed with a loud thump, “Lucky shot.” Baku draws his swords and attacks him multiple times.
Iron Beak fakes a laugh, “Hey stop tickling me!” he swats Bakunetsumaru a few feet away.
Captain fires his beam rifle at Steel Claw trying to keep Gunbike for getting eaten some more. The only problem is that the shots fail to leave a mark on him and he dodges half of them.
Captains rifle stops firing, “I'm out of ammo.”
Steel Claw takes his chance and lunges at Captain, “To bad, you're mine now!” Captain throws his beam rifle at Steel Beak but misses, “So long gundam!” Steel Claw opens his mouth ready to eat Captain alive when Fleur dive bombs Steel Claw and sinks her claws into his neck. Steel Claw screeches as Captain, Gunbike, and Shute get away, “Thank you!”
Steel Claw jumps around and snarls at Fleur, “Grrraaghhh! Get off of me!” Steel Claw rakes Fleur off of his neck with his paw, flinging her a few feet away. Steel Claws neck heals almost instantly.
Captain, Fleur, Zero, Bakunetsumaru, Shute, Gunbike, and Entango regroup in a tight circle. Iron Beak and Steel Claw walk in a small circle around the gundams, deciding which on to eat first.
Grappler laughs triumphantly from his perch, “Give it up gundams. You can't win!”
“We need a plan,” growled Gunbike.
“We have a plan,” said Captain, “destroy their demon crystal.”
Shute asked nervously, “Um…exactly how Captain?”
“Not sure,” he replied.
“Do you have a plan Fleur?” asked Zero.
“I think so,” she said, “Hey, Baku. How long can you stay on something that's trying to knock you off?”
Baku answers, “As long as I need to.”
“Can you make him rear up?” she asked.
Baku nods, “Sure thing.”
Fleur nods, “Alright, you take Iron Beak and I'll take Steel Claw. Captain and Zero, when they rear up, attack their chest where their heart should be and destroy the crystal.” Everyone nods in understandment.
Grappler shouts from above, “This time we will win!” Iron Beak and Steel Claw charged and quickly closed the gap.
“NOW!” Bakunetsumaru and Fleur jump on their backs and hang on tight.
Steel Claw snickers at Fleur, “I didn't know that you where so eager to die.” He begins to jump around and tries to buck her off. Iron Beak jumps around wildly trying to toss Bakunetsumaru.
Zero sees a chance and attacks Steel Claw, “Lacroain Crescent!” The blue surge of magic energy hits the griffin square in the chest right over his heart. Steel Claw lets out a horrific roar and clutches the wound with his paw. He looks down at his strong chest and sees his own demon crystal glowing inside of him.
Iron Beak stops trying to toss Baku momentarily and stares in shock wondering how a gundam from Lacroa knew where to attack a black metal beast. Captain takes this opportunity and fires at Iron Beak also hitting him square in the chest.
Iron Beak roars in pain, “How dare you!? You're demon chow now!”
“I don't think so,” Bakunetsumaru yanks up on Iron Beak's wings stopping his attack and exposing him once more. Captain takes aim and destroys his demon crystal.
Iron Beak choked and gags and with his final breath he says, “Curse you, choke, gundam, gag, fo…rce.” He hits the ground like a ton of bricks and Baku quickly jumps off of him and lands near Captain. Iron Beaks body turns into whips of smoke and vanishes into thin air.
Steel Claw started in disbelief ignoring his exposed demon crystal, “You…you killed my best friend!” he shouted.
“Welcome to my world!” Fleur yanks up on Steel Claw's wings as Zero shatters his demon crystal with his sword. Fleur flew off of him and flew next to Zero. Steel Claw wavers a little bit but gives in and vanishes into thin air peacefully.
“…I'll just leave now. Bye!” Grappler quickly ran through a portal.
“Yahoo!” shouted Shute; “You guys thrashed those demons! Way to use teamwork!”
Fleur sighs in relief, “Thank the crown no one was killed or eaten. I'm actually surprised that we lived to tell the tale of how we beat two black metal beast.”
Gunbike revs his engine, “Not get eaten? Speak for yourself.”
Captain looks at Gunbike, “Are you going to be okay?
“Yep,” answered Gunbike, “It's nothing some work can't fix. Besides, Guneagle's probably lonely in the infirmary.”
“Hold it right there. Please don't move!” said a female's voice. The gundams see Mayor Margaret Gathermoon followed by her two butlers Prio and Leonardo.
Mayor Margaret is sketching something, “I hope you don't me drawing your battle.” She turned the picture around so that the gundams could see, “Well, what do you think?” The picture showed an intense scene from the fight.
“Wow your good,” said Fleur.
“Are you okay mayor?” asked Captain.
Prio answers, “Not to worry Captain Gundam. We were hiding from those… things safely inside the mayor's statue.” He gestures to the ferris wheel statue behind them.
“That was quiet a show you put on back there,” said Leonardo, “I guess we should count ourselves lucky to have a gundam with a vast knowledge of the demons. Thank you Princess Fleur.” Prio and Leonardo bow to Fleur.
Mayor Margaret nods, “Just do me a favor and teach these demons and perhaps these gundams a thing or two about girl power.”
Fleur reply, “I'm already giving them a very hard lesson.”
Z1: Greetings lades and gentelbots. Today's meeting is all about,
Z1, Z2, & Z3: The powerful black metal beast! (crowd boos)
Z1: Zako zako!
Z2: As you can see a black metal beast is a very strong and powerful warrior that loves to eat gundams zako.
Z1: Strong and powerful beast? Yeah right. The gundams defeated not one but two of them zako zako!
Z3: True but they had a tough time doing it.
Z2: Yeah you do have a point. Are there many different types of black metal beasts zako?
Z3: Yes actually. Along with the griffin and hippogriff there are also dragons, phoenixes, centaurs, pretty much any animal can be a black metal beast but the mystical one are the strongest of the black metal beasts. Do you see zako zako
Z1: Okay question number 2 zako. Why was their demon crystal inside of them instead of being on a necklace looking thing?
Z3: All greater demons have a demon crystal inside their chest where their heart should be zako zako. The demon crystal is their life source so if it's destroyed so are they zako zako.
Z1 & Z2: Zako!
Z1: But why don't lesser demons do that zako?
Z2: Well zako it quite simple.
Z1: So tell us zako zako.
Z2: Umm…well…you see…I…uhh….
Z3: You have no idea do you zako?
Z2: No I don't zako.
Z1: Well that was a waste of time zako.
Z2: Well why did you ask me zako? Ask FFD she wrote it.
Z3: Because I know the answer zako.
Z1: Then why didn't you say that sooner zako.
Z3: You didn't ask zako.
Z1 & Z2: (hits Z3 on the head)
Z3: Ow! Hey that hurt zako zako.
Z2: Just answer the question already zako!
Z3: All right, all right zako. A lesser demon wears their demon crystal like a necklace because they don't have enough demon energy to keep it in side of them however greater demons do zako zako.
Z1: Works for me. Anyway for the future of the Dark Axis. Zako soldiers fight! Yeah!”
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