SD Gundam Fan Fiction ❯ Demon Nightmare ❯ The New Spirit of Skylark ( Chapter 13 )

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Unlucky Ch.13. Well I hope it isn't unlucky for me. RW-a plot change is coming just hang for a few more chapters. Melady 101-who said EagleEye is going to destroy them.
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“How can you two call yourself Silver Death's brothers!” roared EagleEye at Fang and MimicCat.
MimicCat begged, “Please sire. Forgive us.”
“Silence!” shouted EagleEye, “You two are gundam slayer and are suppose to be the best in the land. Looks like I was proven wrong.”
Fang pleaded, “Bu…but sire. Demon General was telling the truth! The spirit has returned! We had no choice but to run!”
“I've heard enough!” EagleEye conjured a ball of black fire. The ball hit MimicCat and Fang and exploded. Once the smoke cleared the demon brothers had vanished.
EagleEye rubbed his head, “I've surrounded myself with idiots. Any sensible demon could tell that thing was a fake.”
Zapper Zaku shivered, “Not exactly merciful is he?”
Grappler Gouf agreed, “It kind of makes you wonder way he hasn't destroyed us yet.”
Demon General scoffed, “The only reason you three and those Zakos are alive is because you have information for an even bigger plan.”
“General! Zapper! Grappler! Destroyer! Get in here!” demanded EagleEye.
The said foursome ran into the throne room and said in unison, “At your service King EagleEye, Lord of Demons and Darkness!”
EagleEye told them his plan, “Take every Zako soldier you have and go to SDG Base. Discover the truth behind this fake spirit thing, or better yet, bring me the crystal intact.”
“I take it that you have fully recovered,” said Captain.
Fleur was stretching near the runways minus the golden feathers that were on her body, “I'm a little stiff but yeah.”
“You had a close call yesterday,” said Zero, “You need to take it easy.”
Fleur looked at him, “You sound the knights back home.”
Shute asked, “Can you still fly?” Fleur flexed her wings and flew about 10 ft. into the air.
Bakunetsumaru smiled, “That was a fast recovery. I do believe that you're ready for the next attack.”
“Fleur,” said Chief Haro, “Can I show you something?” Everyone gathered around a big computer screen, “Now Julie.”
“Roger Chief Haro,” Julie brought up the last part of Fleur's duel with Sliver Death on the screen. It showed Fleur face down on a pool of her blood with all of her injuries.
Fleur didn't like the sight, “Do I really have to watch this Chief Haro?”
“Yes,” he answered.
Captain explained, “We are trying to see if your memory will recall the last part of the duel.” Everyone watched the screen as the white light surround Fleur. Then her spirit gundam form appeared.
“Now do you remember?” asked Baku.
Fleur started at the screen wide-eyed, “I…I see it but I can't believe it nor remember it.” Everyone else facefaulted.
Shute got up first, “Well, I guess we can't force you to remember it, but, it'll come to you sooner or later.”
“Huh?” Captain looked around the base, “Hmmm…where is that coming from?”
“Where's what coming from?” asked Shute.
Captain replied, “I just heard a faint humming noise.”
Baku looked around, “I don't hear anything.”
“Neither do I,” said Zero.
“Nor I,” answered Fleur.
“Perhaps one of my sensors were malfunctioning,” concluded Captain, “It's gone now whatever it was.”
“Zako! Zako! Zako Zako Zako!” a hoard of Zako soldiers swarmed the base and opened fire.
“Get down!” ordered Captain. He returned fire.
Guneagle joined the fight, “Jeez! Who invited the party crashers!”
“O Mana! Come to me!” Zero's shield and sword dropped from the magic blue circle. Zero knocked a few Zakos away.
Baku drew his swords, “Scared arts! Bakunetsu! Whaahhh! Tek-no ken!” The flaming X scorched a row of Zakos.
Fleur slashed several with her claws, “Don't you guys ever give up?”
A Zako machine gun fell at Shute's feet. He picked it up and fired rapidly, “Hey, this is fun. Eat this Zakos!”
Zapper Zaku jumped in, “Goodbye gundams!” He shot at random targets.
Destroyer Dom blasted away, “Yeah! Me cause big boom! Ha ha ha!” The base turned into a literal war zone. Humans and patrol officers ran for their lives but many got caught in the crossfire.
Grappler was being held up by Demon General from the sidelines, “Our plan is working! Lady Luck is on our side today.”
“Let's finish this before our luck goes bad,” said Demon General, “Single out Fleur and I'll do the rest.”
“You got it,” said Grappler. Demon General dropped him inside the base. Using the Zakos as cover, Grappler got close to Fleur.
“What's up toots?” Grappler attacked Fleur.
“No one calls me `toots'!” Fleur countered his attack but Grappler blocked, “I guess you don't the meaning of give up.”
Grappler smirked, “Who gives up when they're winning?”
Demon General swooped in and snatched the box off of Fleur's belt, “Victory in the name of the demons!”
“NO!” Fleur tried to chase him.
Grappler pinned her, “I don't think so princess.”
“I'll get it back!” Guneagle broke away from the Zakos and grabbed Demon General's bat like wing.
“What the hell?” said Demon General, “Not you again. Let go!” Demon General tried to get free.
“Not until you give be the box!” Guneagle tried to wrench it out of his hands.
“Not on your life,” Demon General kicked Guneagle in the chest. Guneagle responded by kicking Demon General in the stomach. Then Demon General punched him in the face. Guneagle let go of his wing but held onto the box. Then Guneagle punched Demon General in the jaw. They both tugged on the box while spiraling higher into the air.
“Persistent little pest aren't you?” Demon General drew his sword, “In that case, die gundam!”
Guneagle quickly drew his beam sword and blocked the attack, “I'm not dying today!” Guneagle used the guns on his head to temporary blind Demon General. Demon General released the box and Guneagle sped back to the base.
Demon General recovered, “You damn teenager. I'll kill you!” Demon General quickly caught up to Guneagle and hit him again.
“You still want to play general?” asked Guneagle, “Okay then, let's play!” Guneagle flipped onto his back and fired at Demon General. Demon General evaded the attack and elbowed Guneagle in the back. Guneagle accidentally dropped the box and Demon General grabbed it upside down.
“HA! I win” Shouted Demon General. Then the box's lid opened and the crystal tumbled out.
They both went wide-eyed, “Oh no!” They chased after the crystal trying to beat one another.
Guneagle radioed the base, “Catch the crystal! It fell out of the box and is heading towards the base!”
“Hey you morons!” shouted Demon General, “Catch that crystal! EagleEye wants it intact!” Fleur tried to get it but she was still pinned by Grappler.
“I got it!” said Captain.
Zapper tackled him, “I don't think so. Get it Destroyer Dom!”
“Duh, okay,” Destroyer sped towards the runways but Zero and Bakunetsumaru tackled him.
“Hurry Shute!” Zero and Baku shouted in unison.
Shute and some Zakos fired at each other trying to prevent the other from getting there. Everyone was in a stalemate and the crystal was going to shatter upon impact unless someone caught it. The Chief Haro ran past everyone and caught the crystal in his hat right before it hit.
“Phew, that was close,” said Chief Haro. He took the crystal out of his hat and placed said hat back on his head. He became lost in its wonderment.
“Lookout chief!” Guneagle scooped up Chief Haro just as Demon General slammed into the runway.
“Thank you Guneagle, “said Chief Haro. Guneagle placed Chief Haro back on the base then Demon General attacked again. Guneagle blocked his attack as Chief Haro ran for it.
“Zakos! Get him!” ordered Demon General. Several Zako soldiers began to chase Chief Haro.
“Julie! Catch!” Chief Haro tossed the crystal to Julie. Julie caught it and gave Chief Haro a weird look. Then the Zakos switched their attention to Julie and she ran. Julie tripped after a few seconds and the crystal flew out of her hands.
Zapper caught it, “The crystal is mine!” His victory was short lived as Captain body slammed Zapper, got the crystal and ran.
Captain noticed something wired about it, “The humming noise. It's coming from the crystal. But why?” Captain would have to figure it out later since Zapper was chasing him while firing his gattling gun.
Shute dropped the machine gun, “Captain! Over here! I'm open!” Captain tossed the crystal at Shute but Grappler Gouf intersected the toss.
Grappler held it up, “At last we've won!”
Zero kicked the crystal out of his hands, “Not today villain!”
Destroyer stomped Zero and grabbed the crystal, “Pretty crystal.”
Bakunetsumaru hit Destroyer with a flying kickdrop and snatched the crystal, “I'll take that.”
“Give me that crystal!” shouted Demon General.
Fleur flew into view, “Baku! Over here!” Baku tossed the crystal towards Fleur. As soon as the purple crystal touched Fleur's hands, it began to glow brightly. The humming changed into a slow, audible bass drum beat. A flute accompanied the drumbeat. Then other woodwind and string instruments joined. Next a trumpet is heard followed by other brass instruments. Lastly a multitude of percussion instruments and a chorus joined in as the beautiful song rang throughout the base.
Fleur couldn't believe it, “That song. It's the spirit's song. I've never heard played so beautifully before.” At the end of the song a loud howl came from the crystal and a bluish-white light covered the base.
Demon General was freaking out, “No! it can't be! That crystal contains to new Spirit of Skylark, and it's hatching!” Demon General, followed by the now frighten Dark Axis trio, hid just out of the gundams view. The entire Gundam Force watched in amazement as the crystal's form changed. Another bright light blinded everyone who was watching. After the light faded, a small, catlike creature, minus the whiskers, laid in Fleur's arms. The new spirit was white with a purple crystal embedded in his forehead and he had bright sliver marks on his ears, chest, four legs, and a single sliver ring on each of it's two bushy tails and bright sapphire eyes. The spirit was only one foot long and let out a small, high pitched `mew'.
Fleur's eyes lit up, “You're so adorable!” she hugged the baby spirit. The spirit smiled and rubbed his head against her gunsoul while wagging it's tails.
Shute took a long look at the spirit, “He's kind of cute.”
Upon hearing `adorable' and `cute', the Dark Axis looked up from their hiding spot.
Zapper was embarrassed, “You have got to be kidding me.”
Grappler couldn't believe it, “We were scared? Of that thing!”
Demon General, who had been pleading for his life, looked up from the hiding spot. His face turned red, “What the… we were scared of a pint size furball! Talk about embarrassing.” The young spirit didn't like Demon General's last comment. The spirit opened his mouth and shot a bluish-white light as the foursome. The reaming Zakos hid behind them as the blast sent all of them through a portal.
Zero chuckled, “He may be little but he already packs a punch.”
“I'm just glad he's on our side,” said Baku.
“Great,” groaned Guneagle, “just what we need, another fuzzball.” The spirit glared at him.
“Uh…Guneagle,” said Captain, “You might want to apologize.”
Guneagle laughed, “What for? He's on our side. What's the little guy going to do? Bite me?” The spirit smiled, leapt out of Fleur's arms, and bit Guneagle on the wrist.
Guneagle screamed, “OW! I didn't think he would do it! Call him off!”
Fleur was laughing, “Guneagle learned his lesson. Let go of him Skylar.” Skylar released Guneagle and ran back into Fleur's arms.
Shute raised his eyebrow, “Skylar?”
Fleur nodded, “Yep. That's what I named him. Skylar, the New Spirit of Skylark.”
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Z1: Greeting ladies and gentlbots! Today's meting is all about…
Z1, Z2, & Z3: The New Spirit of Skylark, Skylar! ( crowd boos and yells)
Crowd: (throws random objects up on stage.)
Z1: Hey! Whoa! OW! ZAKO!
Z2: Please! Whoa! Stop this! Zako Zako!
Z3: Aaaahh! Hey! Take it up with FeatherDragon not us! Zako!
Z1: The only reason that we are discussing Skylar is because he is now a greater threat than the gundams zako.
Z2: What? A greater threat? He just a newborn zako zako
Z3: Right, a newborn with the old spirit's power zako.
Z1: Can I continue?
Z2 & Z3: Go right head zako.
Z1: Today Skylar was born at SDG base and demonstrated an immense amount of power zako.
Z2: And he's just a baby zako. When he grows up his powers will increase zako.
Z3: You mean if he grows up zako.
Z1 & Z2: Huh?
Z3: Well think about zako. Now that the new spirit has been born EagleEye will destroy just like he destroyed the old spirit zako zako.
Z2: There's just one problem with that zako.
Z1: And what's that zako zako.
Z2: The Gundam Force will be protecting the new spirit at all cost zako.
Z3: Good point zako.
Z1: Anyway for the future of the Dark Axis, Zako soldiers fight! Yeah!
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