SD Gundam Fan Fiction ❯ Demon Nightmare ❯ Duel! Princess Fleur v.s. Sliver Death ( Chapter 11 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Caution! Major violence towards demons and gundams ahead you have been warned. Yes it is a PG-13 fic now. I just couldn't seem to keep it PG. Now to the story.
Guneagle and Fleur are fighting each other in the training arena while Captain, Zero, Shute, Bakunetsumaru, and Chief Haro watch. Fleur and Guneagle are evenly matched as they practice both short and long range attacks. After sparring for an hour, they start to get tired.
Chief Haro talks on the intercom; “Do you two need a break?”
Fleur replies out of breath, “Nah, I can go another hour.”
Guneagle answers, “I haven't even broken a sweat yet.”
Captain comes on over the intercom; “You might want to stop soon Guneagle.”
Guneagle looks at him, “What for Captain?” Guneagles jets turn off suddenly, “Oops… ran out of gas.” He plummets toward the floor but Fleur grabs his hand. After placing him on the ground, Fleur heads toward the exit.
Guneagle shouts after her, “Hey get back here! I'm not done yet!”
“I'm not fighting you with an unfair advantage,” replied Fleur, “After you refuel we'll spar again.” They all exit the training arena.
Captain catches up to Fleur, “Your reflexes have increased by 5%, speed by10%, and strength by 7%.”
Fleur smiles, “I'm getting better.”
“Against Guneagle,” said Bakunetsumaru, “In one hour you and me will spar.” Fleur agrees to train with him.
Zero hovers next to her, “You truly have become a better warrior over these pass few months.”
Shute lazily walks around the base, “It's kinda strange. The attacks have come to a dead stop.”
“Don't jinx us again Shute,” said Gunbike.
Meanwhile back in Demon Skylark, Eagle Eye is talking to a sliver demon, “…you think you can handle this?”
“One gundam is no trouble at all milord,” replied the demon, “Many have tried but all have failed. I am unbeatable.”
“I would hope so,” said Eagle Eye.
The sliver demon draws his sword and runs his fingers up the blade, “One little slice and goodbye Princess Fleur.” The Dark Axis trio and Demon General are talking in a corner.
“Can we trust this guy to do this?” asked Zapper Zaku.
Demon General answers, “Sliver Death is the greatest gundam slayer of all time. He can kill anyone with just one hit.”
“He looks all bark and no bite to me,” said Grappler Gouf.
Sliver Death heard them; “I have killed millions before. Fleur will not live to see tomorrow.”
Back at SDG base, Fleur is giving Zero and Guneagle lessons on speaking and writing Skylarkain. Zero and Guneagle are writing something as Fleur watches them.
“There finished,” said Guneagle handing the paper to Fleur.
“So am I,” said Zero doing the same. Fleur quickly read both papers and smiled, “Yes, very good you two. Keep going at this pace and you might be able to speak it fluently.” Guneagle asked, “Why is your language useful in battle?”
Fleur answered, “It's kind of strange actually. Demons can read and write it but if spoken they can't understand it.”
Zero was confused, “Well…that makes very little almost no sense.”
Bakunetsumaru walked out of a door and friendly punched Fleur; “It's been one hour. Time for you and me to spar.”
Zero glared at him, “Is training the only thing that you care about?”
Baku answered, “Fleur needs to train and get ready for the next attack.” Fleur and Guneagle moved far away from Zero and Baku.
“There is more to life then training you know,” said Zero.
“True,” said Baku, “Like keeping your weapon prepared for battle. Not that you would know anything about that Zero.”
Zero asked angrily, “What's that suppose to mean?”
“You never clean, polish, or sharpen that rusty piece of steel you call a sword!” shouted Baku.
“I'll clean it on you insolent hide if you're not careful!” shouted Zero.
Shute broke up the fight; “Will you guys grow up! If you're going to fight go to the training arena.”
Captain looked at Shute, “That might not be such a good idea Shute. If you remember, Zero and Bakunetsumaru nearly destroyed the training arena along with half of the base when they got into a fight last time.”
“Oh yeah. I forgot about that,” said Shute. Something catches his eye, “Huh? What's that?”
“What's what Shute? Is something wrong?” asked Captain.
Shute replied, “I thought I saw something.”
Guneagle looks around, “Where?”
Shute points to the sky, “Up over there.”
“Was it a bird?” asked Fleur. Shute shook his head.
“I don't see anything,” said Bakunetsumaru.
Zero looks at the human, “Perhaps the sun played a trick on you.”
Shute shrugs, “I guess. Yeah that's probably happened.”
Something flew towards the base aimed at the gundams. They dodged it as the arrow lodged itself in the side of the base. A note was tied around it.
“An arrow?” asked Shute, “How did an arrow get up here?”
Fleur takes the note off of the arrow. She reads the note with increasing interest, “So be it,” she said. She drops the note and flew off of the base. “Don't follow me!” she shouted then disappeared.
Zero shouted, “Princes Fleur! Wait! Come back! Where are you going?”
“What was that all about?” asked Shute.
Guneagle picked up the note, “This thing is written in Skylarkain.”
“Can you read it?” asked Captain.
Guneagle replies, “Sure no problem. It says,
`Princess Fleur, My name is Sliver Death, a gundam slayer. I here by challenge you to a duel. None of your friends are to follow. I will be waiting atop the highest tower in this city. Fail to show yourself and your friends and family will pay with their lives. Also, bring the spirit energy box. I do believe that it is worth fighting for to the death.'”
Guneagle stared at the note in disbelief.
“So,” said Bakunetsumaru, “a demon called Sliver Death has challenged Fleur to a duel to the death.”
“Quickly,” said Zero, “we must follow her and make sure she doesn't get killed.”
“No!” said Baku, “That would be unhonorable. If Fleur wanted our help then she would have asked for it. Besides she told us not to follow her.”
“To bad, “said Captain, “We're following her.”
“Yes!” Zero smiled.
“Captain!” shouted Baku, “Where is your sense of honor?”
Captain replies, “Not to help but to watch.”
“What?!” shouted Zero.
Baku disagreed, “No! We can't follow her!”
Captain gave Baku a death glare, “That's an order Bakunetsumaru.”
Atop Neotopia tower, Sliver Death eagerly awaited Fleur's arrival. The Dark Axis trio and Demon General were sitting on a floating platform near the battlefield.
“Do you think she'll show?” asked Zapper Zaku.
“Don't worry she will,” answered Demon General.
Grappler Gouf had his doubts, “If he can take out the entire gundam force then I'll be impressed.”
“Duh…this going to be fun! Gundam go smash! Hahahaha!” laughed Destroyer Dom.
Sliver Death looked at the sky, “Ah, here she comes now.” Fleur landed opposite of Sliver Death ready to fight.
“I assume that you are Sliver Death,” said Fleur.
“Aye, princess. I am he,” answers Sliver Death. He looks around, “Good. I see that none of your friends have followed. Now, where is the box?”
Fleur holds it up, “Right here.”
“Open it, and no funny business,” commanded Sliver Death. Fleur opened the box. Sliver Death sniffed the air then nods as Fleur quickly shuts it and places it back on her belt.
Fleur glares at him, “Now as for my friends and family. They better not be dead.”
“They are alive as far as I know,” answered Sliver Death, “I give you my word that I have not harmed them.”
Fleur scoffs, “I don't trust a demon's word.”
Sliver Death snickered, “Oh really? I thought you trusted one every day.”
“Shut up!” spat Fleur. Chief Haro's gunperry flew in carrying Chief Haro on top of it, Shute and Captain on one side, and Bakunetsumaru and Entango on the other side. Guneagle and Zero flew beside it.
“What are they doing here?” asked Zapper Zaku.
Grappler shouted, “I thought that they wouldn't show up!”
Sliver Death chuckled, “I was hopping that they would come to watch actually. It saves me the trouble of hunting them down later.”
Chief Haro talked into a megaphone, “Attention demon! Retreat now while you still can you have been warned!”
“Stay out of this guys!” shouted Fleur; “This is my fight, a fight between two warriors to the end. None of you are to interfere!”
Zero looked at her shocked, “But…Fleur.”
“Shut it Zero!” said Baku, “We must let Fleur fight this battle alone.”
“I hope Fleur knows what she's getting herself into,” said Captain.
Fleur removes the box from her belt and tosses it at Shute, “Catch!”
Shute caught the box and looked at it confused.
“Yo! Fleur!” shouted Guneagle, “What are you doing?”
Fleur tells them, “If I lose this fight, give the box to Sliver Death. And not a minute later.”
“What!? You're not serious are you?” asked Shute.
Baku nods, “It will be done.”
Sliver Death chuckles, “Making sure I don't pull any fast ones huh? Okay then. Shall we get started?” Sliver Death draws his sword. Fleur nods as her sliver claws come out and cover her fingers. They get into their staring poses.
Every second feels like an hour, as the two warriors don't move an inch. Both were waiting for an opening. Then Sliver Death charged at Fleur at lightening speed. Fleur doesn't move an inch as the gap between them shrinks at a dangerously fast rate. Sliver Death raises his sword and slashes Fleur across the chest near her gunsoul.
Sliver Death smiled; “Game over. I win.” His arm began to hurt. Fleur slid out from under him with mecha blood dripping from a cut on her chest just above her gunsoul. Her claws were stained with demon blood.
“I'm still standing,” Fleur taunted.
Zapper Zaku shouted, “You missed! How could you miss?! She was three inches in front of you!”
“That was way to close for comfort,” said Shute.
Captain nods, “If she hadn't moved at the last second this fight would have been over.”
Sliver Death looked at his injured arm, “Interesting, so that's what my blood looks like. I must say I am impressed Princes Fleur. No one has ever dodged that attack except your father.”
“Like father, like daughter,” said Fleur, “So… are we going to fight or just talk for a while.”
“We shall fight,” Sliver Death ran at Fleur again but Fleur took flight. Sliver Death jumped into the air right behind her. Their battle became a midair dogfight as the sliver weapons flashed in the sunlight. Each dodged the others attack and they growled in frustration. Many civilians had gathered around the tower to watch the fight. Everyone seemed to have a growing interest in the two warriors as they darted around Neotopia tower with increasing speed.
Fleur and Sliver Death charged at each other once more from either side of the tower. Their left hand grabbed the opponent's neck and the right hand threatened to crush the opponent's life source. They hung over the middle of the ground with 100 stories of air separating them from the ground. Fleur's wings were the only things holding them up.
Sliver Death spoke, “We appear to be at a stalemate.”
“Then draw your sword,' said Fleur.
Sliver Death chuckled, “I won't make that rookie mistake. If I draw my sword you'll crush my demon crystal or drop me.”
Fleur gets an idea; “True…you can't fly can you. You can only jump really high.” Fleur she folds her wings back and they plummet to the ground.
Sliver Death laughed at her foolery, “Do you really wish to die this much?”
Fleur answers, “If I am to die today, you're coming with me.”
“What are they doing?” asked Bakunetsumaru.
Guneagle answers, “She is performing the chicken maneuver.”
Zero watched in horror, “Doesn't she know how dangerous that is?”
Shute was confused, “What's that?”
Captain explained, “It is a very risky maneuver that fliers perform. She must be planning to let go of Sliver Death at the last second a fly to safety. If her timing is off by even a nanosecond she could die.”
Grappler Gouf asked, “So what happens if they both die? Do we steal the box while they're not looking?”
Demon General smiled evilly, “Sliver Death won't die. But Princess Fleur will be history.”
The crowd around the tower screamed and gasped in terror as Fleur and Sliver Death fell faster and faster. Soon they become a streak of blue and sliver in the sky. They both slammed into the street below with a tremendous force. Smoke rose from the impact and pieces of concrete and asphalt scattered into the street. Fleur didn't let go of him in time.
Everyone is struck with fear as neither one appears. Seconds tick by taking hope for Fleur to still be alive with them. Something came out of the smoke and rubble. It was Sliver Death and he was heading towards the gunperry covered in scratches.
“The battle is over. I have won. Now give me my prize human boy,” demanded Sliver Death.
“It's not over yet,” Fleur body slammed Sliver Death. The attacked propelled them back to the tower. Fleur got back up somehow with all of her scratches and her right ankle broken from the impact.
Captain scanned Fleur's condition; “She took a major injury from the impact. I estimate a….”
“Don't say it Captain!” said Zero, “We don't need to know numbers to determine the out come of this fight.”
Baku agreed, “Let's not count her out yet. She is still standing.”
Sliver Death got up and growled in frustration, “Damn you Fleur! You just refuse to die don't you! Looks like I'll need to turn you into scrap metal!”
Fleur replied, “Do whatever want you me. I will never give up. Besides you sword broke from the impact. You don't have a weapon anymore.”
“You really shouldn't underestimate your opponents Fleur,” said Sliver Death. He pulled out some ninja stars and flicked them at Fleur but missed badly.
“You need to work on you aim,” said Fleur.
Sliver Death smiled an evil grin, “Who needs aim when you have magic?” The ninja stars turned around and attacked Fleur from behind. Fleur evaded this attack but the stars then stared to attack from all angles. She couldn't keep up and continuously got hit. The ninja stars criss-crossed her body leaving a multitude of scratches and breaking both of her wings. Fleur fell to her knees as every inch of her screamed in pain.
“Now to finish this,” Sliver Death drew a dagger from up his sleeve and ran towards Fleur. He jumped into the air high above Fleur and aimed the dagger at her neck.
The Dark Axis trio and Demon General cheered for joy, “We're going to win! Yahoo! Take her! Show her the meaning of pain!”
The Gundam Force shouted, “Lookout! Move! Get out of there! Run! Damn it, Run!”
Fleur looked up and saw Sliver Death high above her. She held up her left arm in defense. A searing pain runs the length of her arm as blood drips onto her face. Then she gets kicked in the stomach, bounces off of her shoulders, and lands face down on top of the tower.
Captain watched in horror, “This is not good. That last attack went through her arm on side to the other and extends from her wrist up to her shoulder.”
Zero's eyes shrunk with fear, “Princess Fleur! NO!”
“Come on get up!” shouted Shute.
Bakunetsumaru shouted, “If have to get up! Come on!
“You still have a chance! Get up!” shouted Guneagle.
“Duh he did it! He beat the gundam!” shouted Destroyer Dom.
Grappler was surprised, “We won? We won! We actually won! Yahoo!”
“Hey Sliver Death!” shouted Demon General, “Steal her gunsoul, grab the box, and let's get out of here.”
“Patience general,” said Sliver Death, “I wish to savor the taste of victory.”
“Don't savor it to long,” said Zapper Zaku, “Hurry and finish her. Trust me on this.”
Fleur laid on top of the tower as mecha blood began to pool around her and sparks flew from her scratches. Fleur began to think to herself, “Mom, Papa, Lucky, Azural, Joey, Amy, Techno, Rex, please forgive me. I have no more energy left to fight. I've failed all of you. I've broken every promise I ever made to all of you. I have no choice but to give up and die. I'm sorry.” Fleur then found herself somewhere deep within her mind.
Voices from her home where talking to her, “So that's it huh?”
“You're just going to give up?”
“I thought you were a great warrior.”
“How can you call yourself my daughter.”
“I know that's not my best friend talking.”
“What happen to fighting until the end?”
“You can't give up.”
“Everyone is depending on you.”
Fleur replied, “I know it's just…I can't do this by myself. I can't go on.”
She heard the voices again, “You're not my yourself.”
“Our bond of friendship keeps us together.”
“Even if we aren't there physically.”
“You can always depend on us.”
“Besides, you're our big sister.”
“You've helped us out a bunch so now we'll help you.”
“Ready to finish this fight?”
Fleur nods, “Yes, but how will I finish it? I'm out of moves and severely damaged. I can't even move.”
“So you do not believe in yourself is that it?” asked a mysterious voice.
Fleur answered, “No…it's just that…well…maybe…I guess it's…yes.”
“Then how can you expect your friends to believe in you if you can't believe in yourself?” asked the voice.
“They have probably abandoned me by now,” said Fleur.
The voice replied, “Then explain why they are cheering for you.”
The Gundam Force and citizens of Neotopia are chanting, “Get up Princess Fleur! Get up Princess Fleur!”
Fleur was surprised, “They haven't given up on me. I'm not going to give up on myself. I will die standing.”
“You won't die today but you do need to get up in order to use your secret weapon,” said the voice.
Fleur nods, “I'll do whatever it take.” The scene is back at the battlefield.
The crowd is still chanting and Sliver Death is taking his sweet time walking over to Fleur.
“Why do these fools waste their breath one that ridiculous saying. I guess I just finish this now,” said Sliver Death.
“Hang on Sliver Death,” said Fleur weakly, “I'm not down for the count yet.” She propped herself on her right arm. Then used her left foot to push herself up, slipped, and tried. Fleur flinched in pain but she was standing again. She had her right foot at an angle as to not hurt her ankle any more and her left arm hung at her side useless.
Zapper Zaku shouted, “See? I told you so! Jerk!”
The crowd cheered, whooped and hollered as Fleur got up and the gundams sighed in relief.
Sliver Death became more infuriated, “You damn gundam! Don't you know the meaning of give up! Why won't you die?!”
Fleur replies, “I'm not going to give up and I will live to die another day. I have an ace up my sleeve.” Her gunsoul began to glow brightly. A strange white light surrounded her. Her scratches disappeared, her wings, ankle, and arm became fixed. Next her claws grew longer and stronger, blue flame marks ran up her legs, the wings on her helmet became longer. Deep, dark, almost black purple spikes emerged on her back and run from the top of her helmet all the way down her spine, her wings become larger and stronger. Last a thunderous roar is heard.
“Oh crap! You've got to be kidding me!” shouted Demon General.
Sliver Death took a few steps back-wards, “This can't be happening!”
Fleur, in her new form, looked at Sliver Death, “What's the matter? You look scared.” Her voice was sly and powerful instead of soft and sweet.
“Who are you? What are you?” asked Sliver Death nervously.
Fleur laughed, “Your memory must be bad. I am Princess Fleur. You challenged me to a fight to the death. As for what I am, I am a demon's worst nightmare.”
Sliver Death was scared out of his mind, “A…a de…demons worse ni…nightmare. Do you mea…mean that you are the...the….”
“…Spirit of Skylark? Close but not quite,” said Fleur, “You see, after your king Eagle Eye killed the old spirit, he gave me one of the last remaining shards of his spirit crystal. As for the other shards, they went to the new spirit witch is currently forming inside it's own spirit crystal. That's what's in the box. The old spirit has in trusted me with carrying out his duties until the new spirit is born. I'm Fleur's alternate ego so to speak.”
Sliver Death is scared for his life, “A…a new spirit! Oh shit! I'm in way over my head! As a matter of fact…I QUIT!” Sliver Death tried to run away but Fleur cuts him off.
She smiled, “This is a fight to the death remember.” Sliver Death ran in the opposite direction but was stopped by a barrier Fleur had formed. Sliver Death turned around and was kicked in the face and burned slightly. Then Fleur dive-bombs him but Sliver Death rolls out of the way.
He jumps trying to get away from her, “This chick is crazy!”
“Oh am I?” Fleur flew behind him and hammered Sliver Death on the shoulders with her fists. Sliver Death hits Neotopia tower hard. He painfully got up and was then slashed by Fleur and his demon crystal was shattered.
“Game over,” said Fleur landing in a cool style.
Silver Death said with his last breath, “Impossible! I'm unbeatable! I can't lose!” He vanished into a cloud of smoke.
Fleur then faces the Dark Axis trio and Demon General, “Tell Eagle Eye what happened here. Then tell him that he's next on my list.”
They shook with fear, “We'll do whatever you want just don't hurt us!” they fled back through a portal. Fleur powered down to her regular form with all of her injuries. All of Neotopia cheered and chanted Fleur's name in celebration. The gundams where jumping for joy.
Even Captain was celebrating, “Even with the odds stacked against her she still won!”
Guneagle was doing midair flips and rolls, “Princess Fleur you totally rock dudette!”
Shute was doing a victory dance, “YAHOOOOO! She did it! So glad she's one our side now!”
Bakunetsumaru was jumping up and down, “Way to go Fleur! A true warrior to the end!”
Zero was also doing midair flips, “Excellent job Princess Fleur!” The gunperry flew towards Fleur.
Fleur looked up at them and shouted, in her normal voice, “What's up guys!?”
Chief Haro asked, “Are you going to be alright?”
Fleur nodded, “Don't worry, I'll be just fi….” Fleur held her head. She became dizzy from blood loss and she passed out. Zero caught her.
Chief Haro radioed the base, “Have medical ready for our arrival. Fleur is down I repeat Fleur is down!”
Zako Zako Hour!
Z1: Greetings ladies and gentlebots today's meeting is all about.
Z1, Z2, & Z3: The duel between Sliver Death and Princess Fleur!
Z1: Zako zako!
Z2: Sliver Death is a gundam slayer and is one of the best there is zako.
Z3: You mean was one of the best zako. Princess Fleur defeated him after turning into that mega freaky gundam thing.
Z1: You mean her spirit gundam form zako?
Z2: Whatever it was it gave me the creeps.
Z3: Ditto zako.
Z2: Let's take some time now to review there injures zako zako. Sliver Death had a multitude of scratches and Fleur also had a multitude of scratches along with a broken ankle, two broken wings, and a slashed arm zako.
Z1: Hmm… that doesn't make sense zako. The odds where in Sliver Death's favor and he still lost zakoooo. (cries)
Z2: There, there zako. Don't cry. I think something must have kicked in and saved her life.
Z1: (stops crying) Of course something kicked in zako! That spirit gundam thing kicked in zako! (growls)
Z3: I do have one more question zako. What did she mean by a new spirit and why did Demon General get scared by that roar.
Z2: That's two questions zako. Pick one.
Z1: We have time for both. The new spirit is another Spirit of Skylark. And that roar was the old spirit roaring. They recognized that roar and fear hit them like a ton of bricks.
Z2: So demons are only scared of the spirit and now they're probably scared of Fleur. I'm so glad I'm not Zapper and the other right now zako.
Z3: I agree with you there zako.
Z1: anyway for the future of the Dark Axis, Zako soldiers fight! Yeah!
Finally I get this chapter done. I didn't know fight scenes where that hard to write. Fleur gets a new power, defeats Sliver Death, then passes out from blood loss. What happens next? Wait and see. Review while you're waiting.