SD Gundam Fan Fiction ❯ Demon Nightmare ❯ Memories, the Full Beginning of the Demon Nightmare ( Chapter 10 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Fleur flies around the city on demon patrol since Guneagle is still getting repaired. Things have been pretty slow since the black metal beast attacked. It just didn't seem right to Fleur.
She landed in the park, “This isn't right. Where are they? Something is terribly wrong. I just know it.”
“I still say you're overreacting!” shouted Shute.
Captain is with him, “Seeing as how the attacks have come to a dead stop, I estimate a 23% chance that they will attack today.”
“In other words there's still a chance,” smarted Fleur.
Zero flies up behind her, “Do not let worry overwhelm you milady. Those demons do not stand a chance against my swordsmanship. In the mean time let us enjoy the peace.
Fleur sighs, “Do you honestly realize how much easier that is said than done. For me anyway.”
“I know how frustrated you are Fleur,” said Bakunetsumaru, “but, until Bell Wood's device is fixed, you can't return home.”
Fleur shakes her head, “I fully aware of that. What I'm worrying about that since the demons aren't attacking us,” she paused to rid her mind of people screaming in agony and bad visuals, “then, I fear the worse for my home and everyone there.”
Something sped towards them at an alarming speed, “Guess who's baaaack!” It shouted.
Zero ducked as Guneagle flew over his head. He did a quick flip and faced his friends.”
Shute shouts joyfully, “Guneagle! Your back!”
“How are you felling Guneagle?” asked Captain.
“Better than ever Captain,” replied Guneagle, “but DUDE! I finally get fixed and there's no one to attack. I've missed way too much action. Talk about a bummer.”
Zero preached the young gundam, “There is much more to life than just fighting Guneagle. You need to take time to enjoy the finer, simpler things in life. For all you know they could be gone tomorrow.”
Baku growled at Zero, “With an enemy that can eat you alive there's no time to enjoy ridiculous simplicities of life.”
Zero scoffed, “Were you not enjoying peace on Ark after we saved your home Bakunetsumaru.”
“What do you mean by we!?” spat Baku, “I saved my home and continued training for an even stronger threat.”
Zero shook his head sadly at his comrade, “Bakunetsumaru you need to relax,” he snapped his fingers, “stop and smell the flowers for once.” Five roses appeared on Baku's head.
“Will you stop doing that!” Baku shouted as he chased Zero, “Stop those damn annoying flower tricks! Hold still!”
Captain, Shute, Fleur and Guneagle sweatdropped as they watch Baku chase Zero.
Guneagle sees the brighter side, “Well, at least we have some entertainment now.”
Fleur smiles and laughs a little bit, “You haven't changed one bit have you Lucky?”
Guneagle looks at Fleur confused, “Uh…Fleur? Whose Lucky?”
Fleur realized her mistake, “Gahh! Guneagle! Guneagle that's what I meant to say,” she answered, rather quickly.
“…ooookay,” said Guneagle, “Whatever. Hey Fleur. Let's see who's faster. You or me”
“Sure thing,” agreed Fleur.
Guneagle said the rules, “First one to Neotopia tower and back wins. Ready…set…GO!” They raced off into the city.
“Odd,” said Captain, “Why did Fleur call Guneagle Lucky?”
Shute ponders for a minute, “Guneagle…Lucky…Guneagle…Lucky. She couldn't have slipped up could she?”
“I estimate a 0.0235% chance that she could,” conclude Captain. They hear Zero scream in pain.
“HOT! HOT! HOT!!” shouted Zero as he stomps out the fire on his cape.
Baku laughs triumphantly, “Take that! Knight of Lacroa.” Baku walks over to Captain and Shute plucking the roses off of his head.
Guneagle and Fleur sped through the city. Guneagle took an early lead dodging the buildings and flying over and under walkways. Fleur follows him closely as they weave through the city. As they raced a few people screamed and hit he pavement as they flew close. Fleur got tried of being in last place and grabbed Guneagle's right foot. She tossed him behind her. Eager to keep the lead, Fleur tries to fly even faster. Guneagle catches up to Fleur and does a friendly body slam. Fleur returns the blow. As they continue to body slam each other they reach Neotopia tower. Fleur kicked off of the side as Guneagle was forced to circle around it. They headed back to the park.
Captain sees them approaching, “Fleur is in the lead for now but Guneagle can still catch up and pass her.”
“Come on Guneagle!” shouted Shute.
Guneagle and Fleur landed and skid past the gundams leaving deep ruts in the ground.
“HA! I win!” they shouted at the same time, “No you didn't, I did!”
“Guneagle won,” said Shute.
Zero shakes his head, “Wrong, Fleur is victorious.”
Captain settles the fight; “Actually it was a tie.”
Guneagle and Fleur both Shouted at him, “WHAT?!”
Captain explained, “You both landed at the same time. Therefore it is a draw.
Guneagle growled, “Dude! Are you serious!”
Captain nods, “100% serious
Guneagle couldn't believe it, “Aw man. Feel lucky I lost ground on that turnabout Fleur.”
“Whatever,” said Fleur.
Shute looked at Fleur, “Speaking of which, why did you call Guneagle Lucky?”
“It slipped,” she answered hastily.
“How?” asked Guneagle.
Fleur starts to get irritated; “I made a mistake. Everyone does.”
“Actually,” said Captain, “It is highly unlikely that someone could confuse Guneagle and Lucky.” A vein started to throb in her head.
Baku asked, “Is he someone from Skylark?”
Fleur snaps, “He just some guy! Okay?! Will you guys drop it! I messed up okay!” Fleur angrily flies off.
Zero shakes his head; “Perhaps we should not have pried into her private life.”
Baku ignored Zero, “What? Did I say something wrong? What did I do?”
“You made her snap,” answered Captain.
Baku swaetdropped, “That's not what I meant. What I meant was that maybe Guneagle reminds Fleur of someone from her homeland."
Shute nods, “We should find her and talk to her before she gets to depressed.”
“I'll go,” said Guneagle, “So long as I'm not one the receiving end of her claws. I just got done with repairs and I don't want to go back any time soon.”
“What?!” shouts Zero, “we shouldn't be messing with a princesses business.”
“She's our friend Zero,” said Shute, “and friends help each other when they need it.”
Captain looked at Zero and Bakunetsumaru, “Fleur is going through the same thing you two have already experienced. I estimate a 94% chance that if Fleur heard your two stories, she would then gain the confidence need to continue on with this difficult journey of hers.”
Zero sighs in defeat, “Your right Captain. Besides, I can't stand to see her like this.”
They track Fleur's signal to a beautiful lake surrounded by a forest and some wild flowers. Fleur is on her knees staring into a lake looking at her reflection. The white and gold box is sitting next to her along with a stone with something scratched into it. A tear rolls down her cheek and it falls into the lake.
Captain is the first to spot her, “Are you okay?” he asked. Fleur used her wings to cover her face so that they don't see her crying. Everyone looks at her in concern. They slowly walked towards her.
Shute asked, “Hey, what's wrong Fleur?”
Fleur sniffles, “Please…just, leave alone.”
“Come on you can tell us,” said Bakunetsumaru.
“I said go away,” Fleur replies holing back tears.
Zero looks at the stone hoping to get a hint as to what Fleur is crying about but is unable to read it.
Guneagle speaks next, “If this is about us asking about Lucky…than sorry.”
Fleur shakes her head; “It's not that.”
Zero changes the subject, “What is written on this rock Princess Fleur?”
Fleur lowers her wings and rubs the tears from her eyes, “What do you guys see?” she asked.
Shute scratched his head, “Is that a trick question?”
“When you look at me,” said Fleur, “What do you see?”
Zero, being the closest, answers, “I see a beautiful young princess, with armor as blue as the sky, pearl white wings like an angles, two long slender white wings on the side of her helmet, but a look of sadness in her light purple eyes. What troubles you milady?”
“I guess I would have to tell you guys eventually,” Fleur looks at the rock, “It says “In loving memory of Queen Aquarmia, a true gundam warrior.'” Fleur almost cried after she read it.
“Queen Aquarmia?' says Zero, “Wait! Was she….”
“… my mom? Yes,” Fleur answers. She sniffles and rubs her eyes again, “I guess I should tell you guys the full story now.” The scene fades into a flashback.
A tall white marble castle overlooks a city filled with life, joy, and happiness. The city is surrounded by a high wall with a solid steel gate as the only way in or out. Many paths stretch from this gate leading into beautiful, lush green fields or deep into a forest where birds sing joyfully. Many citizens roam the city's streets and paths. Teenagers race on hoverboards, gundams playfight, and little kid humans and gundams play together. There is no pollution, no chaos, and no crime. The entire world seems peaceful as everyone just enjoys life without a care in the world. Fleur is also enjoying a carefree life with her best friends in the entire kingdom, Joey, a blonde haired, green-eyed male human who is wearing a castle servant outfit. Amykia, Amy for short, human female with brown-blonde hair tied back into a ponytail, hazel eyes, and is wearing blue jeans, a white tank top, and a vest. Techno, a male gundam with red, white, and green armor, is an excellent inventor who has created many useful objects, and has brown eyes. And Rex, a human male, who was a wonder, with short black hair, blue eyes, and has the strength to lift a gundam up over his head. Joey, Amy, Techno, and Rex are trying to catch Fleur as she runs through the city.
Joey is the first to catch up to her, “HA! I have you now Fleur.”
“I don't think so,” Fleur flies straight up the side of a building.
Techno is on a hover board as he dive-bombs Fleur from above, “You aren't the only one who can fly!”
“True but my wings don't short out,” Fleur cuts a few wires on the hover boards engine.
Techno and his hover board crash onto a city street, “Dude! Not cool or funny!”
“Then why am I laughing?” asked Fleur. Then she hit an invisible force field. Fleur crashes onto the street while Joey and Techno laugh at her. They go over to Fleur and help her up.
Amy walks out from behind a building, “Did you forget about my powers?” she asked.
Fleur rubs her head, “Yeah I forgot that you where psychic
Rex finally catches up to them, “You guys move to fast.”
“Whatever slowpoke,” replied Joey.
Amy laughs, “Hey Techno maybe you can invent some running shoes that make you super fast.”
Techno thinks about it, “I could try.”
Fleur says, “Thank the spirit for the peace so far. Hey lets make a promise here and now. To each other.”
“ What kind of promise?” asked Rex.
“A promise to remain friends, to help each other, and stand together against the odds,” said Fleur.
“And to not abandon each other even in our darkest hours,” adds Amy.
Everyone agrees to the promise. They say good bye to each other as they head home to prepare for the celebration later that day.
Gramps, who is technically Joey's granddad but every one calls him `Gramps', greets the two friends at the castles entrance, “Fleur you need to head upstairs with the rest of your family and Joey I need you help with tying together a few loose ends in this castle.” Joey and Fleur say goodbye as Fleur first runs to her room to put on her tiara and robe then she runs to the first floor balcony where four more gundams are that are waiting for her.
A small aqua green gundam with a fish like tail, blue green eyes, wearing a robe and a tiara runs up to Fleur and hugs her, “Yay, big sister's here.” The small gundam only came up to Fleur's waist.
Fleur picked her up, “Hey there Azural. Miss me?” Azural nods.
“Took ya long enough,” said a gundam who looks exactly like Guneagle wearing a crown with a four leaf cover shaped jewel in it and a robe with a four leaf cover on it.
“Shut up Lucky,” said Fleur.
“Behave,” groaned their mom, an aqua green gundam with blue eyes and an extremely long fish like tail that stretched 8ft when fully extended, is wearing a crown and robe. She was shorter than both Fleur and Lucky and only came up to the shoulder of the gundam that she is standing next to.
A white and gold gundam with gold feathered wings, flames on his arms and legs, a crown on his head, kingly robe on his back, and a sword at his side named King Phoenix surveys the kingdom of Skylark from his roost.
Aquarmia looks up at him, “The almighty kings watches over his territory.” She laughed at her joke.
Phoenix looked down at her, “I merely watch over that which I have sworn to protect.”
Fleur put down Azural and walked over to her father, “You worry to much Papa,” she said looking up at him.
King Phoenix chuckled and patted Fleur on the head, “I believe that I worry just the right amount. Especially with you running all over the kingdom every day.”
Aquarmia looked up at her eldest child, “Could you be a little less adventurous? I don't want Azuarl imitating your dangerous behavior. She does look up to you ya know.”
Prince Lucky looked at everyone in the city, “Wow. There sure are a lot of people. It looks like the entire kingdom is here.”
Fleur teased him, “Aw, is to many people for little Lucky."
Lucky glares at his older sister, “Stop calling me that! I'm taller than you and I'm not the youngest!”
“1/2 an inch doesn't count,” countered Fleur.
Phoenix changed the subject; “You will get use to this sight my son. Remember, one day you will have to take my place as king.”
“I know, I know,” replied Lucky.
The hour of the celebration arrives as. Lucky stands to his father's right as the girls stand to his left.
King Phoenix addresses the people in a powerful voice, “”Loyal subjects of Skylark!” everyone stops what they're doing and bows to the royal family.
King Phoenix continues his speech, “Rise, and rejoice! 4,000 years have passed since the times of old when the demons ruled with fear! Let us not forget the mighty Spirit of Skylark who slain the demon king. Soon we will no longer fear the night! The kind spirit continues to proudly protect us from those minions of darkness! For many years to come there shall continue to be peace among all man, gundam, and beast. Skylark shall continue to be a place of paradise!”
The crowd cheered loudly and chanted, “LONG LIVE KING PHEONIX! LONG LIVE KING PHEONIX!”
Phoenix nods and smiles at the joy he has brought to his beloved home and loyal subjects, proud to be a kind and gentle ruler. Then cries of joy o not last long as an evil demoniac laugh came from behind the royal family. Everyone looks up and gaps at the sight of a black and ash gray demon standing atop a tower of demon magic.
The demon snickers, “You FOOLS! The spirit no longer protects you for he has been slain.”
Phoenix draws his sword, “What are you talking about? Who or what are you?”
The demon laughed again, “I am Eagle Eye, king of the demons. The demons have made me their ruler. As for the spirit he's gone and died at my hands. Now, it is time my demons, for us to come forth from the fiery pits of hell and once more rule the surface world!” EagleEye made a ball of concentrated demon dust and realized it into to air. The ball exploded as the pitch-black dust covered the sky and blocks out the sun. Panicked screams where heard in the darkness as a few people and gundams turned on a light source.
“What's the meaning of this?!” command King Phoenix.
EagleEye chuckled, “Demon don't like sunlight.” With that millions upon millions of demons swarmed the city. People scream, little kids cry out, as the some gundams and humans start fires to fight off the demons with but it's no good. The demons swat the fire away as it catches several buildings on fire. Blood splatters the street as everyone flees to the gate. Not wanting to miss out on the `fun', EagleEye attacks Phoenix. Phoenix blocks then shout in Skylarkain for everyone to flee to Dracion village. He tells them not to stop no matter what. Dracion village was many miles away and demons can't understand Skylarkain when it is spoken so that made it a prefect place to hide. The royal family plans on joining the crowd running away from the blazing city but they are cut off.
EagleEye kicks Phoenix off of the balcony ad on to the pavement below. EagleEye then grabs Queen Aquarmia around the neck with his demon magic. Aquarmia struggles to get free and to breathe. Fleur, Lucky, and Azural, who are already part of the way through
the city, hear the crash. They see their father on the ground and their mother fighting to get free.
EagleEye spoke loud enough for them to hear, “You know Aquarmia, ever since I have become a demon I've developed an appetite for gunsouls and your smells, delicious."
Aquarmia's eyes shrink in fear as blue lines appear on her face, “Wh…WHAT?! NO! Please don't eat my gunsoul!” EagleEye grabs her gunsoul and rips it out of her chest. Mecha blood drips from the hole in her chest as Aquarmia says with her last breath, “Fleur, Lucky, Azural…take care of…each…other.” She falls to the pavement dead.
The world seems to shatter around the royal gundams.
Phoenix's eyes burns with a furious flame, “YOU MONSTER!” He flies back up to EagleEye and attacks him ferociously. He sees his children standing there in shock, “Get out of here NOW!!!” Fleur, Lucky and Azural come out of it and charge to the gate dodging demons as they went.
The flash back continues as Fleur's voice is heard narrating, “Something told me to go back and go get the white and gold box, the spirit energy box. I went back to the castle, saw my dad one last time, grabbed the box, got chased by Demon General, then the next thing I knew I was Neotopia.”
The scene fades back to reality. Fleur is on the brink of crying after reliving that night when the Demon Nightmare started. Everyone looks at her in disbelief. Captain and Guneagle are wide-eyed and lost for words. Shute has his hands over his mouth also lost for words.
Zero turns his head away from Fleur, “I…I had no idea princess.”
Bakunetsumaru feels her pain, “You where forced to come here when everyone needed you most.” Baku started almost cried.
Fleur sniffles again, “I've broken every promise I had ever made while I'm here. Plus I am unable to grant my mothers dyeing wish while I'm here.
Captain finally says, “Your homeland was taken from you and you're unable to help your friends or family. Do you have a plan Fleur?”
Fleur grabs the spirit energy box and pulls out the crystal, “If I can learn how to use this, then there is a small chance for saving my home.” She held it up to the sunlight as it made little rainbows on the ground and inside of itself. She returned it to the box and looked at the mini shrine she made for her mom, “Can you guys leave me alone for awhile?”
Shute answers, “Sure. Take as long as you need.” As the gundams turned to leave, Guneagle stopped and asked Fleur one more question, “Does your bro really look like me?”
Fleur nods, “You two could be twins.”
Two zakos had watched and heard the entire thing. They have been hiding in a bush for a while and they waited for the gundams to leave.
“Ah so that's why Eagle Eye wants the box zako,” said the first zako.
“Perfect zako. Now lets go tell Eagle Eye what she said about where they are hiding zako zako,” said the second zako.
Zako 1 stopped Zako2, “Wait zako. If we get the box we'll be heroes zako zako.”
“Hey, good idea zako,” said Zako 2, “We'll just wait for Fleur to fall asleep.” After many hours of waiting the zakos fall asleep. The sun sets as a crescent moon and stars dot the nighttime sky. Fleur is lying on her back admiring the stars with the box back on her belt.
Something disturbs a few branches in a tree. Fleur quickly dismisses it for an owl. Then the tree rustles again. This time Fleur sits up and looks at the tree. She examines its branches as her old fear of demon was rekindled. She had never stayed out after dark before since that is when demons hunt. The tree moves again and something speaks softly as it stumbled. Now, Fleur is scared and she jumps to her feet as she shouts, “Alright who's up there? Show yourself!”
The zakos woke up startled and hid deeper in the bush; “Do you think she saw use zako?” asked Zako2.
Zako 1 looks out from under the bush; “She is looking at a tree not at us zako. I don't think she saw us zako zako. Even though you where snoring loud enough zako.”
Zako 2 glares at his comrade, “You're one to talk zako.”
Fleur slowly advances toward the tree, “I know someone is there. Show yourself!”
“Fear not fair princess. For 'tis only I, Zero the Winged Knight,” Zero flies out of the tree and lands next to Fleur, “For you milady.” A violet princess rose appears.
Fleur sighs in relief and takes the rose, “Thanks, Zero.” She returns to her spot and continues to stargaze. Zero walks over to her and looks at the sky.
“They're beautiful,” said Fleur.
Zero looked at her, “What are princess?”
“Those… diamonds in the sky,” replied Fleur.
Zero looks at the sky confused, “Do you mean the stars?”
Fleur looked at Zero confused, “Is that what they're called? They're amazing whatever they are.”
Zero sits down next to Fleur; “Have you never seen stars before?”
Fleur shakes her head, “Just the moon. And it usually meant that the demons were coming.”
“Princess Fleur,” said Zero, “I'm sorry.”
“For what,” asked Fleur.
“For…everything that you have been going through,” explained Zero.
Fleur turns her head away from him, “I know Bakunetsumaru went through this but how could you understand what it feels like.”
“Because my home of Lacroa was stolen from me by the minions of the Dark Axis,” Zero replied.
Fleur sits up and looked back at Zero, “It was?”
Zero nodded, “That is one memory I wish I could forget. When the Dark Axis invaded my home and petrified everything. My comrades and I fought bravely but in the end, we were defeated. I was the only one left, thus, I was cast out of my home in order to find a way to save her and reverse the petrifaction process. After 2 long painful years I succeeded.”
“Wow,” said Fleur, “I guess you do understand. Fleur ponders for a minute, “2 years, by then the demons will have regained control of Skylark and it will be to late.”
Zero puts his hand on Fleur's head, “It is never to late Fleur. You just can't give up. If you give up then your home doesn't stand a chance.”
Fleur rested her head on Zero's shoulder, “They probably think I'm dead by know. They might have even forgotten about me.”
Zero wraps his arm around Fleur; “Do they care about you?”
Fleur shrugs, “I would hope so.”
“Then they have not forgotten about you,” said Zero, “In fact they are probably wondering where you are.”
Fleur smiles, “My little sister probably is. She thinks I'm the greatest person on Skylark. I can't let her down. And my friends could never forgive me if I gave up. I just don't know what I'm going to do. In a way, I'm thinking up a plan as I go.”
Zero smiles, “Just do me a favor and don't give up okay.”
“Hey, Zero,” said Fleur, “Do you think of me as a friend, a damsel in distress, or as something as else.”
Zero replies, “That one's easy. You are my friend.”
“Then could you stop calling me princess and just call me Fleur?” she asked.
“Okay,” Zero stands up then helps Fleur up. Then Fleur kisses Zero on the cheek. Zero blushes then rubs his cheek where she kissed him.
Fleur blushes a little, “Thank you Zero. I needed someone to talk to.”
Zero grabs Fleur's hand, “Come one lets get out of here. Everyone is worried about you.” They begin to walk off together holding hands.
The zakos saw them leave and begin to get nervous.
“We're losing are chance zako!” said Zako 1
“Quick! We'll attack before it's to late,” said Zako 2. They sneaked up behind the gundams and reach for the box. Zero spotted them and kicked them away. Fleur turns around and sees the zako on the ground.
“Maybe that wasn't such a good plan zako,” said Zako 2.
Zako 1 pulls out a machine gun, “Okay you two, just hand over the box and no one gets…” Fleur and Zero attacked them and the zakos hit a tree, “…hurt zako.”
Fleur shouts at them, “Get out of here zakos!”
The zakos say in unison, “Yes ma'am!” They run through a portal.