SD Gundam Fan Fiction ❯ Demon Nightmare ❯ Two Vengeful Demon Brothers ( Chapter 12 )

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Me again! Sorry about the duel sounding like Baku vs Ashu. I couldn't get any other ideas. v_v0 So anyway Fleur is beaten up and some demons come for revenge not to mention a very short romance scene. Glad y'all like my story so far. (Translated Skylarkain)
The gunperry ride back to the base was felt uneasily long. Guneagle has flown ahead to make sure everyone at the base was ready to help Fleur while the other gundams and Shute tried to wake her up.
They finally got back to SDG Base and into the medical bay. Once there, Kao-lyn did a quick scan of Fleur while jumping around and does cartwheels.
“I'm terribly sorry Chief Haro,” said Kao-lyn, “But there is nothing that I can do to help Fleur. If we knew even a fraction more about Skylarkain gundams then made I could partly fix her Right now her prognosis looks grim. However the good news is that the bleeding did stop.”
“That's something I guess,” said Chief Haro
Shute asked, “Are you sure that there's nothing that you can do Kao-lyn?”
“Sorry Shute my boy,” answered Kao-lyn, “I can't do anything except hope and pray.”
Guneagle got angry, “Dude! Are you kidding me!? Even after all of that Fleur might still go down!”
“Clam down Guneagle,” said Captain, “Fleur will tell us what we can do if she wakes up.”
“You mean when she wakes up,” said Zero.
“No,” replied Captain, “If she wakes up.”
“When she wakes up,” said Zero angrily.
“If she wakes up,” answered Captain slightly frustrated.
“It's an if and you know it Zero,” said Captain ending the argument.
Zero growled and said under his breath, “When she wakes up.”
Bakunetsumaru got idea, “If her technology is similar to that of my nano skin system. Then she should fully recover in about a week or so.”
“Do you really think so Bakunetsumaru?” asked Shute happily.
Baku nodded, “If my theory is correct.”
Zero looked back at Fleur, “For once I hope that Bakunetsumaru is right.” Fleur stirred slightly. She groaned and opened her eyes about halfway. Her vision was blurry and she couldn't see straight so her eyes closed.
Captain ordered, “Pull yourself together Fleur.”
Fleur opened her eyes again and still couldn't see straight. She blinked and everything swam into focus. The gundams and Shute were standing over her.
“Cap…tain…Zer…o…Baku…net̷ 0;su…maru…Gun…eagle…Shute?” said Fleur weakly, “Wh…what happen? Where am I?” She tried to sit up but Zero pushed her back down.
“Take it easy princess. You're lucky to be alive," said Zero.
Captain answered her questions; “Right now you are inside SDG Base medical bay. You passed out from blood loss after you won the fight. You sacred us back there.”
Shute asked, “Just out of curiosity how did you come back online?”
Fleur rubbed her head, “I loss to much blood so a safety feature kicked in. After my systems made more blood I came back. I was playing dead basically. How did I defeat Sliver Death?”
“Don't you remember?” asked Guneagle, “You turned into this weird power gundam. You called yourself a spirit gundam.”
“In the name of the crown what are you talking about?” asked Fleur
“Well what's the last thing you remember?” asked Shute.
Fleur thought, “The last thing I remember is that Sliver Death was winning and I was laying face down in my own blood. Then my friends from Skylark…I could hear them…they told me not to give up…my brother and sister said I could still win…then some mystery voice…said I had one more trick left…I got up and felt a huge surge of energy and power…I got up…then nothing. I heard Sliver Death scream in terror and that voice talking…then I saw you guys and passed out. That's it. I can't remember what happened after I got up. I'm sorry.”
“Don't worry yourself over it Princess Fleur,” said Zero, “You won and are still alive. That's all that matters right now.”
“So how are you going to fix yourself?” asked Bakunetsumaru.
“Fix myself?” Fleur's reboot made her forget about the injures until Baku asked. Pain hit her like a ton of bricks. She screamed and grabbed her left arm as sparks flew from her wounds, “Damn it. I hate when it when that happens.”
“What the hell was that?!” asked Baku surprised.
“A rude reminder,” replied Fleur, (“Magic golden feather power form all the lands come to my hands.”) The Skylarkain spell caused a golden feather to fly from her left wing and into her right hand.
Everyone in the room took a few steps backwards in surprise.
Fleur said another spell, (“Wizards and witches from my land I ask you to give power to this object in my hand. From brightest day and darkest night come to me o healing light!”) The golden feather glowed brighter and spun faster and faster as if it was dancing on top of Fleur's gunsoul. The one feather became many. Then each feather first covered her scratches, and then some made a long chain and wrapped themselves tightly around her right ankle, left arm and wings. The elaborate display of magic was over as quickly as it began. The golden feathers glowed as they began to fix her. Fleur laughed softly and sat up, “Still hurts.”
“DUDE! That was AWESOME! How did you that?” asked Guneagle and Shute together.
“That was very amazing,” said Captain.
“Interesting,” said Zero, “Do all Skylarkains know magic?
Bakuntsumaru was hiding behind Captain, “Are…Are you a witch!”
“We have to learn magic and no,” answered Fleur.
Julie walked in, “You wanted to see about something Chief Haro sir? Whoa! Fleur is that you?”
“Were you expecting a demon?” asked Fleur.
Julie smiled, “Glad your feeling better Fleur.'
“We'll discuss it outside,” said Chief Haro. He and Julie walked off as Fleur made a mini heart around them and snickered. Julie saw it and stuck her tongue.
“Girls,” groaned Kao-lyn as he left.
“How long will it take for you to heal Fleur?” asked Captain.
Fleur did a small calculation in her head; “I'll be fully recovered in about a day.”
Captain nodded, very well then, “Shute, Zero, Bakunetsumaru. We will go to the training arena. We need to be prepared for the next attack.”
“All of you?” asked Fleur.
“Is there a problem,” asked Captain.
Fleur quickly said, “No not at all. What makes you say that?” Fleur didn't want to admit it but she didn't want to be left alone right now.
Zero picked up on it; “You guys go. I'll stay here and keep Fleur company.”
Captain shrugged, “Suite yourself Zero.”
Captain and the others left. They met Julie talking to Chief Haro just outside the medical bay.
“It will be done sir,” said Julie. Chief Haro returned to his post.
Captain asked Julie to do a favor for him, “Julie, I want you to find out why Zero wanted to stay behind with Fleur.” Julie was a little confused by the request but did it anyway. Julie walked back into the medical bay and saw Zero talking with Fleur.
“Zero, can I have a word with you?” asked Julie.
“Sure thing,” Zero hovered over to Julie and behind a wall near Fleur's bed, “What do you want to talk about?”
“Actually Captain asked me to find out why you wanted to stay behind with Fleur,” said Julie.
“I already told him to keep Fleur company,” answered Zero.
Julie sighed, “You can't fool me Zero. There is more to it I know. I promise that I won't tell Captain your real reason.”
“You promise?” asked Zero.
“On the SDG I will not tell anyone else,” Julie reassured him.
Zero took a deep breath and whispered, “I've never told anyone this before but ever since I laid eyes on her I…I can't explain it. It's just that…I can't take my eyes off of her. Everytime I see her I get butterflies and her voice makes my gunsoul race. I…I've never felt this way in me life. It's almost impossible for me to leave her side. Oh mana what's happening to me.”
“Aw how cute,” said Julie, “Zero, you're in love with Fleur.”
Zero blushed, “I'm what?!” He forgot that Fleur was there
Julie explained, “You're in love with Fleur. You're not just protecting her because she's a princess but also because she is your true love. How romantic! Two gundams from different worlds falling in love. It's so lovely.”
“What?!” shouted Zero. “No! `Tis nothing like that! One kiss proves nothing!” Zero quickly covered his mouth, “Forget I said that.”
Julie giggled, “Don't worry Romeo I won't. But you should tell Fleur if she didn't here us talking.” Julie left the medical bay
Zero hovered back over to Fleur and saw that she was blushing.
Fleur looked at Zero shyly, “Umm…Zero? I…I heard you to talking. So do you?”
Zero made a violet princess rose, “Yes. I love you Fleur. I've loved you from the first day we met. For you milady.” He offered her the rose.
Fleur accepted it and sniffed the beautiful rose; “I love you to Zero.”
“Fleur,” Zero moved in to give her a kiss. He gave her one with their mouth guard on. Zero pulled away and gently stroked Fleur's head. Then an alarm went. Both of them snapped out of it
Zero growled, “Damn it why now?”
Fleur sighed, “Now what?” Zero hovered over Fleur and went to a computer. Zero turned it on trying to figure out what happened.
Captain came on the screen, “Zero! A gate has appeared here at section Z-96,” a map of Neotopia appeared showing sector Z-96 on the far outskirts of Neotopia, “Get up to the launching deck now!”
“Not going happen Captain,” said Zero, “This could be a trap. Therefore I shall stay behind and guard Princess Fleur.”
“What's wrong?” asked Bakunetsumaru from behind Captain, “Too scared to leave your girlfriend to come and fight the Dark Axis trio and Demon General.” A vein throbbed in Zero's head.
“It's Zero's lost and he does have a point!” shouted Chief Haro, “Captain! Shute! Guneagle! Gunbike! Bakuntsumaru! GO!” Zero turned of the computer.
“Why did he give in so easily?” asked Fleur.
Zero looked back at her, “Last Bakunetsumaru and Captain were unable to fight, a musha that was working for the Dark Axis came and almost destroyed the base.”
A small demon laughed from the underside of the base, “So long gundams. Thanks for leaving Fleur unprotected.” The black and sliver spotted demon looked like a human with cat like ears, tail and whiskers. He was riding on top of another demon.
“Can I eat some metal now MimicCat? Huh? Huh? Can I? Can I? Please bro. Oh come on!” pleaded the second solid black demon, which is bigger than MimicCat and looked like a human crossed with an oriental dragon of which he had the tail, whiskers, claws, and two long fangs sticking out of his mouth, one fang was broken in half.
MimicCat smiled at his brother, “Patience Fang, my hungry little brother, you will get to eat our big brothers murder soon. I must first locate her with in this fortress.”
“Okay I'll wait,” said Fang. Fang was holding on to the underside of the base with his claws.
MimicCat thought up a plan, “Those gundams came from above so we will enter from below. Fang bite a hole in this fortress.” Fang obeyed and tore a hole big enough for them to go through. The demon brothers navigated their way through the base's framework working their way up undetected. Fang and MimicCat came to a solid wall of steel.
Fang smiled, “Can I eat that to brother?”
“One second,” MimcCat placed his hand on the wall. His demon magic made a one way window that only he could see through. A camera, a computer, and a SDG robotic officer were on the other side
“This will be easy,” said MimicCat, “Fang bite through, this wall, take out the camera, then eat the helper robot.” Fang ripped a hole in the wall then attacked the camera. MimicCat jumped through the hole and pounced the officer. After pinning him, MimicCat copied his appearance. Then Fang ate the officer alive.
“Excellent job Fang,” said the disguised demon.
Fang licked his lips, “Thanks. But I would much rather eat a gundam instead of these empty calories. My stomach is starting to hurt.”
“Who's down here!?” shouted someone. Fang jumped back through the hole and used demon magic to cover it up while MimicCat stayed cool.
Gundiver 5 came around the corner, “Who screamed?”
“That was me,” lied MimicCat, “The camera exploded spontaneously and scared me.”
“Okay,” said Gundiver 5, “Are you okay?”
Why wouldn't I be?” asked MimicCat quickly.
Gundiver 5 answered, “I thought that all SDG patrol officers had a blue eye plate not red.”
MimicCat forgot to change his eye color, “It…it's nothing to worry about.” Gundiver 5 gave him a suspicious look and walked off.
“That was smooth,” said Fang sarcastically while coming out of the hole.
MimicCat changed into his original form, "Shut up and watch my back.” He used the computer to search through SDG bases files. He opened the camera file. Every camera inside of SDG base came up. The various cameras showed people working, talking, the Gundiver squad patrolling the base, and Zero talking to Fleur.
“Pay dirt!” said MimicCat, “Now where is camera 153? Medical bay? Okay where's that?” It was on the opposite side of the base from where they were, Are you ready to cause some chaos Fang?”
“I thought you would never ask,” replied Fang the brothers smiled evilly as they came up with a plan.
Meanwhile at sector Z-96, Captain was fighting Zapper Zaku, Bakunetsumaru had Grappler Gouf, Shute and Gunbike were running from Destroyer Dom, and Guneagle was fighting Demon General.
Captain fired at Zapper, “Why are you attacking here?”
Zapper was fighting back with his machine gun, “What makes you think I'm telling you?”
Grappler was having trouble hitting Bakunetmaru with his over sized claw, “Arrgh! Stupid samurai! Hold still!”
“I don't think so,” said Baku. They went into a close range sword fight.
Destroyer was chasing Gunbike but he couldn't hit them, “Stupid gun. Come back here human!”
Shute taunted him, “What's the matter? Are we to fast for you slowpoke? Nah nah nah na-nah nah! You can't catch us!” Shute blew a raspberry.
“Okay that's it!” said Destroyer, “Gallop, fire!” missiles shot out of his weapons gallop.
“Two can play that game!” Gunbike fired his missiles at Destroyer's.
Demon General and Guneagle, were in a mid-air dog fight using their sword/beamsaber
Demon General snickered, “So where's Fleur? Oh, wait! I remember. She got her ass kicked by a demon!”
“And he still lost!” shouted Guneagle. Everyone continued to fight unaware of the danger that SDG base was in.
Back at the SDG base, Gundiver 5 walked up to Gundiver 1, “Gundiver 1, I believe that there is a demon somewhere inside the base.”
Gundiver 1 looked at his brother, “Are you sure Gundiver 5?”
“90% sure,” answered Gundiver 5.
Gundiver 1 radioed the other Gundivers and Zero, “Zero and Gundiver report!”
“Gundiver 2 here.”
“Gundiver 3.”
“Gundiver 4.”
“Gundiver 6.'
“Gundiver 7.”
Zero talked through a communicator Captain had given him, “Zero here.”
“Alright everyone listen up! There is a 90% chance that a demon could be up here so stay alert. I don't want Chief Haro knowing this until we are certain or if Captain returns.”
“Roger!” answered everyone. Fleur gave Zero a concerned look as she held the spirit energy box close to her.
Zero kept his communicator on standby, “Don't worry those demons won't get you. I promise.”
Just as Gundivers 1 and 5 went their separate ways, Fang jumped out from inside the base. His demoniac cackle rang throughout the base, “Delicious! There's a gundam buffet up here.”
“Code red! Code red! A demon has appeared on the base!” shouted a mechanical voice.
Fleur was terrified, “A demon! Up here? This isn't good.”
Zero reassured her, “Fear not milady. One demon vs. eight gundams places the odds in our favor. Plus we have the sunlight on our side. I'll be back.” Zero flew out of the medical bay to help the Gundivers.
Fang's glowing red eyes looked at the gundams hungrily, “Mmmm…eight gundam. This must be my lucky day.”
Gundivers 1 and 2 jumped towards Fang with their lances ready to attack. Fang kicked away Gundiver 2 and bit Gundiver 1's lance in two before swatting him away with his tail. The other Gundivers caught them.
Gundiver 1 looked at his lance, “How did he bite it in two?”
“In two?” asked the other Gundivers in unison.
Fang spat out the piece of the lance that he was chewing on; “It's quiet simple really. I am Fang the youngest of Trio Trouble. I am a gundam slayer and Sliver Death was by biggest brother until Fleur killed him! Now it's just me and my other brother.”
“Trio means three,” said Zero, “Where is your other brother?”
“I don't know where MimicCat is and frankly I don't care!” Fang attacked the gundams. The Gundivers scattered while Zero attempted an attack. He swung his sword at Fang but Fang dodged the attack and knocked Zero into a wall with his fist. The Gundivers tried to attack but Fang flew out of the way.
Chief Haro radioed Captain, “Captain Gundam! All of you are needed back at the base immanently! A demon is up here! Hurry!”
“Oops,” said Zapper Zaku, “It looks like we've been found out. Although it is a little to late!”
“You guys are decoys!” said Captain.
“Yep,” replied Grappler.
“We have to get back there now!” said Bakunetsumaru.
“I don't think so!” said Demon General. They started a more furious attack.
Guneagle radioed the base; “You guys need to hang in there a little longer. We have to take care of these four idiots first.”
“I don't know how long we can keep going,” replied Chief Haro.
MimicCat's plan was going perfectly. He used the chaos that Fang caused to slip into the medical bay undetected. First order of business, he jammed the door by smashing the control panel. Now Fleur was locked inside with him.
“Princess Fleur you are mine,” MimicCat stayed into the shadows as he creeped towards Fleur. Fleur pulled her knees up to her chest, her ankle has healed all the way even though the feathers are still covering her wounds. Fleur shook from fear as she constantly checked her surroundings. The box sat in her right hand and her left arm still lay at her side useless. The fight outside wasn't going so well and she was to weak and to severely injure to fight off a demon.
Fleur began to sing a slow soft song from years long past. Afterwards Fleur sighed, the song was known by all Skylarkains and brought back memories. Her head shot up when she heard someone clapping.
MimicCat stepped out of the shadows, “My what a lovely singing voice you have. To bad that was last time you will use it.”
Fleur yelped in fear, “Who are you? What do want with me?” The demon smiled and cracked his knuckles.
“I am MimicCat. You killed my brother. Prepare to die,” MimicCat pounced towards Fleur. Fleur was to frighten to move or scream. This was it. She was going to die. Fleur closed her eyes and ducked. Then MimicCat yelled in pain. Fleur opened her eyes and saw a white force field surrounding her. The spirit energy box had opened itself. MimicCat was on the floor with a gash in his side. Demon blood spilled onto the floor from the gash.
MimicCat got up painfully, “What the hell hit me?” The force field changed into a white ball of energy.
“Oh son of a….” the white ball rammed into MimicCat with a tremendous force. MimicCat crash through the wall near Fleur's bed, then another wall, then through the medical bay's wall and into Fang. MimicCat and Fang flew backward and left a dent in the wall.
“What just happen?” asked Gundiver 1.
“Not sure but I'm not complaining,” said Gundiver 2.
“Who's that?” asked Gundiver 3.
“It's another demon,” answered Gundiver 4.
“He must be the last member of Trio Trouble,” said Gundiver 5.
“Whoa! What's that?” asked Gundiver 6 pointing at the floating white ball.
“A ball of energy according to my scanners,” said Gundiver 7.
“Did Fleur do this?” asked Zero.
Fleur climbed out of the medical bay through the holes MimicCat made, “What happen?”
Zero looked at Fleur, “I was going to ask you that. And why are you out of bed?” Fang and MimicCat recovered.
Fang hit his brother on the head; “You messed up! How did you get thrashed by a princess?”
MimicCat grabbed his brother; “She has powers man! She can control the spirit's power! We are doomed!”
Fang punched his brother, “Pull yourself together! EagleEye defeated the spirit remember?” Zero and the Gundivers looked at Fleur.
“Hey, don't look at me. Look at the crystal in the box,” said Fleur. Then the crystal pointed a light at the ball of light. The ball pulsated and began to stretch and grow. It made a tall figure with the head of a dragon, a short powerful neck, the body of a phoenix, long spikes running down its back, two arms with hippogriff like hands, the hind legs of a griffin, and a tail that ended in a club. The strange creature let out a thunderous roar at the demon brothers. The brothers grabbed on to each other out of fear and started at the creature wide-eyed. Fleur, Zero, and the Gundivers saw that the crystal was projecting the creature and decided to play along.
Fang and MimicCat screamed in unison, “It's the Spirit of Skylark! He lives! AHHHHHH!!!!” They ran as fast as they could away from the base. The fake spirit chased them growling.
Guneagle was carrying the others bake to the base at top speed, “I hope we not too late.”
Baku was riding on Guneagle's back, Guneagle was carrying Captain and Captain carried Shute. MimicCat and Fang darted by them screaming then disappeared through a portal.
“Where those two demons?” asked Captain.
“I think so,” said Shute, “What were they running from?”
Baku saw the fake spirit on the runways, “Maybe that thing! Lookout Guneagle!” Guneagle tried to stop but he was going to fast. Captain put up shield up in front of Shute as they skid down the runway while the fake spirit disappeared.
“Huh? Where did it go?” asked Bakunetsumaru. They let go of each other and looked around the base. They heard Zero, Fleur, and the Gundivers laughing a few feet away.
Zero laughed, “Did you see the looks on their faces!”
Gundivers 1 and 2 mimicked Fang and MimicCat, “AHH! It's going to eat us! RUN!” they continued laughing.
Fleur laughed, “I don't know how the crystal did that but I'm sure glad that it did!” Captain, Shute, Guneagle, and Baku marched over to Zero and the others thinking that they were laughing at them, “So it's funny that that crystal scared us!” Zero and the other stumbled backwards in surprise.
Zero snapped back, “We were laughing because those two demons got scared by a fake spirit!”
Captain apologized, “Oh…sorry about that.”
Shute looked at the beaten up base, “Whoa, what happened here?”
The Gundivers answered, “Long story Shute.”
Z1: Greetings ladies and gentlebots! Today's meeting is all about, The brothers of Sliver Death! (crowd boos) Zako zako!
Z2: Sliver Death's brothers are called MimicCat and Fang. MimicCat can change into anything he wants and Fang can bite through practically anything zako.
Z3: Also Sliver Death, MimicCat, and Fang were also known as Trio Trouble. The three brothers worked together to slay many gundams and were feared throughout all of Skylark zako zako.
Z2: But then Fleur used a new trick and made the Spirit of Skylark appeared zako.
Z1: Correction zako, Fleur didn't make that creature appear the crystal inside that box we've been trying to get did. Do you see zako?
Z2: Oh I see it now zako.
Z3: I can't believe that a fake spirit scared off Fang and MimicCat zako. What a couple of chickens zako zako.
Z2: Well you have to admit that that thing was kind of scary looking zako zako.
Z1: Za-
Z3: -ko
Z1: Anyway for the future of the Dark Axis, Zako soldiers fight! Yeah!
A romance scene, two fight scenes and why did the crystal pull that trick? Only I know and I'm not telling. And what do you know two full-blooded demons actually survived. Well this mistake come back to hunt them? Maybe, maybe not. Review please. More reviews = more chapters. Holy crap! 1:19 AM! I better go to bed.